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ICC 4-11, Episode #11, Scott Rupp, Speaker, Author, Senator, Entreprenauer
About this week's guest Scott Rupp:By the time he was 12 he had he had eaten  dinner in the White House three times, he’s been the Chairman of the Missouri Public Service Commission, been a Missouri State Senator, served in Missouri’s House of Representatives.  He’s appeared on Dr. Phil and other national TV shows, and recently released his book I Quit! Winning the war for top talent. His name is Scott Rupp.  Now he’s devoting his efforts to inspire and help audiences to understand their WHY and determine the sustainability of their actions. He provides company leaders the needed tools to consistently meet their workforce needs.    Join me for this compelling podcast. You can find out more about Scott the Show.
43:57 6/5/24
ICC 4-10, Episode Annie Yang, Annie Yang Financial, Financial Guru for Millennials
Annie Margarita Yang is a definitive voice in Millennial finance, specializing in strategies for beating today’s tough economic challenges.  With more than 1 million views on YouTube, her witty approach to tough talk sets her apart from the crowd. Her new award-winning, best-selling second book, The 5-Day Job Search, helps young professionals get out of student loan debt while finding the ideal job.  Annie offers 3 tips to quickly improve finances and several for getting out of student loan debt.  We chat about what hustling means for millennials, consistency in your social media when in a job search, personal branding, the importance of saving, buying a house and so much more.  Contact her:www.annieyangfinancial.comGet a 10% discount on her book, use code "insider"Support the Show.
43:14 5/15/24
ICC 4-9, Episode #9 Jodi McPherson, CEO/Co-Founder, WorkSimplr
Jodi McPherson is an intuitive, dynamic and versatile leader with over 25 years in the ed tech and talent sourcing space, architecting SaaS business models.As Co-Founder/CEO of WorkSimplr--she has built a new talent sourcing platform with students at the center,  for on demand, fractional paid work.  WorkSImplr was recently announced as a member of the ASU+GSV Elite 200 for 2022 and a Shark Tank Finalist for 2023.Podcast Highlights04:34   The birth of Worksimplr.05:08   Explanation of de-risk and the areas students work in.08:39   Finding student workers.10:00   Skills training provided.11:54   Our front-loaded monitoring process.13:45   Scoping the work.21.40   The Worksimplr Internship Training Program.26:00   Why this is a right career for Jodi.Worksimplr provides fractional workers for FinTech, Healthcare and Education.Contact:  www.worksimplr.comSupport the Show.
32:39 5/1/24
ICC 4-8, Episode #8, Phillip Stemann, Content Creator, SEO Expert
Phillip Stemann is a content creator with a significant passion for SEO.  He's been in the web industry since I was 13 as a consultant, programmer and CTO.  It all started with me opening a PHP file, and then he was hooked. Since then, he has transitioned to SEO, and loves the technical aspect combined with the content part of SEO.  He stays on top of everything surrounding SEO and shares everything he learns on his YouTube channel, social media, and newsletter.Join me for a closer look into how he became a programmer in Denmark, without a getting a degree.02:43   About Phillip05:45  At age 13 Badminton vs Technology06:40  The intrigue 09:38  Experience vs degree 10:07   His career path12:25   From partnership to CTO 14:26   Employers paradigm change on education vs skills15:25   Difference in being an employee 21:07   Technical skills for software development and specializing 22:59   SEO & Marketing 25:03   Market trends & AI25:57   AI & building new tech toolsTo contact: Phillip Stemann You can also find him on his UTube channel, Twitter search on his name.    Support the Show.
30:27 4/17/24
ICC 4-7, Episode #7, Dr. Geneva, Leadership Expert, Vibrant Life Coach & Author.
 Leadership expert and Vibrant Life coach Dr. Geneva Jones Williams, widely known as Dr. Geneva, is a pioneer in driving transformative change across the nonprofit and entrepreneurial landscapes.  She was Detroit United Way's first female executive and served on boards under five Michigan governors and five Detroit mayors, Dr. Geneva founded her firm, Dr. Geneva Speaks, LLC. This leadership and personal development powerhouse caters to high-achieving professionals ready for their next level of success and impact. As the current Chair of the Women's Commission, appointed by Michigan’s governor, her influence extends beyond boardrooms and into the lives of women across Michigan. Her podcast, Ignite2Impact, and LinkedIn newsletter, "The Future is Female," offer actionable insights and thought-provoking perspectives, making her a sought-after voice in leadership and personal development.00:01  Introduction Dr. Geneva 02:28  Family & community08:09  Career overview 10:59  Training and excelling in community work14:14  Making a career transition to entreprenauer19:41  Networking how to's24:57  Personal brand in networking30:37  Noting your career transition36:07   How she did it42:50   Reaching goals47:00   Assisting others with branding48:00   Priorities and self care Support the Show.
