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Love Conquers All with Dr. Berlinda Love

LOVE CONQUERS ALL WITH DR. BERLINDA LOVE will focus on learning to love others as we love ourselves by demonstrating caring, compassion, and understanding, and knowing that love is an action as well as an emotion. In so doing hearts will be changed and brokenness replaced with wholeness.


We all have a divine purpose to fulfill in life, although we may not have acknowledged the fact that God can use us in a special way. This show is to encourage my listeners and motivate them to look into themselves, and to dig deep down inside their hearts to find what has been there all the time, their true calling. The first thing, however, is that we love ourselves because that is the greatest love of all. This is important because we will encounter stumbling blocks along the way. Also, we do not have to be perfect or to have lived without faults. God can use whomever He wants, whenever He wants, and how He wants. We are all works in progress in that regard. We must be cheerful and willing workers for Him to use us, and sometimes we need a makeover in order to serve. When we can earnestly say that we love ou
56:29 5/27/24
This show is dedicated to graduates everywhere and of all ages. Quotes are shared from motivational speaker Zig Ziglar as encouragement and motivation to keep a positive mindset while enduring challenges, and continue following the destiny that God had planned for each of us. The door has been opened to a great life ahead. Preparing for a job or position in life can be tiresome. However, having a sense of direction will enable us to succeed while maintaining permanent independence and security. We must thank God always, because His grace and mercy brought us through.
53:22 5/20/24
Mother’s Day is a celebration and recognition of mothers everywhere, especially those who have transitioned to Heaven. It is a time of showing love to the one who gave us life, and raised us in the fear and admonition of the Lord, so that our lives would be blessed and complete, and sometimes the person who filled in the gap when many birth mothers were not there for whatever reasons. We are thankful for all mothers and those who were like a mother to someone else’s child. Let us remember only the good things for they have kept us over the years and made us who we are. Love your mother while you can, as the day will come when she is no longer. Remember that material gifts are great but the things that will be most meaningful to mama are your love and affection. Tell her, “Mama I’ll always love you,” and watch the glow in her face. Happy Mother’s Day!
49:35 5/13/24
The theme for the 2024 National Day of Prayer is “Lift up the Word, Light up the World.” We are to pray for leaders around the world and the constituents of countries that they cover and watch over. Proverbs 29:14 says, “If a king judges the poor with truth, his throne will be established forever. All leaders have moral obligations. Matthew 20:26 states, “But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant.” Leaders are servants first. Psalms 133:1 says, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” Unity is a common goal both leaders and followers should strive for. Finally, Acts 20:28 states, “Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God, which He obtained with His own blood.” Leaders look after the best interest of their people. The only way to bring the world out of darkness is to be lights in our respective countries, states, and cities. The more light in the world, the less darkness will exist, and the less devastation, fear, and hatred there will be. There is enough work for everyone and we are all ministers for God according to the Bible. There is wonder working power in prayer. I am a believer and the question to my listeners is, “Are you?” Prayer is how we communicate with God, the source of our supply. May He bless those in foreign lands, and may He bless the United States of America.
46:20 5/6/24
This show is motivational and reinforces the fact that we all have a life that must be guarded carefully, because it is full of swift transitions. Tomorrow is not promised to us and time does not wait on us. We must focus on what lies ahead and stay true to the course, while dealing with the hand that we have been dealt by life. The word, no, is not an option for having a good mindset and inside motivation to achieve. Networking with others who are successful in what we aspire to do is imperative. In so doing we will circumvent much of the bureaucratic red tape. The audience is encouraged to live life to the fullest while time is on their side. Their challenge question is: Can you only believe that you can become whatever you want by God’s grace? God for us is more than the whole world against us.
44:08 4/29/24
This show features an extremely gifted woman of God, Pastor Joyce Meyer. She uses personal testimony to encourage her audience to remain positive in life regardless of their circumstances, as our troubles may be a blessing to someone else. The enemy, according to Mrs. Meyer, despises anything Godly about us and will impede our progress by any means necessary. In essence she is teaching us how to be Christian in a world that is not Christian to us. Pastor Meyers reminds the audience that we must give mercy in order to receive mercy. She quotes several scriptures and the one that stands out is Ephesians 5:20 which she rephrased to say, “Thank you God for my problem,” because our hurts and pains may stretch us but the end result is our growth. God’s lifetime calling is on every Christian as ministers, and there is no turning back. She shares biblical figures that attempted to run from God, but eventually accepted His call. When God wants us to do something we will not be happy until we do it. Finally, she differentiates between Christian’s and Non-Christians and challenges everyone to bring light into a dark world.
