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Lionel Chute - 5-14-24
Lionel Chute is back in studio with some goodies as we talk about things you can eat out in the wild, sampling some basswood tree leaves, a special hickory oil, and birch syrup.  Plus we look back at the Claremont tasting event at the Opera House a couple weeks ago, look ahead to this weekend's events in Goshen for Nature Fest and the tree planting in Claremont on Saturday and lots more great conversations.
61:15 5/14/24
Amplified Arts - 5-14-24
Shelly Hudson is here with actors Maya Small and Azalea Hudson as we look ahead to the production of  Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler at the Maxfield Parrish Stage at the historic Plainfield Townhall May 23 - 26.  We discuss the play, how it is a challenge, why this selection, the Victorian age, "break a leg", and lots more.  Tickets are available through    
28:06 5/14/24
Car Nutz 5-14-24
Wayne and Eddie are here after last night's highly successful first cruise night of the year.  We recap the cruise night, talk about how it went, how great it was and more.  Plus we find out if Wayne is letting his grandson use his Waynebuilt truck for prom, Chevy is getting rid of their sedans, and lots of other stuff also.
49:40 5/14/24
American Legion Piost 29 - Steve and Marsha - 5-13-24
Steve Blish and Marsha Bailey are here as we talk about the Americna Legion in Claremont, what the Legion does, the history of the Legion, how to join, who can join, what's happening, the upcoming parade, and more.
38:54 5/13/24
Derek Ferland - Sullivan County Manager - 5-10-24
Sullivan County Manager Derek Ferland is here as we talk about Discover Sugar River Region, Sullivan House, Nursing Home project and more.
33:04 5/10/24
Chief Alex Lee - 5-10-24
Newport Police Chief Alex Lee is here as we talk about police uniforms, swearing in the new recruits, the Main Street project, parking on Main Street, police cruisers, town vote is Tuesday and more.
20:15 5/10/24
PJ Lovely - Newport Rec - 5-9-24
Recreation Director PJ Lovely is here as we talk about the track meets, the trail at the Covered Bridge, favorite donuts, townwide yard sale, upcoming events and more.
27:56 5/9/24
Lake Sunapee VNA & Hospice - Jeana Newbern - 5-9-24
From the Lake Sunapee VNA and hospice, Jeana Newbern is here as we recap the great Women Who Make A Difference Luncheon yesterday, talk about an upcoming event with the VNA, and the big 50% off sale at the Renaissance Shoppe
20:26 5/9/24
Joe Osgood - 5-9-24
Well that snowbird is home.  Joe is back from Florida and its' great to catch up.  Sounds like he had a good winter in the sunshine.  We talk county politics, Trump & Biden, tv news and lots more.
53:06 5/9/24
Center For The Arts - Dena Stahlheber - 5-7-24
From the Center For The Arts, Dena Stahlheber zooms on to talk about the CFA, the recent Mico Gallery in New London, the upcoming Raise A Glass event on the campus of Colby Sawyer, scholarship program, and much more.
18:38 5/7/24
Car Nutz 5-7-24
Wayne and Eddie are here as we gear up for the first Cruise Night of the year next Monday starting at 6pm.  Wayne explains how the cruise nights work, Ed isn't sure what car he will take, we talk about traffic circles, old gasoline causing a check engine light, and lots more.
54:43 5/7/24
COVER Home Repair - Jamie Loura - 5-6-24
COVER Store Manager Jamie Loura is here talking about COVER.  COVER’s mission is to foster hope and build community in the our area. They do this  by bringing together homeowners and volunteers to complete urgently needed home repair projects, and by facilitating the reuse of household goods and building materials at The COVER Store. Jamie talks about the store, how to apply for help wtih COVER, where they are located, and much more.   Visit Jamie at the COVER Store in downtown White River Junction to find great deals on reused home goods, building supplies, appliances, more, AND mention the Steve Smith Podcast for a special discount on your purchase!
23:19 5/6/24
Chief Alex Lee - 5-3-24
Newport Police chief Alex Lee is here as we talk about Main Street road construction, Drug Take Back Day, Sunshine 5K, the new recruits, the drug round table Chief Lee was involved in, and more.
24:41 5/6/24
PJ Lovely 5-2-24
PJ Lovely is here as we talk about Green Up Clean Up, the Sunshine 5K, the incredible track season for Newport, progress at the community center, Concerts on the Common, and more.
25:02 5/6/24
Chief Brent Wilmot - 5-1-24
Claremont Police Chief Brent Wilmot is here as we talk about events in our area, prom this weekend, the road project in Claremont, Brent going to Florida on vacation and the Jon Stone situation with the City of Claremont & Claremont PD.
