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Kim I Plyler, host of “Master Your Story, It Matters!” uses this platform to make sure everyone’s story can be heard. You’ll hear from people all around the world whose stories make a difference. Each guest is involved in key social responsibility areas and work is actively engaged in improving their world. We all have stories — and through them, we can improve humanity. Listen and learn to Master Your Story!


The Healing Power of Words with Guest Bathsheba Monk
Join us as we uncover the healing narratives of poets, playwrights, novelists, and artists who share their intimate experiences of catharsis and recovery through their written words. Whether you're a creative writer, a mental health advocate, or someone who seeks solace in the rhythm of verses, this episode is for you. In our inspirational discussion with Bathsheba Monk from Blue Heron Book Works, we explore the indispensable role of writing in the healing process. Learn how the act of forming letters and words on a page can be both a refuge and an avenue for powerful self-expression and emotional release. Let "Master Your Story" be your guide and companion as you navigate through life's challenges. Here, we not only read between the lines of captivating literature but also help you discover the untapped potential of your own life's narrative. Tune in, and let's embark on a path of restoration and self-discovery through the beauty of writing.
20:56 2/15/24
Journey Into the Healing Arts with Heather Browne
In this enlightening episode of our podcast, we welcome an extraordinary guest, Heather Browne, a renowned Shaman and Master of the Healing Arts. Heather brings years of wisdom and a deep understanding of alternative healing practices that have transformed lives. Join us as Heather delves into the world of shamanic traditions, discussing the intersection of spirituality and wellness. We'll explore how ancient healing arts are finding a place in modern therapy and personal growth journeys. Alongside tangibles and techniques, you'll hear personal anecdotes of healing and transformation. Heather also gives us a glimpse into her unique approach to teaching and guiding others in their healing paths. Whether you're well-versed in the realm of spiritual healing or simply curious about the connection between the body, mind, and spirit, this episode is a rare opportunity to listen to a master at work. We'll touch upon common misconceptions about shamanism, discuss the relevance of nature in healing, and get practical advice for anyone looking to incorporate these ancient practices into their daily life. Prepare to be inspired and maybe even find a new direction for your spiritual compass. Don't miss this journey into the heart of the healing arts with Heather Browne, as we discover that the path to wellness extends far beyond what meets the eye. --- Subscribe and tune in for a transformative experience. #HealingArts #Shamanism #SpiritualWellness #Podcast
17:46 2/7/24
Mark Mann, World Famous Photographer, Discusses Movement at the Still Point with Host Kim I Plyler
Mark Mann is a celebrity and advertising photographer. He was born in Glasgow, where he lived until he went to study in the prestigious photographic program at Manchester Polytechnic. Before long, the recent graduate was assisting innovative fashion photographers Nick Knight and Miles Aldridge, learning the ropes and building his own body of work. Three years later, Mark started shooting on his own, relocating to New York City. Mark’s editorial work has appeared in Esquire, Men’s Health, Vibe, Spin, Fortune, Billboard, Parade and Complex, among others. He has shot countless celebrities, including Robert Redford, Michael Douglas, Iggy Pop, Jack Black, the Black Eyed Peas, Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, Rihanna, Queen Latifah, Simon Baker, Stevie Wonder, Bradley Cooper, Willie Nelson, Sean Connery, John Hamm and Jennifer Hudson. Mark has amassed a sizable advertising portfolio, as well. His clients run the gamut: Reebok, Adidas, Hennessy, Bombay Sapphire, Pepsi, Gillette, Vitamin Water, NHL, Zumba, Ford, Chrysler and Svedka to name a few. Mark has just completed a yearlong project for Esquire Magazine, “The Life of Man”. He shot 80 American men ages 1 through 80, to celebrate 80 years of Esquire Magazine. This project took Mark to the White House where he was honored to shoot the sitting president, as well as former President Clinton. He also shot numerous other notable people and celebrities all across the country. Mark will be appearing at Arete Gallery 122 S Main St New Hope, PA June 23,24,25 2023.
15:31 6/12/23
May Pang Joins Host Kim Plyler to Discuss "The Lost Weekend"
May Pang Joins Host Kim Plyler to Discuss "The Lost Weekend"and her career in the music industry. May Pang's photography of John Lennon will be on display at Arete Gallery 122 S Main St in New Hope, PA May 19, 20, and 21st 2023. Gallery is open from 11 am to 5pm each day. May is best known for her 18 month relationship with John Lennon, often referred to as ‘The Lost Weekend’ and her subsequent marriage to music producer, Tony Visconti. May is also a successful photographer, author and jewelry designer with her work represented around the world. Her intimate and truthful portraits of John Lennon during their time together are of significant importance, with rare images of John and his first son Julian. In addition to working for Apple Records and Lennon, May also worked in music publishing / A&R for Island Records and United Artists. In 2010 May launched her own line of feng shui jewelry and subsequently the Linda Mai collection, an exquisite range inspired by her Mother’s extraordinary dress sense, crafted entirely from vintage Swarovski crystals.
37:40 5/8/23
Scott Couchenour Speaks on Life's 4th Quarter
Host Kim I Plyler speaks with Scott Couchenour on the importance of serving strong in life's fourth quarter.  Scott believes in transforming your uncertainty into your confidence through a 5-step cycle 💎 He is A Christ Follower, Family Man, Coach, Podcaster, Coffee Connoisseur. Tune in and learn how to navigate your 4th quarter and serve strong.
