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Good Is In The Details is hosted by Gwendolyn Dolske, Ph.D and Rudy Salo. We believe that being curious and satisfying your curiosity is the key to happiness. Every episode is a discussion with an expert where we are learning what we didn't know we didn't know. Join us in gaining a bit of wisdom, health tips, lessons on self-improvement, and some laughter in between.


What Makes Decisions Difficult?
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome back Rev. Dr. Angela Gorrell to discuss her forthcoming book, What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do.  How can we work through difficult decisions?  How can we handle competing ideas or beliefs?  What holds us back?   Learn more about Dr. Gorrell's work: Join our Patreon: Thank you to our sponsor:
40:34 6/9/24
Self Actualization and Relationships
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome author Amber Wardell, PhD to discuss her work on self actualization, self care, and how that impacts our relationships.  What is a self?  How does one care for the self?  How do we communicate our needs to our partner? Learn more about Dr. Wardell: Read Dr. Wardell's work on Psychology Today: Get 50% off your order: Factor Meals Join our Patreon: Thank you
40:55 5/21/24
Encore: On Women Serial Killers
Enjoy this encore episode (one of our top episodes!) with author of Lady Killers, Tori Telfer. Learn more about Tori: Get extra content and support GIID:
53:16 5/11/24
Are We Really Innocent Until Proven Guilty?
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome Law Professor and author of Demand The Impossible: One Lawyer's Pursuit of Justice for All, Robert Tsai. We discuss the story behind the book detailing the American Lawyer Steven Bright. What is meant by justice?  How can the law impact culture?  What is the role of money in justice?   Learn more about Robert Tsai's work: Get 50% your order with FactorMeals using the code Details50: Check out Get extra content: Accepting Sponsors.  Get in Touch:
45:14 5/1/24
A Dialogue about Consent
Gwendolyn Dolske teams up with Ella Parlor (Eavesdrop With Ella podcast, author of High Tolerance). We discuss the book The Sex Will Be Good Again Tomorrow: Women and Desire in the Age of Consent, by Katherine Angel. What are assumptions about sexuality underscoring conversations about consent?  How can we become more thoughtful communicators?  What are cultural hurdles when it comes to appreciating and vocalizing consent?  Get your copy of Ella's book: Check out Ella's podcast: Use offer code Details50 for your Factor Meals: Join our Patreon and support GIID: Extra Content! Read The Sex Will Be Good Again Tomorrow.
50:33 4/20/24
What is Rhetoric?
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome Professor Robin Reames to discuss her book The Ancient Art of Thinking For Yourself.  What is rhetoric?  How can understanding rhetoric help us in our everyday lives? What is the origin of rhetoric?   Learn more about Professor Reames and get her book: Get your Factor meals using offer code Details50: Join our Patreon: Thank you to our sponsor: Get in touch:
46:30 4/10/24
To Envy is Human
Gwendolyn and Rudy welcome Philosophy Professor and author of The Philosophy of Envy, Dr. Sara Protasi.  What does it mean to have envy?  How can Philosophy help us understand the different ways envy presents itself?  Is envy all bad?  What is the bright side of envy and how can this help us in our relationships?  Learn more about Dr. Sara Protasi: Use offer code GOOD15 for your volumizer brush: Get extra GIID content: Thank you to our sponsor:
44:04 3/27/24
Who Are You Becoming? Existentialism and Living Well
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome Philosopher J. Aaron Simmons to discuss his book Camping With Kierkegaard.  What does Existentialism teach us about habits?  Goals? Living in the present?   Get Camping With Kierkegaard: Get 50% off your Factor meals using offer code details50: Get your April 5th tickets for the Women's Networking event using offer code GOODISINTHEDETAILS10: Learn more about podcasting at the Irvine OutlierHQ event: Thank you to our sponsor: Support the pod and join our patreon:
56:25 3/9/24
Daredevil, Ethics, and Romance
Gwendolyn and Rudy welcome back Philosophy Professor Mark D. White to discuss his book Daredevil From the Beginning to Born Again. What moral lessons do we learn from the story of Daredevil?  How do we understand ability and disability culturally? What is Justice? And, what can we learn about love?  Learn more about Mark: Get your CLM Volumizer with offer code GOOD15: Join the pod's patreon:
46:33 2/27/24
What Dating Culture Says About Us
Gwendolyn Dolske welcomes two of the hosts of the popular indie podcast My Worst Date, Keegan and Christina!    How do dating apps influence dating culture?  What should we keep in mind about safety when dating? How do shifting ideas about gender roles impact dating?   Learn more about this fantastic podcast: Get your hair volumizer and use offer code GOOD15 for a discount!: FREE shipping on U.S. orders.   Get ready for your Bridge Party: Join our Patreon:
52:20 2/15/24
The WHY of Podcasting
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo present "The Why of Podcasting" for the OutlierHQ Podcast Festival.  We share the story and creation of Good Is In The Details, some tips for podcasters, and our journey of learning through producing the show.   Learn more about OutlierHQ: Join our Patreon: Thank you to our sponsor:
30:19 1/31/24
How We Speak About Morality
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome Philosophy Professor Matthew Congdon (Vanderbilt University).  We discuss his book Moral Articulation On the Development of New Moral Concepts.  How do we frame moral issues?  How does language play a role in the way we consider morality?  Can transportation reflect our ideas of justice and equity?  Learn more about Matthew's work: Read Rudy's article from Forbes: "2023 Transportation Trends that Could Impact the Future of Transportation".  Support the pod on Patreon and Join our bookclub: Thank you to our sponsor! Learn more about GIID:
34:45 1/22/24
How to Make Lemonade with Tom Morris
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome Philosopher, author, speaker, Tom Morris Ph.D. (The Art of Achievement and Plato's Lemonade Stand).  How does Philosophy inform and guide our lives?  Our understanding of success?  Goal setting?  How can the wisdom of Philosophy help us with change?   Learn more about Tom Morris's work and books: Check out Sieze the Moment Podcast: Get extra content for GIID on patreon: Thank you to our sponsor:  
57:42 1/12/24
Marketing and Influence
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome author, podcaster, and marketing guru, Ella Parlor  (High Tolerance: The Intoxicating World of Alcohol Marketing). What does marketing involve? What is unique about the alcohol business? How can we understand our relationship to alcohol and to marketing? Ella shares her journey through this industry and some wisdom on work ethic.  Buy Ella's book: High Tolerance Check out Rudy's Forbes article mentioned in the episode: Join us on Patreon: Thank you to our sponsor:
50:45 12/30/23
Philosophy of Punk Rock
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome back Philosophy Professors Richard Greene and Josh Heter to discuss Punk Rock and Philosophy.  What does the genre reveal about cultural shifts and attitudes? What does it mean to be a punk rocker?  We discuss style, gatekeeping, anger and happiness, all within the framework of Punk Rock.   Get your copy: Join our Patreon: Thank you to our sponsor: 
35:32 12/12/23
Embrace the New: Ideas, Career Shifts, and Happiness
Gwendolyn Dolske partners with The Modern Day Wife and explores the career shifts of women in business.  What are the first steps to bringing one's idea to life?  What is the disposition of the successful woman?  We learn how a belief in self anchors the possibility of creation, community, and happiness.   Learn more about our wonderful guests: Meagan Elieff and Meghan Fialkoff, founders of Franne Golde Amanda Dill Jennifer Benshlush Thank you to our sponsors: use offer code DETAILS at checkout Special shoutout to friend of the pod Join our Patreon for extra content
52:15 12/1/23
BMI, Health, and the Holidays
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome back Rich Fahmy, MS, CPT, CWC, CES, PES (National Academy of Sports Medicine).  What is BMI?  How can we understand cultural attitudes around weight and diet vs health?  What are some tips for navigating through the holiday season in a healthy manner? Learn more about Rich Fahmy: Check out the NASM pod: Use promo code DETAILS for $15 off at checkout: Thank you Join our Patreon:
33:53 11/19/23
Writing, Divesting, and Questioning with Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez
Gwendolyn Dolske and guest co-host Konstantin Hatcher (California YIMBY) talk with founder of Latina Rebels and author of For Brown Girls with Sharp Edges and Tender Hearts, Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez.  We learn about the power of writing and observation, of finding one's voice and challenging social norms, and the creation of a genre.   Learn more about Prisca's work: Join our Patreon: Thank you to our sponsor:
39:38 11/5/23
The Skill of Caregiving
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome back Dr. Kate Mangino (Equal Partners).  Gwendolyn asks Kate's thoughts on a recent push to end no fault divorce in a few districts.  How do ideas about marriage and divorce reflect gender assumptions/traditions?   We learn about the significance of caregiving from our personal lives and how that role fosters important skills that can be used in the work place.  What are these transferable skills?  How do we discuss our caregiving roles at work?  How can employers view time taken for care as a benefit to their business?  Learn more about Kate Mangino: Join. our patreon: Thank you to our sponosor:
33:56 10/21/23
Medical Ethics and The Retrievals
Gwendolyn Dolske talks with Dr. Kate Madorin and Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi about their thoughts on the popular podcast The Retrievals (from This American Life).  How is women's pain understood and communicated?  What is the role of empathy in medicine?   Learn more about Dr. Tansavadti: Visit our patreon: Listen to The Retrievals: Thank you to our sponsor:
29:31 10/3/23
Honor your Talent
In memory of Brittany Delaney of
02:29 9/27/23
Encore: How to Recover Creativity and Empathy in Work Life
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo talk with Dr. Michaela O'Donnell about her book  Make Work Matter.  What can theology teach us about our approach to work?  How has the pandemic shaped our ideas of work?  What is the role of empathy?