50:57 4/22/24
Motivational Speaker Les Brown’s quotes are used to inspire listeners to pursue their dreams in spite of obstacles and naysayers. The audience is encouraged to lay aside every weight and run with patience the race that is set before them. The urgency of life and the unpredictability of time places emphasis on doing it now, rather than later. Also, we must set tangible goals and seek credible mentors who can make our path to success brighter. Procrastination leads to death of our dreams and failure to leave a legacy for the world. We must live full and die empty days Mr. Brown.
41:21 4/15/24
This purpose of this show is to empower listeners to take control of their future success by using their past failures and problems as stepping stones. I share quotes from motivational speaker Anthony Robbins who was able to rise above his negative childhood and draw strength to accomplish his goals by believing in himself and giving back. Many failures in life are due to thinking far below what we are able to achieve. It is the belief in ones ability to scale to the highest that will land them in places never though reachable. He teaches millions of people how to change their mindset and become happy and in full control of their lives.
45:33 4/8/24
The gifts and talents that God gives us are to edify His Kingdom here on Earth. His Word commands that we bless others with the harvest that we receive from Heaven, realizing that God alone will get the glory. It is imperative that we put our personal agendas aside and give ourselves wholly to Him so that He can use us, and it is never too late to discover those hidden talents that were there all the time, just waiting to be revealed. Time is of the essence. Therefore, our gifts should be used throughout our lives and not at the culmination of our working careers. The end result should be a sense of happiness and fulfillment of the calling that God has placed on us as Christians.
50:53 3/25/24
The Incredible God speaks of His many wonderful attributes that we often take for granted, because of our unwillingness to believe His Word as absolute truth. Life changes momentarily but God stays the same indefinitely. We can trust Him to provide all that we need, even in times when our spirits are low and broken. Our human nature sometimes leads us in the wrong direction, often questioning God or turning away from Him. However, in times of need we must keep the faith and pray fervently until He intercedes on our behalf. There may be times when God does not send us the answer that we expected, however when we think of the goodness of Jesus and all that He has done for us, our hearts should cry out, “Hallelujah! Thank you Lord for saving me.”
57:15 3/4/24
The Bible speaks of rain in several ways, first as an element that nourishes the soil to grow crops, as blessings sent down from heaven, and as a deterrent to removing our eyes off the Savior, Jesus Christ. Without the rain pouring down on Earth there would be no food to sprout up. Likewise, without the showers of blessing sent to us from the Lord our lives would be devoid of everything. This is the last Sunday of Black History Month and I am happy to highlight the musical giant, PRINCE. His work will be appreciated for generations to come, and although his life was cut off sooner than we would have wanted. he still remains with us in the spirit and in his phenomenal music library. Thank you to Sainted Trap Choir for recognizing the genius of his work and for presenting it to the world in a new and cherished way..
49:23 2/26/24
This show is about putting God first and allowing him to guide us in prioritizing our life. We are told in scripture what we must do in order to live and be blessed. That means getting rid of things that weigh us down and focusing only on our blessings and from whom they come. I honor Gospel recording artist Mahalia Jackson for Black History Month and highlight child pianist prodigy Ethan Bortnick to demonstrate how God blesses people of all ages, races, and cultures. Each of us is just as important as those that we routinely put ahead of ourselves daily. God wants us to know that we, too, are a priority. Time is quickly passing us by. Stay focused on eternity, however do all that is possible while you can. Make yourself a priority.
53:15 2/19/24
This show is dedicated to those in America and around the world who will be celebrating Valentines Day, the day of sharing sentiments of love with those closest to us. The primary purpose is to demonstrate through various scriptures the reason why we are commanded to love one another, the importance of valuing the time that we have been given on Earth to show true love, and exactly how we are to do it. My desire is to touch the hearts of Christians everywhere. It is important to reach the souls and minds of all represented cultures thereby showing love and peace to all nations. Valentines Day is a special day when we receive material things like flowers, gifts, cards, money, and expensive dinners and trips from our significant others, and although those things are very nice, it is the eternal love that emanates from our hearts daily that really matters.
