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A podcast intended to cover all aspects of life as an Expat. The pros, cons and experiences of living abroad. Whether you have made the international move or are still contemplating over the idea, this is the podcast you want to be tuned into.


S3 EP8: Your next adventure - ShapShap⁠Travel
In this episode we are talking to Marco LeGrand who is a returning guest from season 1 but also the co-owner of travel company ShapShap Travel. We will discuss ShapShap Travel and what they have to offer including destinations, travel options and more. We are also taking a look behind the scenes to hear more about the challenges and opportunities of running an online business abroad. If you are thinking about booking your next travel, this is how you can see all the relevant detail or get in touch: Contact Details: Website: ShapShap Contact: Social:   Instragram Facebook   SAFFA INDEX: Toyota Rav 4 Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website:
27:31 4/23/23
S3 EP7: Expat FAQs for you new colleague
When starting a job in a new county there are a few things you would wish you would have known sooner. This is also true for the people who join after you, and they might come with a few questions. So that is why we have dedicated this episode to covering some of the questions and answers your new colleagues from abroad might ask you. We will cover the following FAQs: “Gemeente” / City council appointment Open a bank account Public transport Medical aid Municipal Taxes to take note of: Riool, afval etc. 30% ruling application Driver’s licence Common insurances in The Netherlands SAFFA INDEX: Heineken   Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website:
34:37 4/10/23
S3 Ep6: Protect your worldwide income from SARS - with FFG Global
In this episode Eduan caught up with Danelle Labuschagne from FFG Global. Danelle is a Tax and Financial Emigration expert. During the episode we spoke about the VERY HOT TOPIC of "Financial emigration". Financial Emigration in South Africa is a formal process, governed by SARS, where you stop your tax residency in South Africa This is necessary if your intention is not to return to South Africa. You have to formally let SARS know that your intention is to reside abroad in order to get out of the South African tax net. A mere emigration or cease of residency does not result in financial emigration. It is important to determine possible CGT implications that financial emigration might entail. There is a R1,25m exemption for expats working abroad. But even with this exemption, an annual income tax return needs to be submitted to SARS, which will include all income (local and foreign) in the taxable income calculation. Your Financial Emigration can be backdated. Stay tax compliant and consider financial emigration if that is the right route for you. Contact details: Website: Email Danelle directly: Whatsapp her @ +27 60 974 4659 SAFFA INDEX: Income Tax Rates Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcastFacebook: Ons vir jou podcastWebsite:
32:37 3/18/23
S3 Ep5: Getaway with Workaway
In this episode the manne from the Onsvirjoupodcast sat around the microphone for an adventurous chat with Marilize Morren. Marilize lives in the Western Cape (South Africa) and is therefor technically not an expat. However she recently did what most expats can only dream of doing. She quite her job and used the Workaway platform to travel South East Asia while volunteering and getting first hand exposure to various cultures and different ways of life. This adventure was also a way to help her understand where her strengths and passions lie so she can choose the best career and life path going forward. In het own words: “A few months ago, I resigned from my corporate job to go on a 3-month solo-traveling adventure in South-East Asia to volunteer at various NGOs, through WorkAway. WorkAway made it easy to get connected to the projects I was interested in. I could make an impact, whilst getting a very authentic traveling experience and exposure to the culture of each country. I started my journey at an ethical elephant sanctuary (no bathing, feeding, or touching), the Somboon Legacy Foundation in Thailand. For my second month, I traveled up to Laos, to a town called Luang Prabang where I did tourism/ marketing for a farm-to-table and community empowerment organisation, the Mekong Svan. During my final month of traveling, I visited Bali and Java in Indonesia, to gain exposure to teaching.” Check out the amazing places Marilize volunteered at: Somboon Legacy Foundation Mekong Svan Instagram @mindful_living_with_marilize If this is something that you might consider doing, checkout the Workaway website and start planning your life changing adventure! SAFFA INDEX: Bottle water Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website:
38:26 2/25/23
S3 EP4: Yacht Life
We hosted Illa (Ilanda) on the podcast late in November. She actually took the call while sitting on her bed in her cabin on the yacht just of the coast of Genoa, Italy. Illa left her corporate day job a few years ago and flew to the south of France at the time to explore possible opportunities to work on yachts in the Mediterranean Over the past few years she gained a lot of experience, made great friends and have some amazing stories to share and "yacht myths" to bust.  Life on the water sounds and is amazing, but it is not all about the glamour and it is certainly not a fulltime holiday! Tune in for this entertaining episode. She also share some tips during the conversation for those who would love to explore life on the yachts.
