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Hi, I am Dr. Julie Cappel and I coach veterinarians and others that work in the veterinary field. I am The Veterinary Life Coach®. As a working small animal veterinarian and certified life coach, I have a unique perspective on all things Veterinary medicine. My podcast will bring insight and tools for busy veterinarians to improve every aspect of their lives. I talk about stress, overwhelm, compassion fatigue, client issues, relationships, time management, leadership, team building, practice management, and family life. If you are looking for help creating a balance between your work and your life - this is the best podcast. Learn more at


Episode #284 - Welcome to the Profession, New Veterinary Professionals! Let's Love Vet Med.
On this episode we talk about new veterinary professionals and how we can all learn to love our chosen profession.  Vet med is teamwork, variety, collaborative, relationships, learning, growth, and fun - among other things.  We can work together to make this veterinary life fulfilling and healthy for all of us if we just work on self-development, learning, and growth. Learn more and book coaching at Buy my book - Love Your Veterinary Life on Amazon.  
30:15 6/12/24
Episode #283 - Accept Yourself, Love Yourself, and Keep Moving
Today is my birthday and it is a great day to talk about setting new goals, taking care of yourself, and self-love.  We don't always think of self-acceptance as part of the pathway to success.  Accepting and loving who you are will allow you to control your negative thought "lies" that your brain tells you and get to work on building the life that you desire.  Take some time to learn who you are, what you like, what you want, and where you want to go in your life.  Dreaming is a great place to start.  Practicing  self-care insures that you have the capacity to do anything. Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving. Do you need help working towards your goals and dreams?  Coach with me! Read my book, "Love Your Veterinary Life" on Amazon
22:49 6/6/24
Episode #282 - It is Never Too Late To Change
Have you ever thought that it was too late for you to do something that you have always wanted to do?  Life is short and goes by fast.  We never know what will happen tomorrow, but if we do nothing, then nothing will change.  When you set big goals and dream big dreams, your brain will try to keep you from going for it.  Your brain wants to keep you safe, so it brings up anxiety and fear when you start to push towards your dreams.  On this podcast Julie talks about how to start getting over your own fears, and start working towards those changes that you have always wanted.  Even if you are unsure of your desires, it pays to start to figure them out.  Don't sit this one out!  Start moving! Plan that adventure!  No excuses!  Let's Go!   Reach out to Julie at or  
31:57 5/29/24
Episode #281 - Living by Design with Dr. Wendy O' Connor
Dr. Wendy O'Connor is a Stanford trained positive psychologist and success coach for female entrepreneures. She helps women design their most fulfilling lives and businesses. Today on the podcast Wendy and Julie talk about how to be more positive, happier, and more deliberate with your life.  Becoming fulfilled is about learning about your values and desires, then taking action towards positive change. Find out more about Dr. O'Connor at Reach out to Julie at  
58:16 5/22/24
Episode #280 - Challenge Yourself and Love Your Life
On this episode of the podcast Julie talks about challenges that we face in veterinary medicine; in leadership, stress managment, life balance and integration, and self-doubt.  (Along with other challenges).  Through our life challenges we find growth and build resilience. If we learn to expect and handle our life challenges well, we will see our way to love what we do and how we live.  You can create anything that you want in life and it starts with working on your mindset and training yourself to work through problems with confidence and determination.  You are a rock star, so let's get to work! Find Julie at and sign up for a free coaching. Buy the book! "Love Your Veterinary Life" on Amazon. New podcast music by Tristan Cappel - Look him up!  He releases his latest album in June, 2024! You can find him on YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp, and wherever you find your music.
27:09 5/15/24
Episode #279 - An Interview with Dr. Beata Weiermiller
Dr. Beata Weiermiller is a medical doctor specializing in obstetrics and gynecology in Troy, Michigan and has over 29 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Michigan State University in 1994.  She is a full time physician and is also the founder of a dog rescue organization called District Five Animal Alliance Detroit. Contact Julie for Coaching at Buy the book, "Love Your Veterinary Life - The Veterinary Life Coach Guide to Harnessing Your Mind and Building a Incredibel Life" on Amazon!
