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I’m Amber Harper, former burned-out teacher turned Teacher Burnout Coach, dedicated to helping other burned-out teachers to grow through their burnout and take their next best steps toward what they want from their career in education and in life. After an embarrassing emotional breakdown in front of my teacher besties - I knew something needed to change - and that something was ME. I decided that I wasn’t going to settle for burnout as my sentence as a teacher, mom, wife, or friend - and I knew it was going to take WAY more than practicing “conventional self-care” to make the progress I wanted to make. No amount of manicures, bottles of wine, or bubble baths was going to save this girl... Fast forward to a few years later and I’ve used everything I’ve learned about teacher burnout and personal development to write a book, build a course, and lead a community of BURNED-IN Teachers who refuse to settle for a life of burnout as their reality. I’ve used my burnout as an opportunity to become an active participant in my life- in the classroom and here on the mic - using all that I’ve learned to teach kids and serve teachers… and you can do the same! Ready to get started? The Burned-In Teacher Podcast is one part burnout and all other parts action, inspiration, and support to help you grow through your burnout and live a happier, more fulfilled career and life. So take a deep breath, my friend, because you’re about to take your next, best step to becoming a BURNED-IN Teacher.


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