53:11 2/12/24
There are two elements of February that are important for all of us, but predominantly African Americans. The first is recognizing those in our culture who have far surpassed what the world expected them to be and the second is understanding that African Americans suffer more from serious diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack than other races, primarily due to unhealthy diets and living an inactive lifestyle. This show essentially raises the consciousness level of people everywhere, but particularly minorities in any culture who may not be financially able to have the best medical care or afford the best quality foods. We recognize for Black History Month Mr. Tyler Perry who did not let his past of being a poor boy in Louisiana hinder his future. Rather, he followed his dream to become the greatest producer of our time.
52:24 2/5/24
This show is to acknowledge all of those who are despondent or suffering due to the happenings of life, including the family of Dexter King, youngest son of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr who went home to be with the Lord recently. Many are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and need to know that the Lord will make their lives brand new if they have faith and believe that He will. This is an attempt to speak encouragement and positivity over those who need a blessing so that they will rise again.
44:33 1/29/24
This show evolved from the prompting of the Holy Spirit telling me specifically to spend time with my audience in meditation. I believe that there is power in corporate meditation and prayer. Music puts us in the right mind to praise our Heavenly Father and lift our burdens and concerns to Him. I have included a selection of songs from some of the finest Christian singers. God is the center of our lives and is watching us from a distance. When we are feeling weary and burdened down He, through the Son, will raise us up to unimaginable heights. Therefore, every praise is to our God!
40:12 1/22/24
This show is a tribute to the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, in keeping with his National Day of Recognition on January 15th. It is also a lesson for everyone on the unimportance of earthly accolades and the importance of being a righteous leader. The Drum Major Instinct surpasses all other human needs and becomes more powerful as we grow from childhood to adulthood. It is imperative that humanity learns to control this impulse lest we destroy the very world that God created for us. There is a grave danger in this instinct unless it is channeled in a positive way. However, it is great to be a drum major for right. The people of God must put God first and everything else will be added unto us.
40:39 1/15/24
The purpose of this show is to motivate the audience to release the positivity within them by removing negative beliefs, experiences, feelings, relationships, and words. God can only work in lives that have a clean and forgiving heart, and a willingness to move forward and never look back at the past. Listeners are encouraged to be bigger than their pain and to allow their supreme being to guide them to greatness in accordance to His divine plan and purpose. The world is filled with suffering, however suffering may last for a night but joy comes in the morning. Singing Missionary Kenneth Glover lends a blessing in song from Heaven and every praise is to our God!
53:39 1/8/24
We are all excited about crossing over in the New Year. This message serves to encourage others to forget about the past and move on into their God-given destinies in the New Year. It deals with removing those negative situations that caused pain and suffering in the prior year to open a world of new possibilities in 2024. Purging our hearts of negative feelings can be challenging, however it is the first step in opening up our world to new and better beginnings. Forgiveness is a mandate from God and not an option.
27:39 1/1/24
This show is to enforce the concept of Christ being the reason that we celebrate Christmas, for it was on that day that He was born in a manger in a bed of hay. It is wonderful to give presents. They Wise Men came bearing gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh, however we must remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. We celebrate His birth because He came to save the world. This He did on Calvary. There is something for people of all ages and various cultures in this message.
43:12 12/25/23
Dr. Don St-Jon is a psychotherapist and an expert in the area of depression. This show is about recognizing when others are suffering from mental disorders such as depression and bipolar disease. The signs are usually obvious, however they are often overlooked by the general population, resulting in many people not receiving treatment and thereby becoming suicidal. There is an increased number of individuals who are lonely and sad during the holiday season, because life has not treated them well. This message is a call for caring and sharing with others. One act of kindness could save a life and we are all prone to have similar problems throughout this journey called life. If each one would reach one we could make life better for many people. Holiday is a time of giving. The audience is encouraged to give Love for Christmas.
42:50 12/18/23
The third week in Advent is focused on the joy that we get from God. Jesus’ birth on Christmas Day is the beginning of our joy. Had He not come to Earth incarnate the world would not have been saved from sin. We have joy knowing that Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God went to his death for us that we would have life more abundantly. Joy comes from knowing that He provides our every needs and keeps us safe. We have the necessities of life because God is good to us and we can never repay Him for the debt that he paid for us. The joy of God in our hearts allows us to love one another and to share with others less fortunate. Most of all, we have joy because Jesus Christ lives in the hearts of us all and He gives us the strength to live each day knowing that He is always with us.