51:43 4/10/24
ICC 4-6, Episode #6, Karl Beckstrand, Author/Illustrator and Publisher.
College media instructor Karl W. Beckstrand is the best-selling author/illustrator of twenty-seven multicultural/multilingual books (65 e-books—reviews by Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, The Horn Book, and School Library Journal). Raised in San Jose, California, he has lived abroad, earned a B.A. in journalism, an M.A. in conflict resolution, and a broadcast & film certificate. His western novel, To Swallow the Earth, won a 2016 International Book Award. Beckstrand loves volleyball and singing (in rock bands or choirs). His Y.A. stories, e-book mysteries, biographies, Spanish/bilingual books, wordless and STEM books feature diverse characters—and usually end with a twist. See: Amazon, Apple/iBooks, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Follett, Ingram, Target, Walmart, and Karl's and his Books here:www.kidsworldbooks.comkarl@premiobooks.comFacebook(33) Karl Beckstrand, M.A. | LinkedInTikTok - Make Your DayKarl Beckstrand (@karlbeckstrand) • Instagram photos and videosSupport the Show.
26:02 3/20/24
ICC 4-5, Episode #5, Shellee Howard, CEO, College Ready Plan, Author
Shellee Howard, Founder of the College Ready Plan.  She’s a Certified Independent College Strategist and Counselor.  She helps Middle and High School students (and their parents) by preparing them for the college admissions process, to help them create a Stand Out Strategy, to get into their best fit college without going into debt, and even how to succeed once admitted. You gotta to hear this podcast—it will save you big, big bucks!Get her book free here: the Show.
31:46 3/6/24
ICC 4-4, Episode #4, Robert Indres, Chairman, Robert Indries Holdings
Our guest today is Robert Indres, who came from humble beginnings moved out of his parents’ house at the age of 14 and began working odd jobs to support himself.  He is now a business tycoon,  Robert has lived in 17 countries and observed common mistakes and successes in businesses on a world-wide scale.  In the past 10 years he gained extensive experience in founding, acquiring and directing multi-million dollar businesses. He owns or co-owns 8 companies in multiple industries you can learn more about him by listening to this inciteful podcast.  Join US!  Support the Show.
35:59 2/21/24
ICC 4-3, Episode #3, Beate Chelette, the Growth Architect and Founder of the Women's Code
Beate Chelette is the Growth Architect and Founder of The Women’s Code and provides visionaries and leaders with proven strategies, blueprints and growth maps that provide clear steps to improve business systems, strengthen leadership skills and teams so clients and audiences can maximize profits and scale their impact.Beate is a podcast host of The Business Growth Architect Show and is listed amongst the “Top 100 Global Thought Leaders” by PeopleHum and “One of 50 Must Follow Women Entrepreneurs” by HuffPost.Podcast Highlights:03.03   -   Her first business05.22   -  Dealing with difficult life changes08:55  -  Letting go and surrendering12:31  -  The overall shift in business15:46  -  Why the major business transformation? 20:02  -  More on the Growth Architect20:36  -  What your talent is worth?25:32  -  Nitchesizing28.31  -   How to be an authority in your industry29:09  -  Your next steps?30:17  -  The Women's CodeContact information for  Support the Show.
34:35 2/7/24
ICC 4-1, PT 2 Season Premiere - 10 Best Skills, Be Ready -The New Future of Work, with Sindy Thomas
Today's focus is on skills you need to ready yourself for the new future work.  To get a  copy of the skills list send an email to me: Podcast Highlights:01:39    The impact of technology changes on business02:04    Biggest job losses03:53   New digitally-enabled jobs 04:47   Core and Cognitive Skills & more05:20    New jobs in Education07:10    AI trends - predictions from IBM08:23   Skills - analytical  and  creative thinking11:43   Importance of Technical Literacy13:11   AI & Big Data growth & adoption15:04  Active listening and Empathy 15:58   Leadership and Social Influence17:00   Quality Control**Data shared is based on research from the 2023 Future of Work Report, from the World Economic Forum. Support the Show.
