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This is The Customer Wins podcast where business leaders discuss their secrets and techniques for helping their customers succeed and in turn grow their company.


Maximizing Customer Success Through Intelligent Cash Management With Michael Halloran
Michael Halloran is the Head of Business Development at MaxMyInterest, a company revolutionizing how clients optimize their cash assets. With a history of launching banking solutions at Morgan Stanley and being part of the first online bank in the UK, he brings a wealth of experience to FinTech. Michael focuses on building relationships with wealth management firms, providing tools that enable clients to earn higher interest rates on FDIC-insured savings accounts. His innovative approach to banking technology and customer experience makes him a leading voice in the financial industry. In this episode… Have you ever thought about how your cash could work harder for you, earning returns that could make a substantial difference in your financial well-being? What if you could enjoy the security of FDIC insurance with interest rates that keep up with inflation? Would you dare to venture beyond your traditional bank to discover the potential of online savings? Business development leader Michael Halloran delves into the inner workings of intelligent cash management that uncouples high returns from the need to give up existing banking relationships. He dives deep into the advantages of online banking and how it contrasts with traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. He clarifies the misconceptions that often hold people back from optimizing their savings and shares insights on the use of artificial intelligence within finance to enhance customer communication and experience. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker interviews Michael Halloran, Head of Business Development at MaxMyInterest, about maximizing your cash assets. Michael shares how integration with financial advisors can significantly benefit clients. With a focus on simplicity, security, and maximizing returns without compromising on FDIC insurance, his expertise in the evolving world of FinTech paints a promising future for savers.
34:57 5/20/24
Revolutionizing Advisor-Client Interactions Through AI With Tom Rieman
Tom Rieman is the CEO and Founding Partner of Practice Intel, a cutting-edge platform designed to enhance advisor-client relationships through AI-driven simulations, research deployment, and strategic data analysis. With over 25 years of expertise in wealth management, he offers a deep understanding of the asset management distribution and broker-dealer ecosystem. Before Practice Intel, Tom worked at JD Power, conducting industry-level research on advisor-client relationships. He is passionate about improving the quality of financial advice and firmly believes in the profound impact it can have on clients' lives. In this episode… Have you ever wondered how some financial advisors stand out from the crowded wealth management market? What makes their services so valuable that clients stay satisfied and become enthusiastic advocates for them? Could there be a secret ingredient to creating such high-value relationships? Tom Rieman, a relentless advocate for great financial advice, delves into a fascinating conversation about the intersection of AI technology, sales narratives, and establishing trust in the advisor-client relationship. He brings a fresh perspective on using AI to simulate sales scenarios, allowing advisors to hone their narratives and pitch methods without the risks associated with practicing on real clients. He emphasizes the importance of creating a compelling narrative and leveraging vulnerability to build rapport and trust with potential clients. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker interviews Tom Rieman, CEO and Founding Partner of Practice Intel, about creating value-driven financial advisory relationships. Tom shares the transformative potential of blending deep industry insight with cutting-edge technology, how client experience research can be brought to the practical level, and equipping advisors with data and tools to meet evolving investor expectations head-on.
36:28 5/13/24
[Perspective Series] Secrets to Winning at Golf and Life With Bobby Steiner
Bobby Steiner is the Director of Golf Instruction at Horseshoe Bay Resort. He is a multifaceted golf professional, fitness instructor, motivational speaker, and author of four books. Renowned for his Bobby Steiner Golf YouTube channel, Bobby also manages channels dedicated to fitness, karate, and success paradigms. A proponent of the mental aspect of golf, he's passionate about helping his students find more enjoyment in the game. In this episode… Have you ever wondered what makes exceptional athletes tick? What mindset separates the driven golf enthusiast who loses their nerve from those who keep their cool regardless of setbacks? Can the secrets of navigating a golf course also help us in life? Bobby Steiner, a seasoned golf instructor, delves deep into these questions. His philosophy is as much about shaping a person's mental game as it is about their swing. He emphasizes the importance of self-competition and catering to each student's unique journey, recognizing the significance of patience and perseverance. His approach is not just about how to hit a golf ball — it's about cultivating the right attitude towards challenges, both on the fairway and beyond. In this episode of The Customer Wins with Richard Walker featuring Bobby Steiner, they discuss the parallels between mastering golf and mastering life, Bobby shares key insights for personal and professional growth through golf analogies. They also touch on his dedication to his students' that exemplifies outstanding customer service and how businesses can emulate to build a loyal customer base.