40:15 5/8/24
Episode #278 - Veterinary Ventures CE with Dr. Megan McCorkel and Dr. Kelsey Gapstur
Dr. Megan McCorkel and Dr. Kelsey Gapstur are both veterinarians that received their DVM degrees from Western University of Health Science in Los Angeles, California where they met and became best friends.  They both currently practice, Kelsey is working in general practice in Nashville, Tennessee and Megan works in emergency medicine in Denver, Colorado.  They bonded in veterinary school over their love of travel and adventure so they collaborated to found Veterinary Ventures CE. Veterinary Ventures CE is a program that offeres family friendly travel, designed to help the busy veterinarian get the most experiences while gathering required CE hours and creating new relationships with other veterinarians and their families from all over the world.  Learn more about Kelsey and Megan at Learn more about Julie at    
48:35 5/1/24
Episode #277 - Increasing Your Feelings of Self-Worth
On this episode of the podcast Julie talks about why we suffer from feelings of low self-worth and how we can embrace our inherent, God given worthiness.  We are all born with worthiness and a unique set of talents, relationships, motivations, and emotions.  Our life and our relationships as children shape our self-image giving us core negative beliefs.  We need to understand our negative beliefs and begin to change them to understand our past and change our future.  Want coaching?  Contact Julie at Look for "Love Your Veterinary Life" on Amazon!    
30:56 4/24/24
Episode #276 - An Interview with Veterinarian and Life Coach Dr.Amy Grimm
Dr. Amy Grimm is a veterinarian and a Certified Life Coach.  She is nervous system informed and the founder of  Today on the podcast Amy and Julie talk about the unique challenges that veterinarians face navigating an intense career while also caring for ourselves as unique human beings.  Mental health is as important to a successful career as knowledge, money, or position.  It all starts with self-care, self-development, and opening your mind up to possibilities.  Life Coaching and Therapy are integral in helping us navigate challenges and get to the life of our dreams. "Life Coaching is Magical" Find out more about Dr. Amy Grimm at Contact Julie at  
54:46 4/17/24
Episode #275 - Self-Care with Dr. Lennon Foo
Dr. Lennon Foo is the founder of Amity Veterinary Care.  He is a veterinary surgeon, business owner, speaker, and author of the books "Is My Vet for Real?" and "Natural Power" and has a new book, "Vet For Life".  Today on the podcast Lennon and Julie discuss the importance of caring for yourself as a veterinary professional and well-rounded human being.  Julie and Lennon discuss tips and tricks that they recommend for setting boundaries, handling stress, and thinking differently about veterinary medicine. Learn more about Dr. Lennon Foo at Learn more about Julie at Find Dr. Foo's book, "Vet For Life" on Amazon Find Dr. Cappel's book, "Love Your Veterinary Life" on Amazon
25:29 4/10/24
Episode #274 - Excellent Communication with Dr. Lennon Foo
Dr. Lennon Foo, BVetMed, GPCert (SAM) MRCS,  is the founder of Amity Veterinary Care. He is a veterinary surgeon, speaker, and author of three books, "Is My Vet For Real?", "Natural Power", and his newest book, "Vet for Life".  Today Lennon and Julie discuss how to improve your communication with clients and team members to create better understanding and relationships. Your approach to communication with clients will help you to better understand their needs, serve them, reduce conflict, and provide better care for their pets (your patients).  With better communication you will love your career again. Learn more about Dr. Lennon Foo at Contact Dr. Cappel at 
34:55 4/3/24
Episode #273 - Holistic Veterinary Care with Dr. Jody Bearman