38:11 12/30/22
S3 EP3: Watts In Italy
Eduan recently caught up with Andrew and Lizette Watts. The Watts family (Andrew, Liz, and their daughter Emma) currently live in Italy and is in pursuit of a simpler and meaningful life in the Italian countryside. They traded in the hustle and bustle of city-life and corporate jobs in South Africa, for an 'adventurous slow-life' in Emilia Romagna. During the episode you'll hear how the Italian dream came about in the first place. Liz and Andrew also share stories about Emma's Italian language skills, their vegetable garden, their interesting parking solution during the winter, and they tell us about the wonderful 'Nona' who took them under her 'Italian-kitchen wing' so to speak. You'll also realise that like most things in life this adventure also has a few hurdles and hoops that the Watts family need to jump through and navigate from time to time (for example the Italian language and the visum/visa that they need to renew each year). Tune in, sit back and relax as you listen to their inspirational story :-) Ps. The Watts family has a dream of opening a B&B soon in the Italian countryside. Watch this space! And be sure to follow them on: SAFFA INDEX: Spotify Premium Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website:
50:03 11/12/22
S3 EP2: New Zealand & Lockdown
In episode 2 of season 3 Corrie and Eduan had the privilege to take time and sit around the virtual microphone with Sean and Suzanne. Sean and Suzanne moved to New Zealand back in 2017 after Sean got a job opportunity there. After nearly five great years in Wellington they recently moved to Wanaka on the south island of New Zealand where they are now based. We took the chance to talk to them about covid and how they experienced this period in their personal lives. Because like a lot of us know, New Zealand were one of the countries that took a really hard stance with respect to covid-19 rules, lockdowns and other safety measures during the pandemic. NZ basically closed its borders for months on end to the outside world… or atleast that was our perspective of the matter. But like all things in life, it is never as bad or as good as it might seem. Therefore we wanted to talk to the two of them to hear their expat story and to hear what impact (good and bad) covid had and still has on their life, work, lifestyle and expat journey. Being 1000s of kilometers from South Africa, their family and closest support structure they also became parents during the covid pandemic and in this episode they specifically reflect and talk about the joys of this period. Sean and Suzanne are both really upbeat people and they seem to have figured out the expat life and there are a lot of positive takeaways in this insightful and jampacked episode. Tune in to hear their story 
38:17 10/23/22
S3 EP1: Don't forget your passport
Welcome back to season 3 of Ons vir jou. In this season - Bits & Bobs - we will look into a variety of topics ranging from passport colours, to being a business owner aboard and everything in-between. In this Episode we look back at the past 6 months and we take a closer look at our passports. We are excited to be back, and look forward to talking about all things expat again. SAFFA INDEX: Nescafe Coffee Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website:
34:11 10/9/22
S2 EP10: That's a Wrap
We are at the end of Season 2 of Ons vir jou…Wat nou? Join us as we look back and wrap up Season 2 - Ubuntu Tips and Tricks in this episode. We take a look into each episode and highlight the topics that might be worth while to go and have a listen to if you haven’t done so yet. Here is a list of the topics we covered in Season 2: 1. Costly mistakes – Foute om te vermy 2. Emigration requirements – In conversation with NWI 3. Moving with kids – Parenthood abroad 4. Buying property as an Expat 5. Buying property as an Expat 6. Buying property as an Expat 7. Financial Emigration, tax residency and more 8. In gesprek met Wêreldwyd 9. Taiwan, Oman, China, Canada – Jaco Meyer We will be back with more expat content and topics… SAFFA INDEX – Big Mac Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs: Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from @africa_withet)
40:48 4/9/22
S2 EP9: Taiwan, Oman, China, Canada - Jaco Meyer
We are steaming towards the end of an action-packed season two “Ubuntu Tips and Tricks”. In this week’s episode all three the Saffa-manne sit down around a ‘virtual’ table conversation with well-traveled and across the globe settler, Jaco Meyer. Tune in and listen how Jaco takes you through his “ping-pong” globe hopper of a journey all the way from Nelspruit to Taiwan, Oman, Canada and more.. Jaco shares his tips and tricks in areas such as language barriers, settling in quickly and his well-respected boerewors and biltong recipes. Warra boytjie! Jaco, thanks for the great conversation and sharing your expat story with us. All the best and the Canadian summer is awaiting around the corner. SAFFA Index:  Starbucks Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs: Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from @africa_withet). Episode analytics
35:34 3/25/22
S2 EP8: In gesprek met Wêreldwyd
In this episode the SAFFA-manne head back to their “moedertaal” and host a very special guest an initiative of Afriforum. Wereldwyd is die ideale platform vir elke Suid-Afrikaner wat tans in die buiteland woon, maar graag steeds in voeling met sy geboorteland wil bly en juis daarom het ons met Sue-Ann opgevang om meer inligting te bekom oor verskillende aspekte wat die platform bied. Aspekte wat die volgende insluit: - Blogs van ervaring en meer inligting oor Suid-Afrikaners tans in die buiteland - Nuus gebeure uit die buiteland soos vertolk deur Suid-Afrikaners - Vermaak (kykgenot, leesgenot ens.) - Die sogenaamde Wereldgids waar jy rondrits op ‘n wereldkaart opsoek na Suid Afrikaanse bedrywe en bedrywighede in sekere lande - Die “Kom huis toe” veldtog en Wereldwyd se bystand daartoe Sit terug en geniet hierdie fantastiese Afrikaanse episode saam die ouens. SAFFA Index:  Kleuterskool Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs: Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from @africa_withet).
