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Life Moves (previously Beyond the3D)

You were born with the ability to create your reality. Which means you already have complete control over how you experience what happens "outside" of you, as well as every thought, feeling, inner conversation and action that emanates from you. The "Life Moves" podcast (previously the "Beyond the 3D" podcast) shares how you can apply "personal sovereignty" and "alchemy" to consistently create a reality that resonates with higher vibrational frequencies, like happiness, love, fulfillment, joy, freedom, peace, hope, and prosperity---as opposed to fear, worry, lack, anger, victimhood, jealousy, hopelessness, and discord. Once you take hold of your innate ability to create your reality and the frequencies you resonate, both you and your life will be forever changed. Connect with me at:


V vs C: Transform the Energy Around You
Your outer world is a mirror of your inner world. When you make yourself a victim, your outer world will validate it in spades. In this episode, Michael shares how you can create an amazing outer world that is in line with what you really want for yourself...happiness, love, joy, excitement, passion, and positive, loving, passionate, amazing relationships.  Here is the link to my JeremiahsWisdom Etsy Shop  
24:38 3/25/24
The Key to Accessing Real Self-Empowerment
Every day when you awake, you only have two choices. You can let the world happen to you or you can let the world be a reflection of your own creativity. These two choices will define how you feel about yourself and your life during the day. In this episode, Michael shares how making the positive choice gives you access to REAL SELF-EMPOWERMENT---absolute control over how you feel, regardless of your circumstances, where you are, what you are doing, or what you have been exposed to. The Jeremiahs Wisdom Etsy Shop--Positivity Apparel and Goods for Every Day Living
19:52 3/19/24
You are Self-Empowered!
Its easy to believe that the world is going down...and fast! With all the things going on in the world, how could you thing otherwise? The question is, how are you? Do you feel as if anything is possible for you? Are you happy with yourself and your life? In this episode, Michael shares how when you remember that you are "Self-Empowered," and begin to embrace this gift, and live from it, both you and your life will be forever changed. 
31:11 2/1/24
Work it From the Inside Out
Attempting to change how you feel by changing your outer circumstances is not the way to go. Why, becuase you have no control over your outer world! What you do control is your inner world...YOU and everything about you! In this episode, Michael shares how you can begin to take greater control of how you feel by working with the 5 inches between your ears.
27:11 1/19/24
10 Moves for Loving Life More fully
What you may not be aware of is the importance of loving your life.  In this episode, Michael shares 10 daily moves you can make to feel absolutely fabulous and operate from your center, regardless of what is happening to you and out in the world. Integrate one, two, three, or all of the moves presented into your daily journey and pay attention to how love has greater space in which to expand. Love is the way! The love you nuture and resonate from within and out to the world is the key to a creating a better world...a world where happiness, joy, abundance, and connection are the norm, instead of the exception. It is time to make LOVE the focus of your life. 
27:25 12/27/23
Go All in On Positivity!
Being Positive isn't something you seek from outside influences. In this episode, Michael shares a realization and a move you can apply to let your innate positivity flow all day long. 
29:37 12/10/23
A Move That Keeps Happiness and Love Flowing
Happiness and Love are innate to who you are! In this episode, Michael shares a move you can apply to keep Love and happiness, regardless of the event or circumstance.
16:55 11/30/23
Give Yourself Permission to Change
Have you been doing something over and over again with the expectation of a different result? If so, to change anything about yourself or your life, you must first identify what needs changing, then use self-talk that cleanly severs your tie to what you no longer want, so you are free to do something different. That said, in this podcast, Michael shares a Life Move you can apply to give yourself permission to do just that! 
14:56 11/9/23
Choose to Be Happy
Is being happy seem to be a bit out of reach? In this 200th episode, Michael gives you an indepth look at what it takes to BE happy and STAY happy and some choice moves you can make right away to get happiness flowing like never before! If happiness is at the top of your list of wants and desires, this episode will deliver the nuts and bolts you can use to build a gloriously happy life! 
37:33 11/1/23
Personal Growth that Matter's
How you respond to life Matters! In this episode, Michael discusses Personal Alchemy, and how you can apply it on purpose every day to foster the Happiness and immense "Love of Life you have every right to experience! 
27:04 10/23/23
Filter the Noise
You are drawn to negativity like a moth to a flame. What you might not realize is how your flow of happiness, love, kindness, and hopeful expectations are dictated by what you choose to focus on. In this brief episode, Michael shares how creating a filter for negativity can positively impact how you feel and your outlook on life.
11:20 10/13/23
Fall in Love With Life
As Rumi, the 13th Century Sufi Poet once said..."There is something I do not know, the knowing of which could change everything." In this episode, Michael presents a move that shouldn't be revolutionary, it should be a given. As with any move revealed in these episodes, it has the potential to make you feel spectacular, even in the face of your most ardent circumstance or challenge..  
