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We all have a Spitfire within us, but over time the expectations, obligations and assumptions we've heard from others have covered our true power. Join Lauren LeMunyan, The Spitfire Coach, as she shares lessons learned and applicable tools to help listeners go from burned out to fired up!


Episode 172: The Difference Between Pressure and Intensity
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06:18 11/21/2022
Episode 171: How To Protect Your Empathetic Energy
Today we are talking about how to protect your well being,  mindset, and space when other people are fearful and when dump their emotions in your space. If you are someone who feels empathetic, that you have a lot of concern and support for people and you feel really affected after spending time with people who are in kind of crisis, stress fear, this is a great episode for you. 
31:32 10/31/2022
Episode 170: The Impacts of VUCA and BANI on Employees
If you've never heard of VUCA and BANI, you need to listen to today's episode. Hear a recent talk Lauren gave in New Jersey to a group of Supply Management Professionals on the impacts of today's workforce and how leaders can build trust with these new awareness points.
11:36 10/20/2022
Episode 169: 3 Things Middle Managers Need to Do to Manage Up and Down Effectively
Do you sometimes feel like a smushed PBJ? Two sides of pressure squeezing in, and you feel like you just can't win. In today's episode, Lauren shares a recent coaching session with a mid-level manager who is trying to deliver a change in priorities from the top while getting pushback from the people they manage. Hear what three things you can do not just to manage the situation, but build trust and respect with both parties.
08:44 09/19/2022
Episode 168: Why Your "Why" Doesn't Matter (And What I Really Think of Simon Sinek)
Do you find yourself constantly asking or answering "Why" questions? Why did it happen? Why did you do it that way? Why didn't you think of that? What do you hear with these questions? If you guessed judgment, you'd be right. Hear what questions you should be asking instead and why "why" just doesn't matter.
05:10 09/12/2022
Episode 167: Can You Say More With Less?
Can you do more with less? No, we're not talking about stripping your resources or having less staff to help you. We're talking about communication. Can you get your point across in fewer words?  Every day we are consumed with messages and pieces of information that we're expected to read, understand, and act on, but the reality is we don't have time or attention for it. So many times, our message is getting crowded, leading us to feel misunderstood, misrepresented, and lost in the shuffle. So how do we get heard and understood in our communication? Listen in today and learn how to say more with less.
07:39 08/29/2022
Episode 166: Building Resilience Through Burnout Recovery
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10:14 08/22/2022
Episode 165: Marketing Through The Customer Lens
From Dallas Startup Week's Women of Innovation on August 10th, Lauren speaks to a live audience on rethinking strategic marketing through the customer lens.
10:56 08/15/2022
Episode 164: Leveraging Your Leadership Style to Maximize Your Influence and Impact
This is the audio replay of the July 22 Webinar on Maximizing Your Spitfire Leadership Archetype. To view the full video replay, click the following link:
19:19 08/08/2022
Episode 163: How Much Do You Trust Yourself?
Lauren reflects on a recent session with a client and poses the question: How Much Do You Trust Yourself?  What came after was an honest exploration of healing, listening, and intuition.
10:03 08/01/2022
Episode 162: Getting Dirty with Christina McInnis of AgriTech and SoilKit
When was the last time you got your hands dirty? For Christina McInnis, this is a part of her daily life. Whether she's in the garden or in a team meeting. After meeting Christina during the Capital One Catapult Program, we knew we had to dig into what was her nutrient mixture of success. Her company AgriTech makes SoilKit, which won the pitch competition at Catapult and 2022 WBENC 2022. Check it out at
21:31 07/25/2022
Episode 161: Time to Tell the Whole Truth
Are you ready to tell the truth about yourself? It's time to let go of the qualifying language, the minimizing lens, and the lies from past stories. Imagine seeing yourself for who you actually are. In today's show, I'm sharing insights from a recent conference and coaching sessions on the theme.  Can you handle the truth?
09:52 05/04/2022
Episode 160: Designing for the New Workflow with Lauren Chipman of Chipman Design Architecture
Are there any new ideas out there? Anyone? Anyone? In today's episode, I sit down with Lauren Chipman, CEO of Chipman Design Architecture to chat about what's needed to start thinking differently about the way we work, the way we meet, and the way we onboard. How do we connect without overloading schedules? How do we learn without organic absorption in the office? How do we rapidly respond with so much unknown? Join The Laurens for an open discussion about redesigning work and the workplace.
