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Curious about who helped shape the cannabis industry? Talking Cannabis with Clarisa is a show about the cannapreneurs of the cannabis industry hosted by Clarisa Strohmeyer Each episode features an interview with the founder of a prominent cannabis company and talks about their journey in the cannabis world. Talking Cannabis with Clarisa is a fun, easy listen for anyone who’s curious. If you’re interested in subjects such as building a cannabis brand, cannabis investing, cannabis products, and other industry inside knowledge, then this show is for you.


Anton van der Linden and Sarah Rose: Marvin?
Squatting in Amsterdam two friends, Dave and Sam, struggle with their queerness and substance addictions, until Marvin, a magic dream manifesting fridge shows up and gives them everything they want. They soon learn their materialistic world doesn’t bring them happiness, instead, Marvin manifests lessons Dave and Sam need, teaching them what real happiness means.    I had the honor of interviewing Anton van der Linden, writer, creator, and director behind Marvin? and Sarah Rose who plays Sam on the show.    Marvin? is premiering at SXSW this March 12.
11:25 3/2/23
Kim Stuck: Guiding Cannabis Companies by Navigating Compliance Pitfalls and Ensuring Product Safety
Kim Stuck is the founder and CEO of Allay Consulting, a compliance strategy and services provider serving the hemp and cannabis industries nationwide.  She brings a regulator’s keen eye and wide-reaching knowledge of evolving compliance and safety mandates to support businesses in tightly regulated industries. Allay Consulting -
39:36 3/2/23
Ed Rosenthal: Every Individual Should Have the Freedom to Smoke and Grow Cannabis
We interview Ed Rosenthal on his new book - This Bud's for You. Aside from that Ed sheds light on some of the history of cannabis in the US.  He also shares what is going on in the cannabis industry in terms of regulation and trends. He also shares his hope for cannabis in the future.  
33:59 2/27/23
Sebastian Marincolo: The Ultimate Book on How to Safely Use a Cannabis High for Mind Enhancement
I had the honor of interviewing the famous Sebastian Marincolo. We talked about his book, The Art of the High. I believe this book is a fantastic guide to beginners and cannaseurs. This will help give you a positive experience.   About Sebastian:  Sebastián Marincolo also known as Dr. Sebastian Schulz studied Philosophy and Linguistics of German at the University of Tübingen, Germany, and at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA. He was a student of William Lycan, Simon Blackburn, Gianfranco Soldati, and Manfred Frank, some of the most influential philosophers of consciousness today, and received his magna cum laude PhD with a thesis about a critical analysis of neurophilosophical theories of consciousness.  After more than 20 years of research on the subject, Marincolo has already published four books on the cannabis high. Marincolo’s expert blog with essays on the cannabis high appeared online in five languages for Sensi Seeds Amsterdam, the largest cannabis seed bank in the world. His online courses How To Use Cannabis To Enhance Your Mind, Creativity & Learn New Things About Yourself were produced by Los Angeles streaming portal Greenflowermedia in 2016.  As a photographer, he produced the limited-edition macro photo art series The Art of Cannabis, featured in his second book, and he worked on a photo campaign for Sensi Seeds, among other projects. His work has received positive reviews and attention worldwide.   He worked as a photographer and writer for over 25 years and as a creative director and communications consultant for over ten years, primarily for foundations. In 2017, he took on the position of Director of Communications and Marketing Germany for one of the largest cannabis producers in the world for three years. During this time, he helped educate both health professionals as well as the wider public about medical cannabis.
100:41 2/25/23
James Sol Radina: Why Water Soluble CBD is Better Than Regular CBD
In this episode, I interview James Sol Radina, CEO of BioCBD plus   @biocbdplus1801    1. How is CBD accepted in Hawaii? What do you think is the CBD culture in the US?  2. What is your relationship to CBD?  3. Why is water-soluble CBD different from other CBD products?  4. What is the difference between CBD from hemp and CBD from cannabis?  5. How have your CBD products helped your customers? Who should be using CBD? What are the dangers of vaping?  6. Tell us more about your BIOCBD scholarship program.
32:33 2/20/23
Autumn Shelton: Using Cannabis for Arthritis and Pesticide-Free Farming
In this episode, I interview Autumn Shelton, Chief Financial Officer and Partner of. Autumn Brands.   As CFO, Autumn oversees strategic planning, marketing, compliance, legal, human resources, and finance.  Autumn has been successfully navigating the unchartered waters of California’s Prop 215 and the Regulated California Cannabis industry (Prop 64) since 2015 and is a sought-after panelist and public speaker on the nuts and bolts of operating a licensed California cannabis cultivation business.  In 2021, under Autumn Shelton's leadership as President of CARP Growers, the Cannabis Association for Responsible Producers concluded a year-long negotiation and reached a historic agreement between the CARP Growers and the Santa Barbara Coalition for Responsible Cannabis on a cooperative agreement for odor abatement.  Before moving to the agriculture sector, Shelton was focused on a career in commercial property development and management utilizing her CA Brokers License.  Autumn lives with her husband, Abe, son, Lennox, and daughter, Jade, in Santa Barbara, California, and enjoys hiking and camping in her free time. She graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a minor in Italian.
