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Joe and Eric explore and explain “the what and why” of Washington. Through thoughtful interviews with inside the room experts, they shine a light on the black box of DC and break down healthcare issues and policy areas that shape the federal budget, politics, and how they intersect with health policy.


Ep8: Part 1: Conversation with John Czwartacki
Veteran of high-stakes DC public policy and communications, co-creator of this podcast, and a good, long time friend of both Eric and Joe, John “CZ” Czwartacki maps his career with how his 30 year battle with multiple sclerosis began. Long in public service, CZ has never discussed his MS publicly… until now. This program reviews the early part of his career - Kemp, Boehner, Paxon, Dole-Kemp, and Lott - and how his diagnosis of an incurable disease, and his battle with it, played out. More from this conversation will be released next week.
18:11 3/27/23
Ep7: Part 1: Conversation with Tevi Troy
Tevi Troy, best-selling presidential historian and a former senior government official, joins DC EKG
15:51 2/24/23
Ep7: Part 2: Conversation with Tevi Troy
Tevi Troy, best-selling presidential historian and a former senior government official, joins DC EKG
17:53 2/24/23
Ep7: Part 3: Conversation with Tevi Troy
Tevi Troy, best-selling presidential historian and a former senior government official, joins DC EKG
17:54 2/24/23
Ep6: Part3: Conversation with Tyler Goodspeed
Joe and Eric continue their discussion with Tyler Goodspeed and explore disruptions that come from inflation. Tyler reveals that the best indicator of how the economy is doing in high and medium inflation environments is the consumer, better than government economists and academics. Tyler explains how the US dollar is the world's reserve currency and is not under threat by China, or any other entity at this time. But he does say that he could see other central banks diversifying into more than US Treasuries.
21:09 12/13/22
Ep6: Part2: Conversation with Tyler Goodspeed
In the next part of this conversation Joe and Eric probe Tyler for his thoughts on current economic challenges. Specifically, the show looks at how to unwind the regulatory hurdles put in place by the current administration. Tyler also explores the problems with the workforce participation rate and whether extending federal supplemental unemployment benefits kept people out of the workforce. Additionally, we explore how inflation caused declines in real wages and impacts on the US consumer.
18:54 12/13/22
Ep6: Part1: Conversation with Tyler Goodspeed
Tyler Goodspeed is the guest for the next three episodes with Joe and Eric. Tyler served on the Council of Economic Advisors and is currently at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. He recently spent time in the UK advising Liz Truss, the shortest serving Prime Minister in U.K. history. Tyler then shared an insider perspective on why her policy rollouts did not go as well as they could have, and the experiences he had in Great Britain with the think tank culture of London.
17:25 12/13/22
Ep5: Part3: Conversation with Mark Paoletta
This episode explores the enormous historical figure that is Justice Clarence Thomas. Insights on his story are detailed in a discussion about the book Mark co-wrote/edited, Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words, which discusses Justice Thomas’s early life surviving the deepest of challenges of poverty. We also explored Justice Thomas’s experience being taught by Irish nuns and the profound and systemic racism he experienced growing up in the deep south.
21:24 11/16/22
Ep5: Part2: Conversation with Mark Paoletta
This episode covers how the Congress can investigate the FTX scandal, the need to learn what happened with the botched and tragic pullout from Afghanistan, and how to begin the examination of the government’s actions regarding Covid-19. The best ways to conduct an examination of public health mistakes of the last few years include examination of free speech suppression; the conduct of large bureaucracies; the lockdown of schools, and inappropriate influence by outside groups. Mark’s experience and advice on proper oversight is a must see.
20:04 11/16/22
Ep5: Part1: Conversation with Mark Paoletta
Over the next three episodes Joe and Eric speak with Mark Paoletta, a distinguished attorney in Washington, a former oversight lawyer on Capitol Hill, and the editor/author of the book Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in his Own Words. This episode explores how the new Republican House majority should conduct oversight. The discussion centered on Mark’s experience investigating the malfeasance at Enron, WorldCom, and Global Crossing, as well as his thoughts on how Congress can inform the public and itself about fraud and abuse in the private sector and within the executive branch. This interview was recorded in early November 2022 just after the new majority was declared in the House of Representatives.
19:12 11/16/22
Ep4: Part3: Conversation with Charley Hooper
In part three of this discussion with Charley Hooper, FDA expert and former NASA official, they examine the legacy of FDA’s its “white hat” reputation and how it’s not as deserved as it once was. In addition, they discuss the chilling effect new legislation will have on new cancer treatments, as well as the punitive effect this will have on generic drugs, patients in need of drugs for rare disorders, and testing already approved drugs to combat other diseases.
