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Robert Durst: The Lost Years
Keith Morrison goes inside the twisted saga of the infamous New York real estate heir Robert Durst, revealing stories of his life little known by the public.
42:46 5/21/24
Special Preview of Dateline: True Crime Weekly
As a bonus, we’re giving you a special preview clip of today’s premiere episode of our new podcast series, Dateline: True Crime Weekly. Every Thursday Andrea Canning and her guests dive into the biggest crime stories of the week, bringing you the latest on trials and investigations around the country. Listen to the full episode now, wherever you get your podcasts:
01:38 5/16/24
Talking Dateline: Sound and Fury
Josh Mankiewicz interviews Stephanie Gosk about her recent episode, “Sound and Fury.”  Months after the 2014 murder of the beloved DJ Nando from famed Club Onyx in Atlanta, a second killing strikes the Club Onyx family. DJ Andre Pugh’s wife, Tiffany, is found murdered in their suburban home.  Investigators wonder if the two murders are connected, or if Tiffany’s killer is someone much closer to home. Stephanie shares what she learned about the Atlanta hip-hop scene and about producing Dateline episodes, and Josh ponders the killer’s behavior after the murder. Later, Stephanie plays a podcast-exclusive clip and answers viewer questions from social media. Listen to the full episode of "Sound and Fury" here:
25:27 5/15/24
Sound and Fury
When the wife of a popular Atlanta DJ is found murdered with her two young children at home, investigators try to unravel what happened. The chilling echo of another DJ's murder just months prior raises suspicions of a targeted attack on the city's music community. Stephanie Gosk reports.
83:00 5/14/24
Introducing Dateline: True Crime Weekly
As a bonus for you, we’re sharing the trailer for Dateline: True Crime Weekly, an all-new weekly podcast series. Every Thursday Andrea Canning and her guests dive into the biggest crime stories of the week, bringing you the latest on trials and investigations around the country. Listen to the first episode on Thursday, May 16 and follow now wherever you get your podcasts:
00:39 5/10/24
Talking Dateline: If These Walls Could Talk
Josh Mankiewicz and Keith Morrison sit down to talk about Keith’s most recent episode, “If These Walls Could Talk.” In November 2016, Susann Sills was found dead at the bottom of the staircase in the home she shared with her husband and their two children in San Clemente, California. Susann’s death appeared to have been a terrible accident, but investigators soon discovered evidence that led them to believe it was something more sinister. Keith tells Josh about the puzzling circumstances surrounding Susann’s death and shares behind-the-scenes details of filming the episode.  Keith also plays a podcast-exclusive clip from his interview with one of Susann’s brothers and Dateline producer Michelle Madigan joins in to answer viewer questions. Listen to the full episode of “If These Walls Could Talk” here: to “Poison,” the episode Josh mentions that also took place in San Clemente here:
23:50 5/8/24
If These Walls Could Talk
A Southern California woman's fall down the stairs initially appears to be a fatal accident, but when deputies arrest her husband, his story unravels. Keith Morrison reports.
83:40 5/7/24
Talking Dateline: Chameleon
Josh Mankiewicz sits down with Andrea Canning to talk about her latest episode, “Chameleon.”  When Fran Gladden Smith went missing from her New Jersey home in 1991, police had their eyes on her husband, John Smith. Over the course of their investigation, they discovered that Fran wasn’t the first of John’s wives to go missing. Suddenly, one case became two, and a decades-long search for justice ensued. Josh and Andrea discuss the dedication of Fran’s family in trying to solve both cases, and Andrea shares a podcast-exclusive clip from a taped phone call with John Smith. Plus, Andrea answers viewer and listener questions about the episode.Listen to the full episode of “Chameleon” here:
23:01 5/1/24
When a New Jersey woman goes missing, investigators uncover her husband’s chilling history, including dark secrets about another missing wife. Andrea Canning reports.