53:43 9/15/23
What True Crime Reveals About Us
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome back author/Professor, Dr. Dahlia Schweitzer.  Dahlia is examining the true crime case of The Black Dahlia.  What is the historical significance of this unsolved crime?  How does the public's treatment of Elizabeth Short ("The Black Dahlia") reveal our ideas about women and gender?  And how does this relate to Film Noir?   Learn more about Dahlia:  Join our Patreon: Thank you to our sponsor: Use offer code The Details:
40:41 8/31/23
Does Free Will Exist?
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo interview Philosophy Professor Dr. Gregg Caruso (SUNY Corning), author of Rejecting Retributivism. Free Will, Punishment, and Criminal Justice.  We discuss the meaning of free will, what is a free will skeptic, determinism, and how understanding free will (or rejecting the idea of free will) impacts our sense of justice.   Watch Gregg's Ted Talk "The Dark Side of Free Will" Learn more about Gregg's work: Join our patreon: Thank you to our sponsor:
38:24 8/14/23
The Philosophy of The Godfather Trilogy
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome philosophers Richard Greene and Joshua Heter to discuss the film The Godfather.  What philosophical lessons and ideas come through in the film?  How are we to understand justice?  Loyalty?  Family?   Check out The Godfather and Philosophy. Join our Patreon: Thank you to our sponsor: Use offer code The Details for
35:57 7/31/23
What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
Gwendoly Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome Psychologist and author, Dr. Seth Gillihan.  How can we temper our thoughts?  How can we become mindful?  What are the techniques of CBT?   Learn more about Seth's work: Join our Patreon: Thank you to Use offer code The Details for 1 month free premium subscription:  
42:11 7/13/23
Encore: The Virtue of Captain America with Mark D White
Enjoy our holiday encore episode on Captain America with 3 time guest, Professor Mark D. White.  (Originally aired July 4, 2020.)  Join our Patreon: Read Mark's book:
59:56 7/4/23
The Wisdom of Women Entrepreneurs
What is the mindset of a successful woman entrepreneur?  Gwendolyn Dolske partners with to interview five women in business.  How does one start?  How does one handle obstacles?  Rest? Balance?  This episode has advice and inspiration for anyone pursuing business.  Much thanks to Nev Tomic, Robin Ackerman, Jamie Jensen, Raana Kashani Gregg, and Cherie Monson.  Our guests' websites: Thank you to our sponsor: Use offer code The Details for 1 month free premium subscription: Join our Patreon:
52:44 6/30/23
What is a good husband?
Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo welcome Modern Husbands founder, financial expert, and fellow podcaster, Brian Page.  What is the relationship between the economy, work opportunities, and the dynamics of a healthy marriage?  What does it mean to be a good partner?  What kinds of conversations should we be having?  What role is finance and budgeting in a relationship? Will Rudy ever get a new car?  Learn more about Brian Page: Join our Patreon: Thank you to our sponsor: Use offer codee The Details for: Check us out on Instagram: GoodIsInTheDetailsPod
48:37 6/23/23
The WHY of True Crime
Gwendolyn and Rudy welcome True Crime podcaster, Sarah J McLaughlin (host and producer of the compelling and top of the charts pod, Appalachian Mysteria).  What goes into producing a true crime podcast? What is the story behind the WVU 1970 murders of two young women?  How does our fascination with true crime reflect our cultural values? Is there a link between transportation and season 1 of Appalachian Mysteria?   Learn more about Appalachian Mysteria: Delve into the nuance of True Crime: Thank you to our sponsor: Use offer code TheDetails: Support the pod:
44:53 6/7/23

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