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THE 4 YEAR STORM!! AN IN DEPTH PROPHECY about what is coming NEXT! | Prophecy Live
“Hope for the future and a battle on our doorstep”. In today’s prophetic update, Joseph Z shares future revelations regarding the upcoming political season while praying for rainfall to intercept the foreseen red October and dark November. He urges us to pray about the Supreme Court because it will be a battleground for the nation’s next political season. Also, he reminds us about his vision regarding a downtime for the US, which he disclosed went down at 30, 60, and 100 fold; rising at the same pace after a while. He insists that this downtime will be a time of redemptive instability.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below:  Next, he reminds us once more about his vision of a storm with a shelter in the middle where everyone who runs towards the storm is safe under its shelter. He disclosed that this will also lead to the birth of revivals and reformers. Interestingly, he insists that the redemptive chaos will run from 2024 to 2027 until we burst out into 2028, where many of the damages will begin to mend, leading to a new, different America.  Furthermore, Joseph brings to our understanding that America’s future depends solely on its decision toward Israel. Also, he reveals seeing the words, “the river is broken and the seal is real” alongside “the attack will turn to a comeback”. Again, he reveals seeing AI, and fire inducements that will be extinguished by the same people who kindled it. Once again, he discloses that organic technology will begin to be nurtured, alongside weather manipulation which will eventually be used to push another lockdown agenda. He then informs us that the nation is weak at the moment, therefore, we must keep our eyes on China, lest they take us unawares to create more problems for the country. They conclude with a prayer, declaring liberty over our lives, households, and all financial situations.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 05:26 Downtime & Instability for the US 08:46 The Giant Tornado: Prophetic Revelation 10:36 The Years’ Prophetic Timeframe 12:46 USA 250yrs: The New America  17:58 The River is Broken: The Seal is Real 22:39 AI & Induced Fires 24:32 Organic Technology: What You Need to Know 28:08 Be Wary of China 29:51 Is the USA in Bible Prophecy? 32:23 Prayer: Conclusion July 12, 2024
43:20 7/13/24
1981 PROPHECY about what will happen NEXT!! | Prophecy Live
“The Lord takes pleasure in His people, He will beautify the humble with salvation” Learn about a 1981 prophecy, detailing shocking future events, as Joseph Z brings our attention to this and much more in today’s prophetic live broadcast. He shares a clip of Charles Capps’ prophecy where he revealed there would be men framed, in a bid to remove them from high positions and hinder some of them from attaining higher positions, in the end, there will be a turning around of what the enemy has wrought and those involved in such conspiracy will be exposed and expelled. Surprisingly, this resonates with Joseph’s prophecy about the “attack turning into a comeback”. Moving on, Heather urges us to receive this prophecy by faith and move with it in prayer, believing that God will turn things around in our favor.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below:  Next, Joseph references the Book of Daniel 5:1-30 to remind us of the unfortunate end to the reign of King Belshazzar of the Chaldeans, who defiled God and paid a heavy price for it. On the heels of this, Joseph reveals that there is something meant to happen but is yet to happen in this generation; however, today’s word is a warning sign that this judgment that has been evaded will be experienced soon in our current system. Once more, he brings our attention to the belief systems in the life of a believer: scripture, tradition, experience, and rationality. Teaching that the separation between the church and state is not scriptural because the Book of  Romans 13 commands us to obey the laws of the land, which indicates that the two bodies ought to work together. Furthermore, he references the Book of Psalm 149:4-8 to explain the importance of believers enforcing Biblical commands with the laws of the land because defying the laws of the land while obeying Biblical commands is not scriptural, instead the two work together for the good of the land and the people. Additionally, he insists there will be a tremendous comeback even though it will be accompanied by so much difficulty. Heather concludes with a prayer, declaring protection, provision, healing, preservation, and wholeness over our lives. Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 01:34 Charles Capps’ 1981 Prophecy 08:23 Daniel 5:1-30: Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin 22:25 Belief Systems in the Life of a Believer 25:54 Psalm 149:4-8 37:14 Prayer: Conclusion July 11, 2024
45:34 7/13/24
In today’s prophetic live broadcast, Joseph Z alerts us about the current dilapidating state of the Chinese economy. Recall that Joseph had earlier prophesied on 31 December 2020, that the Lord would deal with the dragon that had persecuted His children, and their border would become insecure through exposure and technology, alongside an economic shaking that would cause them to reconsider their course of action. He also revealed that the Lord would expose the wickedness of their treachery because the people in God’s underground church are God’s precious ones who would receive a crown that no one can take away.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below:  Next, Joseph revisits his prophecy of August 9, 2022, where he revealed that economic turmoil would befall the Chinese economy which would lead to a turn of the tide; however, the Lord assured that he would strike their influence down because the lion of the tribe of Judah shall triumph over the red dragon. Also, he makes us realize that the Roe Vs Wade overturn has availed us of a moment of mercy that has propelled the nation to another level of mercy. On the other hand, Allison professes her faith in God’s unwavering faithfulness, assuring us that everything will work out for our good despite the difficulties ahead, as God doesn’t go back on His words.  Joseph further leads us to the Book of Revelation 9:13-20 and Revelation 16:12-15 to explain that China is the main catalyst in the end times of the global extinction of one-third of humanity through angelic wickedness released to empower this destruction. He further discloses that America’s future and destiny are dependent on how it treats Israel, reminding us that we’re in a valley of decision at the moment. Interestingly, he shares his vision of angels: red, white, and blue standing over the US, with the blue angels standing far off seemingly waiting to see if the red and white angels would join him. He interprets the blue angel to represent Israel and the red-white angel being the US. In addition, he urges us not to be afraid, for God’s hand is upon our lives and He will protect us through it all. Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 04:05 Joseph’s Past Prophecy about China 05:42 Economic Turmoil: Joseph’s Past Prophecy on China 11:27 Revelation 9:13-20: Revelation 16:12-15 25:30 USA & Bible Prophecy 27:25 Joseph’s Vision of Angels Red, White & Blue 28:47 God is Making a Way for You 30:50 Conclusion July 10, 2024
34:32 7/12/24
2030 is GOLIATH’S DEADLINE!!—PROPHECY!! | Prophecy Live