29:39 04/18/2022
Episode 159: Audacious Confidence with Alicia Couri
Have you ever thought to yourself, "If only I could do that", "If only I were brave enough", "If only I had the courage to try that"? You're not alone.   So how did Alicia Couri go from behind the scenes to front and center? In today's episode, we're exploring where the quantum leaps and shifts happened to rediscover that audacious inner Spitfire that needed to come out and what you can do to activate yours.
41:53 04/11/2022
Episode 158: How to Shift out of a Hunger Games Mindset in Small Business with Andrea Lyons
Andrea Lyons of All About Presentation joins us for an honest discussion about the mindset that not only allowed her company to survive the pandemic but thrive and grow. Now looking forward, Andrea explores what it's going to take to shift her company and her team to the next level. About Andrea Lyons Andréa Lyons is the CEO and Executive Producer at All About Presentation, an international woman and minority-owned live and virtual event strategy and management company. Since 2007, All About Presentation has produced over 1500 events, designed the event experience for over 350,000 event attendees, and managed over 75 million dollars of event spend for clients that represent a variety of industries from banking to government and criss-cross the globe from Rhode Island to South Korea. Andréa leverages her understanding of brands, and the consumers of those brands, to design live meetings and online virtual events that support a brand and its image. Andréa received a bachelor's degree at Central Michigan University, executive education at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and the University of Richmond, a certificate in event planning from the University of Virginia, and is currently completing a certificate in Film and Television from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. It’s no surprise that Andréa has mastered the art of understanding how to create events that stir emotion and guide attendees to positive change. Her favorite hobbies are fine dining and making money. She is forever a sorority girl, life-long student, aviation enthusiast, and wannabe Chopped champion. Andréa has been featured in Wall Street Journal publications, Virginia Lawyers Weekly, Richmond Times-Dispatch,, and a host of other websites and blogs. One of the coolest days she’s ever had is when she got a notification that Barack Obama started following her on Twitter.
47:54 04/04/2022
Episode 157: The Need for Emotional and Mental Spring Cleaning
Let's be real... We have all taken on baggage, stress, resentments, and other people's stories over the last two years. I don't know about you, but I am ready for a change. In today's episode, I share what's coming next and what I need to do to prepare for a big life change.
14:41 03/28/2022
Episode 156: Love and Light Goodbye with Tracy Litt
Is it hot in here or is it this conversation I had with Tracy Litt, Founder of The Litt Factor? We jumped right into our discussion on abundance, mindset, and excuses. Find out what made Tracy shut down a 2500 person Facebook group and what you MUST do to reach your future goals. ----------- Here's the article Tracy mentioned:   And here's a free audio gift from Tracy:    --- About Tracy Litt Tracy Litt is a sought-after success mentor for visionary women leaders that are navigating huge paradigm shifts and elevating into the next level of themselves, so they can seamlessly generate the next level of their impact, wealth, and holistic success. Tracy is a certified mindset coach, spiritual advisor, rapid transformational hypnotherapist, best-selling author, and TEDx speaker. She is the Founder of The Litt Factor, and creator of Mind Magic ®, a proven methodology that marries metacognition and spirituality, neuroscience and quantum law to expand and elevate more quickly. Her work has served thousands of women across the globe and has been featured in Entrepreneur, FastCompany, Thrive Global, and Her book Worthy Human is a #1 best seller in Spiritual Growth and Mindset.
41:06 03/21/2022
Episode 155: The Great Numbing: How We Can Help One Another Reconnect
We've heard about The Turnover Tsunami, The Great Resignation and now The Great Reset. But I'm more worried about something else that I've been noticing in my clients... The Great Numbing. I discovered the term "Presenteeism" last month - where employees are checking in, but checked out - and realized it's part of something much bigger as a result of current events, extreme stress, and compounded trauma. Find out how you can notice the signs and what you can do about it on today's episode.