40:21 5/6/24
Networking Like a Pro: Matt McCoy’s Secrets to LinkedIn Success
Matt McCoy is the Co-founder and CEO of Jobby, a company that specializes in helping individuals build thought leadership content on LinkedIn. A serial entrepreneur, he started his entrepreneurial journey at 18 with a barbecue cleaning business, securing a half-million dollar investment deal on national TV while still in college. After selling that business, he successfully created a student services marketplace and swiftly moved towards a profitable exit. Today, Matt also hosts the 60 Second Podcast, focusing on streamlining dense information into bite-sized and value-wrapped passages. In this episode… In an age where social media dominates the networking landscape, a common challenge is building trust without coming across as salesy or disingenuous. Many struggle with balancing personal and professional content, unsure of what will resonate with their audience. Matt McCoy alleviates these concerns by sharing his strategies on fruitful networking and content creation. He emphasizes the importance of authentic engagement, providing value over selling, and expanding one's network genuinely on LinkedIn. His method prioritizes quality, time-efficient content creation once a month, and consistent community interaction. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker is joined by Matt McCoy of Jobby, about effectively utilizing LinkedIn to bolster customer success and business growth. They go through personal branding, the art of establishing trust online, and the nuanced approach to LinkedIn networking. They also touch on posting frequency, the power of personal content, and the true worth of authentic interaction.
33:26 4/29/24
Building Resilience for Customer Success with Chrissy Myers
Chrissy Myers is the CEO of Associated Underwriters Insurance (AUI) and Clarity HR, specializing in insurance benefits and HR services for small and medium-sized businesses. With over five years leading Clarity HR and helming AUI, she is an innovative leader in a third-generation family business.  As an advocate for community service, Chrissy champions employee participation in local initiatives and has designed programs like AUI Gives Back and Clarity Cares. She is the author of Reluctantly Resilient and is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. In this episode… When faced with overwhelming complexity in business, is there a simpler path to peace of mind? What does it take to lead with resilience in your professional and personal life? HR expert Chrissy Meyers delves into the strategies that have led to her companies' success and the philosophy behind them. She shares the importance of being coachable and open to change as core expectations of their clients. Reflecting on her leadership journey, Chrissy talks about steering clear of technology and outsourcing, embracing change, and why she decided to start another company amid the complexities of family business transitions. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Chrissy Meyers, CEO of AUI and Clarity HR. They talk about simplifying complex business services and community involvement, how growth and success come from focusing on what you excel at, and the power of resilience. Chrissy also emphasizes the role of companies in their communities.
35:15 4/22/24
Jason Mandel’s Guide To Tax-Free Growth and Asset Protection
Jason Mandel is the Founder and CEO of The Mandel Family Office with a rich history on Wall Street, having started at distinguished firms like Cantor Fitzgerald and D.E. Shaw. He possesses extensive experience in wealth management and insurance strategies, striving to add value and ensure transparency in client relationships. A passionate advocate for client education, Jason authored the book Demand Transparency and devotes time to teaching clients and institutions about financial strategies.  In this episode… In a financial landscape flooded with advice, how do you separate the gimmicks from the legitimate strategies? Is obtaining wealth within grasp or is it just a mirage shaped by our desires for a worry-free retirement? Jason Mandel, a serial entrepreneur in the financial services industry, sheds light on these pressing questions by demystifying common misconceptions and revealing lesser-known financial tactics. He emphasizes the importance of transparency and education, illustrating how life insurance can be a leveraged asset rather than a mere expense. Jason's approach intertwines strategic banking partnerships and personalized financial planning to unlock a future of tax-free income. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Jason Mandel, Founder and CEO of The Mandel Family Office, to discuss the intersection of traditional wealth management and cutting-edge financial tools. Jason explores innovative methods like insurance premium financing and the role of AI in enhancing client experiences. He explains how leveraging various investment strategies can lead to financial empowerment, stability, and diversity in your portfolio.
33:34 4/15/24
Emotional Sales Methodology of Empathy and Connection With Sam Wakefield
Sam Wakefield is the Founder and CEO of Close It Now, a sales system designed to help individuals and businesses increase their closing rates. He is a celebrated luminary in HVAC, known for his innovative and unique approach to sales, training, and personal development. He has not only sold millions of dollars in equipment, but he has won multiple sales awards. Additionally, he hosts the podcast Close It Now, which primarily focuses on personal development and effective sales methodologies. In this episode… The sales industry has undergone a rapid transformation in recent years, and simply promoting products or services is no longer sufficient to win over potential clients. Today, emotions and feelings are at the forefront of purchasing decisions, and businesses must adapt to increase their sales. Sales expert Sam Wakefield advocates for a sales methodology that values understanding and empathy. By paying close attention to the emotional cues of potential clients during a sales pitch, you build trust, increase engagement, and create genuine human connections. When clients feel genuinely heard and understood, they are more likely to be receptive to your message, which translates into higher sales. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Sam Wakefield, Founder and CEO of Close It Now, to discuss techniques for increased sales. Sam explains how Close It Now helps people, sales challenges people face, sales techniques, and how to emotionally connect with potential clients and build trust with them. 