30:00 3/4/22
S2 EP7: Financial Emigration, Tax Residency and more
Episode 7: Financial Emigration, Tax residency and more and more. Ons Vir Jou Podcast were fortunate to welcome two specialists from Tax Consulting South Africa in the virtual studio for this podcast episode. Victoria Lancefield - General Manager of the Financial Emigration business unit and Marisa Jacobs - Head of the Africorp Treasury business unit. Sit back, relax and have a listen to some of the following topics during the episode: 1. The various options to break tax residency ties with South Africa. 2. General misconceptions with regards to tax residency, financial emigration and our tax responsibilities towards SARS as expats. 3. Various laws, rules, limits and thresholds etc. when it comes to: Your worldwide income, General tax responsibilities, and Sending money to and from South Africa 4. Possible consequences for not complying to the tax laws in place. 5. FAQs with regards to Financial Emigration (these range from simple to more complex questions). Financial Emigration South Africa | Frequently Asked Questions 6. Advantages of using an authorized dealer (like Africorp Treasury) to send money to and from South Africa Pay special attention if you are based in the Middle East or in Europe!! The Tax Consulting South Africa team is heading to these locations for in-person events/presentations to provide a comprehensive update on Expat Tax and to better inform the ‘Saffa’ community on all relevant matters. Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman) : Expat Tax 2022 | Tax Consulting South Africa Europe (The Netherlands and the UK): Keep an eye out on there website for the exact details Lastly, here are links to some handy articles for more information regarding Financial Emigration and Tax residency: The ‘Silent’ Changes Affecting South Africans Who Are Emigrating | Tax Consulting South Africa You Are No Longer Residing In South Africa, But Did You Let SARS Know? | Financial Emigration South Africa SAFFA Index:  Movie Tickets Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs: Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from @africa_withet).
51:52 2/18/22
S2 EP6: Personal finance - Pension systems abroad
We are dedicating episode 6 and 7 to personal finance topics that are relevant to us as expats. As an expat there are heaps of relevant personal finance aspects to consider in your new country of choice. Some of the most important things to pay attention probably include: - Saving and investing for your pension in your new country - Tax incentives when investing for ones pension - EPISODE 7 - Transferring money to and from South Africa - EPISODE 6 - Your South African Tax status - EPISODE 7 - Financial emigration from South Africa - EPISODE 7 - Selecting a bank and opening a bank account - Income tax rates - Income protection and long term insurance etc. Episode 6 turned out to be predominantly focused on Pension and how we can potentially use the tax incentives that the government offers to our advantage when investing and saving towards our pension. CJ and Corrie took control of the episode and directed most of their questions at Eduan (not because Eduan is an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but purely because between the three hosts he genuinely finds this topic very interesting!) That being said, nothing said on this episode (or any episode for that matter) should be taken as advice. Please consult a financial advisor in the country where you find yourself to get accurate and reliable information on which you can act and take advantage of any pension system that is in place in that country. The conversation is predominantly focused towards the Dutch pension system (because the hosts live in The Netherlands). But Eduan believes that most pension systems around the world are fundamentally based on the same recipe : a. Structure:1. Government; 2 Employer; 3 Individual. b. Tax incentives for the investor (with various limits) c. Control / restrictions over which asset classes you may invest in d. Control over access to the money (normally you can only access your pension funds after reaching a certain age) . Resources to refer to: The Netherlands: New Zealand: kiwisaver Austrailia: Canada: CPP RRSPS SAFA index - Transferring money back to South Africa Sending €1000 back to SA @ an exchange rate of R17:48 to the Euro (as at 28 january 2021) The receiving bank account will be credited with:....R.... when using the following platforms * Note, when transferring money abroad, make sure to take both the fees and the exchange rate into account so that you can compare apples with apples. Azimo - R 17, 200 Wise - R 17 260 Revolute - R 17 430 World remit - R 17 080 Other options: Your local bank; Western union, Remitly, Xe ... and the standard posduif ;-) During episode 7 we will have a expert guest in the 'virtual studio' to talk us through all the do's and don't of financial emigration and cutting 'Tax ties' with SARS and South Africa
43:57 2/4/22
S2 EP5: Giving Birth Abroad
In this episode Eduan and Corrie are talking to 2 friends; Luzahn in the Netherlands and Jean-ria in the Caymens to discuss their experience of Giving birth abroad. We look into what their biggest concerns were, we look into the costs and hear some great tips for first timers… We also discuss how they managed the gap of not having family and the support structures in place that would normally be there when living in your own country. SAFFA INDEX – Pampers premium Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs: Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from @africa_withet).