Jody Bearman DVM, CVH, CVA, CVCH, CVSMT is a veterinarian and the owner of AnShen Holistic Veterinary Care. She is a diplomat of Classical Homepathy and Veterinary Spinal Manipulation. Jody is a graduate of the Pitcairn Institute for Veterinary Homeopathy and is a Certified Veterinary Homeopath.  She is a diplomate of classical homeopathy and certified classical homeopath.  Dr. Bearman has spoken at the Joint American Homeopathic Conference for the last three years.  She has also published homeopathic and educational cases on Chinese medicine in the Integrative Veterinary Care Journal, and in the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy Journal.  Today Julie and Jody talk about Jody's veterinary journey from mixed animal practice, to small animal and exotic practice, to owning her own holistic practice in veterinary acupuncture, herbal medicine, and veterinary spinal manipulation.   To learn more about Dr. Bearman visit her website, To contact Julie go to
63:34 3/27/24
Episode #272 - Create Your Life Vision with Possibility Thinking
On this podcast Julie talks about creating a vision for your life by opening yourself up to possibility thinking.  Our brain is naturally wired to think negatively and if we allow that negativity bias to run us, we will fear change and ultimately limit our success.  In order to dream and live a full life, we must overcome our limited thinking and open up to possibilities by thinking differently.  Today Julie covers why we want to embrace possibilities and how we can begin to live without fear of failure. Learn more and schedule coaching at Contact Julie for questions at Buy Julie's Book on Amazon, "Love Your Veterinary Life"  
25:20 3/20/24
Episode #271 - An Interview with Dr. Aleksandra Ascione - Veterinaryfair
Dr. Aleksandra Ascione is a licensed veterinarian in Poland and currently non-licensed in the United States. She is a talented content creator on Instagram as veterinaryfair.  She is a canditate for ECFVG (Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates). On today's podcast Aleksandra and Julie discuss the NAVLE, foreign veterinarians, and the struggles that come with veterinary school and the path to U.S. licensure.  Aleksandra also explains how she became a social media star in Poland and brought her unique veterinary humor to the United States as veterinaryfair.   Contact Dr. Ascione on Instagram @veterinaryfair. Contact Dr. Cappel at
48:44 3/13/24
Episode #270 - An Interview with Dr. Sharon French
Dr. Sharon French is the founder and CEO of Vet She is a fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry and has worked in veterinary dentistry and a critical care facility for 23 years. She is passionate about caring for patients with dental emergiencies and giving back to her beloved profession.  Her "give back project" strives to assist pet owners in finding veterinary care and also helps the veterinary staff by reducing stress and time required to find overnight care for their patients. Learn more about and join Dr. French's project at Contact Dr. Cappel at
53:06 3/6/24
Episode #269 - Healthy Eating and Wellness with Jill Moellering
Jill Moellering is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and the founder of  Jill is anti-diet because diets do not work.  Today on the podcast Jill and Julie talk about the relationship between stress and our attitude around food.  Jill teaches us that most of us get dieting wrong, and working on our mental health translates into better physical health. Jill talks about the individual, and the direct effect our food choices have on how our body feels and functions. Find out more about Jill at Reach Julie at
41:57 2/28/24
Episode #268 - Mindfulness For Busy People
Mindfulness is an essential practice that can bring a sense of calm and clarity to even the busiest schedules. By taking just a few minutes each day to focus and tune into the present moment, you can cultiate greater presence and reduce stress, even in the midst of hectic day.  With some simple steps and prioritizing your mental health you can integrate mindfulness into your daily routine and benefit from the feelings that come from this powerful practice. Get coaching and share your experiences with Julie at, or    
20:37 2/21/24
Episode #267 - Get Organized with Professional Organizer and Author, Connie Ellefson
Connie Ellefson is an engineer, professional organizer, speaker and the author of several books.  Her most recent book is called, "Clear the Space Feel the Rush".  Connie helps people release their creativity and energy by letting go of unnecessary clutter.  Whether physical, mental, or possessional, clutter takes up space in our psyches and calendars that could be put to more productive, creative, and fun use.  Find out more about Connie at  
52:25 2/14/24