42:51 12/11/23
We are in the season of Advent in which we anticipate the birth of Christ. The second Sunday is remembered as God’s commands, through his Apostles, for us to be peacemakers. Christians are called to spread peace to others as this is the Will of our Father, and He rewards Christian believers by accepting us as His children in the Body of Christ. Various Old and New Testament scriptures are shared with the audience for their knowledge and understanding. Peace will come in the world when it infiltrates the hearts of humanity.
49:32 12/4/23
The main purpose of this show is to instill in my listeners the importance of being thankful to God for blessings too numerous to mention. Thanksgiving is approaching and when preparing to eat our meal we must thank God for being our Creator, light in the darkness, miracle worker, promise keeper, provider, sustainer, and way maker. We are covered by His grace and death on the cross so that we might inherit eternal life. The audience is left with the question, “What are you thankful for?” I share with them several things about my parents that made them special. They were there for my siblings, their families, and I until their demise and we are eternally grateful to God for giving us to them. This message contains songs and scriptures that speak of why we must always be thankful to Him, while also showing appreciation for our families and each other.
45:06 11/20/23
This is an incredible show and awesome testimony from a female navy veteran who endured a potentially devastating stroke only ten days after giving birth to her third child. Amazingly, after being paralyzed with a severe loss of vision, she was healed and returned to normal health. This she attributes to her belief that God would work a miracle in her life. The focus of her work now involves heart and stroke prevention, particularly in communities exhibiting a high percentage of strokes. This involves paying closer attention to one’s overall health by eating the proper foods, exercising, and getting routine labs drawn for early detection.
46:53 11/13/23
This show is about communion, why we celebrate it in the church and what it means to us as Christians in the household of faith. I shared the scriptural reference to communion in Paul’s letter to the Corinthian church, 1 Corinthians 11:23-34, and explained the importance of being in the right spirit when we commune with one another. Also, my discussion focused on being ready when Jesus returns for us and the consequences of not being ready. The opportunity to share in communion while on the show was offered to the audience at closing.
39:17 11/6/23
We are entering into holiday season and the time when many things will be happening around us, some good and others not so good. Regardless of our situations we must be especially thankful for our blessings, always remembering to praise God for His grace. The true test of a Christian is whether or not we can remain faithful and trusting of God in hard times. The upcoming holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas will affect the people of God in many ways. Some will have memories that they would rather forget. However, our power and strength comes from the Lord and He will be forever with us in these times. We are to pray constantly for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, knowing that God hears every prayer, and be thankful unto Him every God-given day.
41:48 10/30/23
Scripture references for this show are from the New Testament books of John and Ephesians. This discussion is about how the church of God differs from the church as we see it today. The various scriptural references support the fact that divine order is emphasized throughout the bible, is in everything on this earth, and that Jesus Christ was appointed by the Father to be the head of the holy church of God. I speak about the ascension gifts, left for the Christian church when Christ ascended into Heaven, for the edifying of His Kingdom on Earth, and that proper use of these gifts will keep the church of God alive.
40:38 10/23/23
The topic of this show comes from the depths of my heart, and is for anyone who has been plagued by their rough past and feels that redemption may not be in their favor. It is meant to encourage my listeners and motivate them into taking the first step into the glorious new life that God has for all believers. We are essentially like the gems of the Earth, rough and unclean, but God is able to transform us into His likeness in order to use us for His glory. He alone knows the length of time for us to be refined, individually, and free from the sins of the world. However, we know that all things work for good for those who know the Lord. God never makes a mistake and his plan is for us to be perfect in every way. It is by His cleansing power that we are prepared for the great work that lies ahead, regardless of our past. God will get the glory and he will say, “well done my good and faithful servant, well done!
41:58 10/16/23
My purpose in this show is to encourage my listeners to look deep into their minds and see the great possibilities that exist. It is meant to motivate them to move expeditiously in rearranging their mindset to focus on their possibilities as opposed to their limitations. Ultimately, what we think is what we become in life. Therefore things that get us stuck in the negativities of the past must be tossed into the sea of forgetfulness to make room for that which will catapult us into the grand future that God has waiting for us to claim. The holdback to our success is very often due to how we view life, both good and bad experiences and our ability to see available options. Each of us has unique gifts and talents from God. We are individuals with a promise from God to do everything He equips us to do. However, we must always believe in ourselves and know that defeat cannot claim us.
45:15 10/9/23