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Murder and the paranormal finally meet! Grab your wine and milkshakes and join us every Sunday for some chilling ghost stories and downright terrifying true crime stories. The world's a scary place. And that's why we drink!


Listener Stories: Vol. 86
Christmas time is here and we're ghosts of the Victorian, dust-bowl children in the tintype photos mysteriously mailed to Christine! Put on a crackling fire (or crackling fireplace video) and settle in for some holiday surprises because we've got some doozies. First up, Eva gives Christine the gift of reading the first three stories that shed some very elucidating light on said stack of haphazard photos, including the mysterious and potentially haunted mailer herself. Then Em gets their turn at a gift in the form of a tell-all direct from a Duggars-adjacent listener. And then all hell breaks loose with the scary, festive stories - everything from lime green ghost priests reading their last rights to eerily realistic dreams of underworlds hidden in the floorboards and finally all the way to heartwarming doggie Secret Santas. Hasafwa Holidays to all and to all a Hasafwa Holidays! ...and that's why we drink!We're going back on tour! Don't miss us in Philly, DC and Baltimore to kick off our 2024 run of live shows in January - get your tickets at
67:20 12/1/23
E355 Ghouls, Gays, Theys and Cottage Core Lesbian Hauntings
Do gay people attract poltergeists? It's episode 355 and Em is taking us to a haunted U.K. theme park, Alton Towers, that just might be tied to a cottage-core lesbian couple. Take us to the haunted gift shop! Then Christine re-visits the Amityville Horror House to deep dive into the true crime and murder sides of the case. And, weigh in: do you need an Excel spreadsheet to have fun? ...and that's why we drink!
127:48 11/26/23
E354 A Tarot Therapy Session and a Ghost Cat Pawty
It's episode 354 and we're having the worst post-Halloween, Monday blues of the year (on a Wednesday)! But at least there's a ghost cat named Dennis in our future: This week Em is taking us to the Old Idaho Penitentiary, home of some lovely celebrations for Dennis the ghost cat and the animal rescues of Boise, despite the wild hauntings. Then Christine covers the mysterious and tragic disappearance of Kimberly Avila, a gender non-conforming icon who's accepting family our hearts could not break for more. And don't mind us, we're just here watching someone else watch paint dry... and that's why we drink!
103:14 11/19/23
E353 A Weird Date Agent and a Ghost Go Bag
It's episode 353 and we're FINE! Like the sands of the hour glass, we're having a "menty b" about a mystery deadline and meanwhile loving our own Halloween merch. This week Em takes us on a very creepy ride through the story of the Black Monk of Pontefract. Then Christine covers the wild case of the George Brothers, aka the Oxy Kingpin Twins. And let us know if you have any guesses about Bartholomew Crispin... and that's why we drink!
162:52 11/12/23
E352 A Vampire Castle Gift Shop and Millennial Secret Passageway Dreams
Welcome to episode 352! Where Christine shares some mystery photos from the 1800s, only adding to her haunted podcast studio. This week, Em takes us through the history of Vlad the Dad, we mean, Vlad the Impaler and the hauntings of Bran Castle. Then Christine covers the notorious and heartbreaking case of Martha Moxley. And can a manila envelope be a Dybbuk Box? ...and that's why we drink!
128:59 11/5/23
Listener Stories: Vol. 85
Hello, November - tell us we're pretty and feed us some cheese! We've got some fun and creepy stories from all you lovely listeners just in time for Scorpio season... we mean tryptophan season. We're tryptophan fans over here. So stay tuned for some sweet and creepy Dia de los Muertos stories in addition to a few dowsing rod/ghost hunting stories specifically for Christine. Don't forget to check your local library for ghost hunting equipment... and that's why we drink!
72:13 11/1/23
BONUS EPISODE: A Halloween Surprise with Roz Hernandez!
Surprise and happy Halloween! We're here to celebrate all things spooky with our new friend Roz Hernandez from the podcast Ghosted! and the new queer ghost hunting show on Hulu, Living for the Dead! Don't worry, we cover all the important topics from inner gay healing to skin care routines in haunted locations (just don't do it). And can trans women become nuns simply as a precaution against the paranormal? ...and that's why we drink!