Episode #266 - Increasing Your Productivity with Mark Struczewski
Mark Struczewski is a productivity coach based in Houston, Texas and the host of The Mister Productivity Podcast (TM).  Mark teaches people to be more productive in their personal and professional lives in order to overcome their overwhelming feelings. On this episode Mark teaches us ways to become more grounded, increase self-care, and become calmer in order to create more balance.  Mark is dedicated to guiding people to overcome distractions, prioritize tasks effectively, and provide his listeners with practical insights to improve their lives.  Find out more about Mark and listen to his podcast at  Contact Julie at
48:24 2/7/24
Episode #265 - The Pursuit of Joy
On this episode of the podcast Julie talks about bringing more joy into your life.  We spend much of our time worried or stressed about our work, our goals, and minor upsets throughout our day.  We spend very little time thinking about joy and experiencing the delight that comes from staying in the moment.  Today we will learn that joyful people live longer and happier lives. There are some practical things that we can do to add more joy and we will discuss them here.  Contact Julie at Buy "Love Your Veterinary Life" on Amazon Get a introductory life coaching session at
29:17 1/31/24
Episode #264 - Picking Yourself Back Up
On this episode of the podcast Julie talks about picking yourself back up after a failure.  In order to accomplish anything important or challenging in your life you will experience failure.  Failing does not mean that you are a failure, it just means that you have experienced a setback, or a lesson, on your way to success.  There are many negative emotions that come after a setback that we must learn to experience without fear.  Our brain has a natural tendency to avoid hard things so we must develop resiliency to press on.  You will find that every successful person has experienced many opportunities to fail and pick themselves back up. Reach out for coaching at
24:30 1/24/24
Episode #263 - Things to Consider When Negotiating Your Salary with Dr. Lennon Foo
Dr. Lennon Foo is the founder of Amity Veterinary Care.  He is a veterinary surgeon, business owner, speaker and author of the books, "Is My Vet for Real?", "Natural Power", and his latest book, "Vet for Life".  On this episode of the podcast, Dr. Foo and Dr. Cappel discuss things you must consider when you are negotiating for a salary increase.  As a business owner, Lennon has experience in all areas of hospital finance and gives us an inside look into the way your boss thinks, and what you can do to make a strong case for yourself and your salary increase.   Learn more about Dr. Foo at Buy "Vet for Life" on Amazon!   
31:48 1/17/24
Episode #262 - Tips on Interviewing for Your First Job with Dr. Lennon Foo
Dr. Lennon Foo is the founder of Amity Veterinary Care. He is a veterinary surgeon, business owner, speaker, and author of the books, "Is My Vet for Real?", "Natural Power", and his new book, "Vet For Life".  Dr. Foo and Dr. Cappel have years of experience interviewing and hiring veterinarians. They share great advice on how to make the most of your interview, how to get the salary that you desire, and how to be sure that the hospital you choose is the right fit for you.  This discussion is valuable for anyone looking to change jobs in the veterinary field.   Find out more about Dr. Foo at Find "Vet For Life" on Amazon!  
28:39 1/12/24
Episode #261 - New Year's Resolutions without Anxiety
As a New Year begins, many of us set goals and make resolutions to improve our lives.  We think this process will make this year better, or happier, than our last.  New Year's resolutions often do not work because we try to make very big changes overnight. When we set goals or make resolutions and fail, we add to our anxiety.  As a veterinarians and perfectionists, we tend to be over achievers and we may even use goal setting (and taking on too many tasks) to avoid feeling our negative emotions such as anxiety.  On this podcast we talk about using resolutions and goals to increase our skills and experiences, but decrease anxiety.   Reach out to Julie at Buy "Love Your Veterinary Life" on Amazon Sign up for Julie's Wednesday Weekly Words or for a Free Coaching Session.