21:31 1/17/24
ICC 4-1, (SB) Season Premiere - Be Ready, The New Future of Work, Pt. 1 with Sindy Thomas
sbSupport the Show.
00:53 1/3/24
ICC 4-1, Season Premiere - Be Ready, The New Future of Work, Pt. 1 with Sindy Thomas
Big changes in the work landscape have started in 2023.  Change is coming and there's no stopping it.  New and frontier technologies are transforming the way we work and will cause major disruption as companies adopt these new technologies.  Workers must keep up and prepare themselves with new skills to remain viable in this new "Age of AI".  Where to start?  Get a handle on upcoming changes for the world of work.  Listen up this podcast shares solid data on where you can start.Podcast Highlights:02:05   Recap of the state of work changes03:55   The Future of Work & AI04:40   The Research Data06:00   Key Industry Trends --5 Year Outlook07:57  Disruption -  Job Growth, New Jobs & Job Elimination09:21  Being  Career Proactive13:06  High Growth Industries & Jobs16:00  More High Job Growth18:00   Adjust Your Outlook or What's In It For Me Support the Show.
19:54 12/25/23
ICC 3-17, Finale Episode #17, Part 2, Season 3 Guests Give Great Career Advice
My guests from Season return to give advice on: How to develop good strong work relationships and how to maintain a good work life balance.   Join us for this great and insightful podcast.  SEASON 3 FINALE Part 2 - FeaturingLori-Ann Duguay, Workplace Culture Catalyst from Episode #10,Patty Billingsley, Episode #11, Vice President, Sales, Pharmaceutical Company.Brendan Kumarasamy, the CEO of Mastertalk Episode #3 Lisa Berge, Phd, Doctorate Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner, Episode #4 Christian Espinosa, Episode #5, Cybersecurity Engineer, Author, White Hat Hacker, certified high-performance coach & Professor,David Jeter, MPT, COMT, Episode #6Join us for this targeted career advice!Support the Show.
24:44 9/6/23
ICC 3-16, Finale Episode #16, Part 1, Season 3 Guests Offer Great Career Advice
My guests from Season return to give advice on: How to develop good strong work relationships and how to maintain a good work life balance.   Join us for this great and insightful podcast.   SEASON 3 FINALE Part 1 - FeaturingChristina Berge, RN, MSN, FNP,  Episode #13. Daniel Blue, Episode #15, Forbes Financial Contributor and Owner of Quest Education. Rob Broadhead, Episode #12, Rob is the Founder of Develpreneur and RB Consulting. Angela Mulrooney, the Arsonist from Episode #8.    Dannie DeNovo the Happiness Coach & Attorney from Episode #7. David Hollenbech, Episode #9, Author, Motivational Speaker, Coach & Mentor. Join to get this tested career advice.   Support the Show.
29:27 8/23/23
ICC 3-16, Episode #16, Season 3 Finale-Part 1, Guests Give Best Career Advice
sbSupport the Show.
00:53 8/23/23
ICC 3-15 Episode #15, Nicky Billou, CEO, eCircle Academy, Best-Selling Author & Podcast Host
This week's guest is Nicky Billou.  He works with entrepreneurs to scale their businesses by 7-9 figures; by helping experts become branded thought leaders and scaling their practices to ½ million — $2 million; assisting CEOs to become authors and podcast hosts.  Nicky's also an international best-selling author of 7 published books, and the host of 2 podcasts: The Thought Leader Revolution Podcast and The Sovereign Man Podcast.Support the Show.
34:17 8/9/23
ICC 3-14, Episode #14, Daniel Blue, Owner of Quest Education, Entrepreneur
Daniel Blue is a regular contributor to and is the owner of Quest Education, a company that helps entrepreneurs obtain capital for their companies, pay off high interest debt and make money tax free using a self-directed retirement account. Under Daniel's leadership, Quest Education has reached the seven-figure mark two years in a row and has customers in all fifty states.His story is unique in the sense he had a daughter when he was 19 years old and overcame addiction to Oxycontin at 20 years old. Those two life changing moments helped shape Daniel into the man he is today.   Stay tuned as he shares his challenges and victories.Support the Show.
