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The Gold Collar Investor

If you want to learn how to diversify outside of the wall-street, this show is for you. If you are a high paid professional (ex: doctor, lawyer, engineer, programmer, banker, accountant, etc) and making six figures i.e 100k or more in your job or business, this show is for you. This show will help you make YOUR money work for you. It will open up your mind to main-street investing and help you build multiple income streams. We will talk about personal finance, common fears, stigmas around main-street investing. Our goal is to make you financially free and make sound decisions with your money. It will help you gain confidence and stability when it comes to investing life. Click play if you are committed to becoming The Gold Collar Investor.


TGCI 189: Full-time Trucker and building his portfolio on the side! 26:53 05/16/2022
TGCI 188: From building new homes to multi-family! 27:39 05/09/2022
TGCI 187: From Silicon Valley to Owning Mobile Home Parks 38:36 05/02/2022
TGCI 186: Providing Turnkey properties & State of the Single family home investing 42:04 04/25/2022
TGCI 185: Investing in the US from Europe and finally quitting his job! 43:15 04/18/2022
TGCI 184: From lifting houses (literally) to buying multifamily! 35:03 04/11/2022
TGCI 183: Asset Protection - How to keep what you have? 57:21 04/04/2022
TGCI 182: How to invest in Wine? Thing that gets better with age! 37:13 03/28/2022
TGCI 181: Managing your investments with InvestNext 36:53 03/21/2022
TGCI 180: Is it the right time to invest? Tune in to find out! 44:55 03/14/2022
TGCI 179: Quitting your job by building a SFH portfolio 34:58 03/07/2022
TGCI 178: Scaling your portfolio from SFH and investing Passively. 37:06 02/28/2022
TGCI 177: Syndication Do's and Don'ts 28:27 02/21/2022
TGCI 176: Understanding investor stack in a syndication. 28:12 02/14/2022
TGCI 175: Started at the age of 50 and well on his way to financial freedom! 38:31 02/07/2022
TGCI 174: Investing in Hotels in post COVID-19 world! 38:06 02/03/2022
TGCI 173: Laws of wealth! 44:42 01/24/2022
TGCI 172: Learning English after coming to US in 2003, Vee shares his story of overcoming obstacles 41:11 01/17/2022
TGCI 171: Finance lead in Aerospace Industry turned Real Estate Investor 26:54 01/10/2022
TGCI 170: Thank You! 03:57 01/03/2022
TGCI 169: From Aspiring Actor to Full Time Syndicator w/ Matt Picheny 34:39 12/20/2021
TGCI 168: How to improve your best asset? Health. Improve your health through breathing right! 42:49 12/13/2021
TGCI 167: Financial Engineer using Machine Learning and Data Analytics to Analyse 38:24 12/08/2021
TGCI 166: Urological Surgeon turned Full-Time Social Impact Investor 32:40 11/29/2021
TGCI 165: Equipment Leasing Fund! How to become a bank and creating a win-win? 33:12 11/22/2021
TGCI 164: Want to create a side hustle with a Franchise? How do you know if it's for you? 39:42 11/15/2021
TGCI 163: Personal Finance Tips: Roth vs Traditional IRA, Gifts for Kids, and much more! 32:58 11/08/2021
TGCI 162: 4000 units, Securities Fraud, 10 years in prison. Story of a comeback and redemption! 36:48 11/01/2021
TGCI 161: How to scale if you are investing actively in real estate? 28:46 10/25/2021
TGCI 160: Diversifying across many different alternative investment 41:50 10/18/2021