“Believe me, and you will see victory”. In today’s prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z warns about the word “Decapolis(ten cities burning)”, and the solar flare narrative, which he believes is a false flag; alongside religious wars on the streets previously exposed in past prophecies. Also, he reveals that God has released the anointing for diamond seeds, they’re the faithfulness unto the Lord despite the difficulties experienced, which end up bearing fruits. He references the Book of Psalm 126 to explain the diamond seed anointing further, for those who sow in tears shall reap in songs of joy; that is to say, what we put into the soil with toiling and sweat, shall turn into diamond seeds when we reap the harvest.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below:  Next, Joseph informs us that oil will rescue the nation’s economic situation; insisting that the battles we face now will produce something extraordinary, for the battle is not over until we win. Allison alludes to a scene in “Batman” (the movie) to point out that the way we see our battles determines whether we will be victorious or not, like Batman, she recommends we tell our problems, “You’re not the devil, you’re practice”. She urges us to view our battles as temporary assured that we will get to the other side victoriously.  Joseph further informs us that there will be a massive reclaiming of what has been lost, ranging from properties, destinies, and purpose to relationships, for all those who trust in the Lord. He further discloses that “foreign will turn into forfeit”, and that there will be the most mass deportation in history soon. Also, he reveals there will be oil autonomy; a prolonged season of gas and oil. Recall that he gave a prophecy about the Lion, the Bear, and Goliath in 2020, explaining that the lion is the lockdown and media intimidation; the bear has to do with economics while Goliath is a systematic and global control.  Furthermore, he assures us of a rightsizing and One More Round regardless of all that will take place, for when a course is too small, men fight, but when it’s big enough, they unite. Allison concludes with a prayer, speaking strength over everyone, and assigning the angels of the Lord to all issues concerning us.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 04:46 Decapolis & Solar Flare Narrative 05:41 Diamond Seeds: Psalm 126 09:35 Movement for Oil 13:55 Reclaiming of Lost Treasures 16:43 Foreign to Forfeit 19:35 2030: A Year of the Big Agenda 21:19 The Lion, the Bear & Goliath 23:45 Rightsizing & On More Round 28:57 Prayer: Conclusion July 09, 2024
31:39 7/12/24
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15:56 7/12/24
“When a culture is left unchecked, and God’s people don’t stand up; all that’s necessary for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing”.  In today’s prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z informs us about the Lord's desire to destroy the spirit of Jezebel using His anointed reformers. He asserts that America needs to stand because we’re the only obstacle in the way of the wicked elites who seek to destroy the nations of this world. Also, he exposes Jezebel’s spirit, which he reveals to be a spirit of control, domination, intimidation, and outcommunicating the prophets, in a bid to shut up and intimidate the prophets. Interestingly, he references the Book of 1 Kings 18:7-19 to remind us of the story of Ahab, and Jezebel who forsook the ways of the Lord to follow the Baals; a secular, ungodly, prosperity god, and a wicked spirit that ruled the land.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below:  Next, Joseph shares his vision of Kamala and Trump years back, where it was revealed to Him that the former will be the VP and may eventually replace the Manchurian candidate in the future. On the heels of this, and with the word the Lord has given about the spirit of Jezebel today, the nation may be at risk of falling under the rulership of Jezebel’s spirit. He further shares the clip where he gave this prophetic word about Kamala on August 12, 2020. He insists that the spirit of witchcraft is trying to impose itself on the seat of leadership. However, he assures us that God’s grace and mercy are upon the US and will confront Jezebel’s spirit coming strongly at it.  Joseph further discloses that the US represents “Mount Carmel” where Elijah gathered the Prophets of Baal to show them who the true God is. Thus, God will surely bring fire down to destroy all representatives of Baal in our nation today. Once more, he insists that the spirit of God will cause secret revivals to go viral and cast down Jezebel’s spirit, and it will come from those who have been persuaded and failed by the wicked, evil culture. He then assures us that God will make a way where there’s been none, urging us to be encouraged and not discouraged by the future. In addition, Allison concludes with a prayer, encouraging us with God’s words while breaking down the grip of the spirit of fear over our lives.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 05:44 The US in a Valley of Decision 08:28 Understanding the Spirit of Jezebel 10:34 1 Kings 18:7-24: Elijah & the Prophets of Baal 24:00 Joseph’s Vision about Kamala & Trump 25:14 A Clip of Joseph’s Past Prophecy on Kamala Harris 32:10 Grace & Mercy Intercepts the Jezebel’s Spirit 38:13 Secret Revivals Publicised 40:29 God Will Make a Way for You 42:16 Prayer: Conclusion July 08, 2024
48:03 7/12/24
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24:49 7/11/24
In Red Church today, Joseph Z teaches about spiritual growth and the importance of reading the scripture consistently until it starts speaking back to us. He makes us understand that when the holy spirit is alive in us, it becomes difficult to sin because the word of God will make us behave righteously on accident, more than legalism will make us act on purpose. Also, he explains that constant meditation on God’s word provokes a lasting change from the inside of us, and will cut through the strings that hold us bound to this world; thereby becoming a crushing disappointment to the plans of the enemy.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below:  Joseph further clarifies that religion bows us down like a slave, but Jesus comes along and stands us up like a son and daughter of righteousness. On the other hand, Allison points out that without a strong foundation in God’s word, we become susceptible to false teachers and prophets, wandering around, and seeking Christ where He can’t be found. Again, Joseph references the Book of James 1:2 to remind us of the need to count it all joy when we fall into trials because the testing of our faith produces patience. He further makes us understand that joy is a spiritual force that grants us strength, even at our low moments.  Additionally, Allison leads us to the Book of Hebrews 6:11-13 to remind us about imitating those who obtained the promise of God, through faith and patience. Joseph then explains patience as staying consistently the same as the first time we heard God and remaining faithful to what God told us to do. They conclude with a prayer, speaking joy into our hearts, and that God will grant us strength and endurance.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 07:11 Religion Bows You Down as a Slave 13:19 Embrace the Foundation In God’s Word 14:54 James 1:2: Joy in Trials  18:24 Hebrews 6:11-13: Imitate the Faithfuls 22:29 Patience: Meaning 25:07 Faith & Patience: What You Need to Know 31:00 Prayer: Conclusion July 07, 2024
41:45 7/11/24
