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For Those Who Must Know The UnCommonCore Podcast is recorded live from the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world - Queens, New York. We talk to the people, profile the businesses, and cover the events that makes New York City a global center of art, culture and commerce worldwide. Some of our audience is chronically curious. Our subjects and methods change to satisfy that curiosity. Most of our listeners stumble upon us. If they don't hear anything they recognize they simply move on in search of something more familiar. But we are here for those who stay because they seek the unfamiliar. We are here for the explorers.


UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 42: BODIE
Goin' Yonder documenting Tom's move to California in 2019 ended with the death of his beloved pug Q. This audio/video spoken word piece will also be published as a final video in the Goin' Yonder: Qthe Pug series transitioning to Goin' Yonder: Bodie (soon to include other locations) and adds short-form multi-media to UnCommon Core productions.  BODIE is a California State Historic Park at California Nevada boarder.  This episode is dedicated to memories of Q the pug, Joe Frank and Anthony Bourdain. Atributes & Credits: MUSIC and background Pacific-slope Flycatcher by Becky Matsubara from El Sobrante, California - , CC BY 2.0, Pond 5 Beautiful Lady (Romantic Smooth Jazz Sentimental Background Music) - P5 By: ikoliks Dark Moon Suspense [ 45 Seconds, Solo Acoustic Guitar, Coronavirus, Virus ] - P5 by RealGuitars Bird, Flycatcher  By: SoundIdeasCom Sparrows  By: yio
10:01 8/22/23
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 41
We end the year with this episode from the pre-Covid Sacramento Auto Show. Tom talks to car collectors from Cars and Coffee Folsom, The Horseless Carriage Club, Euro Sunday ’s Sacramento chapter, Retro Luxe Vintage Trailers and the owner of a 1950 Chevrolet Railway Express Truck. Google: 1950 Chevrolet Railway Express Truck with Music by Vans in Japan, Unproductive Meetings by Birocratic (Bluesy Vibes Doug Maxwell_Media Right Productions) and Intense Radio Rock Alt Pop - Dramatic Dynamic Dark Melodic (Vocal Version) By: alltherightmoves Composer: Brandon Nees Daly
44:11 1/23/21
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 40
Tom finishes his interviews from the 2019 California Audio Show. In this final episode he finishes his talk with Mr. Kirmuss of Kirmuss Audio Restoration Systems, and concludes the series with a discussion about sonic integrity in High-End Audio with Doug White of The Voice That is, one of Tidal Audio's premier dealers. Music Dubtitution. Transect. by Longzijun  Uplifting Inspirational Synth Pop Rock Ballad by Brandon Nees Daly of All The Right Moves | from Pond 5 Links Q the Pug Nov 4, 2004 - July 29, 2020 Please visit SPONSER
49:50 11/12/20
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 39
Tom talks to the people behind the California Audio Show and the Kirmuss Audio Restoration System. Music Sling Shot by tubebackr | Music promoted by Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0) Leaving Babylon by Zep Hurme (c) copyright 2019 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: i_rebel Warm Vacuum Tube  by Admiral Bob (c) copyright 2019 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: starfrosch ________ Q the Pug Nov 4, 2004 - July 29, 2020 R.I.P my love The life of Q the Pug is over Long Live the Legend Please visit
33:04 9/21/20
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 38
Conrad Bradford joins Tom again in this pre-Covid-19 Capsule | Cabana Show from New York City. In this final episode of our New York Fashion series Tom and Corad talk to Coevolution designer Miaoyi Shu and Child of The Universe designer Brenda Marine. Child of the Universe NYC was founded in 2015 with the intention to create high quality and fashionable pieces that allowed customers to express themselves and their believes. Currently, Ana Wakeman is the founder and CEO of Child of the Universe NYC. Designers Coevolution Child of the Universe NYC Venue Cabana Show MUSIC  BACKGROUND: “Music by longzijun” Unfolded16-sanintro-theme23 SONG Pressure by Brandon Need Daly from Pond 5 Publiser: All The Right Moves SPONSER Black Glove Store MERCHANDISE Hug The Pug UnCommonCore Podcast