50:16 10/31/23
E351 Mongoose Sound-Waves and Halloween Caroling
Happy Halloween!! Beware episode 351 because Gef the Mongoose is taking over the airwaves! Gef's ears are also ringing in hell because Em is taking us on an introductory tour of the seven princes of Hell, specifically Beelzebub. Then Christine covers the history of Halloween pranks turned crimes. We're sorry if this isn't the church you were looking for... and that's why we drink!
112:07 10/29/23
E350 Eyelid Licking Demons and Black Cat Broomsticks
Oh Christine, oh Christine, next week's Halloween! Episode 350 is a big one and has us in our heads and our hearts as we re-evaluate and discuss the word "spooky" and dive into our Halloween season tales. First, cat girlies to the front, Em takes us on a historical journey into the lore of the black cat. Then Christine covers the incredibly tragic story of Heather Mayer and the abuse and misuse of the BDSM community. And we'll be thinking of the Roman Empire like men do too now that we know it involved so many cats... and that's why we drink!Big trigger warning for Christine's story this week involving domestic and sexual violence.If you are experiencing domestic violence or know someone who is, the National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-7233. You can also chat with them, or text START to 88788. We love you!
123:45 10/22/23
E349 A Haunted Podcast Studio and a Space Boat
It's 8pm, do you know where your important documents are?? It's also episode 349 and we might have just caught Christine bench pressing a bus! This week Em takes us under cover for a 101 entry level class on Project Blue Book. Then Christine covers the tragic disappearance of Susan Wolff. And could we be any bigger fans of kitchen witches? ...and that's why we drink!
99:34 10/15/23
3rd Annual Cryptids Unscripted Poetry Slam
Surprise! In honor of Friday the 13th, we have a pop-up, special Cryptids Unscripted episode to satiate that creepy, eerie, emo appetite of all of ours. Grab your cup of joe, glass of wine or Capri Sun and take your seats because we've got not one but two pukwudgies up first, also known as pukwudgie camaraderie. Then we have a potential Nightcrawler debut, Mothman's break up and dangerous encounter with an Arby's sign, a steamy love poem to Em, another lawsuit from Zak Bagans and last, but certainly not least, manic pixie squonk girl. "Squonky" is your prompt for next time around, folks... and that's why we drink!You can submit all your best (and worst, we love them all) cryptid slam poems to
46:57 10/13/23
E348 Stolen Meditation Journals and Fun, Fruity Pond Water
Welcome to episode 348, where we're contemplating the smell of the bottom of a Zoloft bottle! First Em takes us to the Catskills (ATWWD retreat, anyone?) for the incredibly creepy story of the Catskills Crone. Then Christine covers an oldie but a wild case in the story of the Barnes Mystery aka the murder of Julia Martha Thomas. And stay tuned for our deep dive into the smells that define us, both as humans and as ghosts... and that's why we drink!
87:04 10/8/23
Listener Stories: Vol. 84
Happy October, Boozers and Shakers! It's our time to shine and we're coming into October hot with some updated language for the Halloween season and some goose-cam worthy, scary stories from you, dear listeners. Beware Eva's forgotten topic warning about Black Eyed Kids, haunted houses, ghosts impersonating moms, and past lives intertwining with Salem and witch hunts. To quote Owlameda Hootenanny, "WHO ME?!" ...and that's why we drink!
72:58 10/1/23
E347 A Lovely Villain Era and a Lasagna Horror
It's episode 347 and Christine has seen her own husk! We also determine Em was a blacksmith in a former life even though they don't know what a spaghetti western is. Instead they take us to Georgia for the history and hauntings of Lake Lanier. Then Christine covers Billy the Kid, the most notorious outlaw in the west (who didn't take a great tintype photo). And where are our orange slices and Capri Suns, Eva!? ...and that's why we drink!
137:06 10/1/23
E346 A Witch's Rap Battle and a Cursed Fart
It's episode 346 and if seven people fart in the woods, then, sorry, you're possessed now! This week Em takes us down an old English rabbit hole with the story of John Darrell, one of the most fraudulent exorcists of all time. Then Christine covers the devastating case of Lucie Blackman. Thither is a shit of an able bodied horse... and that's why we drink!