83:24 4/30/24
Talking Dateline: Evil Walked Through the Door
Andrea Canning interviews Josh Mankiewicz about his newest episode, “Evil Walked Through the Door.”  The 1983 murders of Toronto women Erin Gilmour and Susan Tice four months apart left police stumped for nearly four decades.Finally, a breakthrough in investigative techniques led detectives to a freezing town in northern Canada in search of their killer. Josh and Andrea discuss the different ways of handling grief highlighted in the episode, and Josh plays a podcast-exclusive clip from his interview with Erin Gilmour’s brother. Josh describes his chilly journey to Moosonee, Ontario, and Andrea explains how, as a native of Canada, she no longer has a Canadian accent. Then, Josh answers viewer and listener questions about the episode.Watch Josh’s travelogue of his journey to get the story here: to the full episode of "Evil Walked Through the Door" here: 
21:11 4/24/24
Evil Walked Through the Door
The separate murders of two women in Toronto ignite an investigation that spans four decades, taking detectives from the big city to a remote, northern town. Josh Mankiewicz reports.
83:34 4/23/24
Talking Dateline: Justice for Joy
Andrea Canning talks to Blayne Alexander about her most recent episode, “Justice for Joy.” In 1991, Joy Hibbs was stabbed, strangled, and her Pennsylvania home was set on fire to cover up the brutal crime. The investigation went cold until a detective with the Bristol Township Police Department picked up the case file decades later and uncovered a connection between the department and a man who’d been interviewed at the time of Joy’s murder. Blayne tells Andrea about the Hibbs family’s desperate search for answers and plays a podcast-exclusive clip from her interview with the woman who finally unlocked the mystery. Blayne and Andrea also discuss how motherhood has affected their approach to interviews. Blayne and Dateline producer Justin Balding answer viewer and listener questions about the episode.Listen to the full episode of “Justice for Joy” here:
25:47 4/17/24
Justice for Joy
When Joy Hibbs is found dead in a house fire, an autopsy shows she was murdered beforehand. Even with multiple suspects, the investigation stalls, leaving the case cold for years. Decades later, a shocking secret is revealed. Blayne Alexander reports.
83:29 4/16/24
Talking Dateline: The Night Time Stopped
Josh Mankiewicz interviews Keith Morrison about his latest episode, “The Night Time Stopped.”  The hunt for the killer of champion cyclist Moriah Wilson in 2022 took detectives and the Dateline team from the gravel bike paths of Austin, Texas to the sandy beaches of Costa Rica. Keith tells Josh what he discovered about the suspect’s plastic surgery and the technology that was key to investigators cracking the case. He also shares with Josh a new clip from one of the police interviews and they answer viewer and listener questions from social media.Listen to the full episode of "The Night Time Stopped: here:
21:33 4/10/24
The Night Time Stopped
Keith Morrison reports new revelations in the headline-making case of murdered professional cyclist Moriah Wilson, including fresh courtroom evidence and a police interview with a key witness.
83:30 4/9/24
The Ultimate Betrayal
After Tahereh Ghassemi disappears from the Louisiana home she shares with her adult son, detectives discover an astonishing plot with international implications. Andrea Canning reports.
40:59 4/3/24
Part of the Plan
After a U.S. Air Force airman is shot multiple times inside his garage, a trail of clues leads Las Vegas detectives to a secret love affair and a murderous plan. Keith Morrison reports.
40:50 4/2/24
Talking Dateline: A Girl Named Egypt
Keith Morrison talks to Andrea Canning  about her most recent episode, “A Girl Named Egypt.” In June 2017, a young woman named Egypt Covington was found murdered in her Michigan home. The local police quickly zeroed in on someone close to her as a possible suspect, only for the case to go cold. Andrea tells Keith about the family’s painful search for answers over the years and the unsettling motive Michigan State Police discovered for the murder after they took over the case. Andrea and Keith also discuss what they’ve learned from other stories they’ve worked on involving the wrongfully accused and put their Dateline knowledge to the test with some trivia questions.
22:42 3/27/24
Dateline presents: Murder in the Hollywood Hills
Hey Dateline fans! As a bonus, we’re giving you a special preview clip of our new podcast series, Murder in the Hollywood Hills. In this story Keith Morrison takes us to the city of dreams, where a smooth-talking predator lured young women into a nightmare with promises of fame and fortune. He evaded justice for years, but when a group of women banded together, they fought to lock him up for life. If you like what you hear, you can listen to Murder in the Hollywood Hills for free each week. Or, subscribe to Dateline Premium on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or to unlock new episodes one week early:
04:53 3/26/24
A Girl Named Egypt
Michigan State Police detectives speak out for the first time to Andrea Canning and reveal clues they uncovered in the case of 27-year-old Egypt Covington, who was found murdered in her home in 2017.