“Be careful who you let into your cabin”.  Today, on the No Limits Q&A session, Joseph Z is in the studio with Heather, Allison, and Ariel, and they reminisce on God's wondrous work in people's lives through them, the miraculous healings, and faith impartations. Heather makes us realize that we shouldn’t go along with the report we’ve been given, but rest on God’s promise in the strong belief that He will make us whole, for He has called us to lay our heavy burdens at His feet.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below:  Next, Joseph references the Book of John 10:9-10 to remind us that Jesus is the gate and whoever goes through Him will be saved. He is also the author of Life and Came, that we may have life more abundantly. Moving on, Heather points out the importance of checking who we allow into our lives when we find ourselves in desperate situations, as they can either make our faith stronger or waiver in our faith in God.  On the other hand, Joseph shares the importance of monitoring people’s patterns, because patterns determine capacity. He goes ahead to share his dream, where God used a deathly scenario to warn him about the dangers of allowing certain people into his space. Interestingly, Ariel shares some thrilling testimonies from our viewers and we return all glory to God for all He’s doing through our ministry.  Joseph further assures us that our best days are yet to come, and we will begin to see restoration in our lives and various families as we continuously put our trust in God. They conclude with a prayer, declaring healing over ailing bodies, finances, and every other area that requires God’s attention.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 22:38 John 10:9-10 31:03 How to Win in Desperate Situations 34:42 The Cabin & the Wild Wolves 40:12 Testimonies & Praise Reports 50:34 Your Best Days are Yet to Come! 1:08:17 Prayer: Conclusion July 06, 2024
80:12 7/11/24
“Great will be the reward of those who fainteth not on the day of adversity”. It’s a special Independence Day broadcast, and we are encouraged as Joseph Z shares some prophetic messages about the future of America. Joseph and his team reminisce on their many memories about the 4th of July and its excitement. He shares his prophetic broadcast of June 7, 2024, where he urged us to be ready for the great change on the way because of a redemptive instability instigated by God. He reveals there will be a breakout of revivals, turmoil, economic shaking, electric war, solar flares, and geo storms, but the Lord assures us of a way in the midst of all these and another day. He further reveals that the redemption ark is in motion, for evil will slay the wicked but it will not come near the righteous.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Next, Joseph prays for the diversion of tactical nukes, and that small nations will not be wiped out. He reminds us of his past broadcast of June 11, 2024, where he revealed a prophecy about a war in the ‘heavenlies’, recalling his experience also at Trump Tower in 2015 where God assured him that America has one more round. Although there will be collisions, Joseph assures us that the Lord will deliver his people. Once more, he discloses that 2025 will be a year of fire and redemptive instability. Interestingly, he discloses that the attack will turn into a comeback at a great cost while informing us that we’re going through a time of flames that will extend to the coming year, but we will come out on the other side. He further reminds us of his prophecy during New Year's Eve, where he revealed that a new character will be introduced in the political scene while also sharing that oil will fix the economic breakdown the US is currently experiencing.  Furthermore, Joseph shares the year’s prophetic timeline, revealing what to expect in the political arena. He also discloses that the US will go down 30, 60, and 100-fold, witnessing an instability that will give rise to redemption. He warns that a storm will come with a shelter in the middle of it where everyone who runs to it will be safe, after which the nation will witness a revival and the birth of reformers leading to a new America. He then assures us that 2028 will be a new beginning. He further shares a vision where these words were revealed, “the river is broken, and the seal is real” while exposing that organic technology will be nurtured for transhumanism. Regardless, he assures us of hope for the future despite the battle at our doorstep.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 29:31 Prophetic Message for the US: The Dominoes Behind the Scene 30:13 Make Ready for Great Change 49:03 War in the Heavenlies  58:19 2025: A Year of Fire & Redemptive Instability 59:50 The Attack Will Turn to a Comeback 1:10:15 The US Political Future: New Character Introduced 1:22:18 More Prophecies: Dark November & Red October 1:27:23 Downtie for the US: Reformation & New America 1:34:42 2028: A New Beginning & the US Big 250 1:45:05 AI Singularity: Organic Tech & Transhumanism 1:51:19 Conclusion July 04, 2024
113:35 7/5/24
“Perfect love drives out fear”. On the prophetic live broadcast today, Joseph Z is in the studio with Heather and Allison; they share testimonies from partners while expressing appreciation towards all those who have partnered with the ministry. Also, Joseph shares words of wisdom for all those looking forward to starting a family, advising that likeness for each other is important, alongside having the same interests. He also emphasizes holiness, as an important virtue to attain holy matrimony.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Next, he reveals that the Lord is bringing a turn of the tide in the political scene while revealing the recent interesting narrative about aliens. He shares a clip detailing aliens’ hate for Jesus which goes to show that the alien narrative is more spiritual than physical. One would wonder, what it is about Jesus that these aliens don’t like. However, this goes to affirm Joseph’s view about aliens, as he believes there’s no such thing as aliens but there are demons and fallen angels which best describes the spiritual identity of these beings.  Additionally, Heather shares her encounter with an alien, which departed immediately after she began to pray in the name of Jesus. She makes us understand that when we embrace the name of Jesus, we become bold and fearless enough to confront darkness. Joseph further makes us realize that Jesus’ name in our lives brings discernment and power; while urging us to stay in God’s word to overcome the devil’s tactics.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 06:50 Thank You Partners! 08:27 Words of Advice for Those Starting a Family 14:28 A Turn of the Tide 16:57 Aliens Don’t Like Jesus? 18:11 Heather’s Encounter with an Alien 23:20 Bots & their Demonic Roles 27:05 Conclusion July 03, 2024
33:37 7/4/24
We’re in JULY & God is Speaking!! | Prophecy Live
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37:49 7/4/24
This Is Coming Next! | Prophecy Live