35:34 4/8/24
Building Fintech Businesses in Data Privacy With Sid Yenamandra
Sid Yenamandra is the Founder and CEO of Surge Ventures, a privacy tech venture studio. Surge Ventures helps create data governance, privacy, and compliance management startups in regulated industries.  Sid is an accomplished entrepreneur and software executive with a proven track record of success in cybersecurity and information governance. He has founded and successfully exited three startups, including Entreda, and served as VP of Product and Marketing at Plato Networks and Founder of PacketFX.  In this episode… The financial services industry is highly complex and ever-evolving. Entrepreneurs face numerous challenges when establishing a tech firm in the industry, from obtaining funding to developing a product that caters to the constantly changing market demands. To thrive in this fiercely competitive landscape, seasoned entrepreneur Sid Yenamandra emphasizes the importance of collaborating with experts. Whether you're just starting or seeking to scale your existing fintech business, these proficient professionals possess the know-how and proficiency to take your SaaS product to the next level. They offer valuable counsel and leverage their extensive network of connections to help you establish a foothold in the market. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Sid Yenamandra, Founder and CEO of Surge Ventures, to discuss his journey of building a RegTech, ComplyTech, and PrivacyTech-focused venture studio. Sid talks about Surge Ventures and how it helps people, investing in tech to solve compliance risks for wealth management firms, risk management, and AI adoption in the wealth management industry.
36:59 4/1/24
Unleashing Your Potential as a Breakaway Advisor With Jason Barber
Jason Barber is the Founder and CEO of Uptick Partners, a firm that helps advisors break away to become fully independent. He is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS) with over 12 years of experience in the financial services industry. Jason is also the Founder and CEO of Holistic Planning, a fee-only RIA focused on delivering massive value to clients. Before Holistic Planning, he served as a financial advisor at Edward Jones. In this episode… Many financial advisors working in broker-dealer firms often feel they are not fully utilizing their expertise to help their clients. They aspire to break free from the broker-dealer dynamic and embark on their independent journey. However, it is an arduous task requiring time, effort, and resources. Jason Barber, a Certified Financial Planner, was no exception to this dilemma. After working as a financial advisor for Edward Jones for many years, he realized it was time to start his own RIA service. The primary aim of his venture was to deliver exceptional value to his clients while minimizing the conflict of interest. Through his experiences, he helps other advisors unleash their potential as breakaway advisors and achieve independence. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Jason Barber, Founder and CEO of Uptick Partners, to discuss how to become a fee-only RIA. Jason explains how Uptick Partners helps people, why advisors become independent, the value of becoming a fee-only RIA, and technological recommendations for breakaway advisors.
38:35 3/25/24
Streamlining Document Processes With Digital Vaults With Clifton Schaller
Clifton Schaller is the Chief Growth Officer at FutureVault, a market-leading provider of secure document exchange and digital vault solutions for the financial services and wealth management industry. With a background in corporate development, product management, and strategic partnerships, he is responsible for driving the intersection of top-line growth and product strategy. Clifton holds an impressive professional background, having previously served at prominent organizations including Capital One, Morningstar, and Nitrogen Wealth (formerly Riskalyze). He is also an advisory board member for Smart KX, a rising startup. In this episode… In today's fast-paced business environment, efficiency is fundamental. As institutions, firms, and professionals continue navigating the new norm, digital vaults have emerged as a must-have technology for streamlining document-driven processes. These secure virtual storage solutions offer structure and security that traditional document storage cannot match. Clifton Schaller, a notable figure in the emerging industry, says that digital vault technology can automate document-driven processes, reduce costs, and enhance client satisfaction. With secure access to critical information at their fingertips, institutions and professionals can make informed decisions faster, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve. He shares how they've built solutions designed to help the financial services industry keep its edge. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Clifton Schaller, Chief Growth Officer at FutureVault, to discuss the value of the digital vault technology. Clifton shares how FutureVault helps people, the value of using a third-party vault for client documents and compliance, how they use AI for document analysis and insights in wealth management, and career growth through confidence. 
37:26 3/18/24
Improving Customer Experience and Growth Through Operations With Jen Goldman
Jen Goldman is the Founder of My Virtual COO, a firm helping businesses transform their operations with less stress, struggles, and missteps. She has over 30 years of experience as a business operations transformer, having helped over 1000 businesses thrive. She has taught her methods at national conferences, and her work has been published by Inc Magazine, Tech Tools for Today’s High-Margin Practice, Liberated CEO, and trade publications. In this episode… Growing a business is rewarding but stressful. It entails juggling multiple business operations — expertise many leaders and teams might not possess. That's why many companies face stagnation after their initial growth spurt.  Jen Goldman, a business operations transformer, says that one of the biggest challenges businesses face is scaling their operations and teams to match their growth and deliver great customer experiences. It's not enough to add more staff or resources — cohesive and effective operations in the company are also crucial. You need a well-planned strategy that will help you grow and improve your business sustainably. She shares how she helps service businesses identify, implement, and accelerate their scalability and growth. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Jen Goldman, Founder of My Virtual COO, to discuss how businesses can grow by transforming their operations. Jen talks about My Virtual COO, improving customer experience through technology and communication, the value of treating your employees well, and the giver personality.
