Show cover of The Green Repeal - A Guide to Cannabis Marketing & Advertising

The Green Repeal - A Guide to Cannabis Marketing & Advertising

Today’s Cannabis marketers are facing the same challenges faced by the alcohol industry in 1933 when prohibition was reversed — how do you successfully market a product and navigate an industry that is on the verge of becoming legalized on a federal level? Join alcohol beverage marketing experts and founders of SoHo Experiential, Rick Kiley and Jeff Boedges, as they interview economists, historians, entrepreneurs, legal experts, and more! Listen in as they track the path to a “Green Repeal”, through the lens of alcohol beverage professionals familiar with the trials and tribulations of marketing a “sin-dustry.” Through the podcast, listeners will get an excellent understanding of the Cannabis industry, how it will be governed, and how to successfully navigate the challenges of marketing a successful product in a heavily restricted industry.


043: The Natural Healing Powers of CBD with Pet Wellness Expert Angela Ardolino 52:51 12/22/2021
042: The Uplifting Powers of Craft Cannabis with Christina DiPaci 63:47 12/07/2021
041: Advocating for Social Equity in Cannabis with Rabbi James Kahn 82:43 11/23/2021
040: MJ Unpacked Part 2 – Featuring Carrie Mapes and Patty Papas from Hello Again 49:02 11/09/2021
039: MJ Unpacked Part 1 – Featuring Theory Wellness’ Thomas Winstanley 45:11 11/01/2021
038: How Backbone is Streamlining the Cannabis Supply Chain with Peter Huson 55:25 10/19/2021
037: How 'Other People’s Pot' is Thriving in the Canadian Cannabis Industry with Amy Weinstein 64:45 10/05/2021
036: Inside the World of Cannabis Journalism with Mary Jane Gibson 55:49 09/21/2021
035: Sustainable Cannabis Growth with Julia Jacobson 63:53 07/20/2021
034: Building Professional Cannabis Communities with George Jage 58:12 06/29/2021
033: Enlightened Digital Marketing for Cannabis Businesses with Sam Hollander 61:03 06/15/2021
032: Demystifying the CBD Space with Andrea Wightwick 64:53 06/01/2021
031: Crossing Over from Corporate to Cannabis with Dasheeda Dawson 60:37 05/18/2021
030: Reimagining the Dispensary Experience with Mimi Lam 61:38 05/04/2021
029: Looking Back: A Very Special 420 Episode 54:40 04/20/2021
028: Advocating for Responsible Cannabis Use Among Athletes with Jim McAlpine 53:15 04/06/2021
027: Inside the World of Cannabis Journalism with Lauren Yoshiko 61:00 03/23/2021
026: Enlightening Minds as a Cannabis Authenticator with Brooke Burgstahler 57:25 03/09/2021
025: Crafting the Highest Quality Cannabis with Gillian Levy 56:57 02/23/2021
024: Creating a Premium Psychedelic Cannabis Brand with Libby Cooper 59:39 02/09/2021
023: Advocating for Change in the Cannabis Industry with Chris Ball 55:55 01/27/2021
022: How the Cannabis Industry Affects Entrepreneurs of Color with Ashley Stallworth 64:44 11/16/2020
021: Fighting Stereotypes and Advocating for Minorities in Cannabis with Ophelia Chong 61:38 09/29/2020
020: Breaking Stigmas and Cultivating Inclusivity in the Cannabis Industry with Laganja Estranja 64:38 09/15/2020
019: Inside the World of Cannabis Accessory Subscriptions with Liz Whiting 70:49 09/08/2020
018: Rethinking Cannabis Education with Charlie McElroy 62:14 08/04/2020
017: Uniting the Cannabis Industry and Criminal Justice Reform with Andrew Deangelo 67:03 07/14/2020
016: The Data Science Powering Cannabis Businesses with Liz Connors 49:08 06/29/2020
015: How Lantern Created a Cannabis Delivery Business with Meredith Mahoney 61:41 06/09/2020
014: Inside Missouri’s Cannabis Industry with Dr. Mimi Vo 51:08 05/28/2020