27:08 7/26/23
ICC 3-13, Episode #13, Christina Berge, BA, MSN, FNP, with Sindy Thomas
Christina Berge comes from a long family line of RN's.  Though she obtained her undergrad degree in Psychology, she achieved her master's degree in nursing and went on to level up to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.   She honed her craft and was put to the test during Covid 19.   She shares her nursing journey with us and talks about different specialties in nursing.  Though she's taking a break from nursing she agreed to share her educational journey thru nursing as well as give us a deep dive into what it was like to be in hospital as an RN at the height of the pandemic and challenges of caring for extremely sick patients.  Hear what it was really like for the RN's, doctors and patients from someone who was there.   Christina did the show in the fall of 2022.  Join us for this compelling interview. Podcast Highlights:01.25     Guest introduction. 02.00     Background on Christina.02.50     Why she chose a career in Nursing.06.38    Hospital (OJT) on the job training.07.53    Different RN specialties to from which to choose.09.40    Caring for patients day-to-day pre COVID-19.14.43    How caring for Covid-19 patients affected her.22.45    Dealing with the stress of working in a pandemic.26.59     How she put compassion back into caring for patients.27.20     Christina's breaking point and transitioning out of nursing.28.30     The shortage of RN's and ongoing training.31.16      Educating others on the day-to-day of hospital medical professionals.Support the Show.
34:58 7/13/23
ICC 3-12, Episode #12, Rob Broadhead, Founder Develpreneur and RB Consulting
Rob is a founder of, and frequent contributor to, Develpreneur.  Which includes the Building Better Developers podcast.  As a developer, designer, and manager of software solutions, he’s a lifetime learner. Rob is also the founder of RB Consulting and has authored a book about his family experiences as well as a few on becoming a better developer. In his free time, he stays busy raising five children (although they have grown into adults). When he has a chance to breathe, he is on the ice playing hockey to relax or working on his ballroom dance skills.Podcast Highlights:01.27  -  About Rob03.26  -  Why he created his own companies05.10  -  Why being a Software Developer was his career choice09.05  -  What makes software developing work fulfilling10.44  -   Describe what a Developer does vs what a Programmer does12.28  -  The skills needed to be a Software Developer18.11  -  Career defining moments19.04  -  Dealing with challenges as a Developer21.50  -  Balancing work & family24.00  -  Available career paths25.55  -  Where to go to learn more about a career as a Software Developer 27.24  -  More about DevelprneurHow to Contact Rob: the Show.
30:01 6/21/23
ICC 3-11, Episode #11, Patty Billingsley, VP Sales, Pharmaceutical Company
Patty Billingsley has over 24 years in the pharmaceutical industry.  She started initially as a sales representative and worked her way up to her current role of VP of Sales for a Pharmaceutical company.  She is an accomplished leader in fast-paced start-up environments. Patty is highly capable in building-out commercial teams and processes to launch new therapies.  Her primary role has been in sales, while taking on rotational assignments in other areas and she’s contributed to 15 product launches over her career. Podcast Highlights00.02  -  Introduction 02.22  -  Career Overview04.20  -  How she landed in pharmaceutical sales07.51  -  The qualities, skills & experience needed for a career in sales10.33  -   Roadblocks to success12.22  -   Hiring.  What she looks for in candidate interviews & experience13.46  -   Career growth opportunities for salespeople15.36  -    The way the Pandemic changed how business is done17.36  -    How to learn more about a career in sales18.59  -    Networking - how to make it work for you 23.20  -   Belief in your product23.48  -   Tips - what to look for before accepting a positionSupport the Show.
26:58 6/7/23
ICC 3-10, Episode #10, Lori-Ann Duguay, Workplace Culture Catalyst.
 As the CEO of People-Powered Solutions, Lori-Ann Duguay helps companies become that highly-sought after employer where people want to work, stay and thrive! She combined her career experiences as an HR Strategist, Talent Development Expert, Coach, and Dispute Resolution Practitioner with talent management & employee engagement skills to start her company that teaches organizations and Leaders how to adopt a people-centered approach to leadership, talent development and conflict resolution. Podcast Highlights02.59    About Lori-Ann03.50    Why HR?09.10     Quiet-quitter to becoming an HR Strategist12.20     Shaking up the work place17.15      Hybrid work and a shift in  work place etiquette 22:00      Pivoting Leaders Mindsets to be people-centric & DISC24.53      Adapting leadership to engage workers30.13      What employees are missing in their culture at work34.30       Creating an open work place environment where workers feel free to                                      share opinions without retaliation37.00       Using surveys effectivelySupport the Show.