31:41 3/11/24
Gamifying Courses: The Future of Education With Murray Gray
Murray Gray is the Co-founder of Xperiencify, a platform helping course creators get more people to complete their online courses. He is the developer of the “Experiencification” methodology: a powerful combination of techniques from the fields of games, adult learning psychology, and the gambling industries. A self-taught marketer and entrepreneur, Murray has made a career out of building software platforms to make life easier for other business owners. He is also the Founder of Engagify, and has previously founded and co-founded numerous companies such as Live Your Message,,, Fansflood, and others. In this episode… Courses are one of the best ways to improve someone's skills or train employees. However, research shows that only about 3% of people who purchase online courses ever complete them. Gamifying the course could be a game-changer for you.  Serial entrepreneur Murray Gray is a course creator who has been releasing courses for years to help people transform their lives through education. With time, he discovered that only a handful of people who bought his course would finish it and get the desired results. This propelled him to find an easy and fun way to get more people to complete his online courses. He shares how he increased the course completion rates by leveraging games and human psychology in the course creation process.  In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Murray Gray, Co-founder of Xperiencify, to discuss how course creators can improve course completion rates. Murray discusses how Xperiencify helps people, its metrics for online course completion rates and how they impact sales, key things to improve course completion rates, and its ideal clients and customer success stories.
32:39 3/4/24
Becoming an Olympic-Level Leader Through Coaching With Sherry Winn
Sherry Winn is the Founder and CEO of The Winning Leadership Company, a firm specializing in developing leaders who inspire their teams to work at championship levels. She is a two-time Olympian, National Championship Basketball Coach of the Year, and a three-time Amazon best-selling author. Sherry is also an internationally renowned speaker who frequently addresses audiences such as StubHub, AnyTime Fitness, New York Life, Edward Jones, and Technicolor. In this episode… Leading a team is no small feat. It requires a unique set of skills and qualities that not everyone possesses such as finding top talent, maintaining high loyalty, and taking your team to the next level. This is where working with a coach can be helpful. With over 34 years of experience as a national championship basketball coach and two-time Olympian, Sherry Winn acknowledges that coaching is not just for athletes or performers. It's for anyone who wants to improve their skills and reach their full potential. A coach can help you understand who you are, how you appear to others, and what you need to do to increase productivity. With a coach, you can become a better leader and build stronger relationships with your team. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Sherry Winn, Founder and CEO of The Winning Leadership Company, to discuss leadership strategies that create Olympic-level teams. Sherry explains how The Winning Leadership Company helps people, the correlation between sports and business, the qualities of a good leader, and her pivotal moments in becoming a better leader.
37:59 2/26/24
[AI Series] AI Note-Taking for Financial Advisors With Daniel Yoo
Daniel Yoo is the Founder of FinMate AI, an AI note-taking assistant designed by financial advisors, for financial advisors. He spent the first seven years of his career as a financial advisor for renowned firms such as Equitable, TD Ameritrade, and Schwab before transitioning to lead operations and fintech. Drawing on his experience in the advisory and tech spaces, he has created valuable tools for the financial community. In addition, he holds his FINRA series license. In this episode… As a financial advisor, taking accurate and detailed notes during client meetings is a crucial part of the job. However, it is a time-consuming task. Using AI can be a game-changer. Renowned FinTech entrepreneur Daniel Yoo recognized that note-taking in meetings helped him better serve his clients. He developed an AI-powered platform to help advisors concentrate on their clients during meetings without worrying about recording every detail. This allows them to build stronger relationships with clients by valuing their time and input. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Daniel Yoo, Founder of FinMate AI, to discuss how advisors can leverage AI for taking notes in client meetings. Daniel explains how FinMate AI helps financial advisors take notes, the advantages of taking notes during meetings, insights on security with AI products, and customer success stories.
