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Are you TRULY the best version of who you could be?? The answer is either “yes” or “no.” Most people (if they were to tell themselves the REAL truth) would say no. Jon Paramore is a man who is teaching the art and mindset of what it TRULY means to “GO TO WAR” with yourself in order to become the VERY best version of who you truly are. Not just in your health and fitness, but in your relationships, your spirituality, and most of all, with yourself. This “GTW” mindset is exactly what Jon used to build all of his companies and is what his clients are currently using to build their empires as well. The GTW Podcast covers everything impacting entrepreneurs in today’s world and what it takes to avoid falling into the common pitfalls of complacency. Jon also talks about LIFE and what it takes to live in a way that most people avoid through sedation and avoidance. Learn what it takes to LIVE the GO TO WAR lifestyle and become the person you know you are, deep down inside.


This is the End.
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12:57 3/14/23
The Reason Your Company Won't Grow
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20:48 2/28/23
Harder Than it Has to Be
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22:50 2/7/23
Real & Raw with Tony Whatley
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73:36 1/24/23
It's just a Story
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20:43 1/17/23
You are Not Alone
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23:28 1/11/23
The IT Factor
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15:43 1/3/23
Never Settle
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24:16 12/27/22
Where'd all the Great People Go?
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13:13 12/21/22
Protecting your Space
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14:52 12/13/22
Offense vs. Defense
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20:59 12/6/22
Winners Win & Losers Lose
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16:50 11/11/22
Q&A w/ Dave Hurt
Part 2.  Jon and Dave's conversation was so powerful we decided to record a very special episode where they take YOUR QUESTIONS and read them for the very first time and answer them live on the air.  Take a listen to some powerful off the cuff answers to some of your most hard hitting questions.
25:32 10/4/22
Uncancel Your Culture
Are you struggling with finding people who match your culture?  Welcome to the club.   This week Jon and special guest Dave Hurt discuss in length and in detail how bringing the wrong team members into your business can cancel out everything positive you've put forth to gain traction in today's modern business culture.  It's so difficult to find the perfect fit, and it seems like whenever you think you've found someone the rug gets pulled out from under you.  But you're not alone.   This episode is a deep dive into how to solve this problem before it EVER EVEN PRESENTS ITSELF.  Listen in as Dave and Jon share their tricks to finding the right people that match your companies values and culture.  
37:49 9/22/22
Slow Down to Go Fast
Burnout.  It's not just something cool to do with your car.  It's a huge problem with modern entrepreneurs.  In this episode, Jon talks about his experiences and how he's avoided burnout.   One of the most important tricks to avoiding burnout is understanding where you're top gear is.  Sometimes the best way to avoid burnout is by slowing down.  Jon discusses in this episode how simply understanding your maximum speed and being able to pull back allows you to go further faster.  Take a listen, and Go To War.
18:53 9/6/22
Unapologetically You
Don't listen to anyone but yourself...and Jon.  On this episode of the Go To War Podcast XL, Jon talks about how to find your true self and how to live your best life, in and out of business.   As entrepreneurs, you have a lot of bullshit being thrown your way, and sometimes it muddles the waters.  But by being true to business, by being true to your family, and most of all being true to yourself, you can find the whole f*cking truth that will help you break free from the daily grind keeping you from being all you can be. Listen as Jon guides you down the path, to be UNAPOLOGEITCALLY YOU. 
19:50 8/30/22
Polishing a Turd
Stop wincing at the idea of signing a paycheck to an employee that HAS NOT EARNED IT... A lot of business owners are having issues hiring great people, and allowing great people on their ship. As a business owner you have to understand who is ready to work for you and those who are working for just another paycheck... You have to clean house to be able to function or else you will alter your culture to the weakest link.  If you hang around with shit, you are going to get shit on you.  Listen as Jon guides you on the journey of shaping up your employees and being able to determine which employees are worth investing in and which employees are TURDS. 
17:57 8/23/22
State Of The Onion
You've heard of the State of the Union... Now get ready for State Of The ONION as Jon Paramore and Adam Smith lay out everything that STINKS of corruption and lies. Are you ready to stand for what you believe in and protect what's yours, or will you continue believing in a system that continues to decay.  Listen along to learn some life and business skills that will keep you self reliant and ready for anything! 