18:53 10/7/23
Take 5
In this episode, Michael shares a simple, yet practical move you can make to gain emotional balance. It only takes 5 minutes, yet has the power to elevate your mood and transform your life.
11:22 10/7/23
You Are THIS More Than Anything Else
In this unscripted episode, Michael shares what he has come to realize is the most important "thing" to know and embrace about yourself. This "thing" is governs how you look, age, and feel. Carol Collins video 
28:47 5/19/23
Another Move for Expanding JOY
Michael shares a move you can layer on top of the one he shared in the previous episode to continue to expand your innate flow of JOY. When applied with intention, the skies the limit for JOY, love, and happiness! 
06:37 4/18/23
Make This Move to Expand JOY
We can all agree that JOY should be a top priority. So, how do you get there and stay there? How can you keep JOY flowing? In this episode, Michael shares a move you can, and should, apply as soon as possible! He guarantees that it will open a pathway JOY can follow to elevate every aspect of your life.  
22:38 4/18/23
The Ultimate Gratitude Move!
Gratitude is an element of personal alchemy that can shift the way you feel in an instant. In this episode, Michael shares his take on gratitude and suggests how you can make the absolute most of it. Here is the Carol Collins YouTube link I mentioned in this episode.
16:31 3/20/23
A Daily Move to Let Go and Reset
As human souls, we all make mistakes and have regrets about feelings, actions, or a lack thereof. In this episode, Michael shares a simple move you can make every day to let go and clear you mind of what has been weighing you down, so you can reset and begin anew. And, there is nothing better than a clear head and a fresh start!
10:43 3/1/23
Let go of the Language That No Longer Servers You
We all have an inner conversation, otherwise known as self-talk. In this episode, Michael shares the inportance of letting go of the self-talk vocabulary that no longer serves you and re-align it with the person you see yourself being and the future you see yourself living.
25:56 3/1/23
Time to Be the Star!!!
Each day, you make a decision. A decision impacts how you feel about yourself, the actions you take, and the flow of your day as it unfolds. This decision is whether to be the STAR or an EXTRA in your own unfolding life movie. In this episode, Michael highlights the distinction between the two and how each role impacts your frequencies and experiences. 
21:42 2/11/23
It's Time to Make Your Move
With the Year fully underway, this episode suggests a move that will have you feeling the best you have ever felt. In fact, after committing to soverrignty, this should be your second move! cheers!!! Link to Pam Gregory's 2023 Forcast:  Link: Veda Austin's website
26:56 1/27/23
An Empowering Move That Can Make Your Year
In this episode, Michael shares what he considers to be the most empowering move you can make at the beginning of every year. (and he bets it is not even on your radar!)
31:58 12/26/22
The Power of Enthusiasm
What are you enthusiastic about? Enthusiasm is a vibrational frequency that, when managed and applied with intention, can elevate your ability to manifest your goals, dreams, and intentions. In this short unscripted episode, Michael shares moves you can make to harness your entusiasm.
15:08 11/7/22
A Message for Teachers That Benefits Everyone
In this special episode, Michael focuses on Life Moves teachers can apply to expwerience greater happiness, love, hope, energy, inspiration, creativity, and passion, both in and out of the classroom. The message isn't just for teachers, however, because the moves in this episode are universally applicable to everyone on the planet, regardless of what they choose to do! 
23:35 10/28/22
If You Want to Be Happy, Avoid These!
Your current thoughts and feelings are being influenced by something and you don't even realize it. In this episode, Michael reveals what is influencing your thoughts, feelings, and actions, how you can recognize them, and what you can do to keep them from impacting your higher frequencies of happiness and joy.   
15:14 10/10/22
Create a Positive Reality: Move #3
As the one creating your reality, there are moves you can make to assure you continue to experience the reality of your choosing (hopefully a positive one). In this, Michael shares a third Life Move you can apply to stay on track.
10:16 9/13/22
Create a Positive Reality: Move #2
The thread that runs through each and every one of us is constant "change." Because you are the creator of the reality you experience, if you perceive change as the "enemy," you will have a vastly different experience than someone who see's it as an opportunity. In this episode, Michael shares a second Life Move you can apply to create a positive experience of reality when "change" is inevitable.  
32:12 9/5/22
Create a Positive Reality: Move #1
There two things you use every day to create the reality you experience. In this episode, Michael shares a move you can make to apply these two things to create a positive reality, defined by happiness, love, satisfaction, hope, resilience, success, and joy
17:19 8/27/22
The Empowerment of Letting Go
One of the most valuable life skills you can develop is the ability to let go of people, situations, circumstances, and events that no longer serve you. In this episode, Michael shares 5 Life Moves you can make to help you let go in a way that promotes and maintains higher vibrational frequecies.  
33:46 8/17/22
The Resilience of Happiness
In this episode, Michael shares how your capacity for resilience is deeply connnected to your ability to experience a more dynamic flow of happiness. 
15:24 8/5/22

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