33:41 2/19/24
Scaling Business Through Community as an RIA With Joe Moss
Joe Moss is the Co-founder of Pro Advisor Suite, a group of independent RIAs brought together to save money, simplify tech selection, and provide discounts on innovative tech solutions. He is the curator of Conneqtor, a community for financial advisors.  As an RIA operator and industry expert, Joe is committed to positioning financial advisors and advisory tech companies for success in the digital world. He equips them with the tools, innovation, and community they require — enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional client care. In this episode… As a financial advisor, consistently growing your business can be a challenge. It entails building a client base, juggling finances, staying up-to-date on industry trends, and maintaining profit. Fortunately, the community business model can help you overcome these challenges.  One of the biggest challenges of growing a business as a financial advisor is staying relevant in a rapidly changing industry. Joe Moss says that by joining an RIA community, you can stay on top of the latest trends and best practices. You can learn from other advisors who have successfully navigated the financial industry and tap into their knowledge and experience. By staying connected, you can position yourself as a trusted advisor and build a loyal client base. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Joe Moss, Co-founder of Pro Advisor Suite, to discuss how financial advisors can scale by joining a community. Joe discusses how Pro Advisor Suite helps people, the community business model, how to build and manage a community, and the Conneqtor.
37:32 2/12/24
[AI Series] Driving Business Success Through Digital Transformation With Eric Bourget
Eric Bourget is the Founder and CEO of HalfSerious, a renowned product innovation studio known for its exceptional creativity and unrivaled technological expertise. The company specializes in designing and creating bespoke software solutions that enable businesses to achieve their growth.  With a strong background in the video game industry, Eric brings a unique blend of creativity and technical insights to his work at HalfSerious. He is a highly sought-after speaker who addresses topics such as the role of design in business, nurturing passion in the workplace,, and the impact of AI on business operations. In this episode… The business space is rapidly evolving in the digital age and companies that fail to keep up risk falling behind their competitors. Digital transformation has crucial for long-term success, helping companies achieve greater growth and streamline their operations. By embracing transformation, businesses can potentially improve their agility, efficiency, and customer experience.  While technology can be complex, tech expert Eric Bourget suggests that the user experience should be intuitive and user-friendly.. As a tech developer company, involving clients in the development process is crucial. You can gain valuable insights that help you create customized solutions to address their unique challenges and opportunities. By tailoring the technology to each business’ specific requirements, you can ensure that it delivers the maximum value for all involved. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Eric Bourget, Founder and CEO of HalfSerious, to discuss digital transformation for businesses. Eric explains how HalfSerious helps people, how to get companies to adopt new tech, and shares his insights on using AI in businesses.
33:11 2/5/24
The Value of Creating Personalized Financial Services Experiences With Valarie Vest
Valarie Vest is the Executive Vice President and Chief Experience Officer of Cambridge Investment Research, an internally-controlled financial solutions firm dedicated to serving independent financial advisors and their clients. The company offers a range of flexible solutions, including advising, growth, technology, independence, and more.  Valarie has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Additionally, she's a corporate innovator and leadership coach who works directly with financial professionals and associates to identify emerging trends and translate insights into actionable strategies. In this episode… Building a successful practice as an independent financial advisor can be daunting. It's no longer enough to offer sound financial advice — clients expect more from their advisors. They want personalized service and seamless experiences.  Valarie Vest, an expert in the field, says that the key to success as a financial advisor is creating exceptional customer experiences. Through this, advisors can attract more clients, retain existing ones, and establish a base of loyal, satisfied customers. Unfortunately, not all financial advisors possess the expertise to create these lasting impressions. She recommends partnering with firms that offer advice, technology, and growth strategies to enable advisors to serve their clients better.  In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Valarie Vest, Executive Vice President and Chief Experience Officer of Cambridge Investment Research, to discuss how financial advisors can thrive through better customer experiences. Valarie talks about how Cambridge, the foundational tools for connecting with customers, and how to design better experiences as a financial advisor.
31:32 1/29/24
[AI Series] AI for Wealth Management Marketing With Jonathan Michael
Jonathan Michael is the Founder and CEO of Wealth I/O, a firm helping independent RIAs capture new clients with AI-powered marketing technology. With over 10 years as a MarTech executive, he has a proven track record of building and growing successful AI and digital marketing companies.  Jonathan is a keynote speaker and a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Media and StartUs. He also holds the Transformation Entrepreneurship Award for his achievements and impact as a founder. In this episode… As the financial industry evolves, clients are becoming more sophisticated and demanding when managing their wealth. Acquiring these clients as an advisor is becoming a challenge. Leveraging AI in your marketing as an RIA can be the missing piece..  Jonathan Michael, a tech guru in the financial services world, says that keeping up with the latest technologies positions you to attract and retain clients. One of the fastest-growing tech tools is AI. RIAs that embrace AI are well-positioned to differentiate themselves in a crowded market, attract more leads, and convert them into loyal clients. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Jonathan Michael, Founder and CEO of Wealth I/O, to discuss AI for wealth management marketing. Jonathan talks about Wealth I/O and how it helps people, how it uses AI to help generate leads, its business model, and ideal clients.
