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The Gold Collar Investor

If you want to learn how to diversify outside of the wall-street, this show is for you. If you are a high paid professional (ex: doctor, lawyer, engineer, programmer, banker, accountant, etc) and making six figures i.e 100k or more in your job or business, this show is for you. This show will help you make YOUR money work for you. It will open up your mind to main-street investing and help you build multiple income streams. We will talk about personal finance, common fears, stigmas around main-street investing. Our goal is to make you financially free and make sound decisions with your money. It will help you gain confidence and stability when it comes to investing life. Click play if you are committed to becoming The Gold Collar Investor.


TGCI 117: Thoughts and feelings. How feelings are signal to the life YOU want? 05:43 04/16/2021
TGCI 116: How Adam (a Civil Engineer) found a unique strategy to Financial Freedom? 41:27 04/12/2021
TGCI 115: Network is Your Networth 05:29 04/09/2021
TGCI 114: How to do capital allocation & invest? Psychology of investing. 53:16 04/05/2021
TGCI 113: The Secret 06:31 04/02/2021
TGCI 112: Expected changes to YOUR taxes! Real estate professional status 39:51 03/29/2021
TGCI 111: The Great Ones are Learning Machines 03:51 03/26/2021
TGCI 110: Ask Pancham? #5 14:50 03/22/2021
TGCI 109: Champions are Obsessed with Productivity and Results 03:09 03/19/2021
TGCI 108: Want to own a Franchise? How do you know if it's for you? 45:35 03/15/2021
TGCI 107: The Great Ones are Problem Solvers 03:43 03/12/2021
TGCI 106: With full-time job and investing as a side hustle with John 37:23 03/08/2021
TGCI 105: Great ones are at peace with themselves! 04:36 03/05/2021
TGCI 104: Moving to Passive Investor full time after burnout from Active Investing 36:02 03/01/2021
TGCI 103: Power of Humility 04:29 02/26/2021
TGCI 102: An Engineer turned Full-Time Investor 34:45 02/22/2021
TGCI 101: Power of consistency. The World Class is Consistently Great! 04:24 02/19/2021
TGCI 100: Lawyer turned investor who is investing in secondary growth markets 28:51 02/15/2021
TGCI 99: Power of Criticism 04:08 02/12/2021
TGCI 98: Moving from spending 24 years in Public Financial Services industry to Private Investments. 37:32 02/08/2021
TGCI 97: 5 Levels of Mental Toughness 05:14 02/05/2021
TGCI 96: Explorer of 96 countries, Federal Agent, Mechanical Engineer and Real Estate Investor talks about lifestyle design! 30:20 02/01/2021
TGCI 95: The Law of Receptivity 02:52 01/29/2021
TGCI 94: High yield, lower risk alternative in a volatile market 21:15 01/25/2021
TGCI 93: The Law of Authenticity 03:48 01/22/2021
TGCI 92: Rich Dad Advisor, Ken McElroy on current state of the economy and what lies ahead! 51:48 01/18/2021
TGCI 91: The Law of Influence 03:55 01/15/2021
TGCI 90: From W2 to living off just passive investments. Yes, Financial Independence! 42:42 01/11/2021
TGCI 89: The Law of Compensation 04:53 01/08/2021
TGCI 88: Self-storage - Recession Resistant Asset Class? 36:01 01/04/2021