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The Sacred Commerce Podcast explores how to integrate spirituality and business for a more harmonious and prosperous world. By combining a strong ethical foundation with practical strategies — grounded in a deep sense of purpose — individuals can create successful companies that make positive impacts. We aim to inspire individuals to create business endeavors that are both profitable and meaningful by providing guidance and tools for entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone looking to align their work with their values and purpose.


Merchant Priestess - Eden Croft
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57:24 5/18/23
Trance Channel Kevin Ryerson — Egypt, Emotional Alchemy & Joyful Living
Sacred Commerce co-founder and co-author Rowan Gabrielle and publisher Immanuel Solas welcome Kevin Ryerson — discussed throughout this podcast as a key source and inspiration for the book, Sacred Commerce, and shared about in depth in our last release (Ep. 6) with Dustin Byerly ( We're excited to have him on in the first of what we plan to be many appearances here!Kevin is an acclaimed author, award winning consultant, expert intuitive and trance channel in the tradition of Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts. He has been lecturing and teaching in the field of parapsychology and spirituality for over 45 years.He has been a guest on national and international television shows including Oprah Winfrey and Good Morning America. He is the author of the landmark book Spirit Communication: The Soul's Path. Shirley MacLaine features his intuitive abilities in her best selling books Out on a Limb, Dancing in the Light, It's All in The Playing and Sage-ing While Age-ing. Kevin is well known and respected for his balanced and integrated world view. He maintains a global consulting practice. He can be found online at and ON YOUTUBE: THE WHOLE SERIES: NOTE: Prince Rahotep and his wife Nofret life-like painted limestone statues are considered among the most famous private statues from ancient Egypt. The statues were discovered in the mastaba tomb (a tomb in the form of a rectangular platform) of Rahotep, north of the pyramid of Snefru, in Meidum, dating to the reign of King Snefru of the 4th Dynasty. NOTES UPDATE RE: TRUNGPA RIMPOCHEAfter we released this episode, a listener reached out to us with concerns and additional information about alleged abusive behaviours of a figure Immanuel mentioned in this interview In relation to the archetype of the “trickster” and how sometimes unconventional approaches to spiritual developments can yield phenomenal results. That figure is Trungpa Rinpoche, who’s transparently debauch lifestyle was discussed in the context of being a “crazy wisdom master”. We appreciate our listener’s advocacy and her dedication to fostering open dialogue. Upon receiving her message, I want to clarify my stance on Trungpa and acknowledge the concerns raised. While we aim to provide a neutral space for personal journeys, its important to address the deep concern our listener raised that Trungpa’s actions have been associated with abusive behaviour's — the details of which you should seek out for yourself in a variety of Internet search and research tools before accepting my off-the-cuff comments at face value. We are not here to dictate what you should believe... we’re here to stimulate inquiry into self reliance and empowerment at the deepest levels. My mention was purely anecdotal to underscore our guest’s explanation of the “path less traveled” in its variety of forms to not have your sovereignty highjacked by convention. Ultimately, we are committed to transparency and honest discussions, and we appreciate our listener for bringing this alleged abuses to our attention. The world is shifting towards greater clarity, empowerment, and the release of victimisation within misogynistic power dynamics — and we intend to be driving that in our own way. We value your support as we address these issues head on, within the context of creating a beloved community.Peace and blessings to all… Immanuel
76:42 5/4/23
Digital Archivist, Dustin Byerley
Sacred Commerce co-founder and co-author Rowan Gabrielle and publisher Immanuel Solas welcome Dustin Byerley, whose early life and upbringing was deeply intertwined with the mission and message of  Kevin Ryerson — an acclaimed author, intuitive, futurist, and trance channel in the tradition of Edgar Cayce for over 40 years.Dustin's film “Our Invisible Guests” is a deeply personal reflection on the mystical experiences throughout his life, tracing the path of his childhood and his family’s roots as the counterculture movement of the 60s developed into the consciousness movement of the 70s and 80s… the ups as well as the downs. Notably, his path crossed very early on with Kevin Ryerson, whose messages from nonphysical friends were a light to many during deeply confusing but also exciting times.This is a wide-ranging discussion that touches on as many practical and relational concerns as those that are mystical and profound.WATCH ON YOUTUBE: THE WHOLE SERIES:
96:29 4/18/23
Rowan Gabrielle (Part 4), The Tools of the Merchant Priesthood...