29:37 1/22/24
Harnessing the Power of Online Ratings and Reviews With Whit Lanier
Whit Lanier is the Founder and CEO of Amplify Reviews, the market leader for collecting and publishing verified first-party and third-party reviews online. His previous startup was a healthcare review technology vendor that processed over 60 million patient reviews by 2021. Additionally, he has achieved a black belt in jujitsu and recorded music albums in two different bands. In this episode… The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently updated its marketing regulations, and as a result, financial advisors can now incorporate testimonials and endorsements into their marketing strategies. Now the voice of your customers can do the marketing for you.  Nowadays, online reputations play a crucial role in shaping the prospects’ choices of firms. Marketing expert Whit Lanier says that by leveraging online reviews, you turn your clients into online promoters of your business. With a compliance-first approach, there is no easier or lower-risk way for advisors to embrace client testimonials and take advantage of the new opportunities. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Whit Lanier, Founder and CEO of Amplify Reviews, to discuss how financial advisors can harness the power of online ratings and reviews. Whit explains how Amplify Reviews helps people, why financial advisors fear customer reviews, the value of using customer reviews in financial advisor marketing, and the process for collecting reviews for advisors. 
32:42 1/15/24
Embracing Technology for Next-Level Wealth Management With Reed Colley
Reed Colley is the Co-founder and CEO of Summit Wealth Systems, a firm specializing in assisting advisors and their clients by utilizing innovative technology to cultivate mindsets and keep them on track. With over 20 years in the tech industry, he began his career with Black Diamond Performance Reporting in 2003 — the first cloud-based portfolio management system. Reed has also founded, invested in, and provided advisory services to multiple technology companies. In this episode… The wealth management technology industry experiences constant evolution. If you want to take your practice to the next level, it's time to embrace the power of modern technology and explore its benefits.  According to Reed Colley, modern wealth management has transformed in recent years with the rise of new technologies and the changing demands of clients. Unfortunately, many of the legacy systems that have been in use for decades have not kept up with these changes, leaving advisors struggling to meet the needs of their clients. Discovering this challenge, Reed shares his journey of creating a platform to replace these outdated systems to offer greater efficiency and growth. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Reed Colley, Co-founder and CEO of Summit Wealth Systems, to discuss how advisors can leverage technology. Reed shares his journey of creating a human-centered platform, how financial advisors leverage Summit Wealth Systems, and the role of technology in financial advising.
34:34 1/8/24
Embrace Technology: Gain a Competitive Edge in Wealth Management With Jeff Schwantz
Jeff Schwantz is the Chief Revenue Officer of Advisor360°, a holistic wealth management platform that helps enterprises and advisors accelerate their digital transformation. He is responsible for the company’s revenue generation strategy, execution, and go-to-market approach. With over 24 years of experience in the financial services industry, Jeff frequently presents at industry conferences, executive roundtables, workshops, and seminars. Previously, he has held executive roles at Morningstar, eMoney Advisor, BNY Mellon Pershing, and many more. In this episode… In today's fast-paced and ever-changing financial landscape, wealth management has become increasingly more complex. As a result, financial advisors face numerous challenges when managing and growing their businesses. Burgeoning financial technology might be the solution. Financial expert Jeff Schwantz says that by leveraging technology, financial advisors can increase revenue, streamline operations, and reduce costs. However, despite the benefits of technology, many financial advisors remain hesitant to adopt new tools and processes. Some fear that technology will replace the human touch while others worry about the cost and complexity. So how can technology be used wisely to meet the evolving needs of clients? In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Jeff Schwantz, Chief Revenue Officer of Advisor360°, to discuss how financial advisors can thrive through technology. Jeff talks about Advisor360° and how it helps people, simplifying how financial advisors onboard their clients, and the ideal clients for Advisor360°.
34:27 12/29/23
[AI Series] Streamlining Operations With Cutting-Edge AI Technology With Babu Sivadasan
Babu Sivadasan is the Co-founder & CEO of, a full-stack platform that enables banks, financial services companies, and Fortune 500 organizations to solve their pressing operational and efficiency challenges. He has more than 20 years of experience working in engineering, including six years as Group President at Envestnet. Previously, Babu was the Co-founder of, which provided all the functions of the Post Office on a computer. In this episode… In today's fast-paced business world, staying competitive demands swift adaptation to better technologies. However, not everyone has the technical know-how to execute innovative concepts. That's where an AI-powered assistant comes in.  The power of automation is undeniable, and AI is at the forefront of the revolution. Whether you are looking to improve customer experience or streamline operations, Babu Sivadasan recommends harnessing AI's advanced capabilities. With it, you can simplify complex processes, save time, boost productivity, and achieve more than you ever thought possible. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Babu Sivadasan, Co-founder & CEO of, to discuss how financial services companies can thrive by leveraging AI. Babu explains how JIFFY helps people, its connection with other FinTech products, AI-driven software development, and recommendations for choosing an AI-driven product.