“For I am with you. Fear not! Enter these times with joy and thanksgiving, for there will be a good conclusion in the generations to come”. “Make ready, for great change is coming”. Discover what’s coming next in today’s prophetic broadcast, as Joseph Z references Biblical events to expose what to expect in the coming seasons and times. He instructs that hell is not enough because God’s holiness was violated by a vile act of sin found in the devil because he was in love with money. This gave birth to his rebellion against God which led to the creation of hell which is an absolute response to the violation of God’s holiness; for there is no level of punishment enough to match the crime committed against God. However, to atone for this violation, God sends his son, our Lord Jesus to come to the world to redeem mankind.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Next, Joseph explains that at the end of this world, the great white judgment will take place and all those who did not receive the salvation offered by our Lord Jesus will be thrown into a lake of fire, leading to the birth of a new heaven and earth. He then references the Book of 2 Peter 3:10 to remind us of the Biblical warning concerning the second coming of Jesus while informing us that we can alter timelines by our obedience. Also, in the Book of Matthew 24, we see another warning about the events that will occur during the end times; urging us to pray that the end does not come upon us at a particular season or time.  Furthermore, Joseph points out the importance of discerning the times and seasons as warned in Matthew 16:3-5; while urging us to embrace the wisdom of the sons of Issachar, who knew the signs of the time, what to do about it and were aligned with the right tribe. He makes us understand that when we find our tribe, we find our calling. He then informs us that there will be tribes merged into movements. He then moves into prophetic ministration, revealing what to expect in the coming season, urging us not to fear but pray, because God promises one more round for America’s redemption. Although everything that can be shaken will be, we will not be shaken for we will come out at the other side of the evil before us.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 02:42 Hell is not Enough 08:57 The Great White Throne Judgment 12:47 2 Peter 3:10: Warning about End Times 16:09 Matthew 24: Events Before the End Time 20:02 1 Chronicles:12:32: The Sons of Issachar 25:25 Tribes Merged into Movements 27:58 Joseph’s Prophetic Message 36:56 Joseph’s Prayer for America & all Nations 42:10 More Prayers: Conclusion July 02, 2024
39:51 7/4/24
Where Are We Headed | Prophecy Live
“I need your feet in certain locations during this time because great change is coming”. In today’s prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z enlightens us about where we're headed. He informs us that God has anointed us to overcome these evil times, and we must unite to start changing things. He points out the importance of giving up criticism to cooperate with God while sharing his prophetic visit to the River Euphrates, where God gave him a message saying, “I need your feet in certain locations during this time because great change is coming and you represent America”.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Also, Joseph enlightens us about the term, Sensus Plenoir, which means “a deeper fuller meaning”, used in describing events that have already happened but keep repeating until the final repeat that will manifest the end. Interestingly, he throws more light on eternity past, and future while reminding us that Christ has given us everything, and we must walk in His finished works and not succumb to pleading for what is already made available to us.  Joseph further explains that Jesus is the last Adam, who came to fulfill what Adam was called to do. He also brings to our understanding that the redeemed will be at the thousand-year reign of Jesus, where they will see Christ as He is. However, the devil will try to deceive the world one last time, until God sends fire from heaven to consume him alongside his followers.   Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction O7:33 Ditch Criticism & Cooperate with God 09:41 Headwaters of Euphrates River: God’s Message 11:30 The Sensus plenior: What You Need to Know 15:03 Eternity Past & Future 29:42 Conclusion July 01, 2024
34:28 7/3/24
Red Church | How to Navigate Prophetic Experiences!
On the Red Church broadcast today, Joseph Z enlightens us about dreams and their relation to prophecy. He warns that if we meditate on a bad dream long enough, we can manifest it, so the best action to take after a bad dream is to pray against it and move on. He explains that God shows us things through allegories and parables because He loves to be pursued. Also, he reveals the steps to accurate prophetic experience: Revelation, Interpretation, and Application.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Joseph clarifies that revelation happens in the spirit realm, then moves to the soulish realm where interpretation takes place, leading to the point of application; the right window, moment, or the right timing for something to be done. He also outlines the impact of wrong prophetic interpretation, and the need to be patient and wait for the right timing before a prophetic application. He further instructs that emotional intelligence and people skills are needed in prophetic application.  Furthermore, he reveals that the spirit is first, followed by the soul and body. Once more, he clarifies that the word is spirit, and the body is a tool that follows wherever the spirit leads. He references the Book of Romans 7:21-22 to caution about the war within us, to choose between good and evil. He then enlightens us about the law of the mind, which is whatever we think about long enough that manifests into reality; it is an incubator, and whatever we put into it manifests at some point. He cautions that more of what we think about will be given to us, that is, if we think negatively, we will run the risk of manifesting more negativity. He then urges us to get our hearts in a place where we can hear and not frustrate the will of God for our lives, thereby delaying God’s plan for our lives.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 03:47 God Loves to be Pursued 12:39 Revelation, Interpretation & Application 22:22 The Impact of Wrong Prophetic Interpretation 25:20 Emotional Intelligence in Prophecy 26:56 Spirit, Soul & Body 29:50 Romans 7:21 31:29 The Law of the Mind 38:22 Conclusion June 30, 2024
42:06 7/1/24
Navigating Prophetic Experiences | No Limits w/ Rick Renner
Learn how to navigate prophetic experiences in today’s No Limits session, as Joseph Z and Rick Renner bring clarity, to this discourse. Joseph outlines the different prophetic flows: Roeh, Nabi, Chozeh, and Chazah. He explains that Roeh is a visionary prophet who knows what to do and how to act. They are like the sons of Issachar, who knew the signs of the times, what to do about them, and had the right alignment with the right people.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Joseph also explains that the Nabi is the most common form of the prophetic, it wields an inspirational gift and reveals the future through inspiration. Chazah, however, means to gaze as seen in 2 Kings 8:10-12. While Chozeh means to behold or lean into the future and can not be induced in any way as seen in Ezekiel 12:27. interestingly, Joseph reveals that he operates in Nabi, Chazah, and Chozah, but moves mostly in Nabi and Roeh; clarifying that one can move in all prophetic flows, although, there are minors and majors.  Furthermore, he discloses that for an interpretation to be free of bias, a prophet has to understand the revelation, be able to interpret it accurately and ensure a proper application. Rick then makes us understand that, sometimes, a prophecy may be correct, and we interpret it correctly, but the time of application is out of key and can ruin the prophetic experience. He further clarifies that no one prophet has it all, and we need one another to make most prophetic experiences complete.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 01:31 Prophets & the Gift of Prophecy 02:02 The Different Prophetic Flows 17:10 Prophecy & Interpretations 24:32 Interpretation & Right-Timing 27:08 Ezekiel & Jeremiah: The Conflicting Prophetic Word 32:20 Conclusion June 29, 2024
