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Can we talk... foreskin? An enlightening discussion about both current and historical events involving the issue of circumcision by experts on this important topic. We will empower you with knowledge of the amazing Four Powers of Foreskin! We also take a deep dive into the obsession some American's have to rid themselves of foreskin, harming themselves and their children in the process. The Circumcision Chronicles Podcast is produced by Intaction. Visit our website


How Bodily Autonomy is Personal Freedom in New Hampshire
Unprecedented legislative advocacy for bodily autonomy in New Hampshire. Find out about two bills slated to increase protection of children’s bodily autonomy from circumcision by reducing the financial incentives and reforming the informed consent process. New Hampshire is known as the "Live Free or Die State," and if these bills pass many more children will be able to live free, -with healthy, natural, & normal intact bodies. Video available on Youtube New Hampshire CURRENT LEGISLATION and Status Page: Donate to the Maine/New Hampshire Campaign on our website Donate at GOFUNDME available Donate on Facebook at: Donate to GALDEF See Anthony's talk at INTACT2022
16:36 1/6/24
6 Women Obsessed with Cutting Penis
We're going to talk about why there are six women in Maine that are obsessed with cutting penis, specifically these women are on a mission to ensure as many children as possible are subjected to the brutal practice of circumcision. Learn how they offered misleading information to get lawmakers to require insurance carriers cover this horrible practice because more money means more genital cutting. Watch the Youtube video Donate to the Maine Campaign at Donate at GOFUNDME available Get more information at See Anthony's talk at INTACT2022
16:48 12/2/23
CC Uncut #26 Mass African Circumcision - Miracle Cure or Racist Experiment?
The US Government is spending billions of dollars on a racist obsession to cut black African penises. African men are being lined up and told to get circumcised because it's "good for them." Meanwhile the money keeps lining everyone's pockets like officials, government contractors, researchers, and academic institutions. This folly is claimed to be about preventing HIV infection, however Africans are still contracting and dying from AIDS. The Uncut Podcast discusses a new Kickstarter campaign by Ulli Schauen that will educate Africans on this issue and promote discussion in Africa. The Kickstarter Campaign can be found here:
37:56 9/17/20
CC Uncut #24: Male Circumcision And Foreskin Restoration
Anthony Losquadro And Ashley James The history of circumcision Effects of circumcision Stages of foreskin restoration What Intaction does How to properly clean a baby’s intact genital
90:56 2/29/20
Joe Rogan STOP CUTTING BABY DICK - Circumcision Tirade - Uncut Commentary
Joe Rogan launches a tirade against the horrific practice of circumcision, or as Rogan says "CUTTING BABY DICKS." Rogan's rant stems from a discussion with New York Times NYT writer and editor Bari Weiss about 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang's stance on circumcision Joe Rogan is the host of the Joe Rogan Experience JRE podcast. He is also a standup comedian, and UFC- MMA commentator. Circumcision Chronicles Uncut Video with Anthony Losquadro. In this video, hear expert intactivist insights on the topics raised. What do they get wrong, and what do they get right? Bari Weiss is an American opinion writer and editor. In 2017, Weiss joined the New York Times as a staff editor in the opinion section. JOE SAYS STOP BABY DICK CUTTING! Cutting children's genitals is INSANE - Support ANTHONY LOSQUADRO , THE INTACTION CREW, and our child protecting advocacy work: Your donation will help us expand our work on the streets and also bring you more videos. WE ARE ALL UNPAID VOLUNTEER ADVOCATES and we're a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible. ********************************************** REFERENCES MADE IN VIDEO: #1: Online poll about public support for circumcision #2: Thymos Journal of Boyhood Studies 117 Babies Die from Circumcision #3: Societies of Pediatric Urology Circumcision Complications #4: Denmark Study on Meatal Stenosis #5: Jimmy Kimmel #6: Support Intaction #7: American Circumcision Movie
10:25 2/23/20
CC Uncut #23: 94WIP Sports Radio Peter Solomon | Regret Mom Meghan King Edmonds
Featuring Anthony Losquadro of and Peter Solomon of 96WIP-AM Philly. We will be talking about why Real Housewives reality star Meghan King Edmonds is a REAL REGRET MOM.  Help Anthony & his friends in their mission to stop circumcision by donating to Intaction at The Circumcision Chronicles Uncut Podcast is sponsored by Alpha Armor - Skin care for circumcised men. Feel more at
