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The Dueling Coaches Show

Tristan Bryant hosts as Coach Mark and Coach Ray discuss the most interesting topics of the day, with a few left turns. Tens of fans rejoice as this the yet to be nominated show returns to the airwaves in their latest rendition after being a podcast and radio show in St. Louis over the last decade. Tune in Saturday mornings at 8am on 88.7 The Pulse, Stream it live on, and stay tuned for details on how you can download the show as a podcast on all podcast platforms.


Episode 004: Giving the GOAT Debate the (re)Boot
Tristan and the Coaches are back in rare form and they kick it off celebrating Tristan accomplishing something the Coaches never could: Signing a letter of intent to play college sports!  Then, grass is green, the sky is blue, and Coach Mark talks too much as Coach Ray tries to change the NBA G.O.A.T. debate.  The crew finishes up with a Top 3 Bottom 3 struggling to find examples of reboots in popular culture, as they conveniently forget that they are, in fact, a reboot themselves.  Tune in to 88.7 The Pulse, or you can stream it live on Saturday mornings at 8am. Episodes can also be downloaded on all major podcast streams. Please like & subscribe!
56:22 2/27/23
Episode 003: Music Exclamation Point
The Coaches have crowned our new Sports Czar: Coach Ray, who is reporting live from his bunker (office) at Amazon. The Coaches discuss starting a GoFundMe to buy a website (make checks payable to Coach Ray) and all 3 hosts try to figure out how old is too old to say "bro" with your hat backwards, when a guest caller joins the show for a Trivia game about 'Now That's What I Call Music!' The show closes with a Top 3 Bottom 3 list of "Joe" jobs, when Ray is interrupted by a call from Jeff Bezos and has to leave early. Tune in to 88.7 The Pulse, or you can stream it live on Saturday mornings at 8am. Episodes can also be downloaded on all major podcast streams.
59:51 2/21/23
Episode 002: Ray’s Disneyland Tips
Get your pencil and a piece of paper, In episode 2 of the DCP Ray is heading to the magic kingdom and wants to tell you his tips for visiting the happiest place on earth. Coach Mark shares his back-alley sportsbook Super Bowl prop bets, and things get heated as Ray claims pro teams who change cities have to leave their titles behind. Funny, he seems to focus on a certain Celtics rival. Top 3 Bottom 3 closes out the show with their best and worst classes back in high school. Tune in 88.7 The Pulse, or you can stream it live on Saturday mornings at 8am
57:22 2/16/23
Episode 001: The Origin Story
Tristan Bryant is now hosting, as the Coaches are back on the air! Tune in for the introductions, the origin story, and Coach Mark puts Coach Ray on the receiving end of a performance review. Tristan & the Coaches review their predictions bound to go wrong, and call out their teams so we know who's on the bandwagon going forward. Later, Tristan brings some memes that the Coaches discuss Ray's crappy car & they remember photo mats. Tune in next week as we get to more topics, Top 3 Bottom 3, and more. Saturday mornings at 8am MST on 88.7 The Pulse, or stream it live on Follow us on social media to see for yourself! Instagram Facebook Twitter
54:52 2/6/23