35:10 1/21/22
S2 EP4: Buying property as an Expat
CJ and Eduan caught up with Ralf from Expat Mortgages and Cherene from Expat Property Brokers recently. Both are experts in their field and in the Dutch property market. Buying a house or property as an expat in a foreign country (or in your new home country) can be a daunting experience. But in The Netherlands this could potentially turn into a very pleasant experience if you have Expat Property Brokers and Expat Mortgages in your corner of the ring. Expat Mortgages: ; ;+31 (0)20 7173908 ; you can also find them on facebook and instagram Expat Property Brokers: or | +31 30 22 71 99 0 ; ; you can also find them on facebook and and instagram NOTE: When contacting either Expat Property Brokers or Expat Mortgages please reference "Ons vir jou, wat nou? Podcast" . Ons vir Jou Podcast recently agreed an affiliation programme with Expat Mortgages and Expat Property Brokers, which might in turn offer a small financial reward for us so that we are able to continue to run this platform and create the awesome expat community that we are striving for in the long run. SAFFA INDEX – Electricity (Kwh) Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs: Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from @africa_withet).
51:12 1/7/22
S2 EP3: Moving with kids - Parenthood abroad
In episode 3 of Ubuntu Tips & Tricks (recorded on a cold winter’s Sunday afternoon) Corrie and CJ sit down with their good friends the Le Grands. Seeing that not one of the SAFFA manne have children we called for our reinforcements, Marco and Sujani Le Grand on the topic of “Parenthood abroad”. Moving abroad is an emotional and sometimes challenging decision that one makes. By adding your child(ren)’s well-being, happiness & future on top of this ‘decision’ it surely fuels up this emotional rollercoaster that many South Africans embark on. During our conversation, Marco and Sujani share with us the following: - Parental challenges + concerns that came with the move abroad - The opportunities opening-up and potential future opportunities that can still open up for their children, here abroad. - Their parental Do’s and don’ts abroad. Dear parental listeners: put your kids to bed, pour a glass of wine for your partner, sit back, relax and enjoy this episode of Ubuntu Tips and Tricks, “Parenthood abroad”. Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs: Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from @africa_withet).
36:25 12/17/21
S2 EP2: Emigration Requirements – In Conversation With NWI
What a privilege to welcome Sean Kupferberg from New World Immigration in our virtual studio today. CJ and Eduan, both sitting in a rather cold and gloomy Netherlands each had a cup of Rooibos tea to keep them warm during the episode, while Sean on the other hand recorded from Cape Town and bragged –ever so subtle– about how he would be enjoying an ice cold Klippies and coke after our call. Sean and New World Immigration (NWI): Sean has worked in the immigration industry for the better part of a decade. His knowledge and experience is evident. He is passionate about immigration and realistically highlights the challenges and opportunities that NWI comes across on a daily basis as and when they go about their business assisting families and individuals on their immigration journeys. “New World Immigration, founded in 2009, is a customer-centric organization that focuses primarily on making it easier for prospective migrants to move abroad and live their dreams… On top of our visa services for South Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe and the U.S., we have a new property and relocation division that was created in 2015 that focuses on aspects outside of the visa process. This value added service comes free of charge to the client… We’re not taking on clients who we can’t help. We do not sugar-coat processes, and we are really open and upfront with our customers. Our open door policy ensures that our customers have access to more than our office. With this type of ‘no nonsense’ approach and putting any potential applicant’s goals and ambitions at the forefront of everything we do, we claim a success rate of 99.4%.” – NWI Best countries for South Africans to immigrate to: At least this is the Ons vir Jou Podcast team’s amateur opinion on this hot topic – DO NOT take this as advice. We used a ranking system to rank 7 countries (NZ, AUS, USA, CAN, UAE, UK  and The Netherlands). 19 different aspects/criterias were considered. Each country received a score per criteria (out of 10, 8 or 6 – some aspects are more relevant and important than others – again this is our opinion) The criteria covered aspects like: Work life balance, ease of entry/visa process, Opportunities for children, career opportunities, Economical and political stability, Language barriers, timezone, weather, timeline to citizenship etc. According to this totally amateur (and potentially very biased) ranking system, the countries for South Africans to immigrate to ranked as follows: 1. Aus, 2. Netherlands, 3. Canada, 4. UK, 5. NZ, 6. UAE, 7. USA Sean then gave his views on why he agreed with our number 1 (Australia), and he also helped us understand why the USA is a tough immigration cookie to crack for the average South African wanting to immigrate there. Criteria to immigrate to a new country: For this conversation we specifically chose to talk about: Australia, Canada, and USA. Sean’s advice to each of us is to ask ourselves: “Where can I add value?” before considering the move abroad and targeting a specific country. SAFFA INDEX – Shipping a 20 foot container from South Africa
46:00 12/3/21
S2 Ep1: Costly Mistakes - Foute om te vermy
Welcome Back Welcome back to Ons vir jou wat nou and welcome to the kick-off of our brand-new season. Season 2 – Ubuntu Tips and Tricks. We are back from our Autumn break and ready to discuss more first world problems and hopefully a few solutions. CJ has been in South Africa again, Eduan ran further than humanly possible, and Corrie started a new job. We will take a quick look back at season 1 and discuss what you can expect from season 2. In season 2 we will deep dive into a few specific topics that might help you on your expat journey, regardless of the phase you are in. Some of the topics we will cover in season 2 are: · Best countries to immigrate to and why · Moving to a new country with kids · Buying a house in a new country Season 2 - Episode 1: Costly mistakes to avoid In this episode we are looking into costly mistakes to avoid. We have a lot of very good real-life examples of mistakes that expats around the world have made such as: · Taxi paid with wrong amount · Immigration agents charging too much · Taking the wrong furniture to the wrong country Sit back, relax and enjoy!!! SAFFA INDEX – Rental price in the big cities Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs – Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from @africa_withet).