35:19 12/22/23
Simplifying Business Processes for Financial Advisors With Louis Retief
Louis Retief is the Co-founder and CEO of Hubly, a process management system that provides efficiency and visibility to financial advisory firms. With five years of experience in the robo-advisory space, he developed a passion for helping advisors enhance the delivery of their services. As a leader, he guides his team through challenges and creates a culture of courage and integrity. He is also a venture mentor at entrepreneurship@UBC and an advisory board member at AMS of UBC Vancouver. In this episode… As a financial advisor, providing the best service to your clients is your duty. However, sometimes it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. You need a tool that can streamline your business processes and give you the visibility to stay on top of things. According to Louis Retief, financial advisors are juggling multiple tasks to achieve success. They are burning out and failing. However, having a process management system in place can help them. This way you can simplify your processes, improve your efficiency, and focus on what matters. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Louis Retief, Co-founder and CEO of Hubly, to discuss how to unleash the power of effortless financial technology. Louis talks about Hubly, how its product development aligns with the culture and habits of its clients, its business model, and its ideal client profile.
34:24 12/18/23
Delivering an Experience: A Custom Tailor’s Tips With Rocky Chugani
Rocky Chugani is the Owner and Designer of Rocky's Custom Clothes. He is an expert tailor specializing in custom-made, bespoke garments for the individual. Rocky's clients include renowned Hollywood celebrities such as Steve Harvey, Jay Leno, Jeff Probst, Maurice Chestnut, and many more. For the past 35 years, he has strived to maintain the highest standards in custom clothing, comparable to designers such as Zegna, Armani, and Karuna Khaitan. In this episode… Your appearance speaks volumes about your professionalism and expertise. Whether you're meeting with clients, networking with industry peers, or presenting in front of a room full of people, you want to look your best. When you look good, you feel good, and this boost in confidence can help you deliver more value to your clients.  It's no secret that successful professionals always put their best foot forward, and looking sharp is a crucial part of that strategy. Rocky Chugani says that professionals always look their best by investing in custom-made, bespoke garments from expert tailors. These skilled experts specialize in creating unique pieces that fit their bodies perfectly and accentuate their best features. By investing in your appearance, you're investing in your ability to deliver more value to your clients. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Rocky Chugani, Owner and Designer of Rocky's Custom Clothes, to discuss how dressing translates to service. Rocky explains how Rocky's Custom Clothes helps people, why choose custom-made clothes, tricks and techniques for delivering affordable quality products, and the fashion trends in the financial industry.
34:37 12/11/23
[AI Series] Building an AI Tool for Financial Compliance With Mamal Amini
Mamal Amini is the Co-founder and CEO of GovernGPT, an AI that understands financial sector regulations for the SEC and FINRA. It reviews marketing materials for sales communications and provides real-time feedback at the point of creation. Mamal is an AI scientist holding an MS in computer science from McGill University. In this episode… Compliance in the financial services industry is essential. It's not just about following rules and regulations, it's also about protecting your clients and your business. With so many regulations to keep up with, it's essential to have a tool to help you stay compliant. According to Mamal Amini, using an AI tool that reviews content as your team creates it can save time and reduce the risk of compliance issues. An AI tool can identify problems, suggest alternatives, and give consistent feedback to content creators. He shares his journey of creating an AI tool to do exactly that. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Mamal Amini, Co-founder and CEO of GovernGPT, to discuss how AI can help you stay compliant in the financial services industry. Mamal talks about AI-powered compliance review tools, GovernGPT, building an AI that acts like a Chief Compliance Officer, and advice for building a successful AI business.
33:57 12/4/23
Tips for Wealth Management: An RIA Perspective With Chuck Failla
Chuck Failla is the Founder and CEO of Sovereign Financial Group, an independent and family-owned RIA firm that delivers integrated and unbiased advice for their clients. He is a financial planner with over 25 years of experience. Chuck is also the Director of Sovereign Advisors Solutions and serves on the Board of Directors for the Financial Planning Association of Connecticut. He is the Host of the goRIA Podcast with Investment News.  In this episode… Building wealth, safeguarding your family, and securing your assets is critical for your financial future. Yet with so many unknowns, it can be challenging to know where to start. Hiring an RIA firm might be the solution.  With your financial future, you deserve more than someone picking out investments for you. Chuck Failla recommends working with an RIA firm, experts who can offer unbiased advice for your financial needs and create integrated plans tailored to your unique goals. He shares his journey building an RIA firm to work with people, coordinate their investments, help with taxes and liabilities, and even plan for their estate or legacy.  In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Chuck Failla, Founder and CEO of Sovereign Financial Group, to discuss tips for wealth management. Chuck shares his journey of growing a financial planning and investment management firm, Sovereign’s business model, and why people should go RIA.