108:24 9/24/23
E345 Baba Yaga Barbie and Emergency Needlepoint
Episode 345 is here and we're feeling ancient demon vibes... First Em covers the iconic Slavic folklore of Baba Yaga. Then Christine covers the tragic, gruesome case of the Lost Boys of Bucks County. And is Em a gossip witch? ...and that's why we drink!Be sure to check out our case updates and paranormal news in After Hours on Patreon!
98:05 9/17/23
E344 A Neon Parrot Beacon and a Hootenanny of Birds with Pigtails
Welcome to episode 344, we're being so cognito right now... First and foremost, Em takes us on a journey back to their hometown Fredericksburg, Virginia and the wonderland that is the store, Possum-bilities. Then they take us on a deep dive into the folklore of La Lechuza aka the witch owl. On the true crime side, Christine covers Ireland's most notorious murderer, Malcolm MacArthur. And how dare Christine jar us by reaching deep into our brains to bring up the very specific girls with fishtail french braids from the Klutz books that we could never do... and that's why we drink!We cannot encourage you enough to check out Possum-bilities in Fredericksburg, VA! And how kind of them to offer our listeners a 20% off discount on all retail items (excluding art) if you mention the podcast, in honor of our (Christine's and Eva's) love of opossums! Check out the link Em and Christine talked about detailing egg cleanses!
138:05 9/10/23
E343 Cute Mishaps and Emoticon Etiquette
It's episode 343 and is it Saturn return or is it just us messing up our Zoloft schedule? This week Em brings us an amalgamation (or smorgasbord, if you will) of ghost stories from Yosemite National Park. Then Christine takes us to the open seas with the nearly unbelievable story of the sinking of the Costa Concordia Italian cruise ship. And just remember, you can't have vein surgery on your Saturn return... and that's why we drink!
134:45 9/3/23
Listener Stories: Vol. 83
Happy Zeptember! We're singing, "where did you go? I miss you so," because we haven't recorded together in a month. We've got some updates on Christine's Sweden trip and Em's drama-filled hometown beach vacay, in addition to some very spooky travel tales submitted by you! We hear from besties road-tripping with A Haunted Road Atlas on a Hot Girl Ghost Hunt, haunted honey-mooners, and a nearly beyond belief and surprisingly heart warming story about a listener's parents who met when their dad pled guilty to manslaughter of their mom's boyfriend. We can't thank you all enough for sharing your stories. Happy start to spooky season and we'll see you in the dungeon where we'll be eating egg salad sandwiches in the dark together, romantically? ...and that's why we drink!CW: We're so sorry, we talk pretty extensively and in annoyingly graphic detail about vomit in this episode as it pertains to the third story read.
79:04 9/1/23
E342 A Soft Launched Haunting and a Paranormal Rat King
It's episode 342 and may we ask why you drink? May we also suggest you indulge in some H2O? This week Em is taking us to Lake County, Ohio for the very creepy tale of the Madison Seminary. Then Christine brings us the extremely wild case of Lori Arnold aka the Queen of Meth. And the next time you hear a spooky noise in your house, remember, it could just be a sneaky time traveling version of yourself! ...and that's why we drink!Don't forget to check out our spooky back to school merch!
99:32 8/27/23
E341 Conversations with Fake Allison and Cast Iron Skeletons
Hello and welcome to episode 341 where, conceptually speaking, we have a lot in common with babies! Em is back in Virginia becoming a funcle a second time around and Christine is on her way to Europe with a toddler. But to ease our anxieties we've got some creepy tales for you: First Em takes us to Milwaukee for a classic haunt at Shaker's Cigar Bar. Then Christine covers a story with some wild twists in the alleged abduction of Sherri Papini. And don't forget to give your partner quiet, whispered compliments even when they aren't in the room... and that's why we drink!
111:38 8/20/23
E340 Midnight Moon Bounces and Moody Away Messages
It's episode 340 and we miss your celery kisses! This week Em brings us the creepy, gasp-worthy story of the Demon of Brownsville Road. Then Christine covers the salacious story of Kelly Cochran. And are we bringing emo back? ...and that's why we drink!Don't forget, you can always submit your topic suggestions on our website (especially paranormal stories to make Em feel better about having enough topics)! check out our new, improved Patreon after chats! We're diving into case updates and new hot paranormal news topics!