25:09 6/30/20
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 37
Tom starts off Season 5 with the Sacramento Auto show in Sacramento at CAL EXPO. In this episode we take a look at electric cars, lemon racers and Studebakers. |  In this episode we visit the Sacramento Auto Show and learn about SMUD - the local utility district's - electric vehicle ride event and the incentives they offer to new electric car buyers, then we meet some enthusiast and racers from "25 hours of lemons" - a $500 budget car endurance racing series. Tom talks about and budget racing with the owner of the Opel GT knows as the Tiny Vette. After that we get some history from the Studebaker Driver's club and how the car uniquely fits into the history of auto making in the United States.                      | Sacramento Auto Show | SMUD Drive Electric | 24 Hours of Lemons | Tiny Vette  | Studebaker Driver's Club |  CAPSULE | CABANA Call to Action for PPE Instagram |  Be a Patron of UnCommonCore Podcast This is the UnCommonCore Podcast MUSIC Help You Out by Leonell Cassio ft. Jonathon Robins | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
38:30 4/13/20
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 36
Conrad Bradford joins Tom once again for the Capsule | Cabana show in New York City. In this episode they speak to some designers who joined a UK fashion accelerator program. Accelerators and Incubators help get new businesses started in the industry. Designers Paper Machine Tania George Vingt Quatre W.J.Y Studio Music Flow Dance by Jerico De Angelo | Pond 5 Pow by John Lyle Clinebell. Lindsay Paige Garfield | Pond 5 Links Cabana Show NYC UnCommonCore Podcast Our Patreon Page
31:47 2/10/20
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 35
Grammy nominated - Windham Hill producer, Cookie Marenco and artist Jenna Mammina talks about high-end audio and starting Blue Coast Records. | | | In addition, Tom discusses the state of audio shows and women in audio with California Audio Show General Manager Vivian Lamb. MUSIC Pond 5 | All The Right Moves' Brandon Daily "Money Isn't Everything" and Jeff Gehlart playing Aud Lang Syne. SUPPORT the UnCommonCore Podcast by contributing $1 to our Patreaon page at : Happy New Year!!!
37:01 12/29/19
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 34
Tom and Conrad talk to resort wear brands Lanthroby (Felicia) and Pamut Apparel, eye catching swimwear brand La Gotta swimwear and club wear for daylight hours brand Undra Celeste New York. Undra Celeste New York | | We design elevated basics; like our ultra-soft sheer turtlenecks to the eye-catching faux collar statement coat. Elements that you will find prevalent in the brand’s aesthetics are BOLDNESS (color and prints), MODERN (clean lines and silhouettes) and FUN (embellishments and metallics).  La Gotta Swimwear | | La Gotta is a Miami based swimwear brand that is handcrafted in Colombia. At  La Gotta our swimsuits are created to enhance women's beauty through our unique, detailed designs and prints inspired by nature. Our goal is to create thoughtfully crafted collections that tell a story and express femininity, elegance and flair Lanthropy (Shop Felicia) | | Our collections are made of 100% linen fibers. This natural and ancient material is sophisicated, fresh and easy to wear, making it perfect for warm weather. Parmut Apparel | | We believe that clothing should be organic, sustainable, and long-lasting. We make each garment from 100% organic cotton, nature's best fiber.  Get Your Groove On by Ron Gelinas Chillout Lounge | Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License Best Wishes by Ron Gelinas Chillout Lounge | | Music promoted by Still Awake by Ghostrifter Official | | Music promoted by|Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported | Grey by [friendzoned] || Music promoted by| Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported | You Always Bring Me Down, by Brandon Nees Daly of alltherightmoves. From Pond 5. Announcer: Sato
