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A podcast about running, sports, and whatever else is on our minds. Mostly running. Join Andrew Hettinger and Adam Wheeler as they discuss running and stuff that's mostly connected to running. On the pod, we bring guests from around the running community, local race directors, and much more! Thank you for listening.


Episode 166 - Traveling for a Race
With Adam traveling for Boston, the boys dig back on some of their experience with traveling for other races. They give some of their advice with dealing with a new city, strangers, and groups of people during a race weekend. Staying focused on your race, yet enjoying the city you are in. Traveling for races is meant for making memories in a cool city, not just on race day.
49:10 3/16/23
Episode 165 - Checking In
This week the boys take some time to sit down and check in on each other. Boston is closing in, so it's time to see how Adam's training is going. Andrew talks about working through a bit of a wall and bummer running week he had, and how he bounced back.
39:17 3/10/23
Episode 164 - Taking Easy Runs Easy
This week the boys talk about how they have learned to run easy runs... well... easy! Incorporating easy runs into your training is essential to hitting big goals. But it isn't always as easy as it sounds. We got some advice for that. Also, we go through the benefits of learning this craft.
45:52 3/2/23
Episode 163 - Dress Rehearsals and Practicing Nutrition
This week the boys sit down to discuss dress rehearsal long runs. How do we approach mimicking race day, and why is it important? Then they totally dovetailed, unintentionally, into a long discussion on various nutrition needs. This episode is packed with great information for the finals weeks and months leading to spring goal races.
65:25 2/23/23
Episode 162 - Ideal Time Inventory - with Mark Freeman
This week, we sit down with Mark Freeman to discuss the Ideal Time Inventory. This is a practice that goes beyond scheduling, and allows you to see where you may be devoting more time than you should be. Finding time for running and working out can be difficult. Making time for family and friends and rest can be difficult. This exercise with Mark is so simple and eye opening, and he's just an awesome dude to talk to for an hour.
67:39 2/16/23
Episode 161 - One Month Down
January is over, and before we know it our spring races will be upon us. This week we sit down and take some time to go over the first month of the year. Coaching has been awesome. Training has been great! Andrew's health... surprise surprise.
45:15 2/9/23
Episode 160 - Get Some Sleep
This week the boys sit down and talk about one of their favorite activities... SLEEP! It is one of the keys for solid training with any RBR athlete, and we offer some advice, science, and where to bend the rules on getting good sleep.
42:59 1/26/23
Episode 159 - Glass City Marathon - with Clint McCormick
This week we sit down with the Race Director from the Glass City Marathon in Toledo, Ohio, Clint McCormick. Clint takes us through the journey of racing in the 90s, taking a head position for "the Club" and GCM, and then guiding a race through a pandemic. Glass City was one of the first bigger events to take place in 2021, and they pulled it off when other races were moving to the fall. Clint also has helped the race become the Road Runners Club of America Marathon National Championship for 2023. 
66:00 1/19/23
Episode 158 - Project Outrun and More... with Courtney Ruggaber
This week we sit with Courtney Ruggaber of Project Outrun and Kindness Runs the World. This is some truly awesome stuff, as Courtney talks about the vision to turn children's patients into athletes through flashy awesome shoes. Audacious goals and awesome causes make this an episode worthy of your time and ears.
62:33 1/12/23
Episode 157 - New Year, New Goals
It's a New Year with a blank slate ready for you to scribble all your hopes, dreams, and aspirations on. But are the goals to big? Are you trying to skip steps? Are you setting yourself up for success or disappointment? Why is the description of this episode all questions? Listen now, to get some answers to your goal setting questions.
40:01 1/5/23
Episode 156 - Look Back. Look Forward. 2022-2023
This was a banner year for Rust Belt Running. Both of us set massive PRs. One of us secured a spot at Boston. We started a business. We are looking forward. And we are looking forward to you joining us!
82:18 12/22/22
Episode 155 - With Samantha Smith
This week we discuss running with local runner Samantha Smith. Sam is takes us on a journey, from trying to pick up running multiple times, to having to pick it up AGAIN after having a kid. Being a mother is hard. Being a runner is hard. To be both is a really badass accomplishment.
65:17 12/14/22
Episode 154 - Technology in Running
With the holidays upon us, we are all thinking about the gifts we want. There's a lot of tech products out there geared towards runners, but what do they actually do? The boys dig in to the good, bad, and ugly of all the data that is available to runners these days.
52:48 12/8/22
Episode 153 - This was something...
After some time off, the boys are back and weirder than ever. They tried to start a series on the offseason, but between Adam explaining the absolute shit-show that Twitter has become (yes, more so than usual) and Andrew talking using inappropriate hand gestures in family photos, this went off the rails quickly. We'll try to be better next time, but surely this is going to entertain you. Also - we could not be more clear, this is an explicit episode.
56:19 11/17/22
Episode 152 - Columbus Marathon Recap
On a bit of an extended episode, Andrew takes us on the journey of his Columbus Marathon weekend. From (too many) bagels to (too much) celebratory beer, this episode has it all. It's a little extended as there is too much fun to discuss, and too few fucks given. It was a really special weekend, and any time we get to get together and discuss massive PRs is a good time.
99:17 10/27/22
Episode 151 - Review and Preview - with Cris Gutierrez
When our podcasts combine, tremendous things happen. We welcome Cris Gutierrez from the Beers and Miles podcast and discuss all things in the running world right now. There were world records, Boston Marathon news, and more. Coming up we have our own races, world majors, and so much more. We discuss it all. Our first little podcast collaboration, and certainly not going to be our last. Enjoy this full episode with Cris.
