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Join us weekly as we discuss the four building blocks of life; Spirituality, Health, Family, and Business.


Redefining Wellness: A Non-Diet Approach to Health
In this insightful episode of Giant Builders, Lois Wyant engages in a compelling conversation with Alicia Carlson, a wellness expert based in Oregon. The episode delves into a paradigm shift in approaching health and wellness, challenging the conventional mindset surrounding diets and weight loss.
19:37 2/20/24
Discovering Self-Love: A Journey Through Reflection and Transformation
In this introspective episode of Giant Builders with Lois Wyant, Lois takes the spotlight to share her personal journey of self-discovery and growth. Fueled by insights from past podcast guests, including Tiffany Kellogg, Lauren Best and mindset coach Shiraz Baboo,
15:30 2/13/24
Resilience Beyond Limits: The Unseen Journey of Jan Burl
In our latest episode of Giant Builders, we bring you the incredible saga of Jan BR, a living testament to resilience and tenacity. Jan's journey began eight and a half years ago when a hemorrhagic stroke abruptly halted her bustling life as a farmer and devoted teacher. Yet, instead of succumbing to the challenges, Jan soared above them, defying expectations and redefining her path.
18:18 2/6/24
Triumph Over Tragedy: A Memoir of Faith and Courage
In this compelling episode of "Giant Builders," Lois Wyant engages in a poignant conversation with Susan Gabriel, author of the gripping memoir, "Wheels of Injustice: Saving My Child from The Child Savers." The episode opens with a reflection on life's hardships, setting the stage for a narrative that delves into the unimaginable challenges Susan faced when social services intervened in her life. As a loving mother and wife, Susan found herself in a surreal situation where her husband was accused of molesting their daughter, leading to a traumatic three-year ordeal that would test her strength, faith, and resilience.
43:22 1/30/24
Beyond Comparison: The Spiritual Journey to Body Image Freedom
In this emotionally resonant episode of "Giant Builders with Lois Wyant," host Lois engages in a heartfelt conversation with guest Heather Creekmore, an author, podcaster, and body image coach. The episode delves into the deeply personal journey of Heather's struggle with body image, a challenge she faced from a young age. Listeners are invited to explore a nuanced perspective on body image—one that goes beyond societal expectations and delves into the spiritual and emotional dimensions.
26:22 1/23/24
The 13th Month: Unlocking Time and Abundance in Your Year
In this insightful and energetic episode of "The Giant Builder," host Lois Wyant engages with the dynamic Tiffany Kellogg, a seasoned entrepreneur and speaker, to explore invaluable ideas on business and life optimization. Tiffany, who made a pivotal shift from a 9-to-5 employee to a full-time entrepreneur in 2003, shares her wealth of experience in navigating the entrepreneurial world. Listeners are treated to a wealth of wisdom, including Tiffany's unique approach to time management—the Ivy Lee method. By prioritizing the top six tasks and making deliberate decisions the night before, Tiffany guides us on how to enhance productivity and achieve a sense of accomplishment every day.
24:07 1/16/24
Elder Care Success: Empowering Families through the Challenges of Aging
In this insightful and candid episode of Elder Care Success, guest Nancy May engages in a compelling conversation with Lois Wyant, founder of Giant Builders. The episode delves into the challenging stages of life, particularly when parents require medical assistance or daily support. Nancy May, a seasoned expert in spirituality, family dynamics, health, and business, shares invaluable insights on navigating these intricate life phases. The discussion centers around the crucial aspects of initiating conversations about care, understanding available options, and equipping oneself with essential knowledge.
30:53 1/9/24
Choosing Faith Over Challenges: A Journey of Recovery and Adoption
This episode features a guest, Lori Vober, who shares her remarkable journey of resilience, faith, and transformation after surviving a massive stroke at the age of 29. The host expresses deep admiration for Lori's ability to lean on God throughout her challenges and highlights the impact of her story on spirituality, family, health, and business.
30:34 1/2/24
Unlocking Joy: Building a Joy-Filled Life in 2024
As we bid farewell to 2023 and eagerly anticipate the dawn of a new year, join me in exploring the transformative insights from the book "The Habits of Joy-Filled People." This episode is a heartfelt invitation to embark on a journey towards spirituality, family, health, and business. 🚀
13:13 12/26/23
Full of Herself: Redefining Women's Empowerment with Sarah Moore
In this insightful episode of Giant Builders, host Lois Wyant engages in a transformative conversation with the esteemed life and leadership coach, Sarah Moore. With over 12 years of experience, Sarah leads the charge at "More Soul Sessions," a business dedicated to redefining what it means for women to feel "full of themselves." Far from the conventional notion of arrogance, Sarah guides her clients towards a profound self-awareness, helping them navigate vulnerability, build resilience, and embrace their unique strengths.