83:13 3/26/24
Talking Dateline: Deadly Swap
Andrea Canning and Dennis Murphy sit down to talk about his most recent episode, “Deadly Swap.”  When a young mother was shot in broad daylight in a Georgia parking lot, investigators combed through eyewitness testimony and surveillance footage to zero in on an unlikely killer.  Dennis tells Andrea what he learned about the killer’s motive and they discuss an unforgettable police interview.  Dennis also shares a podcast-exclusive clip from the victim’s grieving boyfriend and answers your questions from social media.Listen to the full episode of “Deadly Swap” here:
21:33 3/20/24
Deadly Swap
After a 25-year-old mother is gunned down in broad daylight by a murderer wearing a disguise, detectives confront a most unlikely suspect. Dennis Murphy reports.
82:49 3/19/24
Talking Dateline: The Killer on Camera 4
Josh Mankiewicz talks to Dennis Murphy about his recent episode, “The Killer on Camera 4,”  which follows the 2017 murder of Baltimore volunteer firefighter Jon Hickey, the victim of a love triangle of which he was unaware. Josh asks Dennis about the murderer’s extensive double life and about the security footage that cracked the case. Dennis shares a podcast-exclusive clip from his interview with the killer’s former wife and invites veteran Dateline producer Izhar Harpaz to answer your questions from social media.Listen to the full episode of "The Killer on Camera 4" here:
24:27 3/13/24
The Killer on Camera 4
When a firefighter is murdered, the investigation unravels a web of secrets, a love triangle and stunning surveillance footage. Dennis Murphy reports.
83:06 3/12/24
Talking Dateline: A Life Interrupted
Andrea Canning and Dennis Murphy discuss his latest episode, “A Life Interrupted.” Within months of the disappearance of Connecticut mother of five, Jennifer Dulos, Dennis sat down with her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos – the man investigators believe murdered her. Dennis tells Andrea what it was like in 2024 to sit in a Connecticut courtroom and see not Fotis, but his girlfriend Michelle Troconis on trial for conspiracy to commit murder, among other charges. Dennis brings Andrea up to speed on the high-tech investigation at the center of the case and the heartache of those left behind. He plays a podcast-exclusive snippet of his powerful interview with a group of Jennifer’s friends and answers viewers and listeners questions from social media.
22:37 3/6/24
A Life Interrupted
Dennis Murphy reports the latest on the 2019 disappearance of New Canaan, Connecticut mother of five, Jennifer Dulos. The episode takes an in-depth look at new evidence and the trial of Michelle Troconis, who was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution in the case. Troconis was the girlfriend of Jennifer’s estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, who died by suicide in 2020.
83:06 3/5/24
Talking Dateline: True Confession
Josh Mankiewicz sits down with Keith Morrison and Dateline producer Shane Bishop, to talk about their newest episode, “True Confession”, based on an epic case they have been following for more than a decade. When Idaho teenager Angie Dodge was found murdered in her home in 1996,  her friend Christopher Tapp falsely confessed to the crime. Keith and Shane talk about Carol Dodge, the relentless and unlikely ally who fought to prove Tapp’s innocence and find her daughter’s real killer. Keith also shares a podcast-exclusive clip from his last interview with Christopher Tapp and answers viewer and listener questions.
25:41 2/28/24
True Confession
Idaho resident Christopher Tapp is sentenced to life after falsely confessing to the murder of his friend Angie Dodge. When the real killer is caught over 20 years later, the case appears to finally be closed until a chilling twist begins a new chapter in the decades-long saga. Keith Morrison reports.
83:16 2/27/24
Talking Dateline: The Perfect Life
Josh Mankiewicz and Andrea Canning discuss her latest episode, “The Perfect Life.” In 2012 the body of Jen Ramsaran, a mother of three, was found on a desolate stretch of road in Upstate New York. She’d been murdered. Andrea says the subsequent interview she did with Jen’s husband Remy was one of the most memorable of her Dateline career. Ten years later, after some dramatic developments in the case,  Andrea tells Josh what it was like to sit across from Remy Ramsaran one more time and shares a podcast-exclusive clip from their most recent interview. 
24:44 2/21/24
The Perfect Life
Jennifer Ramsaran, a devoted mother of three, is found murdered in her New York town. More than a decade later, the story takes an unexpected turn as a twist emerges that leads to an unforeseen conclusion. Andrea Canning reports.
83:05 2/20/24

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