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Life @ Level 10 Podcast

Success stories from regular folks that have been transformed through Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping...and other fun stories from successful people. 


John Gronewald
John lost 46 pounds in 10-weeks and won the $1000 in Waukee, Iowa.  John is almost halfway through his National Challenge which pays one male and one female $10,000 for the best 12 month transformation.  John is paying it forward by coaching new FXB members and is very inspiring.  
34:00 6/1/24
Kristen Hendryx
Kristen shares her journey through FXB and how her husband Josh passed suddenly a few years ago.  They met at Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping and had a great run together.  Kristen has been a member for 15 years and pays it forward by teaching several classes per week.  
31:58 5/15/24
Brandon Miller #2
Brandon shares his philosophy and recent journey with recently purchasing a martial arts school.  He is wise beyond his years!
39:37 5/1/24
Shawn Yim National Challenge Finalist
Shawn shares how her journey thought the National Challenge helped her better control her panic attacks.  
29:31 4/15/24
Emma Lofgren National Finalist
Emma shares her struggles and wins as she journey'd through the National Challenge.  She may not have won the $10,000 but she won much more.  
19:17 4/1/24
Robert Lewis
Robert is one of the most unassuming guys I've met.  He's humble, very articulate, and incredibly smart.  He lost 85# in his 12 month challenge and got down to 3% body fat.  You'll enjoy listening to his philosophy.  
62:01 3/15/24
Jason Mortenson
Jason lost 101 pounds during his FXB National Challenge competition.  His wife also lost 45 pounds.  Jason, had to walk his first one mile fitness test and was inspired by a coach who came along side him.  He has some lofty goals now.  One is to run a full marathon (he's done half marathons) and another goals is to complete the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage.  A challenging 30 day 500 miles trick!  
32:47 3/1/24
Tina McNamara National Challenge Winner
Tina shares her struggles on the way to using self-control to have an amazing transformation.  She's living Life @ Level 10 with her 5 kids.  
32:19 2/15/24
Mark Onwiler's story is life changing
Mark Shares his journey through FXB completing his National Challenge while going through one of the most challenging things life can bring.  
39:55 2/1/24
The Beginning of FXB Revisited
Todd Dorr and I sit down and revisit the beginning of Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping.  The things that caused us to launch this program were no accident.   Impossible.  Enjoy. 
29:01 1/15/24
Sara Schroek
Sara shares her journey while making her way to winning $10,000 in our National Contest.  Sara overcame an Eating Disorder (ED) to take the prize! 
21:01 1/1/24
Peter Jensen
Peter shares his struggles and wins on his way to winning $10,000 in our National Challenge.  
40:10 12/15/23
Nichole Dimick
Nichole shares her struggles with weight loss and her journey to better health through Farrell's.  As a National Challenge Finalist, Nichole has taken control of her life.  
30:18 12/1/23
Michele Wood
Michele Wood won $10,000 and paid it forward...and is still paying it forward.  
21:44 11/15/23
Nick Cicero
Nick played college football, semi-pro for 15 years, and owned a team.  He started FXB more than 10 years ago. Nick won $1000 during his first 10-weeks and lost 60 pounds doing so.  Nick now co-owns the Urbandale, Iowa location with Denise De Hamer.  
35:44 11/1/23
Nicole and Jeff Essink
With one and half decades of experience in FXB, Jeff and Nicole share their journey and motivations as beginning students and now as owners in Lincoln, Nebraska. 
44:45 10/15/23
Heath Hill's story
Heath could be the David Goggins of FXB!  Couch potato to Champion Body Builder!  
42:12 10/1/23
Denise De Hamer
Denise was called the 'Bag Lady' because of the bag of meds she carried around and took every day.  Denise is off all meds, down 100 pounds, and is now competing in body building shows.  Her story will motivate, captivate, and inspire you. 
86:18 9/15/23
Tom Callos (Thomas Edison of M.A.)
Tom shares lessons learned from real life experience with martial artists you will recognize.  Tom is a very special person with many talents.  
54:45 9/1/23
Brian Cupp shares his transformation story
Brian didn't win $10,000 during his transformation, but he gained much more.   He went from a non athlete obese soda addict to an elite triathlete and Level 3 instructor.  
36:46 8/15/23
Brian Mayer National Challenge Participant
Brian lost 70 plus pounds in 12 months and shares his struggles and successes in FXB.  Brian has become a leader in the fitness business inspiring many to achieve great results.  
45:22 8/1/23
Beth Shelton's story as an amputee
Beth Shelton, CEO of Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa, Mom of 3, and lifelong learner,  shares stories of her struggles and successes in FXB.  
37:41 7/15/23
$10,000 winner Kurtis Berg shares his story. 191 pounds later.
Kurtis shares his journey, life struggles, and Hope that you can have if you put your mind to it.  
46:02 7/1/23
Mike Dillard CEO Century Martial Arts
Mike explains how you can train your eyes to respond (reaction time) before your brain has a chance to slow you down.  He shares stories of competing while suffering from sustained injuries moments before stepping into the ring.  Mike shares his experience on Walker Texas Ranger and what it was like training and attaining his black belt through Chuck Norris.  
40:22 6/15/23
Joey Sinwell's journey from martial arts to military to dad.
Learn how Joey leaned on mentors to navigate through life.  
26:21 6/1/23
Brandon Miller's story.
Brandon shares his struggles growing up, and how his Uncle Jamie, took him under his wing like a big brother.  Brandon avoided negative influences by staying focused on his goals.  He pays it forward every chance he gets.  
48:34 5/15/23
Janae Arlt
Janae lost 85 pounds whiles getting down to 10.9% body fat in her FXB National Challenge.  Janae shares how she overcame dependancies such as food, alcohol and drugs.  Her new found confidence has given her the ability to teach FXB classes currently.   
25:51 5/1/23
National Challenge Finalist Camille Solyntjes finds confidence
Camille Solyntjes conquered a hereditary gene that was making her legs go numb.  Camille lost more than 80 pounds becoming a finalist in the Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping National Challenge.  Camille stopped being a vegetarian in the process.  
21:25 4/15/23
$10,000 Winner Callie Sepolio with husband Matt Heltemes
Callie Sepolio and her husband Matt Heltemes share their struggles, wins, and journey through the National FXB Challenge where Callie was awarded $10,000 for being the most transformed.  They share advice on how you can adjust your nutrition to reach your health and fitness goals. 
43:56 4/1/23
$10,000 winner Alan Sprinkle was the first to win this Challenge!
Our first $10,000 winner, Alan Sprinkle, may have died without Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping.  Veteran of the U.S. Army (Airborne Ranger) explains how his dad and all his brothers have passed away, many younger than him -because of a hereditary disease.  Alan (Mr. Incredible) has maintained a super high level of fitness since he won -more than 10 years ago.  
26:53 3/15/23