41:24 7/1/24
The Secret to Spiritual Warfare! | Prophecy Live
“As He is, so are we in this world”. Learn the secret to spiritual warfare in today’s live broadcast, as Joseph Z opens our eyes of understanding, to the natural and spiritual phenomena. He informs us that the natural which comprises our five senses, comes before the spiritual. He explains that faith is when we act on the word of God while grace is what Christ did for us on the cross of Calvary.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Also, he explains that we reap a supernatural reaction when we do anything in the natural by faith. Interestingly, he reveals that reading our Bible and praying in tongues are the best ways to grow in the spirit. Again, he insists that reading the Bible and praying in tongues are the ways to activate our spiritual gifts and it also heightens one of the four prophetic flows, Chozeh.  Joseph further explains that when we start to know who we are in Christ, we will walk into a room and our presence will demand an explanation. He also clarifies that wielding our spiritual gifts becomes easier when we acknowledge our identity in Christ. He then concludes by reminding us that Jesus loves us more than we can fathom, and wants us healed, and to move in the fullness of what he has for us; for as He is, so are we in this world.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 02:39 Understanding the Natural & Spiritual 05:04 Faith & Grace: Meaning 09:15 How to Grow in the Spirit 13:09 Activating Your Spiritual Gifts 30:07 Prophetic Healing & Declarations 32:01 Conclusion June 27, 2024
31:24 7/1/24
The Different Types of Prophecy Explained | Prophecy Live
Today, on the live prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z enlightens us about the different types of prophecy. He references the Book of 1 John 4:12 to remind us of how love is made complete among us, that we may have boldness on the day of judgment, because as Christ is, so are we in this world. He outlines the components of the Body of Christ, with references to the Holy Bible taken from the Books, 1 Corinthians, Romans 12, and Ephesians 4. He explains that we're not the bride of Christ yet, but we’re in the process of becoming the bride and when Jesus comes, he receives us as His bride.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Moving on, he clarifies that the Book of Romans 12, embodies prophecy, teaching exultation, giving, leading, and mercy. While 1 Corinthians 12 embodies wisdom, knowledge faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning spirit, tongues, and interpretation of tongues. Next, he asserts that Ephesians 4 embodies apostles, evangelists, prophets, pastors, and teachers. All of these outlined gifts make up the body of Christ. Interestingly, he references the Book of Ephesians 4:9-12 to explain the gifts of the spirit, given for equipping and edifying the body of Christ.  Furthermore, Joseph leads us to the Book of 1 Corinthians 9:2 to explain the responsibility of a segment in the body of Christ. He reveals that when the gifts are practiced under the unction of the holy spirit, we will master when to use and not use our gifts. Also, he outlines the four types of prophecy, the Roeh(the visionaries or foretellers), Nabi(the inspirational or bubbling up), Chazah(to gaze), and Chozeh(to look into the distance). He further clarifies that one can move in different aspects of these prophecies. In addition, he cautions that we must not go beyond what is written as warned in the Book of 1 Corinthians 4:6, but exercise our senses by spending copious amounts of time studying the word of God and speaking in tongues.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 02:14 1 John 4:17: Boldness on the Day of Judgment 04:30 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, Ephesians 4 10:45 Understanding the Gift & Office of Prophecy 12:44 Ephesians 4:9-12: Gifts of the Spirit & Role 16:57 1 Corinthians 9:2 21:35 Four Types of Prophecy 28:15 1 Corinthians 4:6: Don’t Go Beyond What is Written 33:13 Conclusion June 26, 2024
32:12 7/1/24
The Dominoes Are Starting to Fall! | Prophecy Live
“The only power the devil has is the power you give him”. It’s Joseph Z’s twenty-fifth marriage anniversary today, and we’re grateful to God for how far He’s brought him and his family. To mark his anniversary, Joseph has a special message for us. He reminds us of how God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, thus, He will use the misfit island to save this nation. He also reminds us that Jesus poured His blood to pay for our deliverance, liberty, revelation, prosperity, healing, wholeness, mental well-being, peace, and joy.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Also, Joseph makes us understand that religion bows us down like slaves, while Jesus stands us up like sons and daughters; for slaves get afraid when it gets dark while sons and daughters revel in their sonship. This confirms the scripture, “For as many as has received him, to them he gave the right to become sons and daughters”. He then points out the differences between disciples, converts, and sons and daughters while informing us that Jesus wants us to live, move, and have our being.  Joseph further urges us to emphasize Jesus because when we do so, darkness flees from us. He insists that when we begin to know who God is in us, the manifestation of darkness becomes a non-event because greater is He that is us, than he, that is in the world. He concludes by reminding us that our presence begins to demand an explanation whenever we embrace our identity in Christ.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 04:59 God Confounds the Wise with Foolish Things 07:33 Jesus Paid it All for You! 12:07 Converts, Discipleship, Sons & Daughters 20:15 The Falling Dominoes  21:21 Emphasize Jesus! 28:41 Conclusion June 25, 2024
33:11 7/1/24
“Those who regard worthless idols, forsake their own mercy”. Today on the live broadcast, Joseph Z cautions all mockers of God to beware of His coming judgment. He references the Book of Jonah 2:8 to remind us that those who regard worthless idols forsake their own mercy. Moving on, we see a clip detailing the immediate repercussions that befell all those who mocked God and the most interesting one was the incident with the Turkish MP who immediately fell to his death after issuing threats at Israel and God.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: More interestingly, the Book of Galatians 6:7 cautions against being deceived into believing that God can be mocked because God can not be mocked; for whatever a man sows, that, he also reaps. Next, he cautions about what we sow into our future, for whatever we sow, we shall reap; if we sow corruption or wickedness, that, we shall reap.  Joseph further frowns at the older generation who go with the flow of the evil culture rather than standing up to oppose it and redirect the steps of the younger ones who are derailing from the truth. He urges us not to be discouraged nor faint in doing good while citing the Book of Psalm 73 to further warn about the ugly fate of the wicked. He then urges us to stay encouraged, enthusiastic, and filled with faith, about what God has called us to do.   Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 04:34 Jonah 2:8: Warning for Idolaters 06:08 God Fights His Own Battles: God is not Mocked! 11:00 Galatians 6:7: God Cannot be Mocked 21:11 Do not be Discouraged! 22:16 Psalm 73:1-19: Fate of the Wicked 31:00 Conclusion June 24, 2024
40:15 6/25/24
Fearless Reformers | Red Church!