29:26 11/17/19
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 33
Reference standards in digital streaming and in reel to real master tapes. In this episode Tom talks to people on both ends of the spectrum. Recorded live form the California Audio Show. MUSIC first girl talking to me. by Barradeen | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported   Another Song About You By jdgehlert | (Jeff Gehlert & Nick Myers) SUPPORT the UnCommonCore Podcast and our new no advertising, no self-promotiona and no calls to action policy by contributing to our Patreaon page at :    
36:01 10/16/19
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 32
More bold new fashions from Capsule + Cabana at Pier 42 in New York City.  In episode 32 designers are helping their communities though social outreach and leading the fashion industry in a positive new direction. Paraphrasing their words MERCADO GLOBAL is a Brooklyn-based women's brand that highlights Mayan hand-woven accessories made in the highlands of Guatemala. BITCHSTIX is a lip balm company that helps women who have suffered from domestic abuse and domestic violence. HARLEM FASHION ROW is a social company that provides a voice for multicultural designers. HFR helped to create the LeBron 16 sneaker among other unique ready to wear items including eclectically elegant dresses and pants for the active woman. Music: Beautiful Lady by ikoliks
40:01 10/2/19
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 31
In this episode Tom talks to the creator of the show Constantine Soo, and room acoustic expert Tim Link of ASC.   Music I can’t take my eyes out of you by Barradeen Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
41:21 9/2/19
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 30
From Korean and Italian importer Kolor Showroom to a local scarf designer CJW Tom kicks off the season with a fun informal walkabout around the Cabana+Capsule showroom. Toward the end of the episode Conrad joins in as the activity in the showroom increases to talk with local hat designer Wyeth. Music by Brandon Daily
33:18 7/13/19
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 29
Part two includes street artists Concrete Jungle, skateboard aficiianado Rodney Torres of Torro Skateboards, Cortes NYC, Shiro from Japan, Murrz with PJ the Pigeon, The Original J Lo and train writer Sharmin 65 and Terry Michos from the cult classic movie The Warriors. Original Score by: D. Pierce | AP2 Music "[The] Street Art Expo is a first of its kind convention catering to the Urban Culture – with Artists and Vendors in the Street Art, Designer Toy and Skate Communities." - Visit: for more information   Original Score by: D. Pierce | AP2 Music
35:01 4/4/19
2019 New Year Bonus
Bonus episode of the accidental recording of Tom and Conrad during the New York International Auto Show. See how the sausage is made.   Tom is testing his new recorder and microphones and accidentally pushes record instead of pause, so we get a listen behind the scenes at the New York International Auto Show. This is a fun bonus episode. Tom's mic is on his face but Conrad's is in the bag facing sown so the Audio has been processed to pull Conrad's Mic up from nothing. For 2019 : Comment in the iTunes section or email me at to let me know what kind of content you'd like to hear in 2019. I'll be in California and everything will change. Thanks for your support. Tell a friend. Happy New Year. Music: Pond 5 | Dr Rock Sleazy Dirty Blue | RadioDirect | Rhett Pietzman
30:01 12/28/18
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 28
In this episode Tom visits the 2018 Street Art Expo in New York City and talks to Fluid Tunes, Topaz, Flint, Mike with Jaze & Neo toys, ACRIME and Steven Cartocio of Concrete Jungle.     "[The] Street Art Expo is a first of its kind convention catering to the Urban Culture – with Artists and Vendors in the Street Art, Designer Toy and Skate Communities. Our events help bring together Street Artists, Vendors and Fans of the Arts to provide a great opportunity to network with people in the business. The Artist Alley consists of Street Artists relevant on a more mainstream level today, as well as Pioneers of the culture." - Visit: for more information