19:42 4/13/23
Kim Plyler Talks with Dori DeCarlo on Empowerment Through Storytelling
Kim I Plyler and Dori deCarlo discuss the importance of taking care of each other and helping each other as females. They address how the essence of how we work with each other is changing, and that it is important to reach out and support one another. Dori shares her thoughts on the subject, emphasizing the power of connection and support in helping women reach their goals. Kim agreed with Dori's sentiment and noted that it is essential for women to come together in order to create a better world. They both agreed that by mastering our stories, we can use our personal experiences to make a difference and improve humanity.
09:40 4/6/23
Bathsheba Monk and Host Kim I Plyler Discuss the Importance of Words
Master Your Story host Kim I Plyler speaks with Bathsheba Monk, Publisher Blue Heron Book Works, on the importance of words in context.
34:40 3/16/23
Frida Rundell Shares a Rainbow of Wisdom
Kim I Plyler speaks with Frida Rundell from the International Institute of Restorative Practices about the wisdon of life and community.
23:55 3/9/23
Claire de Mezerville Lopez Discusses Restorative Practices
Kim I Plyler speaks with Claire de Mezerville Lopez from The International Institute for Restorative Practices. 
15:25 3/2/23
Crow Johnson Evans Season 5 Episode 501
Crow Johnson Evans speaks with host Kim I Plyler on the importance of creativity in music and art. Crow is a folk rock ledgend, much published song writer, and an author.
15:50 2/2/23
John Rowley Shares Important Steps when Preparing to Speak on Camera
Host Kim I Plyler speaks with John Rowley on the importance of preparing before you get on camera.
12:26 9/8/22
Dilia Suriel Discusses the Importance of Microbiomes For a Healthy Body
Host Kim I Plyler speaks with Dilia Sureil on the importance of healthy biomes. How to get rid of the "Gutt Roaches"
15:15 9/1/22
How One Woman Story Paved a Path for so Many Others
Host Kim I Plyler speaks with Elaine Pivinski 
14:55 8/25/22
Bethanne Reid Brings Voice Acting and Narration to Life
Kim I Plyler speaks with Bethanne reid on how voiceover acting and audio book narration bring stories to life
12:53 8/18/22
Matt Lewis Discusses the Value of Digital Productions in Education
Kim Plyler talks with Matt Lewis on how digital storytelling helps in eductation
10:59 8/11/22
Marta Gabriel Discusses the Importance of Helping Your Community
Kim Plyler interviews Marta Gabriel on the importance of Helping Your Community.
11:20 8/4/22
Kim Plyler and David Cook Discuss the Master Your Story Program part 1
So what is the Master Your Story Program all about.  This is part 1 of a three part series explaining the MYS program. Featuring Host and program coach Kim I Plyler and Program Coach David Cook.
17:48 7/28/22
Andrea Coyne Discusses Hope
Kim I Plyler speaks with Andrea Coyne on the importance of Hope in our lives.
13:19 7/21/22
Paul Leese Discusses the Importance of Brand Stories in Business
Kim I Plyler speaks with Paul Leese from IIRP on the importance of stories in business.
20:42 7/14/22
Steve Kramer Discusses the Importance of Holistic
Kim I Plyler speaks with Steve Kramer founder of Spirit Fire
16:15 6/30/22
Sweetie Berry Discusses The Importance of how you Appear online
Kim I Plyler speaks with Sweetie Berry about the imp[ortance of your online image.
11:52 6/23/22
Lance Orndorff discusses Veteran Today Productions
Kim I Plyler speaks with Lance Orndorff on the successful outreach of Veteran Today Productions. 
12:35 6/16/22
Terry Wallace Expanding Possibilities for Community
Kim I Plyler speaks with Terry Wallace of Venture X Lehigh Valley.
27:46 5/26/22
Elevate Life Around the World
Kim I Plyler speaks with Trinity, CEO of era92 out of Kampala Uganda
16:25 5/19/22
Bathsheba Monk Speaks on Coaching Writers
Host Kim I Plyler speaks with Bathsheba Monk Publisher at Blue Heron Book Works.
16:12 4/28/22
Lawrence Brothers Speak on We Believe In Your Child Too
Host Kim I Plyler speaks with Kevin and DOug Lawrences on thier non-profit work and events.
10:45 4/21/22
Patricia Schock
Host Kim I Plyler speaks with author Patricia Schock who sheds the light on domestic violence.
19:24 4/14/22
Catherine Connelly Speaks About Online Streaming and Security
Kim I Plyler speaks with Catherine Connelly, SVP and Co Founder of The Meet Group.  They discuss online streaming and safety.
14:43 3/31/22
Karen Buck Explains What Is So Cool About Manufacturing
Kim I Plyler speaks with Karen Buck about the awards program sweeping acros the American educational landscape.
09:07 3/24/22
Kendra Jones Speaks on Helping the Community Through Touched By An Angel
Kim I Plyler speaks on the importance of community help and healing with Kendra Jones Executive Director of Touched by An Angel.
09:24 3/17/22