In Red Church today, Joseph Z informs us of the Lord’s desire to rightsize the prophetic; sharing the vision where God assured him that America has one more round because the young lions are coming. He brings our attention to the Lord’s call for us to be a part of re-digging old wells; recalling Psalm 126, an assurance of God’s deliverance and victory, a promise to take us all out of darkness into light. On the heels of this, he assures us of a rightsizing in the prophetic, apostolic, and a rise in tribe-birth movements. He also reminds us that the US will go through a time of darkness, alongside a storm with a shelter in it, where everyone who runs into it is safe.   Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Next, Joseph urges us not to be afraid of the storms in our lives, not to run from them, but to embrace them, for there would be victory at the end of it. He further insists there will be a revival in the middle of the storm which will birth reformation, pioneered by bold reformers, eventually leading to a new, different America. He insists that the Lord will bring in, fearless reformers who will boldly push back against darkness. Interestingly, he outlines the types of reformers; the Burnt Stones, the young Lions, the Cinderellas, and the Rudolfs. Joseph further references the Book of 1 Chronicles 12:32, to remind us of the sons of Issachar who understood the signs of the times, knew what to do about it, had their chiefs and brethren at their command, and had the right tribal alignment. With this, he assures us that God is raising people who will properly confront the spirit of Jezebel. He also promises an anointing that breaks the yoke, as seen in Isaiah 10:27, which will make us mature, thereby outgrowing the yoke of containment. He further reveals that oil will come to the rescue of our economic woes, and there will be a mass deportation that will occur soon. He then assures us that the spirit of the Lord will bring a great rightsizing, reconciling, and breakthrough because the Lord’s wish is to rightsize this nation.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 03:05 The Trump Tower Experience 07:34 Psalm 126: Deliverance from Captivity 09:03 This is not the End! 09:14 The Prophetic Timeline: A Time of Darkness 11:40 Revival in the Middle of the Storm: Rise of Reformers 13:44 Different Types of Reformers 17:03 1 Chronicles 12:32: Sons of Issachar 21:09 The Anointing that Breaks the Yoke: Isaiah 10:27 24:52 Sign of Jonah & the Days of Noah 25:17 Conclusion June 23, 2024
30:57 6/24/24
DEMYSTIFYING THE PROPHETIC Book Conversation with Rick Renner! | No Limits
It’s a special edition of the No Limits Q&A forum today, as Rick Renner joins Joseph Z to respond to concerns regarding Demystifying the Prophetic. Joseph informs us that God speaks in the spirit and communicates to us uniquely because He wants to be pursued; for God is a spirit and those that worship Him do so in the spirit. He also points out the difference between the Old & New Testament prophetic ministry, exposing that God communicated with mankind without a mediator in the Old Testament; whereas, in the New Testament, we have our Lord Jesus as the great mediator between us and God. Still, the spirit of God is speaking to us through his Son Jesus and the holy spirit, thus, we must develop the gift of hearing the voice of God.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Next, Rick makes us understand that being saved doesn’t qualify us to hear from God, so we must train ourselves to hear from God. Interestingly, he also enlightens us about prophets making mistakes sometimes, which doesn’t mean they are false, but only need to take steps to correct their mistakes. Joseph then points out that the spirit of prophecy in us should bring testimony to Jesus, leaving us with a spirit of faith, not fear and dread. Once more, he points out that the truth of the word of God can be altered by traditions sometimes and we must adhere to the word of God to not fall into the temptation of being entangled in tradition. He also makes us understand that praying in the spirit sharpens our spiritual sense to hear from God. Additionally, Joseph clarifies the difference between prophets and the gift of prophecy, pointing out that a prophet has a responsibility in a segment of the body of Christ while the gift of prophecy is available to everyone else. He further outlines the four prophetic flows, Roeh, Nabi, Chazah, and Choseh. Further, he interprets the Roeh flow as the sons of Issachar anointing, who knew the times, what to do, and had the right alignment to accomplish it. He also explains that Nabi is inspirational, and Chazah means to gaze, while Chozeh means to behold; it is also a futuristic prophetic gift that can not be induced in any way. He then clarifies that one can move in all four prophetic flows but there are majors and minors.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 04:13 Do Not Despise Prophets 05:32 Old & New Testament Prophetic Ministry 08:58 Hear What the Spirit is Saying! 17:07 The Role of Praying in the Spirit in Hearing from God 18:00 The Role of Music in Prophecy 21:26 Prophets & the Gift of Prophecy 22:14 Prophetic Flows: Roeh, Nabi, Chazah & Chozeh 24:03 The Sons of Issachar Anointing 35:41 Conclusion June 22, 2024
45:39 6/24/24
God treats us better than we deserve every day!!! In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z teaches about selflessness and the need to stay small in our eyes so that God can use us. He shares how he gave up some years in ministry to obey God’s command because he is assured that when we do the difficult, God will do the impossible. He makes us understand that surrendering to the guidance of God and letting go of our titles and egos make it easy for God to use us. He also informs us that God is drawing a line between the holy and the profane, citing the Book of John 5:31-36 to teach how to withstand the present evil age.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Again, Joseph outlines that we need to be lined up with God’s word, be aware of God’s calling in our lives, and do the work that aligns with the call of God in our lives, including having peers in that same field where we’re called to serve, to overcome the present evil age. Next, Heather ministers to us, severing every assignment that is not of God in our lives while encouraging us to let not our hearts be troubled but rejoice in the Lord.  Once more, Joseph assures us that anybody who sacrifices for the Lord by giving up will certainly go up if he doesn’t faint. He prays that God moves in the political arena, to elect a God-fearing leader that will re-position America where it belongs. He further discloses that the opposite of holiness is common, hence, when God blesses us with a gift, we must make it holy by valuing it. He then concludes with a prayer, asking God for freedom to a level that hasn’t been seen before for every one of us.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 01:44 Stay Small in Your Eyes 07:51 You Know What I’ve Called You to Do 09:43 A Dividing Line Between the Holy & Profane 10:50 John 5:31-36: Withstanding the Present Evil Age 16:04 Heather’s Ministration 19:19 Give Up to Go Up! 23:04 The Attack will be a Comeback! 28:33 Conclusion  June 20, 2024