29:46 1/10/24
Episode #260 - Reflecting on 2023 to Move Into 2024 With Appreciation
On this episode of the podcast Julie works through questions to ask yourself about 2023 to move you with confidence and gratitude into 2024.  In order to train your brain to be more positive you have to look for the lessons and gifts of the past even in the face of challenges.  Working to be more grateful is a way to stay present and gain confidence to help you set bigger goals for 2024 and beyond.  Join Julie as she answers these questions with you to ready us all for the year ahead. Contact Julie at Order Julie's new book, "Love Your Veterinary Life - The Veterinary Life Coach Guide to Harnessing Your Mind and Building an Incredible Life." on Amazon Email Julie with questions or comments at  
27:17 1/3/24
Episode #259 - An Interview with Debbie Boone, CVPM - Veterinary Hospitality
Debbie Boone is a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager with a BS in Animal Science.  Debbie is a Veterinary Business Consultant, is Fear Free Certified, and has served on the board of directors and is the current past-president for VetPartners. She is a talented speaker and has a new book out called "Hospitality in Healthcare".  Today Debbie and Julie talk about the unique challenges that veterinarians face working with clients, and how they can better care for themselves and their teams.  Hospitality is not only about the clients, but about setting boundaries for veterinarians, and understanding what we can do to change the profession so we can love Veterinary Medicine again.  Learn more about Debbie at   Find Dr. Julie Cappel at Buy Julie's New Book!  "Love Your Veterinary Life" on Amazon! Try Veterinary Life Coaching with a free Introductory session at Julie Sign Up for Wednesday Weekly Words - Julie's Free weekly words of inspiration.  
74:09 12/27/23
Episode #258 - An Interview with Dr. Matthew Hynes
Dr. Matthew Hynes is an emergency medicine veterinarian and the co-owner, director of Advanced Animal Emergency in Clinton Township, Michigan.  He is a board member and advisor at A-Paws, a non-profit organization that provides low cost veterinary care for the public.  He is currently serving as the vice-president of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association and is a former Junior Ranger of the Boy Scounts of America. You can email Dr. Hynes at
47:58 12/20/23
Episode #257 - How to Be More Consistent
Did you know that consistency is the key to any accomplishment?  It is not about speed or overworking yourself. It is not about talent, willpower, or intellegence.  You can do anything if you take small steps consistently over time.  Any big goal can, and will, be accomplished by breaking it down into baby steps and taking those steps every day.  The magic comes in overcoming your brain's fear and objections to take those small action steps consistently.  You have to be willing to feel uncomfortalbe but push forward anyway. Please share with me what you do this week after listening.  What habit did you change or goal did you accomplish.   Reach out to me at Sign up for free coaching at Get my Wednesday Weekly Words by sharing your email address on my website. Buy my new book, "Love Your Veterinary Life" on Amazon!  
25:31 12/13/23
Episode #256 - An Interview with Tracy Pleschourt
Tracy Pleschourt is a personal and professional development coach, certified life coach, Founder of Self-made U, and the co-host of the Tracy and Gracie Becoming Podcast.  Tracy dedicates her work to ambitious, life-long learners yearning for solutions and seeking a better way to create results they desire and deserve. Tracy teaches that learning to think of yourSELF as the solution is the key to success and building the life that you desire. Find out more about Tracy at  
51:58 12/6/23
Episode #255 - An Interview with Dr. Jason Balara
Dr. Jason Balara is the CEO and Co-founder of Lark Capital Group and the host of the Know Your Why Podcast.  Jason is a veterinary surgeon with extensive experience and training in his field.  He has many years of experience in real estate investing on the residential side with single family fix and flips and small multi family units.  Jason also spends time raising awarness about veterinary mental health and partnering with NOMV with his Lark Veterinary Impact Fund to create financial wellness for veterinarians.  Find out more at Lark
67:52 11/30/23

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