41:30 11/19/21
S1 Bonus: Moving back to SA - Sak en pak terug na SA
We have all heard the saying "you (we) can always come back" In reality this is not always so straight forward for most Saffa expats who leaves South Africa's borders for an opportunity and a life elsewhere in the world. Whether it is the new job or career, new friends or perhaps a new 'familiarity', the option to move back to SA holds it's own challenges after a few years abroad! In die "bonus" episode vang Eduan met Stephan Swannepoel op. Stephan (of soos daar na hom verwys word, Swannies) en sy vrou Elsabe het in 2018 Ierland toe getrek. Hulle het die Iere en die land self onsettend baie geniet! Hulle het gewoeker terwyl hul oorsee was en voordeel gevat uit goedkoop vlugkaartjies om 'n klompie lande te sien regoor Europa! Die verskil met Swannies hul kom wel in toe hul hul Expat journey beeindig het (op 'n baie positiewe noot en met 'n pro-aktiewe besluit) met die keuse om terug te trek Suid Afrika toe laat in 2021. Hulle het die besluit en skuif gemaak met die oortuiging dat hul graag in Suid Afrika wil woon. Ierland was baie goed vir hulle en hulle is daar weg sonder om enige brue te brand. Inteendeel, Swannies is oortuig dat die deure altyd vir hul oopstaan daar Swannies deel ook in die epsiode 'n paar ander adminastratiewe 'tips' om in ag te neem voor mens op die vliegtuig klim terug Suid Afrika toe. Laastens deel hy 'n kragtige lewenswaarheid: "don't follow the trend" Gooi 'n Whisky. Sit terug. luister. En geniet Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs - Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from @africa_withet).
45:52 9/10/21
S1 Ep9: Samevatting - Wrap up
All good things come to an end. In this last episode of Season 1 – Die Groot Trek, we look back on the season and the journey of immigration. We also have a chat to a new guest living in London and look into what you can expect in Season 2 of Ons Vir Jou. In our conversation with Nadia (our guest) we talk about her reason for moving abroad, what she enjoys most about living outside of SA and the adjustments and challenge she faced during this process. Shout out: To Jaco, one of our listeners and a look into some of his experiences and views. The topics we covered in Season 1: - Ek wil trek - First Thoughts - Waarheen nou – Which Country - Papierwerk – Ducks in a row - Hier gaan ek – Time to leave - Gearriveer – I have arrived - Voete vind – Settling in - Aanpassings – What I miss In the next season of Ons Vir Jou we will take a deep dive into some of the topics we touched on in Season 1. We will look into things like: Costly mistakes to avoid, Best countries to immigrate to and why, Requirements to enter each country, Personal finances in your new country, Moving to a new country with kids, Giving birth in your new country and buying property. A big thank you to all of our listeners in 23 countries around the world for listening and for being part of this journey with us. Remember: Home is not a place, it’s a feeling… SAFFA INDEX – Ribeye Steak Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs - Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from @africa_withet).