23:12 10/26/22
Ep4: Part2: Conversation with Charley Hooper
Joe and Eric continue their discussion with Charley. The conversation explores how drugmakers approach the market and fund new research. They highlight the explicit ways the IRA will undermine the delicate development process for life prolonging and life saving drugs. *This episode aired October 2022*
18:41 10/26/22
Ep4: Part1: Conversation with Charley Hooper
Joe and Eric speak with Charley Hooper, author of the book Should the FDA Reject Itself?  Part one of their discussion explores the likely impact of the Inflation Reduction Act and its drug pricing provisions, which include: overall drug production, the total impact on inflation, as well as the irony of prices actually going up as a result. *Episode aired Oct 26, 2022*
18:36 10/26/22
Ep3: Part3: Conversation with Art Kleinschmidt
In the third episode of this three-part discussion, Art shares details on his latest effort to help improve substance abuse treatment in the US. He began a nonprofit called the “Recovery Now” foundation. They also review current public policies branded as “harm reduction.” During this administration these measures are normalizing dependency and drug use, which in his view is the most effective way to break down the family unit. They also discuss how meth labs have been put out of business by importation of more legal and powerful drugs manufactured south of the border. They conclude discussion about how to get help for those who need it by calling 800-662-4357 *Episode aired October 26, 2022*
20:08 10/6/22
Ep3: Part2: Conversation with Art Kleinschmidt
In the second part of their three-part discussion, the discussion begins with what Art saw on his trip (August of 2022) to the southern border. Art shares how drug cartels monitor and control the border, use migrants who can’t afford the $6000 fee coyotes charge to smuggle them across the US, and the sophisticated tactics the cartels use to evade US border patrol. Art also unmasks the fallacy of public distribution of “test strips” and buddy system use stating flatly that “there is no safe way to consume outside a hospital.” Because the euphoric effect of the drug diminishes before exiting the human body, users would be tempted to consume more while actual levels of the opioid are still in the system leading to tragic overdoses. He also confirms with previous podcast Casey Mulligan’s data on the number of opioid overdose deaths in the US is 108,000 which is up from the approximate death toll under President Trump. For help with substance abuse call 800-662-4357 *Episode originally aired October 6, 2022*
16:46 10/6/22
Ep3: Part1: Conversation with Art Kleinschmidt
This episode tackles one of the most important public policy issues facing the US today. Joe and Eric hold a three-part discussion with their guest Art Kleinschmidt, where they review the current opioid crisis, discuss what public policy and recovery look like, and explore Art’s story of how he lived as a recovering user himself.   The following three episodes take place in September of 2022, and all three include information to share if you or someone you know is in need of help with a substance abuse addiction. The hotline number to find help near you: 800-662-4357. *Episode originally aired October 26, 2022*
17:36 10/6/22
Ep2: Part 2: Conversation with Casey Mulligan, PhD
In a wide-ranging discussion, the boys explore the cause-and-effect of both the legal and illegal opioid epidemic. The role of an unsecured southern border has on the drug trade, the long-lasting impact of covid shutdowns on children and American health productivity, and current threats from inflation and possibility of recession. *Episode originally aired July 21, 2022*
23:54 7/21/22
Ep2: Part 1: Conversation with Casey Mulligan, PhD
The boys discuss the work and background of PhD economist, and University of Chicago's own, Casey Mulligan. Part one looks into how as a member of President Trump Counsel of Economic Advisors (CEA) informed and updated the president on socialism, wages, and the historic deregulatory effort his administration was undertaking. *Episode originally aired July 21, 2022
09:58 7/21/22
Ep1: Part 3: Conversation with Brian Blase
In the final part of their conversation, the boys discuss with Brian how the IRS was pressured into changing rules to accommodate what was known as “the family glitch,” and the origins of the “why and how” of Paragon Health was created. Paragon is Brian’s response to the vacuum in public policy of market-based ideas in healthcare policy. His experience has assembled a team to assist a grassroots think tank to feed and share with state leaders ideas for better public health policy. *This episode originally aired Jun 3, 2022*
20:45 6/3/22
Ep1: Part 2: Conversation with Brian Blase
In reviewing the history of health efforts under President Trump, Joe and Eric continue their talk with Brian exploring what emerged from the ashes of the failed “repeal and replace” legislative efforts on Capitol Hill. Through executive orders and Brian’s hard work at NEC, President Trump detailed a three part agenda: Association Health Plans; 2. short duration health insurance; 3. Health reimbursement accounts. These ideas became the center of health reform for conservatives even after Associated Health Plans were struck down by a federal court. *This episode originally aired Jun 3, 2022*
23:48 6/3/22
Ep1: Part 1: Conversation with Brian Blase
Joe Grogan and Eric Ueland begin a three-part discussion with Brian Blase, formerly of the National economic Council and now CEO of Paragon Health. Part one covers the early days of the Trump administration with stories of frustration and missed opportunities. What it was like to work for a president who assumed that Republican leadership on Capitol Hill would be ready with a plan of their own after a decade talking about the need to "repeal and replace" Obamacare. Apparently, that was too much to hope for. Luckily, Brian had a plan – and an executive order – to reinvigorate the debate around choice and competition. *This episode aired June 3, 2022 *
21:35 6/3/22