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The gang from Wallares talk about improv from their unique perspectives, and... occasionally go a little off topic. A Podfix Network show @podfix


Episode 45: Q and Eh
Join us for a laughter-filled extravaganza as our talented improvisers tackle outlandish questions with wit and charm, delivering non-stop entertainment and spontaneous hilarity. Unscripted and unpredictable, this improv comedy joyride guarantees laughs for all! #LittleBitsAndPieces #ImprovComedy
42:01 8/17/23
Episode 44: Lineups and Chasing The Bear
In this side-splitting episode, our talented improvisers curate a lineup with hilarious bear jokes that will leave you in stitches. Get ready for a wild ride as we uncover the secrets behind crafting engaging shows while celebrating the joy of improv comedy. Tune in now for a bear-y good time! #LittleBitsAndPieces #ImprovLaughs
29:10 7/27/23
Episode 43: Multimedia Comedy and The Socrates Conundrum
Join the laughter-filled mayhem on "Little Bits and Pieces" podcast as the hosts explore the exhilarating world of multimedia improv shows. Prepare for a wild ride of hilarity, where visuals, music, and technology combine to create uproarious comedy. And just when you least expect it, they'll comically mention Socrates' surprising anatomy, adding an unexpected twist to keep you laughing out loud. Tune in for an unforgettable episode that celebrates the magic of multimedia in improv comedy, promising hilarious adventures and surprises at every turn.
34:49 7/20/23
Episode 42: DnDelight
Embark on an imaginative journey where Wallares delves into the captivating world of Dungeons and Dragons and its fascinating applications in improv comedy. In this episode, join Wallares and the witty hosts as they uncover the magical connection between these two creative realms. Discover how the storytelling, character building, and improvisational elements of Dungeons and Dragons intertwine seamlessly with the art of comedic improvisation. From epic quests to unexpected plot twists, explore how the imaginative adventures of D&D inspire and enhance comedic performances, creating unforgettable moments of laughter and excitement. Tune in for an enlightening exploration of the intersection between Dungeons and Dragons and improv comedy that will leave you inspired and ready to roll the dice of creativity in your own comedic pursuits.
39:21 7/13/23
Episode 41: Sonic's Blood is Rings
Join Wallares on an exhilarating episode of "Little Bits and Pieces" as he explores the unexpected connections between our off-stage lives and the chaotic allure of Sonic the Hedgehog's Chaos Emeralds in the realm of improv comedy. Discover how personal experiences and emotions infuse our comedic performances, while diving into the thrilling parallels between life's unpredictability and the coveted Chaos Emeralds. Brace yourself for a captivating blend of personal anecdotes, comedic insights, and Sonic fandom, as Wallares uncovers the laughter and excitement that emerges when our lives and the chaos of Sonic's world collide. Tune in to "Little Bits and Pieces" for an unforgettable exploration that intertwines life's chaos and the Chaos Emeralds, illuminating the profound influence they have on the comedic magic of improv.
31:16 7/6/23
Episode 40: Best Improv Advice
Experience the ultimate showdown of laughter and wisdom on "Little Bits & Pieces" podcast! In this episode, the three talented hosts compete to share the best improv advice they've received, showcasing their comedic prowess and unique hosting styles. Prepare for a laughter-filled battle of quick thinking and razor-sharp timing as they provide invaluable insights to enhance your improv skills. Don't miss this entertaining episode where friendly rivalry, expert wisdom, and hilarious comedy collide, leaving you inspired and thoroughly entertained!
26:31 6/22/23
No More Bits: Boundaries
Dive into a thought-provoking episode of "No More Bits" podcast as the host explores the crucial topic of personal boundaries in improv comedy. Through heartfelt conversations and expert insights, discover the significance of consent, communication, and mutual respect in fostering a safe and inclusive creative space. Gain valuable techniques for setting and enforcing boundaries, promoting a culture of respect and empowerment. Join the conversation and discover how honoring personal limits enhances collaboration and leads to a more inclusive and compassionate comedy community.
09:08 6/19/23
Episode 39: The End is Nigh
Experience the perfect blend of laughter and superhero magic on "Little Bits & Pieces" podcast! Join the talented hosts as they unravel the art of ending improv shows with finesse, while also diving into the thrilling world of Sam Raimi's Spiderman. Discover the secrets to crafting unforgettable finales that leave audiences in stitches, and explore the iconic moments and humorous quirks that made Spidey a cultural phenomenon. Don't miss this unique and entertaining episode that combines the power of improvisation with the web-slinging charm of Spiderman!
23:46 6/15/23
No More Bits: Pay
Discover the art of getting paid for your improvisational comedy skills on the latest episode of No More Bits. Join Matt as he dives into the world of improv and discusses the importance of improvisers receiving fair compensation. From negotiating with bookers to ensuring venues pay their acts, we explore the challenges and strategies for getting paid in the world of improv comedy. Tune in to gain valuable insights and learn how to turn your passion into a profession on this enlightening episode.
09:08 6/5/23
Episode 38: Initiating Spindrift Protocol
Get ready for a side-splitting and refreshing episode of "Little Bits & Pieces" podcast! Join the talented improvisers as they explore initiations in scenes, unleashing waves of creativity and laughter. In this hilarious episode, they dive into the sparkling delight of "Spindrift" carbonated water, pairing flavors with comedic scenarios. Get ready for a laughter-filled experience that tickles your funny bone and quenches your thirst for comedy. Don't miss this episode, where improvisation meets tasty refreshment! -Written by ChatGPT
23:43 6/1/23
Episode 37: Spacing Out
Christian regales the group with his ISS travels, Geoff's intervention didn't take, and Matt ponders the omnipotent and all powerful improv. Wallares admittedly stay off topic, but you'll be surprised to hear that Christian has not yet eaten since last episode. Let's hope we record these back to back, otherwise that would be a week of no food. Stay healthy, Cowboys.