22:28 12/19/23
Standing in the Gap: Empowering Second Moms in the Adoptive Journey"
Embark on a transformative journey into the world of adoption with Dawn Baggett, a seasoned post-adoption coach from Alabama, as she shares her wealth of experience in parenting a rather large family of nine. Specializing in coaching what she fondly calls "second moms" – those navigating the complexities of adoptive parenthood – Da draws on her personal journey of adopting four children from Russia. In this insightful conversation with Lois Wyant on "Giant Builders," Da sheds light on the unique challenges faced by adoptive families, especially those dealing with language barriers, cultural integration, and the nuanced dynamics of raising children from diverse backgrounds.
18:38 12/12/23
Transform Your Relationship: Unveiling the Secrets to Understanding and Connecting
Explore the intricacies of relationships with the latest episode of "Giant Builders" featuring Jessica Meyers Adams, a seasoned therapist turned coach. In this insightful discussion, Jessica delves into the complexities of relationships, offering valuable insights on what to observe and prioritize in various aspects of life, including spirituality, family, health, and business. Whether you're navigating the challenges of couplehood or seeking ways to enhance your connection, Jessica brings a wealth of experience to the table.
25:22 12/5/23
Hearing God's Voice: The Secret to Success in Entrepreneurship
In this enlightening episode of "Giant Builders with Lois Wyant," we delve into the transformative world of entrepreneurship guided by divine wisdom. Our special guest, Katie Hammond, a Christian Life Coach, shares her profound insights on the intersection of spirituality and business. Join us as we explore the powerful influence of the Holy Spirit in shaping your entrepreneurial journey.
17:12 11/28/23
Mastering Retirement: Discovering New Passions and Purpose
Are you nearing retirement or contemplating this significant life transition? Do you wonder what your life will look like once you retire? In this insightful episode of "The Giant Builders with Lois Wyant," we delve into the world of post-retirement living with guest Jackie Doucette, a retired military pharmacist turned retirement coach.
16:14 11/21/23
From Junkie to Judge: One Woman's Inspiring Journey of Triumph
In this powerful episode of "Giant Builders," host Lois Wyant welcomes Mary Beth O'Connor, the remarkable individual behind the inspirational memoir "From Junkie to Judge: One Woman's Triumph over Trauma and Addiction." Mary Beth's story is one of resilience, transformation, and hope, as she recounts her remarkable journey from a life dominated by addiction to becoming a federal administrative law judge.
17:35 11/14/23
Staying Positive: A Spiritual Perspective
In this episode of Giant Builders with Lois Wyant, we delve into the art of staying positive, drawing inspiration from a series of sermons conducted at Lois' church. We often find ourselves caught up in a complaining society, griping about various aspects of life from the weather to traffic, but it's essential to break free from this negativity. By practicing gratitude, we can shift our focus towards recognizing the gifts that God bestows upon us daily, fostering a happier life for ourselves and those around us.
10:32 11/7/23
From Whining to Shining: The Transformational Impact of God's Word with Cherrilynn Bisbano
Cherrilynn Bisbano, in her guest appearance on "Giant Builders with Lois Wyant," shared her inspirational journey towards spiritual transformation and her book, "Shine Don't Whine," based on the Star Principle. Cherrilynn's remarkable story began when she found God over three decades ago, wrestling with self-hatred, perfectionism, and a history of abuse. However, her life took a transformative turn as she immersed herself in the Word of God, memorizing scripture, and experiencing the active change of her attitude, bringing her freedom, a deeper relationship with God, and spiritual growth.
38:52 10/31/23
Navigating the Social Media Maze: Insights from a Pro
In a world where social media seems overwhelmingly crowded, and businesses struggle to stand out in a sea of posts, the upcoming episode titled "Navigating the Social Media Jungle" brings an insightful perspective. Hosted by Lois Wyant, this episode features a conversation with Lindsay White, a seasoned social media manager and coach. Lindsay aims to demystify the chaos of the social media landscape, reassuring listeners that even within this crowded digital jungle, you can carve your path to success.
22:53 10/24/23
Transforming Your Life: From Burnout to Intentional Living
In this episode, Lois Wyant interviews Tiffany Leader, a clinical social worker and intentional living coach who specializes in helping high-achieving women eliminate burnout. Lois introduces Tiffany and discusses the burnout many people experience despite taking care of themselves. Tiffany shares her personal burnout experience, how she got into coaching, and what intentional living means to her. She emphasizes the importance of sustainable habits, such as creating a lifestyle that balances work with activities that bring joy and purpose.
19:33 10/17/23
The Power of Proofreading: Elevate Your Writing to the Next Level
In this intriguing video transcript, we dive into the world of impeccable written communication and the significance of proofreading and editing. Have you ever encountered a typo or grammatical error in a book and found it distracting? The quality of the text directly influences how readers perceive the content, and the same applies to important letters and documents. In this discussion, we have the privilege of learning from a true expert, Jennie Jolly, a nerd word specialist, who has navigated the worlds of spirituality, family, health, and business.