45:57 1/20/20
CC Uncut #22: ESPN Lafern Cusack | Six Awesome Things To Know About Foreskin
Featuring Anthony Losquadro of and Lafern Cusack of ESPN THE EXPERIENCE. We will be talking about why foreskin is awesome, and why cutting it off babies is not so awesome. Topics discussed include the bizarre American history, medical industry profit , pain & trauma, fake medical claims, and America's isolation on this issue. Originally aired on ESPN Radio 710-AM LA You can watch the video of this podcast at  Like and comment on our videos. Help Anthony & his friends in their mission to stop circumcision by donating to Intaction at The Circumcision Chronicles Uncut Podcast is sponsored by Alpha Armor - Skin care for circumcised men. Feel more at
20:58 12/31/19
CC Uncut #21: Dr. John Huber Psychological Harm of Circumcision Infant Genital Cutting
Featuring Anthony Losquadro of and Dr. John Huber, a mental health professional and a clinical forensic psychologist. Dr. Huber is also the host of the podcast Mainstream Mental Health. We will be talking about the psychological harm of circumcision. Topics discussed include the bizarre American history, medical industry profit , pain & trauma, depression, and suicide. The Circumcision Chronicles Uncut Podcast is sponsored by Alpha Armor - Skin care for circumcised men. Feel more at
18:18 12/2/19
CC Uncut #20: Dr. Health Radio Fast Moving Discussion on Circumcision
Anthony Losquadro and David Snow (Dr. Health Radio) have a wide ranging discussion over circumcision. Topics discussed include the bizarre American history, medical industry profit & the AAP, female genital mutilation, foreskin restoration, pain & trauma, and more.
21:24 11/5/19
CC Uncut #19: Fighting Circumcision Around the World - Right Now
Circumcision Chronicles Uncut Podcast #19: Video podcast with Anthony Losquadro of Intaction and Michael Winnel of the Foreskin Revolution Discussion about intactivism around the world - The Worldwide Fight Against Circumcision - What's happening right now! The Circumcision Chronicles Uncut Podcast is also available on YouTube as a video podcast.
44:16 10/4/19
CC Uncut #18: Wild discussion about FORESKIN & CIRCUMCISION
Anthony Losquadro and David Grant, Directors of Intaction sit down with podcaster Xavier Diaz @prettynormalpod to discuss foreskin advocacy. We got to speak about why we have dedicated our lives to educating people about this, the dangers of circumcision, the myths and misconceptions and more. One of the guests even told us his story of how he tracked down the doctor who circumcised him in hopes of getting some answers.
64:27 10/1/19
CC Uncut #17: Circumcision in America Today
Anthony Losquadro, Director Intaction ( discusses the current state of circumcision in America with Cultivate Wellness Podcast host Brad Swail. Featuring the 4 Powers Of Foreskin, pain and trauma, FGM - Female Genital Mutilation, psychological harm.
49:55 10/1/19
CC Uncut #16: Powerful discussion about Circumcision - Hurts men very deeply - Dr. Wendy Walsh
Male circumcision, Female genital mutilation, pain & trauma, psychological harm, 4 Powers of foreskin, & intersex children's rights. with Anthony Losquadro - Director of Intaction, and Dr. Wendy Walsh KFI AM640 iHeart Radio Network Also included is a discussion about a man that confronted his circumciser obstetrician later in life.
17:52 10/1/19
CC Uncut #15: Unbelievable discussion about circumcision on SiriusXM Urban View
Anthony Losquadro, Director of Intaction, and Karen Hunter Sirius XM Urban View discuss circumcision, masturbation, religion, and female genital mutilation. Sponsored by Alpha Armor, skin care for circumcised men
18:36 10/1/19
CC Uncut #14: Emotional & Psychological Harm of Circumcision PTSD DEPRESSION SUICIDE SIDS
Psychological effects of circumcision on infants and adolescents. How circumcision damages your mental health. What parents need to look out for. Anthony Losquadro is a expert in the area of anti-circumcision advocacy and the executive director of Intaction. Dr. Pat Baccili is the host of the internationally acclaimed, The Dr. Pat Show – Talk Radio to Thrive By, #1 Positive Talk in Seattle several years running – the show reaches millions of people each year and is broadcast on hundreds of AM/FM/Digital networks and 165 countries with a powerful life- changing message. Sponsored by Alpha Armor "Skin Care for Men's Sensitive Areas." Have Better Sex at Get Anthony's "Foreskin is FunSkin" T-shirt at
31:09 10/1/19
CC Uncut #13: Dr. Joy was SHOCKED when I told her about Foreskin and Circumcision
Dr. Joy and The Foreskin Guy (Anthony Losquadro) have shocking conversation about foreskin and circumcision. FORESKIN IS IN !