44:18 5/17/23
ICC 3-9, Episode #9 David Hollenbach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Coach, Mentor
David Hollenbach is the author of “Fireproof: Your Grand Strategy for Transforming Failure into Fuel for Your Future.” He is an international best-selling author, motivational speaker, coach, and mentor.  He owns and operates David Hollenbach Consulting, LLC, and has hosts a podcast “From Embers to Excellence.”  In a 23-year career in the fire service, he advanced from Firefighter to Battalion Chief.Podcast Highlights 00.00  -   Transitioning out of military04.20  -   Growing up with a Fire Fighter father05.25  -   Mythbusters & Skills needed to be a Fire Fighter07.29  -   How he started and David's career16.46   -   His leadership philosophy & Developing a Leadership Training Division25.56  -    Mentoring Women for fire service28.00   -   Discovering disparities of gender in firefighting and misconceptions30.21   -   The importance of mentoring women to success33.07   -   Disruption/changing mindsets38.42   -    Dealing with PTSD40.00   -    It takes brave men to implement change46.20   -    Steps to changing organization culture47.00   -     Pivoting out of public service and into coaching and mentoring49.00   -     Struggling with PTSD42.15   -   Where to contact Dave, find his book and get free downloads. Contact David:His website:  Hollenbachleadership.comSocial Media: David Hollenbach ( Hollenbach (@HollenbachLEAD) / TwitterSupport the Show.
45:25 5/3/23
ICC 3-8, Episode #8, Dr. Angela Mulrooney, The Arsonist
Angela Mulrooney is a retired dentist turned personal branding expert.   She built a referral-based, niche dental practice doing the dentistry she loved on clients I loved, while earning more and working less.  She had it all… until I didn’t. Overnight, she lost everything in a career-ending injury that ended her ability to drill.  She began to spiral, unsure of what her future held.    She had two options: A. She could keep her practice even though she wouldn’t be able to drill again or B. She could sell her practice and find a new path.  She chose option B.   Podcast Highlights02.28  -  All about Angela04.35  -  Getting into personal branding 05.59  -   Breakdown of personal branding and being intentional07.23  -  Why is branding is essential for everyone?08.43  -  How to make your LinkedIn Profile powerful14.00  -  What is an archetype?16.51  -  Why choosing a niche is important22.46  -  Master Minds or Business in a BoxHow to contact (Company) (Portfolio)Emailinfo@unleashinginfluence.comSupport the Show.
23:47 4/19/23
ICC 3-7, Episode #7, Dannie DeNovo, Happiness Coach, Attorney, Author, with Sindy Thomas
Dannie De Novo is a happiness coach and international bestselling author. After having battled depression and anxiety for most of her early life, Dannie set out on a course to learn what true happiness was for her and for the sake of her baby girl. Though she’s still a practicing Attorney, Dannie regularly appears on ABC, Fox, NBC, and CBS TV news and talk shows as an expert on creating happiness, combating loneliness and depression, and managing anxiety. Podcast Highlights02:29 - Up close and personal, Dannie shares about growing up04:45 - Choosing a career 05:44 -  Heading towards happiness12:18 - Why a Happiness Coach is needed now17:20 - Coaching others to happiness 23:09 - Changing your behaviors, perspectives, and belief  systems24.53 - A talent for recognizing torture and pain and reading others28:53 - Parenting tips31:16 - Tools to help with anxiety   Contact info: www.danniedenovo.comSupport the Show.
34:51 4/5/23
ICC 3-6, Episode #6, David Jeter, Physical Therapist
 David Jeter is the Owner of Acceleration Physical Therapy.  He studied Biology at Eastern Washington University. Dave earned his COMT certification from the North American Institute of Manual Therapy.   Dave specializes in: manual therapy, pain management, rehabilitation, and vestibular rehabilitation.   His practice provides outpatient orthopedic physical therapy and physical capacities evaluations and focuses on manual therapy, strain/counterstrain, and functional exercise.  PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS:1:25  -  Introduction of David2:42  -  About David on a personal level3:45  -  Why he chose Physical Therapy (PT)5:07  -  How  PT came to be developed6:06  -  Understanding  PT9:51  -  What too much sitting does to the body11:19-  Educational requirements to be a PT18.11-  Addressing the why of patient pain21:03-  Why patients should try PT as their first step in the healing process24:03-  How to contact DavidSupport the Show.