134:09 8/13/23
E339 A Time Capsule Era and a Weasel Break-In
Welcome to episode 339, where we ponder such existential topics as, "how will anyone know what an iPod Nano is without the time capsule we made in 1999?". This week Em triggers some major throwback with a deep dive into the 2012 doomsday prophecy with a pitstop in Y2K and some fascinating peeks into the Maya calendar. Then Christine covers the case of Viktoria Nasyrova also known as (small spoiler alert) the cheesecake murder plot. And we wish for you what we wish for ourselves: one good napsicle... and that's why we drink!
145:48 8/6/23
Listener Stories: Vol. 82
Does anyone else think August is just the Twilight Zone of months, marking imminent doom? We're riding out our month-long scaries by reading your very creepy stories... of haunted dolls! It's hot haunted doll summer, if you will, and we're creating a Tinder to connect haunted doll aficionados with the perfect spooky vessels. Be forewarned we mention all the scary staples so if you skipped those original episodes you may want to listen with caution. We may be idiots but we're no idiots... and that's why we drink!
66:51 8/1/23
E338 Caramel Apple Eating Ghosts and Moist Brains
Recording in progress... please excuse any technical difficulties in episode 338, including Christine being in an entirely different outfit at one point during her story. This week Em takes us on a hypnotizing journey into the world of the subconscious with the story of Franz Mesmer, the father of mesmerizing. Then Christine brings us the mysterious and tragic case of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, that disappeared with barely a trace on its regularly scheduled route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. And don't tell Reddit how intoxicated Christine was at the Taylor Swift concert... and that's why we drink!
174:38 7/30/23
E337 An Empire of Ems and a Sitcom about a Wizard's Origin Story
It's episode 337 and it's all garlic, no sun this week! First, we've got some catching up to do on Christine's side of the health table. Then Em takes us into the world of ghost towns with the story of Dudleytown, Connecticut aka the "village of the damned". Then Christine covers the unbelievably juicy case of the Ebay Stalking Scandal. And if you're going to be a rat at least be a hydrated one... and that's why we drink!Don't miss the very last week of the Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet tour!
146:53 7/23/23
E336 An Armoire of Brandy Snifters and Mug Madness
It's episode 336 and we have arrived... LEONA HAS SAID THE WORD "MOTHMAN". We've got one of our favorite episodes up this week, starting out with Em's deep dive into the UFO encounter of Snippy the horse - which sounds fun but, content warning, is one of the first documented cases of UFO related animal mutilations. Then Christine brings us the biggest true crime case we've never heard of in the Hall-Mills murders, that involves some wild town gossip and the rise of tabloids. And if you're the Mug CollectorTM of your relationship, show us your mug shots! ...and that's why we drink!Don't miss Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet's last two shows of the summer!
156:52 7/16/23
E335 The Gospel of Chillax and a Plot Tornado
It's episode 335 and is Christine group texting the entire audience of a Taylor Swift concert? This week Em brings us the wild and pious (or is it?) tale of Sister Magdalena of the Cross. Then Christine covers the notorious and fascinating Lady of the Dunes case from Provincetown, Massachusetts. And lastly, we're so sorry for all the technical difficulties. We think Christine's WiFi was haunted by talk of renovating her rusty pipes... and that's why we drink!Don't miss out on Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet's last few shows of the summer!
114:05 7/9/23
E334 Macarena of Veins and Casper's Foil
We're vibrant this week... is it sweat? First Em takes us to a place we don't go often for our stories: South Dakota, with the tale of the haunted Alex Johnson Hotel. Then Christine covers the tragic murder of Grace Millane. And lastly, we don't give you the license to fleb anything off of our bodies... and that's why we drink!Christine and Alexander still have a few shows left in their Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet tour this summer! Don't miss their one-star reviews coming to a city near you!
105:20 7/2/23
Listener Stories: Vol. 81
Welcome to July. We're in mourning because our birthday month is over. Pride month is over. What is there to look forward to? Oh yeah, your creepy tales! This month we've got a spooky summer smorgasbord for you covering everything from UFO sightings to cryptids in Kentucky, not to mention we might have triggered a government conspiracy. And did we just get invited to naughty gaudy night?? ...and that's why we drink!Don't miss Christine on tour this summer with Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet!
61:20 7/1/23

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