Show cover of Pedagogy Geeks: Exploring Embodied Musicianship

Pedagogy Geeks: Exploring Embodied Musicianship

An Alexander Technique teacher (Ariel Weiss) and a piano teacher (Ryan Tusing) met on Zoom during the pandemic and discovered their shared passion for pedagogy and promoting musicians’ wellness. This podcast is for musicians, music educators, and somatic practitioners interested in taking a deeper dive into exploring the hows and whys behind what we teach and practice. How musicians think and move greatly impacts both their health and their musicianship. Musicians are most commonly taught a great deal about their (musical) instrument and the music they want to make - with very little attention to their own physicality. Exploring embodiment helps nurture and integrate the health and agency of the artist with musical excellence, expressivity and the joy of making music.


Episode #6: The Power of Your Mind: Mindset and Mental Practice
In this episode, Ariel and Ryan discuss mindset and mental practice and the ways that our habits of thought influence us--consciously and unconsciously--as we learn and teach music.
59:19 7/19/23
Episode #5: Musicians' Injuries: A Wide Spectrum
In this episode, Ryan and Ariel are joined by Angela Bilger, a horn player and the founder of Musician's Well (, to discuss the prevalence, scope, and some prevention and recovery strategies for musicians and music teachers on the expansive topic of musicians' injuries. While this topic could easily yield many episodes on its own, this episode seeks to shed some light on the wider spectrum of this topic. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or with any requests for future episodes at
66:28 6/2/23
Episode #4: Learning and Fun: Friends or Foes?
Ariel and Ryan discuss the relationship of learning and fun, and how to bring those elements together in productive balance in teaching and learning music.
48:06 5/5/23
Episode #3: What Makes Practice Productive?
Join Ariel Weiss, Ryan Tusing, and special guest Susan Nowicki, as they discuss productive practice. Catch some surprising insights into this perennially-relevant topic as they question long-held assumptions and suggest solutions to many of the most common practice dilemmas. Your questions and requests for topics for future episodes are welcomed at
67:30 3/23/23
Episode #2: First Lessons
Welcome to Episode #2 of Pedagogy Geeks! Join Ariel and Ryan as they discuss first lessons. Thoughtfully considering the ways that we meet and teach students at these pivotal moments can go a long way in setting students up for success. Listen in to learn more. Your questions and requests for topics for future episodes are welcomed at
44:44 2/17/23
Episode #1: Welcome to Pedagogy Geeks
Join Ryan and Ariel for their first episode of Pedagogy Geeks. Learn about who they are and why they wanted to start this podcast, plus a bit about the topics they hope to explore. Your questions and requests for topics for future episodes are welcomed at
37:31 12/31/22