47:51 8/16/22
The Excuse Tax
What's the largest deficiency that you have in your life right now? What is the direct action step that you can take to eliminate whatever that deficiency is? When you are clear about your solution and you don't take action on it, that excuse has tax. Jon flies solo for the last week before co-host, Adam Smith, returns and discusses the taxes that come along making excuses for yourself. Learn how to alleviate your life's biggest deficiencies and STOP the spread of your neglagence.
18:26 8/9/22
The 2 X 4 Method
In today's episode Jon Paramore breaks down a new way to focus on your growth. Your life AND business will benefit from the new perspective provided by the 2 X 4 Method! 
30:34 8/2/22
Get Off My Boat!
Have you ever felt like you're just not making any progress? Maybe its time to take at the people you surround yourself with.  In today's episode Jon Paramore and Adam Smith get into how to tell if the people in your life and business are moving you forward.  If you're surrounded by people who are holding you back there's only one thing to tell them... GET OFF MY BOAT! 
35:15 7/26/22
Be Right or Get It Right
What kind of leader are you? Would you do anything to protect your reputation and preserve how your team views you? Are you brave enough to put your pride aside and GET IT RIGHT with the help of those around you?  Listen along as Jon and Adam talk about what it means to be an effective leader and a humble man in today's society that focuses on appearances. 
31:42 7/19/22
Mastery or Masturbation
Are you working HARD or working SMART? Jon Paramore and Adam Smith cover how to actually make progress instead of just making yourself feel good.  Be the LEADER you were always meant to be and let your actions speak for you!
34:16 7/15/22
The Darkness Part 3
How are you fighting for your targets? Are you fighting harder... or smarter? There are so many voices in society today telling us what to fight for and how, but being the best version of yourself demands you find something that YOU believe in.  Listen as Jon and Adam discuss how to use your time to grow your fight and tap into the darkness that can drive you to be greater. 
33:52 7/6/22
The Darkness Part 2
Jon Paramore and Adam Smith are back! Can you "discover your purpose" or has it been with you all along? STOP trying to be what you think other people want and become YOURSELF again! Listen as Jon and Adam discuss the excuses and distractions that keep most from reaching their true potential. Rise above and reconnect with your WHY.
38:43 7/6/22
The Darkness
The Good Ol' Boys are back bringing you the wisdom of experience with the bluntness of their "salty language".  Jon Paramore and Adam Smith dive into masculinity, identity, and aggression to uncover the power inside of all of us. How do you ensure that your emotions are building instead of destroying your life?   Listen along to discover how fear may be running your life in more ways than you think. 
38:25 6/22/22
The End... For Now
All good things must come to an end. Jon gives his final advice for those looking to level up in their business AND their life.  Everything from how to deal with those who can't take responsibility to how to push your limits and grow in ways you never knew possible, this episode takes the best of 20 years of entrepreneurship. 
67:31 4/5/22
Inventory Check
Setting your targets is just the beginning. How can you know you progress without taking the time to check in with yourself? This is where the inventory check comes into play. After a long quarter of pushing for your targets, its time to look at yourself and decide what it is you really want. Did you achieve your goals? If not, do they really matter to you?  The power of knowing yourself cannot be understated, and the Inventory Check is a crucial tool to give clarity on your growth. 
18:14 3/29/22
Miserable vs Fulfilled
Wanting to live a fulfilling life is a no-brainer! Do you have what it takes to drop the habits and choices that are bringing misery to your day to day? Every one of us has a choice when presented with an unexpected challenge. We can either ignore it and say it's "not that bad" while it gets worse and worse, OR we can step up and take care of what needs to be done.  Get your mind right with this eye opening episode and let go of procrastination that makes you miserable!
25:20 3/22/22
Speak Up! What Do You Stand For
This country is facing an epidemic, but NOT the one you think! The vast majority of people today live their lives standing for NOTHING and buying EVERYTHING. We have lost our belief in the power of one voice speaking truth and inspiring others to do the same.  Daily life is filled with influencers, advertisements, and social media, all trying to push an agenda and belief system. It's time to reconect to who YOU are, not who society thinks you should be.  Don't get lost in the sea of voices telling you who you are and what you believe. SPEAK UP!
22:39 3/15/22