28:10 10/1/19
CC Uncut #12: Circumcision called a "CON JOB" & "SACRED COW"
A wide ranging discussion about the function of the foreskin and controversy surrounding circumcision. Why are Americans obsessed with circumcision? Topics include religion, the 4 Powers of Foreskin, and the Netflix documentary American Circumcision controversy. Sponsored by Alpha Armor "Skin Care for Men's Sensitive Areas." Have Better Sex at
07:40 10/1/19
CC Uncut # 11: Shocking discussion about circumcision pain & trauma
Engaging discussion on how foreskin removal results in pain and trauma to American baby boys. Topics include the Netflix American Circumcision documentary, female genital mutilation, and the 4 Powers of Foreskin. With Kate Delaney America Tonight and Anthony Losquadro Director,  Sponsored by Alpha Armor "Skin Care for Men's Sensitive Areas" Have Better Sex at
10:32 10/1/19
CC Uncut #10: BRIC TV: "Foreskin - It's in our DNA !"
To make an argument for the intact body and against circumcision, BRIC TV host Brian Vines is joined by Anthony Losquadro, the founder of Brooklyn-based action group, Intaction.
13:36 10/1/19
CC Uncut #9: Pop singer Pink in heated debate about circumcision
Pop star Pink fired back at mom-shaming trolls on Sunday who criticized her for sharing a picture of her 2-year-old son without a swim diaper. The Instagram photo featured the 39-year-old singer with her two-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter. Social media users were quick to criticize Pink for evidently having her son circumcised. Anthony Losquadro from the anti-circumcision group Intaction and Mark Alyn from Late Nite Health have a wide ranging discussion about the whole topic of circumcision on KABC 790 Sponsored by Alpha Armor "Skin Care for Men's Sensitive Areas." Have Better Sex at Get Anthony's "Foreskin for the Win" T-shirts at
16:10 10/1/19
CC Uncut #8: Netflix's "American Circumcision" controversy causing concern
The controversial Netflix documentary "American Circumcision" is surprising many people. Hear the wild discussion, with lots of foreskin and circumcision talk on 880AM CKLW. With Anthony Losquadro, Director of Intaction, and Lynn Martin Host "The Lynn Martin Show" iHeartRadio. Sponsored by Alpha Armor "Skin Care for Men's Sensitive Areas." Have Better Sex at
14:20 10/1/19
CC Uncut #7: What you need to know about Foreskin and Circumcision
Intaction Director Anthony Losquadro interviewed by Chip Franklin on KGO-810AM San Francisco
08:24 9/29/19
CC Uncut #6: 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang and American Circumcision policy
Should discouraging or banning circumcision be part of 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang's campaign platform? Anthony Losquadro, of Intaction, and radio talk show host Mike Siegel debate the issue in this podcast. Sponsored by Alpha Armor "Skin Care for Men's Sensitive Areas." Have Better Sex at
20:32 9/29/19
Jeff Crouere, host of the radio show "Ringside Politics" on WGSO 990-AM and Anthony Losquadro discuss circumcision trends in America.
11:03 9/29/19
CC Uncut #4: Circumcision Trauma EXPOSED
Never before heard discussion about circumcision trauma causing seizure like attacks. Plus the wonderful benefits of foreskin and dispelling the myths about circumcision by expert Anthony Losquadro of Intaction with Mark Thomas of 1110AM North Carolina radio.
14:17 9/29/19
CC Uncut #3: Ten Facts About Foreskin & Circumcision in under 10 minutes
James Lowe (Jiggy Jaguar) and Anthony Losquadro discuss foreskin and circumcision.
07:39 9/29/19
CC Uncut #2: It's FORESKIN for the WIN with Anthony Losquadro
Anthony Losquadro discusses the Four Powers of Foreskin with Bill Martinez hosting. 
10:27 9/28/19
CC Uncut #1: The Foreskin Guy on American Trends with Larry Rifkin
Anthony Losquadro (The Foreskin Guy) of Intaction discusses why circumcision rates are declining in America.
27:58 9/28/19

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