17:45 03/14/2022
Episode 154: Amanda Laden From Period to Pause
After being misdiagnosed and undiagnosed for many, many, many years, Amanda Laden decided she had to do something about the inequities in healthcare for women.  Amanda is out to change the way we approach women's healthcare and to start bringing certain conversations from periods to diseases, to IVF, to miscarriage, to menopause and everything in between. Join us for an honest conversation from Period to Pause Amanda Laden is the Founder & CEO of Amanda Laden International, a Strategy Consultancy with a mission to help fast-growing businesses develop growth strategies, align leadership and identify market opportunities for change. Amanda is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses to acquire fresh insights, answer critical business questions, and innovate and accelerate business outcomes. Helping business owners realize their entrepreneurial capacity and dreams runs in Amanda’s DNA and passion for helping others. Amanda also holds a Diploma in Wines & Spirits and lives her passion as the Founder of The VinoKarma Project, a concept which brings people together through unique events and experiences over food and wine with the goal of creating community, connection, and change. Her recent events include an exclusive interview with 2020 TIME Person of the Year, Professor Ibram X. Kendi, author of How To Be An Antiracist. At The VinoKarma Project, Amanda and her team also work with organizations in the beverage industry to create sustainable change across three core pillars: 1) diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation 2) innovation 3) social impact. In addition, Amanda has lead teams on 5 continents, and traveled to over 40 countries. She loves all things relating to food, culture, and travel, especially when wine is involved. When not supporting her quest to find the perfect glass of wine, in her spare time, you can find Amanda dancing on stages with the likes of Seal, Keith Sweat, and Carlos Santana.
45:30 03/07/2022
From Referee to Coach: How to Lead Your Feuding Team Across the Finish Line
What will you learn? The Hard Truths about your team's conflict and what it's really costing you and your organization Insights of what's really happening and what role you may be playing in the dysfunction 3 Quick Wins to help get your team back on track   What people are saying about "From Referee to Coach" "That was an awesome Webinar. I took copious notes and learned so much from you. Thank you again for the analogy of the referee and the coach, the pros and cons to each, and how we can guide people with compounding stress in the workplace. Fantastic resource!!"   Watch the repay at:
45:45 02/28/2022
Episode 153: The Painful Truth with Dr. Stacy
Have you ever asked yourself why do I feel like I’m doing nothing when I’m relaxing? What does it feel like to be in a mode of conscious choice? Are you on a Merry-Go-Round of broken promises? Lauren sits down with Dr. Stacy Mobley to talk about the uncomfortable and sometimes painful truths about how we're making ourselves sick and stuck. Learn what it takes to self-resolve and become the person you've always wanted to be.
54:40 12/31/2021
Episode 152: From Performance Improvement Plan to Exceeding Expectations
In today's episode, hear about how a client went from being in fear of losing their job to exceeding expectations and propelling a project forward in just four weeks. Lauren shares the keys to unlocking confidence at work even when you're under an HR microscope.
16:05 12/20/2021
Episode 151: Intentionally Design Your Life in 30 Minutes
Wish you could have more opportunities, more abundance, more success in your life? In today's podcast, Lauren shares her daily practice and framework for intentionally designing her business and life. It's what's led to her doubling revenue in her best year with less stress and effort.
16:24 12/10/2021
Episode 150: Lauren Answers Psychological Safety Questions from Risk Summit
Lauren answers questions submitted during her presentation on Psychological Safety for the Nonprofit Risk Summit. "How can you have psychological safety if you don't have trust, specifically with a supervisor?" "I've had other Executives tell me that only the oppressed can help the oppressed. Which I can see it as valid to a certain extent, but I disagree. Thoughts?"
22:25 10/22/2021
Episode 149: The Magical Joy of Poo
Today we are talking about a very serious topic, one that happens to all of us. That's right, today we are talking about poop. We're talking about poop because poo happens to everyone in life. And when we can acknowledge it, it allows us to have a less stressed environment and day and it allows us to handle conflict and high friction situations. Read the full article at
07:03 09/06/2021
Episode 148: How to Come Back from Vacation Recharged
The final days of summer are upon us, I don't know what happened in August, but it was like I snapped my fingers and magically, summer just started speeding up. We've all had a lot going on. Some days felt like they lasted an eternity, but now it feels like we're losing summer. But before we cry ourselves to sleep longing for sunshine, let’s talk about vacation. Today we’re talking about taking a vacation and coming back rested and recharged. I cannot tell you how many of my clients do not know how to do this.
11:21 08/30/2021
Episode 147: How Take Make Decisions in Uncertain Times
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
10:05 08/16/2021
Episode 146: Being in Integrity
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
08:58 08/09/2021
Episode 145: Unpacking Your Internal Story
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
10:00 08/02/2021
Episode 144: Love and Leadership with Cornelia Shipley
What's love got to do, got to do with leadership? Apparently a lot! In today's episode with International Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur, Cornelia Shipley of 3C Consulting, we're diving into what it really takes to enter into a partnership and how ill-equipped most of us actually are entering into marriage and  leadership.
37:21 07/26/2021