45:40 2/16/23
Bryan Fried: Bridging the Gap Between Cannabis and Agriculture Growth with Revolutionary Software
In this episode I get a chance to talk to Bryan Fried, Chairman and CEO of Pangea Global Technologies.   We cover the following topics: How indoor farming could play a critical role in helping to meet the world's growing demand for food, especially given the challenges of shrinking farmable acres, which sets investors up for a lot of growth as companies expand their farming operations The growth of the indoor farming industry and the benefits of indoor farming How AgTech is leading the way for both cannabis and agriculture Pangea Global Technologies is the nation's leading technology solutions provider and manufacturer of LED lighting. Bryan has spent his entire career in manufacturing and distribution, serving in executive-level roles at Custom Graphic Communications, Sorg Corporation, Professional Lithographics, Allenbach Industries, and Bertlesmann AG.  He’s also a certified examiner for the California Council for Quality & Service, administering the U.S. Senate Productivity Award.    And here is a fun fact: Bryan is a martial arts grand master and has practiced three different martial arts since he was 11 years old.
57:56 2/13/23
Arnaud Dumas de Rauly: Avoid these Mistakes when Buying Vapes and Cartridges
In this episode, I'm grateful to have interviewed Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of The Blinc Group.   Arnaud answers the following questions:   1. What is your background? And what is your relationship with cannabis?   2. Let’s talk about buying vape cartridges, what should one look out for in buying vape cartridges?   3. How do you know the quality of the oil is superior?   4. Now the Blinc Group is a business incubator for the cannabis industry, can you tell us more about that?   5. You just announced a partnership with ALD Group Limited and Joinking US Group, Inc., can you tell us more about that and what exciting things can we expect?   6. If our viewers have more questions, how could they get a hold of you?   Thanks Arnaud! To the vape enthusiasts out there check out for exciting innovations. And don’t forget to check for over 100 reviews on cannabis products as well as interviews from noteworthy companies.
22:50 2/9/23
Boveda Interview: Importance of Correct Humidity in Cannabis and the Correct Settings
We interview, Charles Rutherford II, Business Development Director of Boveda, on the importance of humidity in storing cannabis.  For more interviews, go to   Charles answers the following questions:   - What is humidity and why is it important to be aware of this when storing herbs, cannabis, and food?   - Bóveda has 2-way humidity control and this is patented and unique in the world, please explain the science behind this and how this helps in storing and curing cannabis.   - How long does the Boveda last and how can you tell that you need to replace it?   -  You sent me 3 versions of your formula, what is the difference and what do you recommend best for storing the strains?   - How can our viewers reach you for more questions?
08:25 2/6/23
Karli Miller-Hornick: Why Regenerative Farming in Cannabis is Better than Mono-farming
In this episode, I interview Karli Miller-Hornick, CEO and co-founder of Florist Farms. Karli has been a New Yorker her whole life. She was born and raised in the Capital Region and attended Cornell University in Ithaca with a focus on Hospitality and Sustainable Agriculture. Karli has dedicated her life to building community through sustainable, organic, and regenerative farming.   Karli specializes in cannabis branding, marketing, packaging, and sales: this is evident as the creative power-house behind Farmer Group's four brands: Florist Farms, Head & Heal, Blotter, and TUNE beverages.    FACTS & SOUNDBITES  Co-founders Karli Miller-Hornick & Allan Gandelman have been business partners since 2016.  All Florist Farms products are guaranteed compliant to NYS laws, as well third-party tested for purity and potency.   Florist Farms is located in Cortland, NY– this includes the farm, extraction lab, and offices.  Florist Farms was established in 2020, first as a hemp-flower brand and now touts a full lineup of  dispensary-ready products. Florist Farms' lab was the first GMP compliant hydrocarbon extraction facility in New York State.   By being fully vertically integrated, Florist Farms is able to maintain a high standard of quality control since they oversee all aspects of their brand.
31:19 2/6/23
Inesa Ponomariovaite: Inaccuracy Of CBD Testing EXPOSED
Head in the clouds – Feet on the ground. That describes Inesa Ponomariovaite, the brilliant mind behind Nesas Hemp.   Born in Lithuania with medical issues herself, Inesa grew up always wanting to help others.  After changing her diet and doing other things to help herself, Inesa quickly realized there was another path to health which included a number of holistic approaches.    When her mother left Lithuania to work in Russia to give her children a better life, they stayed behind and vowed to give their mother a better life one day.  So, fast-forward years, Inesa came to the United States and filed for a green card. All was bright until she got a call that her mother had Stage 3 breast cancer.  Inesa dropped everything and flew to Lithuania and cured her mother of cancer.  Once her mother was healthy again, she returned to the United States and after searching the world for healthy solutions, she started Nesas Hemp knowing that she had to have the purest, most organic products available.  She investigated everything from the plants to the testing processes and when they weren't enough for her she made her testing protocols more specific and harder to pass.  Finally, she was happy and launched her brand to help the public.  She recently became an American citizen and has been a humanitarian, health coach, entrepreneur, and champion of healthy living for her entire life.
64:53 2/1/23
Paul Botto: One QR Code to Rule Them All - How Smart QR Codes are Shaping the Cannabis Industry
In this episode, I interview Paul Botto, Co-founder, and CEO of Lucid Green. Previous roles include the former head of analytics sales and consulting at Google, GM of visible measures analytics, and founding member of Conduce, a supply chain data platform working with companies like DHL, Cisco, and PwC. Paul talks about how tech plays in legitimizing the cannabis industry and solving consumer trust issues, ensuring regulatory compliance, education, and safety. “A business is bound for failure if it does not think consumer first,” said Paul Botto, co-founder, and President of Lucid Green. “Cannabis businesses that leverage data to evolve for and with its consumers are better suited for long-term success.” Lucid Green, the intelligent UPC of cannabis provides cannabis brands, retailers, and distributors with a touchless inventory management solution – increasing supply chain efficiencies and cost-savings while ensuring regulatory compliance. The company’s supply chain tech stack also translates to a consumer education tool, providing key product and experience details. Check them out at
71:03 1/26/23
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Short Podcast Intro 
00:36 1/25/23