31:48 11/27/23
[AI Series] Thriving as a Financial Advisor Using AI-Powered Tools With Gabe Rissman
Gabe Rissman is the Co-founder and President of YourStake, a firm that provides technology solutions that power personalization for advisors. He holds a BS in computational astrophysics from Yale, where he also led Yale's fossil fuel divestment movement and managed the Socially Responsible Investing Fund. Under his leadership. Gabe is a board member of the Intentional Endowments Network and a member of the Adasina Social Justice Index Committee. He was named 30 under 30 in Socially Responsible Investing and is a 2022 Ten to Watch. In this episode… As a financial advisor, growing your practice can be a challenging endeavor. With ever-changing market conditions, shifting client needs, and the pressure to stay on top of regulatory requirements, it can be hard to focus on growing your business. However, leveraging AI can be a game-changer.  With the right tools and technology, you can streamline your client prospecting, reporting, and portfolio analytics, freeing up more time to focus on providing personalized service to clients. However, finding the right tools can be a hassle. Gabe Rissman recommends working with a firm that offers a suite of tools designed for advisors. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Gabe Rissman, Co-founder and President of YourStake, to discuss how advisors can thrive through AI. Gabe shares the benefits of using YourStake AI-powered software as an advisor, creating an environmental and social governance impact, and how YourStake improves customer experience and satisfaction.
35:36 11/20/23
[AI Series] How To Utilize Work Automation and AI With Alane Boyd
Alane Boyd is the Co-founder and President of BGBO Co., an operations and growth strategy agency utilizing AI and automation to improve efficiency for their clients. She is also the CEO of Arvo, an AI-powered sales tool. As a serial entrepreneur, Alane has been featured in Entrepreneur, HuffPost, South by Southwest, PBS, Today in Nashville, and many more. In this episode… In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, simplifying workflows and reducing employee burnout are fundamental for business success. Using AI to automate your business processes can help solve these issues for your organization. According to Alane Boyd, work automation has been around for quite some time now, yet many organizations still hesitate to embrace it. People fear losing their jobs, and entrepreneurs face the perceived complexity of implementing automation. She says automation can help individuals focus on more creative and meaningful goals while reducing the burden of repetitive and mundane tasks. That's why she recommends hiring an agency that utilizes AI and automation, allowing you to focus on growing your business and achieving your goals.  In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Alane Boyd, Co-founder and President of BGBO Co., to discuss how businesses can thrive through work automation. Alane talks about the perceived obstacles, the importance of automating your business processes, and leveraging AI in work automation. 
31:49 11/13/23
Navigating Transitions: Expert Tips for Advisors With Ryan Shanks
Ryan Shanks is the Co-founder and CEO of FA Match, the industry’s only data-driven solution for advisor recruiting. Previously, he was the Founder and CEO of Finetooth Consulting, which provided transition consulting, outsourced recruiting, and succession planning to financial advisors within the United States. With over 22 years of experience in financial services, Ryan began his career by establishing The Swivel Group, a boutique consulting firm geared toward recruiting services. In this episode… How you serve your clients as an advisor determines how successful you become. Being in the right environment is crucial for better service, as it helps you and your clients feel comfortable and can take your advisory career to the next level. However, most advisors feel they don't have the freedom to put their expertise to work, which increases their desire to transition to other firms or become independent. The transition process itself can pose a unique set of challenges. Ryan Shanks recommends hiring a firm that offers career management planning services to build more meaningful and more profitable connections.  In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Ryan Shanks, Co-founder and CEO of FA Match, to discuss how to successfully transition firms or become an independent advisor. Ryan talks about the key metrics advisors look for during firm selection, the FA Match business model, and success tips for a transitioning advisor.
28:08 11/6/23
Achieving Sustainable Growth as an Agency Owner With Frank Cowell
Frank Cowell is the Chief Revenue Officer of Revenue Ranch, a coaching and training organization for professional service firms. With 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, he works closely with founders to help them achieve predictable revenue, more profit, and personal freedom.  Before Revenue Ranch, Frank was the CEO of Digitopia Agency. He is also the best-selling author of "Building Your Digital Utopia," where he introduced a concept that helps brands create digital experiences to accelerate growth systematically. In this episode… Growing a business as an agency owner can be challenging but achievable. Seeking support from experts in this field can help you do this effectively and efficiently.  However, it's essential to realize that growth barriers are common. Frank Cowell recommends working with a coaching and training organization to help you implement a strategy and management methodology. This will enable you to overcome unexpected obstacles and achieve consistent growth, predictable revenue, more profit, and personal freedom. In this episode of The Customer Wins, Richard Walker sits down with Frank Cowell, Chief Revenue Officer of Revenue Ranch, to discuss how agency owners can achieve sustainable growth. Frank explains how to delegate tasks as an entrepreneur, the seven core functions of the business, tips for achieving mental freedom as a business owner, and brand-building strategies.
40:25 10/30/23

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