19:20 10/11/23
Creating a Life of Intention: Insights from Pamela Stone
Join us for an inspiring conversation with Pamela Stone, a dynamic multimedia coach, magazine publisher, talk show host, and visionary entrepreneur. In this episode of 'Giant Builders with Lois Wyant,' Pamela shares her wisdom on a wide range of topics, from the power of vision boards to conquering fear, fault, and failure. Pamela's journey from corporate life to empowerment entrepreneurship is nothing short of inspiring, and she's dedicated to helping others find their 'what's next.' Find her book:
17:32 10/3/23
Podcasting: Your Voice, Your Message, Your Impact
Have you ever considered starting your own podcast? In this engaging episode of "Giant Builders" hosted by Lois Wyant, you'll discover why there's no better time than now to take the leap into the world of podcasting. Lois, an experienced podcaster herself, delves into the multitude of advantages that come with podcasting, making a compelling case for why you should start your own. From niche audience reach to building authority and credibility, Lois sheds light on the transformative power of podcasting. Her own podcast, "The Giant Builders," serves as a testament to the endless possibilities this platform offers.
14:38 9/26/23
Unlocking Your Unique Potential: A Journey with Bio-Orgonomy
Unlocking Your Unique Potential: A Journey with Bio-Orgonomy Join us in this enlightening episode of Giant Builders as we embark on a transformative journey into the fascinating realm of bio-Orgonomy with our esteemed guest, Tehilla Aloni. In this captivating discussion, you'll explore the incredible potential of bio-Orgonomy, a technique that has the power to diagnose and heal your energetic body, paving the way for enhanced success in your business endeavors.
14:59 9/19/23
Unlocking Your True Desires: A Holistic Approach to Goal Setting
n this enlightening episode of Giant Builders, we are joined by Karen Cleveland, a unique individual who wears multiple hats as a minister, animal connection specialist, and safari guide. Karen takes us on a journey through the transformative power of holistic goal setting, which she believes involves aligning the spirit, mind, and body. She shares invaluable insights on identifying areas of life that aren't working and the pivotal importance of connecting with our true desires to craft a vision for a more fulfilling life. Along the way, Karen addresses mindset issues, helping listeners understand and overcome limiting beliefs that may be holding them back from realizing their full potential.
21:07 9/12/23
Unleashing Your Potential: Navigating Professional Transitions with Shira Ali
In this enlightening podcast episode, Shira Ali, a seasoned professional coach and transition strategist, delves into the intricacies of guiding individuals through challenging professional transitions.
28:05 9/5/23
Transforming Health: Empowering Choices for Vibrant Living
Discover how to make empowering choices for a healthier and more vibrant life in this episode of Giant Builders. Join host Lois Wyant as she sits down with Barbara Walsh, a board-certified Master health coach and cancer survivor, to explore the transformative journey of building spiritual, physical, and mental well-being.
31:53 8/31/23
Empowering Transformation: From Struggles to Growth with Engage Coaching Group
Aaron's journey involves his personal struggles, self-discovery, and how he developed a healthier relationship with his emotions, particularly anger. He also discusses how he shifted his perspective and started asking more productive questions to overcome challenges. The interview touches on various topics, including the impact of stress on individuals' careers and relationships, the role of gender in mental health support, and the importance of being there for someone in need without trying to "fix" them.
25:06 8/29/23
Resilience Rising: Lahaina's Journey from Ashes to Hope
In this emotionally charged episode, host Lois Wyant engages in a poignant conversation with her guest, Josh, as he shares his personal account of the devastating wildfires that swept through Lahaina, Maui. As a resident of the affected area, Josh recounts the heart-wrenching moments of evacuation, the frantic efforts to safeguard his family and property, and the profound impact of witnessing his beloved community consumed by the flames. Through Josh's raw and candid narrative, listeners gain a firsthand understanding of the chaos, fear, and resilience that define the experience of surviving a natural disaster.
73:15 8/24/23
Unlock Success in Your Coaching Business: Expert Tips from Julie Ritchie
Join us for an empowering episode as Julie Ritchie shares invaluable insights on how to thrive in the coaching business. From cultivating a thriving spiritual, family, health, and business balance to creating a client-magnetic strategy, Julie's journey and expertise inspire confidence in every step of your entrepreneurial journey.
20:54 8/22/23
Empowering Your Wellness Journey: Overcoming Emotional Eating & Plateaus
In this insightful episode, join us as we dive into the world of nutrition and wellness with Cynthia, a seasoned dietitian with a passion for guiding individuals toward healthier lifestyles. With years of expertise in tackling eating disorders and binge eating, Cynthia shares her journey from specialized practice to empowering women in the broader population to overcome these challenges. Discover how Cynthia's comprehensive approach involves full assessments, personalized meal plans, and even incorporating fasting and intermittent fasting techniques to break through weight loss plateaus.
42:11 8/17/23