31:45 12/17/18
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 27
In this episode Volkswagon reveals their new Atlas concept, a high-end sporty sedan and discusses the beefed up Jetta. Nissan debuts a complete rebuild of their sixth generation Altima. The new version now features all wheel drive, a variable compression turbo engine and their advanced infotainment system is now a standard feature. Toyota is re-introducing a bolder, more capable verions of thier RAV 4 now with standard safety features and all-wheel drive. Jaguar has a new wagon with a 380 horse power engine, all wheel drive, a Meridian sound system as standard, and a new activity key bracelet for easy remote control.  Volvo presents their pet acessories for safer pet travel. Acessories include a dog gate, protective grill and harness. Lexus debuts a new structural no pigment blue for their LC-500. They also discuss their 2018 RC-F and GS-F. Mercedes Benz gives us a taste of their now extensive lineup with an overview of their cars at the show including the Maybach cabriolet and all electric SMART.   Featuring The New York International Auto Show Volkswagen Nissan Toyota Jaguar Volvo Petfinder Lexus Mercedes Benz Smart       Music Motivational Sports | Royalty Free Rock Composer: Jake Kodweis | Pond 6   Integrated Loudness -16.0 (remix)
55:03 11/7/18
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 26
Tom & Conrad visit the New York Auto Show and talk to Mini Cooper about what's new for 2018, NJ Exotic Spotters about being a photo blogger, Mazda about the new Kai concept, the RX7 and the new Miata MX5. They also speak with Jaguar about their F-Typer, visit the 2018 Karma Revero and the BMW booths.   Featuring The New York International Auto Show The Mini Cooper Mazda Jaguar Karma Revero BMW     Music Energetic African Dancing: Afrobeat Blues For Dying Globe Composer: Calle Frogard. Pond 5  Podcast Optimized
39:53 9/30/18
UnCommonCore Presents
Shoe Biz  with Conrad Bradford          and Alicia Walters  -  As the Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFANY) comes to visit Conrad talks to Alicia about the shoe business. Brands discussed include: Brian Atwood Donald Pliner Sorel Geox Kennith Cole Steve Madden Copper Fit                   Music: "Future Bass" Item ID: 91013676 By NeoCortex. Pond 5
28:31 8/20/18
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 25
In the second part of the two part series on Fly Fishing, Tom continues his conversations at the Fly Fishing Show. He talks to expert fly tier Rob Lewis, Nature Painter CD Clark, gear maker Orvis and boatmakers Maxxon Outfitters and Jones Brothers Marine. In this episode he also speaks about Fly Fishing and the non-profit Ocean Cleanup. Featuring Rob Lewis (Fly Tier) Orvis (Fly Fishing Supplies) CD Clark (Painter) Maxxon Outfitters (Inflatable Boats) Jones Brothers Marine (Fishing Boats) Non-Profit Ocean Cleanup   Music: "Dark Moon Suspense" By Real Guitars. Pond 5
63:03 8/5/18
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 24
In our final part of the New York Audio Show we feature 2 icons of the High-End Audio world: David Cheskey and Rondi D'Agostino. It also includes two exciting new products The + Record Player and MarkAudio-Sota Loudspeakers. Links The New York Audio Show: Chesky Records: Plus Audio: MarkAudio-SOTA: Krell:   Music:  Mi Peligro - No Leads by PondtunezPond 5 Standard License Be a Patron Advertise Hug The Pug
40:01 6/18/18
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 23
UnCommonCore Podcast | Episode 23: The Fly Fishing Show 2018 Part 1 | In the fist part of this series Tom interviews representatives from: No See Um Lodge, Pinnacle Performance Eyewear, Julie Seur, Yeti Coolers, Art Weiler Rods, Scott Fly Rods, Duberry of Ireland, and Van Staal Reels. IN THIS EPISODE No See Um Lodge Pinnacle Performance Eyewear Julie Seur Yeti Art Weiler Rods Scott Fly Rods Duberry of Ireland Van Staal Reels