50:30 5/1/24
Car Nutz 4-30-24
Wayne and Eddie are here as we talk about Wayne "being old," Eddies coupe not having power steering, Ed likes his new truck's features, Whitehall, NY, going up to Kevin's house, Wayne should put a tv in his garage, having cruise nights on Mondays and more.
68:28 5/1/24
The Festival At Fort 4 - 4-26-24
Jarrett McPhee and Josh Mackintosh zoom on to talk about the Festival at Fort 4, happening Saturday June 29th in Charlestown.  We talk about all the events at the Highland Games, the history of the Stones, how both men got into Highland games, what a huge event this will be for our community and more.
26:46 4/26/24
Chief Alex Lee - Newport PD - 4-26-24
Newport Police Chief Alex Lee is here as we talk about the nicer weather & more people, bikes and motorcycles on the road, don't cut thru private parking lots to avoid a traffic light, Newport's recruits graduating today, Green Up Clean Up looking good, and more.
24:31 4/26/24
PJ Lovely 4-25-24
PJ Lovely from the Newport Rec Dept is here as we talk about the spring track season for the high school and middle school, green up clean up, the Sunshine 5k, progress at new community center and more.
24:05 4/26/24
Derek Tremblay - Mt Royal Academy - 4-25-24
Mt Royal Academy Headmaster Derek Tremblay is here as we talk about The Diary Of Anne Frank at the Newport Opera House this weekend, senior projects at Mt Royal, learning about Ike, and lots more.
45:08 4/26/24
Taste Of Spring - 4-24-24
Lionel Chute, from the Sullivan County Conservation Commision, is here promoting the Taste Of Spring event happening at the Claremont Opera House Saturday from 4-6pm.  We talk about the importance of eating local foods, the Claremont Growers Collective, what will be prepared at this event, limited tickets available, and lots more.  Always an enjoyable conversation with Lionel.  
20:25 4/24/24
Car Nutz 4-23-24
Wayne and Eddie are here as we learn that Eddie traded his yellow truck for his old coupe.  We talk about his old coupe, the car's history, why he wanted it back and lot more.  We also discuss modern aspects of vehicles today like back up cameras and such, up coming cruise nights, Wayne not knowing people's names but he knows what they drive, and more.
52:56 4/23/24
Ray Gagnon 4-22-24
Ray Gagnon is back here as we talk about things happening in the world, how people get their information, OJ Simpson dying, people love / hate Trump, is Ray going to run for State Representative again this year, and more.
46:59 4/23/24
The Farmers Table - Randy White - 4-18-24
Randy White, owner of The Farmers Table, is here as we talk about the move from Grantham to Newport, having the cafe & tavern at the golf club, how summer is looking, what one would expect at the Farmers Table, how Randy got into the business, and more.
15:29 4/18/24
Alcohol Awareness Week - Sunapee High School & Sunapee Police
From the Sunapee Police Dept, Lt Tim Puchtler is here with Alyssa Krause ( Health & Physical Education teacher) along with her students Emily Mullen, Olive Jennings, and Grayson Spears, as we talk about Alcohol Awareness Week, what the students learned this week, how drinking in excess can affect not only the person who drank but also many others, as well as use of the petal car, dangers in mixing substances and more.
30:35 4/17/24
Car Nutz 4-16-24
Wayne and Eddie are here as we talk about the sidewalk construction in Newport, parking meters, driveup theater, air intakes, electric cars, and a whole bunch other stuff.
60:22 4/17/24
Chief Alex Lee - 4-12-24
Newport police chief Alex Lee is here as we talk about the story WCAX TV did, Meth in the area, the dangers of drugs, plus the new recruits, register your dogs, and more.
21:44 4/12/24
Road To Independence - 4-12-24
From Road To Independence, Margaret Coulter is here talking about the non profit, what they do, why donkeys are used, what happened to the bakery and more.
16:22 4/12/24
PJ Lovely - 4-11-24
PJ Lovely, from the Newport Recreation Department, is here as we talk about this crazy weather, spring sports, track practice, upcoming events, and more.
18:36 4/12/24
Lake Sunapee VNA & Hospice - 4-11-24
Jeanna Newbern and Cathy Raymond are here from the Lake Sunapee VNA and Hospice as we talk about the 25th anniversary of Women Who Make A Difference.  We talk about this wonderful lunch event, past memories, picking the winner, the high school involvement and much more.
29:59 4/12/24