45:41 9/3/21
S1 Ep8: Aanpassings - What I miss
Soos uit oudergewoonte we kick off with a quote aligned with our topic of today “what I miss and how do I adjust”. “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you left them”. This quote gets one thinking no matter how happy and contended life we are living, memories of the past are always a part of our mind.There are some precious moments and beautiful hours or things that often leave us nostalgic and bring a meaningful smile to our face. The SAFFA manne have asked a couple of subscribed listeners living abroad and the poll indicated that these are the TOP 5 items they miss and 3 ITEMS they don’t miss: WHAT WE MISS 1. Family and moments with family. 2. The sun and good weather. 3. Food items such as steak, potjiekos etc. 4. Specific reoccurring places in SA and holidays such as the wildtuin and ‘die see’. 5. Your favorite item from Woolworths SA. Listen in as the guys touch base on these items for ways that they’ve found not to replace but to rather to adjust ‘living without’ these items. WHAT WE DON’T MISS 1. Division and onrus – such as Looting events. 2. Sitting in N1 traffic (specifically in Gauteng). 3. General Violence and lack of security. “The good old days are now” and if you miss something, make an adjustment or find an alternative. SAFFA INDEX - Flight Ticket to Sunny South Africa Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from “africa_withet”). Follow him on Instagram @africa_withet
34:16 8/20/21
S1 Ep7: Voete vind - Settling in
Note: for any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact us via email ( or direct message us on Instagram @Onsvirjoupodcast The ‘settling phase’ in your new country can potentially last up to a number of months. Even after you are comfortable and settled in, there might still be a few things that remind you from time to time that you are an expat and not (yet) a local in your new country of choice. In this episode we discuss a few aspects that all of us might have experienced as tricky during the settling in phase of our expat journey. But we also touch on a few hacks that might help to assist future expats to settle in a tad easier. Tricky aspects to consider while settling in to life in your new country: Language Work and work environment) Cost of living Working expenses back to Rand(-ellas) Public transport (PT) Driving (same or opposite side of the road) Financial systems Medical system School system and finding a good school for your kids Personal finance: (Investments, savings, long-term insurance, Testaments etc.) Food Culture Politics Potential hacks to overcome some of these hurdles: Discussed in the podcast episode: Work and work environment: · Get involved and talk to your new colleagues · Join the social events that you company organizes · Talk to as many people (especially at the coffee corner, photocopier machine etc.) · Discussions with colleagues can help you understand the language, culture and politics of the country. Cost of Living & Working expenses back to Rand: · The cost of living in most 1st world countries are generally more expensive than what most Saffas are used to back home. You might earn more, but accommodation, transport, food etc are also more expensive. Therefor: · Although it is not recommended, it is human and normal to work this back to Rand(-ellas) in the first few months, or potentially years. So don’t worry its’ normal and it will get a little better over time. Financial system and personal finance: · Personal finance and the financial system and culture is different than back  in South Africa. · Potentially more regulated and with stricter laws. · And generally in Europe and especially the USA, people feel more comfortable to invest their own money instead of going through the standard financial advisor route that we are used to in South Africa. · If you don’t have the time or don’t generally enjoy reading up on financial laws and minor details and systems it could be more than worth it to get in contact with a professional financial advisor in your new country. SAFFA INDEX: Mrs H.S. Balls Chutney 470gr (or “Mister”Balls Chutney as Eduan referred to it in the episode :-)) Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from “africa_withet”). Follow him on Instagram @africa_withet
33:48 8/6/21
S1 Ep6: The American 'detour' dream (interview)
Moving abroad is tricky, emotional and in the best of circumstances it involves a lot of administration. But imagine having to take your first ‘expat-steps’ during the Covid-19 pandemic. This being to the USA - a country well known for its strict visa rules and regulations. To add to the complexity of the matter, imagine having to fly out just 2-days after your daughter is born… Expat life is amazing and can be a very rewarding step that you take in your life. But as every expat can tell you there are unique challenges around every corner of the journey. In this episode Corrie and Eduan had the privilege to catch-up with Jacqe Jansen van Vuuren. Jacqe is a South African (and now officially an expat). He is chemical engineer and works in the nuclear energy industry. He is on his way to New Mexico, USA. But currently finds himself sitting in the Bahamas waiting for his visa interview at the consulate later this month. In this episode you’ll notice that it is only Corrie and Eduan behind the microphones. CJ is on a well-deserved break in Curacao (probably sipping cocktails and playing golf all day). During the discussion with Jacqe we covered (amongst other things) some of the following: - Who is he and where does he come from? - What led him/them to the choice of moving abroad. - Why the USA? - What challenges did he face from an administrative and documents point of view? (Visa applications, flights, negative covid tests, interim transfer visas etc...) - Emotional side of the move. Especially having to temporarily leave his wife and two kids behind. - Jacqe has been in the Bahamas for +- 2/3 weeks now and is waiting to enter the USA. What has he been up to during the last few weeks in the Bahamas? What are some of the unfamiliar aspects that come to mind? - How will he approach the next 4 to 6 months. What are some of the interim milestones? - Any advice for other listeners? SAFFA INDEX – WEBER briquettes - 8kg (…ja 8kg is baie, maar wie wil 2keer winkel to stap?) Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from “africa_withet”). Follow him on Instagram @africa_withet