28:16 6/21/24
BE DELIVERED from THIS EVIL AGE!! | Prophecy Live
“Something about the identity you receive from Jesus empowers you to walk boldly against darkness”. Today on the live broadcast, Joseph Z enlightens us on how to be delivered from this evil age. He references the Book of Matthew 24:9-14 to remind us of Christ’s warning about the end times, cautioning that most of what we’re warned about has already happened and Christ could come back at any time. He informs us that our purpose in life is to glorify God all our lives, but deception can cause us to derail from the calling and vision of God for our lives. He also informs us that the false prophets are not only those who stand on the pulpit but also people in every area of life whose goal is to derail us from God’s path.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Moving on, Joseph makes us understand that, having God’s word in our hearts, causes our gifts to begin to manifest. He also brings to our understanding that prophets are there to bring light to darkness and their mission is to edify and equip the body of Christ. He exposes that deception is the devil’s most employed tool in destroying the lives of believers, and the only way to identify deception is to have God’s word in our hearts, consistently meditating on it and praying in the spirit. He also leads us to the Book of Galatians 1:3 to remind us that Christ gave himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father, to whom be the glory forever and ever. Amen! Joseph further explains that God’s will for our lives is to be delivered from the present evil age. Again, he references the Book of 2 Peter 1:12-13 to remind us of the importance of refreshing our memory on the truth already revealed to us. He then informs us that Generation Alpha is coming, and they will be bold enough to command darkness to move out of the way, just as Polycarp did. Additionally, he points out that something about the identity we receive from Jesus empowers us to walk in boldness against darkness.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 02:09 Matthew 24:9-14 05:27 Understanding Deception & Purpose 11:37 Benefits of Having God’s Word in Your Heart 12:29 Qualities of True Prophets 20:40 Galatians 1:3-5: God’s Will for our Lives 24:44 2 Peter 1:12 27:34 Generation Alpha is Coming 35:55 Conclusion June 19, 2024
36:16 6/21/24
Discover the prophecy for the next two years in today’s broadcast, as Joseph Z revisits what God showed him for the coming years. He informs us that God will save America even though we’ll go through profound difficulties, and there will be supernatural provisions for all those who fear God. Also, he reveals that AI will not have its way while the Church is here. Again, he informs us that the central bank digital currency and the BRICS nation will not have their plans go as expected.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Moving on, Joseph informs us that new characters will be introduced in the political arena, particularly in Chicago. He urges us to pray against a red October and a dark November while revealing that 2025 will be a year of tumult, fire, and money talks leading to another year. However, he discloses that oil will remedy the economic situation in the nation while informing us that God hasn’t responded to our prayers for justice because of His mercy.  Joseph further insists that it will take redemptive instability to make things better. He also brings to our understanding that, the best way for God to engage in what we do is to find something that enriches God’s kingdom, which is going after His lost creations. Allison then concludes with a prayer, declaring God’s peace and strength over everyone while also rebuking tormenting thoughts that occupy our hearts, ruining our peace.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 01:26 God Will Save America! 05:05 Artificial Intelligence Will Not Get Its Way 06:27 The Year’s Prophetic Timeline 13:19 Redemptive Instability 17:18 God’s Love for Russia 18:05 Prayer: Conclusion June 18, 2024
25:09 6/19/24
The Spirit Showed this about AMERICA’S FUTURE! | Prophecy Live
“Before Abraham was, I am” In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z provides some prophetic insights into the April eclipse and his 40-day prophetic journey, which began on April 8, 2024. He revisits his vision where God commanded him to “Come up higher” while reminding us of how religion gave Jesus the hardest time because the religious leaders at that time were hard of hearing and never believed there would be another, greater than Abraham. However, Christ responds to their doubts saying, “Before Abraham, I am”.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Next, Joseph shares his visit to Noah’s ark, reminding us of how God made a covenant with Noah, that he would not destroy the world with a flood again. This covenant was sealed with a rainbow after Noah’s first sacrifice to God at the end of the flood. He explains that the flood and the ark situation was a redemptive instability.  On the heels of this, he assures us of the Lord’s promise to rescue America, thus, we will begin to see a redemptive instability just like Noah’s scenario.  Joseph further reveals the location of John’s home, his impact on prisoners' lives, and where he wrote all three Books of John, including the Book of Revelation. In addition, he assures us that God will rescue this nation and we must keep praying until the bad leaders step down to make way for God-ordained leaders.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 05:21 April Solar Eclipse: Sign of Redemption 12:24 The Rainbow: God’s Promise to Himself 13:19 Redemptive Instability  16:55 The Temple of Diana & the Abode of John  23:13 God Saved America! 23:43 Conclusion June 17, 2024
29:52 6/18/24
Red Church!