27:11 3/15/23
ICC 3-5, Episode #5, Christian Espinosa, Cybersecurity Engineer, Author, Professor
Christian Espinosa is a cybersecurity engineer, certified high-performance coach, professor.  He’s also an Air Force veteran and Ironman triathlete. He used to value being the “smartest guy in the room,” only to realize that his greatest contribution to the fight against cybercrime is his ability to bring awareness to the issue through effective communication. Christian is also a speaker, coach, and trainer in the Secure methodology, helping to make the smartest people in the room the best leaders in the field.  For more information, visit Highlights02:30 - Christian growing up & career overview05:19 - Why cybersecurity & an explanation of cybersecurity10:50 - Attributes needed for cybersecurity and career options12:52 - A kick-in-the-butt and dealing with personal challenges22:54 - 7 Steps in the Secure Methodology 24:14 - Monotasking27.10 - Christian discusses his book "The Smartest Person in the Room"References: 16  Contact info:  christianespinosa.comSupport the Show.
27:50 3/1/23
ICC 3-4, Episode #4, Lisa Berge, PhD, DNP, FNP, with Sindy Thomas
Lisa Hughes Berge is a licensed and Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice.  She is a passionate Leader and Medical Director over a team of Medical Science Liaisons.  In her extensive career she’s been a Vice President, Medical Director, Field Director and Head of Internal Medical Affairs and has transitioned easily between hospital and pharmaceutical roles.    PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS:02:30 - Lisa discusses her educational training06:49 - Getting into the Pharmaceutical industry07:00 - Pushing for change, Women in leadership roles15:56 - Discussion of career opportunities for RN's in hospital and other industries20:22 - Dealing with job loss23:45 - How she stayed marketable24.25 - Pandemic effects on healthcare33:29 -  The difference loving your work makesSupport the Show.
37:50 2/15/23
ICC 3-3, Episode #3, Brenden Kumarasamy, CEO, MasterTalk
This week's guest is Brenden Kumaraswamy.  Brendan is the founder of MasterTalk, he coaches ambitious executives & entrepreneurs to become the top 1% communicators in their industry.  If you want some timely tips on improving your communication skills, you'll want to hear his advice.  Brenden also has a popular YouTube channel called MasterTalk, with the goal of providing free access to communication tools for everyone in the world.   ** Brenden can be found on MasterTalk on UTube.  You can sign-up for free communication webinars at Highlights:03:49 - Why we fear speaking before a group08:21 - 3 Tips -- To speak up in meetings13:06 - 3 Tips --To improve your speaking skills17:53 - Do better video interviews20:43 - How to improve on your own22:54 - Book Recommendations26:09 - Contact BrendenSupport the Show.
28:12 2/1/23
ICC 3-2, Episode #2, Anna Runyan, Founder, Classy Girl International
 Anna Runyan is the creator of CLASS: The Love Your Work and Life System and CEO of Classy Career Girl International. She’s a former corporate consultant turned entrepreneur and her website was picked as one of Forbes Top 100 Websites For Women and one of Forbes 35 Most Influential Career Sites. She’s been featured on Fox, The Wall Street Journal and People StyleWatch magazine. Anna was nominated as San Diego Magazine’s Woman of the Year and her podcast was named as Yahoo’s 10 Best Podcasts. She helps millions of women design and launch their dream careers, businesses, and lives through her website, online courses and social media channels.Podcast Highlights:07:03 - Laying groundwork 07:30 - Starting the side hustle16:20 - Making a plan to quit the day job23:00 - Creating products that solve customer needs 25:00 - Planning the annual business planSupport the Show.
31:23 1/18/23
ICC-3-1, Episode #1, Want to Lead? Do this! with Sindy Thomas
In this podcast Sindy covers 9 Traits of Exceptional Leaders.  If you know you need to improve your leadership skills, stay tuned.  Even, if you are a very good leader, don’t you want to be an exceptional leader?  Podcast highlights:06:14 - Being humble in your leadership 07:15 - Talks about being accountable08:29 -  Don't do this 09:07 -  Leading by example09:50 -  Anyone can be a leader.  Are you?10:50 -  Being a Visionary11:33 - Caring as a Leader16:02 - Victory for youSupport the Show.
16:26 1/4/23