45:01 5/14/18
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 22
UnCommonCore Podcast | Episode 22: New York Audio Show 2017 Part 2 | Entry to Expert | Tom interviews representatives from Marantz, Tweak Studio, Audio Note, Rollo Audio featuring Aqua and Linear Tube audio, Ohm and Alexus Audio. For links visit out blog:  
47:47 3/25/18
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 21
UnCommonCore Podcast | Episode 21: New York Audio Show Part 1 | Newest Products | Featuring : Electrocompaniet's EC Living, Technics SL 1200G & SP 10R & Steve Guttenberg. Legendary Norwegian High-End Audio electronics company Electrocompaniet has been at the top of the high-end audio world for over 40 years. They discusses EC Living, a new wireless modular audio system for the home that redefines what a home stereo sytem is in 2018. Ask any DJ, it was Technics ' invention of the direct drive turntable that started it all. And THE DJ turntable was the Technics SL1200, that is, until it was dicontinued in 2010, whereafter it spawned a sea of copycats. Now the Technics 1200 classic record player is back with a vengence and it's been completly redesigned. They talk about the newest long awaited arrival of their affordable audiophile version of their newest legendary turntable the SL 1200G. Steve Guttenburg (Audiophiliac ) is CNET's high-end audio expert; he talks about the High-End audiophile culture, past and present, and recommends a new record. RIP Joe Frank thanks for all your years of weirdness.    v5.1.1
44:01 3/2/18
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 20
UnCommonCore Podcast | Episode 20 | Spring and Summer 2018 Fashion | Capsule 3 October 2017 | This is the Season Finale! Tom and 2thBrush cover  in our third installment of the Capsule Show from New York City's Fashion Week. The website blog is here: Our merchandise is here:     (Master-B.v2.1)
61:13 1/19/18
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 19
UnCommonCore Podcast | Episode 19: Reef-A-Palooza Part 3 | Everything You Need | Links to all the products are available on our blog HERE The Notes Page has my thoughts about the products featured in this episode. It is available HERE.  Our Web Page is Live-to-disk from the floor of "America's Largest Saltwater Aquarium Show" Reef-A-Palooza New York 2017 held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center. Tom talks to some of the new and interesting vendors in this episode including JBJ Aquarium, Savvy Seahorses and Ecotech Marine.   Master B.1
38:01 12/6/17
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 18
UnCommonCore Podcast | Episode 18: Reef-A-Palooza Part 2 | Showtime | Links to all the products will be available on the links page under the menu for Episode 18. Notes pages on the blog will have my thoughts about the products featured here. Notes and Links can be found on the blog at Live-to-tape from the floor of "America's Largest Saltwater Aquarium Show" : Reef-A- Palooza New York 2017 held at the Meadowlands Exposition center. Tom talks to some of the vendors about some of his favorite classic manufacturers such as Lifeguard, to some brand new products such as the Orbit Jellyfish tank. This is part 2 of a 3 part series so sure to listen to episode 17 and 19 to hear more about Reef-A-Polooza.   (v11.c)
47:03 10/31/17
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 17
Set-Up Day | Tom talks to Julian Sprung and others setting up for Reefapalooza 2017 New York |
55:55 10/1/17
UnCommonCore Podcast - Episode 16
Preeti and Tom visit New York City's Premier Farmer's Market Links: Grow NYC Chateau Renaissance Wine Cellars Breezy Hill Orchard Humans of New York Quattro's Farm on Facebook Homestead Maple Grazinburger Angus Acres Blue Feet Foundation Notes:         Master G
41:02 8/30/17
UncommonCore Podcast - Episode 15
UnCommonCore Podcast | Episode 15: Street Art Expo. | New York City 2017 | | Interviews from the 3rd annual Street Art Expo. 2017 with vendors and famous New York City graffiti artists such as Stem YNN and the Royal King Bee as well as new and up and coming artist from the boroughs of New York. 
65:32 7/18/17