In Red Church today, Joseph Z brings us a message from the Lord, revealing that there will be a rescue for the nation and that God will break us out of captivity. He discloses that oil will come to the rescue of the nation’s economic woes. Interestingly he informs us that spiritual things are not judged by the natural and that God is raising a unification to push back the strongholds of hell off of our children. He insists that tribes will be merged into movements, for the Lord loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Next, Joseph informs us there will be a downtime but the Lord assures us of preservation and will take us through times of challenges and difficulties in a way that we will be convinced that only God could have done it. Once more, he reveals there will be times of decline and darkness, but we should be encouraged because, although it was dark in Egypt, there was light in Goshen. He also shares his vision of a storm, where God urged us to run towards the storm to be safe, for the name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are safe.  Joseph further explains that the storm will also bring reformation with it and that there are accusers who will be silenced. He also brings to our understanding that the natural comes before the spiritual because we face the natural daily. However, when we apply the word of God to the natural, we get a supernatural reaction, just like speaking in tongues, even though we don’t understand it we’re breaking barriers in the spirit realm.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 03:49 The Two Contradicting Prophesies 06:00 Don’t Jude Spiritual Things with the Natural 07:44 The Church Will Stand! 08:44 Time of Decline & Darkness 11:10 Reformation after the Storm 13;52 The Spirit & Natural 19:00 Speaking in Tongues: What You Need to Know 21:13 Conclusion June 16, 2024
27:11 6/17/24
No Limits with Special Guests!
It’s a fresh episode of the No Limits Q&A session, and today, Joseph Z and special guests, Ally and Gabriel Poirot, with Philip Renner, address questions surrounding the call to ministerial work, and how to pray for loved ones far from God. Philip responds to the concern raised about how one discovers that one is called to ministry, revealing that God calls us based on our faithfulness to little things. Heather agrees with this, sharing how she started by assisting her parents in their ministry, and in the process of doing all this, she discovered that God had called her to more responsibilities than she was handling.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Also, Ally shares her story on how she realized she was called and it all boils down to faithfully showing up in little things, and through that, God reveals to us, other higher responsibilities we’re called to take charge of. On the other hand, Gabriel shares a more interesting story of how God found him when he didn't expect which sprung from chairing a bible study at school.  Furthermore, a concern was raised about how we can pray for our friends or family who are not following the footsteps of Christ, and Philip shares a clip of what his ministry is doing in converting those who are far from God. Interestingly, Joseph makes us understand that one can operate from the office of the prophet and evangelist, but there can be majors and minors in both fields. In addition, Philip discloses that God is merging the prophets, evangelists, and intercessors in today’s ministries, confirming Joseph's prophecy about the powerful twos. They conclude with a prayer, declaring that God will help us to discover the areas where we’re called to minister to the world.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 05:40 Call to Ministry: Knowing When You’re Called 16:30 Praying for Your Friends who are Far From God 17:34 Converting the Lost to Jesus 26:05 Office of the Prophet & Evangelist 31:56 Prayer: Conclusion June 15, 2024
43:45 6/16/24
What is Hidden at Göbekli Tepe!! | Prophecy Live
In today’s prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z alerts us about the recently discovered old archaeological site that’s been banned from further excavation by the World Economic Forum. He reveals the site's name to be Gobekli Tepe, a site built eleven thousand-six hundred years ago, predating the age of the earth and the flood. It’s also six thousand years older than Stonehenge, but surprisingly, WEF halted excavation. Joseph suspects that something must have triggered the WEF to halt excavation, which could be some hidden proof that the ancient flood existed or some other evidence that negates what the WEF stands for.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Next, we see clips of some of these historical pillars found at the site, bearing drawings that prove the existence of “beings” produced by the cohabitation of fallen angels and the daughters of men. However, the WEF arrangement to leave the excavation for the next generation raises questions and even more questions about why they are associated with the management and excavations at Gobekli Tepe. What’s more baffling is how the WEF is doing everything possible to cover up this ancient site, as their activities on the site don't show that they're trying to preserve this ancient archaeological site.  Joseph further gives his prophetic words about this, revealing that AI will be used to alter history while informing us that Gobekli Tepe will be hidden as much as possible. He also reveals we will see pressure and a regime change, and that the Gobekli Tepe will be eventually excavated because the younger generation will make demands to see what WEF is hiding from the world. Once more, he reveals we will see a Josiah anointing with archaeology, a major reveal, and a pulling back of the veil.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 06:09 Gobekli Tepe  07:47 Clip Detailing History of Gobekli Tepe 12:36 Gobekli Tepe: Why was Excavation Halted? 14:06 Gobekli Tepe: More Historical Facts & Views 34:37 AI Altering History? 36:45 A Josiah Anointing with Archaeology 38:37 Conclusion June 13, 2024
42:49 6/16/24
God is RESCUING AMERICA!! | Prophecy Live
“God will frustrate the furious but will preserve the righteous”. In today’s prophetic live broadcast, Joseph Z shares prophetic insights into the April 8 Eclipse which marked the beginning of his 40-day journey while revealing the prophetic message disclosed to him by God during this 40-day journey. He informs us there’s war in the heavenly, over many nations, and that America has one more round because the young lions are coming. He also shares a prophecy for 2025, revealing that it will be a year of redemptive instability while reminding us of his vision for 2024; the Roar, the War, and More. He explains that “More” is about provision and God’s promise to take us through difficult times.  Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: Next, Joseph discloses that the “attack will turn into a comeback” while revealing that we’re in a time of flames, but we will come out on the other side. On the other hand, he revisits the year’s prophetic timeline, reminding us to pray against a Red October and a dark November while assuring us of God’s promise of rain if we do not relent in prayer and intercession. He assures us that a miracle is happening for America, for God does not wish that anyone should perish but be redeemed by His grace. He also reveals that an attack will turn into a comeback in the judicial system because it's a time of cleansing and rightsizing. Joseph further revisits his vision, where he finds himself in an Arena at the exit of the Manchurian candidate who immediately notices his presence and starts fighting him verbally. Joseph responds, saying, “I have to do what needs to be done, you're out, and we’re in”. On the heels of this, he insists we have one more round, and it’s not the end yet for America. Although there will be collisions, times of shaking, and great difficulties, the Lord assures us that the action begins now and that America will be saved at a great cost. Additionally, he reveals that civil war will rise and be pushed as a mechanism, but it will be struck down because of the rightsizing of God.  Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 09:04 War in the Heavenlies 10:56 2025: A Year of Fire & Redemptive Instability 12:58 A Time of Fire & Flames 14:20 The Year’s Prophetic Timeline 20:49 The Future of America 34:12 Prayer: Conclusion June 12, 2024
38:18 6/16/24

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