23:26 5/18/23
No More Bits: References
Matt discusses the best practices on references and topical humor in improv. Even though references can alienate players, those same players need to be able to honor their partners' references(/choices) and, though a futile pursuit, try to learn something about everything.
09:08 5/16/23
Episode 36: Commitment
Wallares talks about commitment, and how it can be different for different situations. Also, they hold an intervention for Geoff and his lack of commitment and Christian is hungry! Is committing to a bit worhtwhile in improv? How do you tell the difference between a scene or a bit with legs and a scene that needs edited? Is there food in Christian's future?
26:47 5/11/23
Episode 35: Rolling with the Punches
While Matt was away (union-busting), Christian, Geoff, and ChatGPT hold down the fort. While Matt still edits the podcast and hears all their digs and disses, he releases the episode anyway out of goodwill and kindness to his Wallares peers.
35:23 5/4/23
Episode 34: Group Mind in Group Time
The gang runs out of free recording time while going over group mind. They showcase their own group mind with things like Mario. Nothing else really. Also, it sounds like Christian is in 1.5X timing at the top, but he isn't. Oh, and Geoff finally apologizes.
31:13 4/27/23
No More Bits: Game
Matt goes over what game of the scene is, what it intends to set in a scene, and a great exercise that teaches the foundational aspects of game, like patterns and heightening.
09:08 4/24/23
Episode 33: One Thought, Two Thought, Red Thought, Blue Thought
Christian's icy heart eventually warms up to you, the viewer. Matt confuses himself with logical "paradoxes" (stupid thoughts). Geoff goes through helpful call and response examples of the third thought. A normal episode.
31:42 4/20/23
No More Bits: Slumps
Matt defines what a slump can be, why they come up and of course the frustrating truth of how to get through them.
06:52 4/17/23
Episode 32: Warm Up The Fires of Resistance!
The podcast gets sponsored by Disney and Zorblax makes a corporate appearnace that pushes Matt and Christian over the egde. Beware the ides of Disney. Also they talk about warm-ups a little bit!
29:08 4/13/23
Episode 31: Improv Go-To's and/or Whatever Geoff Thought
If you've seen an improv show you might have seen some of these go-tos that improvisers constantly work into sets. Without casting judgement, Wallares discusses some repeating behaviors they've seen, from the suggestions to the actors' performances.
29:13 4/7/23
Episode 30: Zorblax and Expertise
The gang finally gets into their beliefs on the Moon and the Sun, Geoff bought some Ikea furniture awhile back and thinks he knows everything, and they discuss the acting phrase the top of one's intelligence.
33:55 3/30/23
Episode 29: The Rules of Improv (or the Unexpected Segue's of Ignorance)
Christian tries to have an episode about the rules of improv (being the stickle he is), but the guys basically rewrite their own version of The Wall by metaphorically exclaiming, "Teacher! Leave those kids alone." They are the last vestige of hope for mankind in one way, and absolutely not in every other ways.
22:48 3/23/23
Episode 28: We Are Good at Describing "Crazy Town"
The guys gets to the bottom of crazytown in very granular terms, terms that critics describe as "non-specific," or "confusing," or "downright moronic"- and that's just what Matt says!
27:52 3/17/23
Episode 27: Hecklers
The gang discusses what a hecklers mean in improv, how to shut them down or to not invite them, and Geoff does something we're all like 'what?' to and then he either doubles down or gives up on it.
30:09 3/9/23
Episode 26: We Have Mono!
The boys discuss a popular long-form called the monoscene. The go over pitfalls and things that make it shine! Also they reveal they use volume knobs to record the show
28:09 2/23/23
Episode 25: Tech-ically Speaking
The gang discusses what good tech means to them, red washes, improvisers teching improvisers, audio cues and whatever else Toshiba or LG comes out with next!
26:22 2/16/23
Episode 24: What are Our Things?
Matt, Geoff and Christian talk about their strengths and how they like to approach improv. Spoiler a "deeply conceptual idea of game" makes a few appearances.
28:06 2/9/23
Episode 23: Healthy Relationship with Improv
The gang dives into GPT (Geoff Pretty True) AI chatbot while Geoff recovers from a debilitating disease, they talk about how to not get too burnt out with improv, and... make fun of each other.
25:02 2/2/23
Episode 22: The Annual Bitsmas Tradition Part 2
The gang recaps the year the only way they know how: with an insane amount of bits and riffing. Strap in as you will hear from guests of the year, sponsors who mean a great deal, and more things to round out the 2022 year (of our lord)- here's to 2023! To keep up with Wallares and for more comedy content, head over to For this and more great podcasts check out
37:50 12/29/22
Episode 21: The Annual Bitsmas Tradition Part 1
The gang recaps the year the only way they know how: with an insane amount of bits and riffing. Strap in as you will hear from guests of the year, sponsors who mean a great deal, and more things to round out the 2022 year (of our lord). To keep up with Wallares and for more comedy content, head over to For this and more great podcasts check out  
32:21 12/22/22