In this 4th in a series of dialogues with Sacred Commerce co-founder and co-author Rowan Gabrielle, publisher Immanuel Solas hosts and delves more deeply into the tools used by the merchant priesthood in addition to and in alliance with Emotional Alchemy. Emotional Literacy and Emotional Intelligence are foundational to this conversation, but there are other tools in the world of transformational arts that tie in seamlessly. We explore how practices like meditation and contemplation can help establish a connection with the higher self, making it a priority in our lives. We also touch on embodiment practices like yoga and qigong, as well as more esoteric tools like the Gene Keys, astrology, I Ching, the Enneagram, and divination resources like tarot and runes. Join us as we explore these tools and how they can be integrated into our lives as we embody the values of Sacred Commerce in the world.WATCH ON YOUTUBE:
69:35 4/6/23
Ayman Sawaf & Dr. Christian Tal Schaller: The Age of Consciousness — Full Discussion
In this vintage (with Ayman) dialogue with Swiss doctor, shaman and writer Dr. Christian Tal Schaller, Sacred Commerce co-founders and co-authors Ayman Sawaf and Rowan Gabrielle explore the principles and practices for embracing and surfing the disruption into the Age of Consciousness.WATCH ON YOUTUBE:
51:31 3/21/23
Rowan Gabrielle (Part 3), The Gifts of Commerce, the 4th Bottom Line, Merchant Priesthood, and more...
Episode Description:In this dialogue with Sacred Commerce co-founder and co-author Rowan Gabrielle, we delve further into the blueprint Ayman Sawaf and her developed as we further explore the gems of the book...Publisher Immanuel Solas hosts this dialogue, asking deepening questions to further discover:💧What are the ‘Gifts of Commerce’?💧What is ‘Conscious Commerce’?💧What makes commerce ‘Sacred’?💧What is the ‘Fourth Bottom Line’?💧What is the ‘Merchant Priesthood’?💧What are the ‘Forgotten Ingredients of Leadership’?💧What does it mean to ‘Partner with the Pulse’?💧What is the ‘New Blueprint for Humanity’?💧Who are Rowan Gabrielle and Ayman Sawaf — how did they discover the path, principles, and pursuit of Sacred Commerce?WATCH ON YOUTUBE:
80:43 3/7/23
Rowan Gabrielle (Part 2), “The Age of Consciousness: Surfing the Disruption”
In this context-setting continuation of the conversation with Sacred Commerce co-founder and co-author Rowan Gabrielle, we explore the themes she and her late husband Ayman Sawaf present in the short book, “The Age of Consciousness: Surfing the Disruption” — which you can experience as a 20-minute video at Immanuel Solas hosts this dialogue, exploring how humanity has evolved… from the Stone Age, to the Bronze Age, all the way to the Industrial Revolution, the Information Age, and now into the Age of Consciousness. In the transition from age to age, the past has to die to make space for the new. Thus the chaos and disruption you see all around, as all our paradigms are shifting.Rowan sheds light on how this time we are able to use Emotional Alchemy to go through the transition consciously, and co-create a new world. Humanity is in labor, the age of the caterpillar is over, humanity is becoming a butterfly.WATCH ON YOUTUBE:
73:03 2/20/23
Rowan Gabrielle — Artist, Entrepreneur & Sacred Commerce Co-Author (Part 1)
In this first episode, publisher Immanuel Solas interviews Sacred Commerce co-founder and co-author Rowan Gabrielle — discussing events of the last year since the passing of her husband and co-founder/author Ayman Sawaf in February of 2022. They also begin an informal, yet fascinating discussion of the concepts, insights, and practices in the book, “Sacred Commerce, 2nd Ed.: A Blueprint for a New Humanity.”WATCH ON YOUTUBE: by SacredCommerce.comSong “The Age of Consciousness” by Ayman Sawaf
75:24 2/14/23