38:56 7/23/21
S1 Ep5: Gearriveer - I have arrived
In this week’s episode the saffa-manne share their experiences and top 5 things to get in place upon arrival in your new country. 1. Registration with the administrator’s office. 2. Open a bank account. 3. Figure out your method of transportation & how you will get from point A to B. 4. Put on your “tekke” and get acquainted with the surrounding area. 5. Get involved and accepted by the community {not an immediate priority but essential to break the loneliness}. In this episode we look at the price of a Covid Test in the SAFFA INDEX. Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from “africa_withet”). Follow him on Instagram @africa_withet
42:16 7/9/21
S1 Ep4: Hier gaan ek - Time to leave
In the previous episodes we discussed the initial thoughts we had when thinking about leaving, looked at where we could go and what to consider and what we need before we leave our country. In this episode we discuss the thoughts and emotions when there is no turning back. We discuss the following questions, amount other things: 1. Thoughts/feelings about the last few days before leaving. 2. What was the things you did and wanted to do before stepping on the plane? 3. What was the hardest to leave behind? 4. What should you have brought with you and what should you have left behind? Eduan reflects on his “broken dreams” of not becoming a professional guitar player and CJ shares his expert knowledge about mattresses and linen… In this episode we look at the price of Coke Cola in the SAFFA INDEX. Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from “africa_withet”). Follow him on Instagram @africa_withet
26:09 6/25/21
S1 Ep3: Papierwerk - Ducks in a row
We kick-off the episode with a discussion of what 'expat activities' each of us has undertaken over the past few weeks. CJ recently helped a friend, Armand, move across the country. ‘Die groot trek?? Fits in perfectly with the theme of the podcast’s first season ;-) Corrie and Celine recently spent a week in the sun in Ibiza... Heerlik. Die man het sommer ‘n skakering of 2 donkerder terug gekom. Eduan en Laverne enjoyed a few ‘typical Dutch’ things over the last few weeks: Tulpe, fietsry, chill in ‘n sonnige park, en ‘n biertjie en bitterbal geniet op ‘n die terras / by ‘n restaurant (nou dat dit weer oop is). Important documentation when moving abroad: Unfortunately, none of us can just rock up at the airport, pass through the boarding gates, get on a plane, fly to a new country and start a whole new life there. Nope, there are a few checks and balances to do and also in most cases a number of important documentation to have in place before you are able to get on that plane. First “Voice Note guest” - jip, we are claiming it. We received very handy tips via a voice note from an awesome listener who is smack bang in the middle of the emigration process. Petri and Ewald are in the process of applying for residency in Canada. They were so kind to send us a summary of all the things they had to get in place to be able to apply for residency in Canada. The two most important admin / documentation to have in place: 1. Valid Passport 2. Visa or Residency permit to live/work in the new country Then depending on a few factors (choice of country, age, work, type of visa etc.) you might need a combination of the following in place: 3. Police clearance certificate 4. Birth certificate (unabridged) - Just apply for this thing in any case! 5. Marriage certificate (unabridged / ‘apostille’ in some cases) 6. Proof of partnership in the case when not married. 7. Medical examination. 8. Biometrics. 9. Qualifications (accredited / assessed) 10. Proof of work / job offer in the new country 11. Proof of English proficiency (IELTS / PTE / TOEFL) 12. A visa sponsor (normally your employer in the new country) 13. Proof of accommodation in the new country 14. Proof of funds (for certain visas / residency permits) 15. Point System: Qualify through a ranking or point system (e.g. Canada) In this SAFFA INDEX we look at the price of Ouma Beskuit Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from “africa_withet”). Follow him on Instagram @africa_withet
38:04 6/11/21
S1 Ep2: Waarheen nou - Which country
Sit back, pour a brannewyn and listen how these 3 SAFFA manne unpack episode 2 of OnsVirjou-WatNou the Potgooi. Anecdotal evidence indicates that around 23k South Africans are leaving the South African boarders on a yearly basis, in this episode the manne will cover six key points to consider in your process to choosing a specific destination, which includes: a) Duration of your move: MOST IMPORTANT in our opinion, is how long is the period that you want to go for? b) Weather and your climate “jassie”: many of us are weather sensitive person and believe us this is crucial in your choice of country or destination. c) Language: could be a barrier and in our opinion one of the key elements to consider. d) Work environment and selective sector:Obtaining a sponsorship, getting your visa requirements in place and lining up all your admin ducks can be an onerous task, there for the manne recommend to start early in your process. e) Hard currency: These is an opportunity to earn some hard currency and take money back to SA (this point interlinks well with point a. above). f) Time zones: Your future connection back to SA & time zone relevancies is essential and Eduan share more about his past experience living on the other side of the world multiple time zones away from ‘home’. And remember share, listen and subscribe to form part of the expat community. Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from “africa_withet”). Follow him on Instagram @africa_withet