78:50 10/6/22
Episode 150 - The Columbus Marathon - With Darris Blackford
It's as Ohio a tradition as beating that team up north, and we're talking about bringing our good friend Darris Blackford. As the race director of the Columbus Marathon, Darris brings us a fun perspective of what it's like to be the leader of one of our favorite races. We discuss the look of the race in the perspective of the pandemic, and Darris finally gives Andrew a way to bring the Horseshoe back to the race course.
59:02 9/22/22
Episode 149 - Deep Dive - Do Hard Things
The first of an undetermined amount of episodes, the boys sit down to begin discussing the most recent book from Steve Magness. Do Hard Things goes into the science behind mental toughness, and how the approach from the old school isn't necessarily the most effective. They take the approach of the book and apply it to their own running and their coaching.
51:04 9/1/22
Episode 148 - Guess Who's Back?
Could it be? Is it? Are they? YES!!! They're back! The boys, minus two tonsils, are back on the mic bringing running to your speakers or ear buds! It's been quite the summer, and there's more left to enjoy.
60:23 8/18/22
Episode 147 - Monthly Coaching Recap
It's been one month since we started coaching athletes to meet their goals in running. We are shocked how much we have learned in such a short period of time. Since we have fewer athletes right now, we are getting to see the quirks in run coaching, but we have developed ways to be as accessible as possible. Being the most accessible and approachable coaches in the business is our goal, and that is definitely something we are figuring out. Be sure to go to the link in our bio to read up more on Team Rust Belt Running and sign up to be one of our charter athletes.
33:44 7/7/22
Episode 146 - with Matt Martin
This week we sat to talk with long time listener, and all around badass, Matt Martin. Matt's running journey isn't as long as many of us, but it has been ridiculously impressive. Don't call him an Akron Legend though, he doesn't think he is (if he's not, he's on his way). Some of us are more deliberate with our goals, maybe even scared to make our goals too audacious. Not Matt! He thrives on setting lofty goals and smashing them. We gave Matt the floor and the entire episode, which isn't typical for us. It's worth listening to a guy who has been going crazy on streets, and the Towpath, for four years. I hope you enjoy this time with Matt, and maybe set your goal a little higher as to not be scared of it. Put in the work, and crazy shit can happen.
83:38 6/23/22
Episode 145 - Team Rust Belt Running
This week, the boys discuss Andrew's lit weekend. Champagne, race spectating and pacing, and friends. The Women's 6k Championship in Canton was worthy of much discussion, as we welcomed the American Women's Marathon Record Holder Keira D'Amato to the streets. The surprise of Aliphine Tuliamuk took everyone by surprise as well.  Our advice - Drink mimosas when you spectate races.... then go run miles at a different race (not actually recommended). The real excitement in this episode is the launching of Team Rust Belt Running. Adam and Andrew have worked tirelessly to launch their own run coaching business. Aimed at bringing individuals success in their running journeys, the boys talk about what it took to get to this point and how they can help you in your journey. Check out to learn more or apply! Enjoy your miles!
58:04 6/9/22
Episode 144 - Project Outrun w/ Aiman Scullion
This week we sit down with Akron Legend Aiman Scullion. He takes on a journey from Morocco to Kent State University and beyond. Aiman also talks about using his running skills to raise money for children's cancer research through Project Outrun. Be sure to check them out and get the chance to beat Aiman in a 5k in June. Although we aren't sure a 4 minute and 1 second headstart is going to be enough. 🤷🏼‍♂️
52:45 5/26/22
Episode 143 - Pittsburgh Marathon Recap
With a TON to discuss, the boys leave no stone unturned in talking about their weekend at the Pittsburgh Marathon. To all who sent well wishes and congratulations, we thank you! Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to sharing many more race adventures with you.
121:47 5/12/22
Episode 142 - Pittsburgh Marathon Preview
...and we are back. With the Pittsburgh Marathon around the corner, the boys preview Adam's goal race. With a spectacular elite field, there was plenty to discuss with this weekend's coming festivities. Before getting into this preview, the boys look back on the Boston Marathon's return to Patriot's Day.
59:33 4/28/22
Episode 141 - Women's 6k Championship - with Tina Oprean-Ryee
This week the boys sit with Tina Oprean-Ryee. She's the coach of the Malone University Cross-Country and Track teams, and also the Race Director of the USATF Women's 6k road race national championship. She spends time discussing both of these with us.
58:23 3/31/22
Episode 140 - with National Champion Dean Freitag
This week the boys sit with Dean Freitag. Dean takes us on the journey from cross-country runner to national championship race walker. Before our discussion with Dean, the boys discuss the Deshaun Watson trade to the Browns, and some of the very difficult conversations and feelings many are dealing with.
66:00 3/24/22
Episode 139 - Training Your Mind
The boys are finally back, and this week discuss some of the mental training that goes into running. To be honest, they probably should have been following some of this advice earlier in the episode, as this went off the rails awfully quick.
57:55 3/17/22
Episode 138 - with Deron Boyd
This week we sit with long time listener Deron Boyd. Deron takes on the road from 5k to (almost) 100 miles. The training for nutrition, the problem of chafing (sever chafing 🤢). We also discuss the "off-season" for runners, and how Deron is approaching his current downtime.
65:40 2/23/22
Episode 137 - Potpourri
It's been a while since we just flew by the seat of our pants. But on the heels of the Super Bowl and that epic halftime show, we also had to discuss the wonders of Hudson Ice Fishing, Olympic Doping, and Andrew's unemployment "beard".
61:19 2/16/22