42:26 5/28/21
S1 Ep1: Ek wil Trek - First Thoughts
Episode 1: Ek wil trek – First Thoughts Welcome to the very first Episode of “Ons vir Jou… Wat nou?” - Ek wil trek – First Thoughts. It’s estimated that 3% of all South Africans are currently preparing to emigrate or have already begun the process of emigration. In season 1 we will investigate all the phases of Emigration. Today we kick off with step number 1, where we will discuss the first step “Ek wil trek” – First Thoughts. We will look into the reasons and motivation of wanting to make the move. Top 10 reasons for leaving sunny SA: 1.            Improved safety and security 2.            Better future for children 3.            No confidence in the future of your country of origin.  4.            Government’s affirmative action policy 5.            Deterioration in social services 6.            Decline in your quality of life 7.            Decline in living standards 8.            Higher earnings potential 9.            Prospect for professional 10.          Lower taxation rates Interesting facts: The number of emigration queries by South Africans increased by 70% from 2018 to 2019. The Enterprise Observatory of South Africa (EOSA), estimates that for every professional immigrating to South Africa – eight professionals are emigrating. Questions/Topics we will discuss in this episode What happened/ motivated us to start thinking about emigrating? First steps/actions/discussions after these thoughts and timeline from thought to action Response from immediate environment – spouse/ family/ close friends We take a first look at the SAFFA INDEX – Our first price comparison is Brandy/Brannas Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from “africa_withet”). Follow him on Instagram @africa_withet
38:28 5/14/21
Welcome to our introduction episode of the brand-new podcast “Ons vir Jou... Wat nou?”  A podcast intended to cover all aspects of life as an Expat. The pros, cons and experiences of living abroad. Whether you have made the international move or are still contemplating over the idea, this is the podcast you want to be tuned into.  1st time speaking into a mic.  This is the first podcast experience for either of us and the idea of recording our conversation and speaking into microphones is a bit different to our casual conversations around the “braai”. Nevertheless, it is fun and we hope to become experts in doing so.  Summary of what this podcast is about and what topics will we cover in future:  - Ons vir Jou… Wat nou? The name of the podcast addresses the ‘who’s, what’s, and why’s’ of life as a South African expat. - The podcast will be EXTREMELY casual, and we’ll talk about all the goods, bad’s, and the ugly’s of living abroad (in other words the great’s, great’s    and some minor challenges from time to time 😉). - The main idea is to create an online community of South Africans living abroad and those who still might consider the move across. - We will cover a wide range of topics and discussion points. - Just looking at our first season called “Die Groot Trek” where we’ll cover topics ranging from the time that you think you might want to move abroad “ek wil trek”, right through to “waarna verlang ek” once you are settled in your new country. - Based on some of these topics we can already see that there are so many experiences, tips and ideas to touch base on that we feel this podcast will be relevant for a long time to come.  Introducing the hosts:  CJ: 29-year-old chartered accountant from Pretoria. CJ studied at the “Noordwes-Universiteit” (NWU) in Potchefstroom and now lives in Amsterdam where he recently bought his own apartment and is living it up in the Netherlands and Europe as a whole. CJ se Engels is ook baie beter as wat hy homself krediet voor gee. Ps. We are holding thumbs that CJ will tell us all about the “Xholasse-legend” in a future episode.  Corrie: 33-year-old dual citizen a.k.a. triple citizen if one considers his hometown 😉 (South Africa, The Netherlands and Vanderbijlpark). Corrie studied at Potchefstroom and is now pretty much considered a ‘Expat-veteran’, as 2021 marks 10 years of living abroad. He married his Belgium sweetheart, Celine, in 2019. Celine praat meerdere tale, maar volgens Corrie is die mees belangsrikste taal is natuurlik Afrikaans.  Eduan: 32-years-old. Born and raised in Nelspruit. He married way above his league 2016 when he married his Tukkies sweetheart Laverne. Moved to New Zealand in the same year and 2 and half years later transferred through his company to The Netherlands. Die man het rooi miere, want as hy nie braai, blog of podcast nie, hardloop hy asof iets hom jaag.  Last few pointers:  - Choice of LANGUAGE: “Jacaranda taal” … 70/30 English/Afrikaans. This makes the podcast more inclusive and scalable. And as South Africans we  are a very inclusive breed, so the idea of mixing and matching between the two languages should come natural for both us as the hosts and our  awesome future audience.  - COMMUNITY COMMUNITY COMMUNITY – The main idea of this podcast is to create an online Saffa community where we can share notes, funny  experiences and handy tips w.r.t. expat life.  Follow us on: Instagram: @onsvirjoupodcast Facebook: Ons vir jou podcast Website: Shout outs Music and sound editing: Etienne Swanepoel (from “africa_withet”). Follow him on Instagram @africa_withet
13:26 5/7/21