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The Bonfire with Big Jay Oakerson and Robert Kelly

Big Jay Oakerson and Robert Kelly invite listeners and friends to come and hang out by The Bonfire as the blunt and candid duo talk about everything from comedy and entertainment to sports; sharing their stories from the road doing stand-up and giving fans a chance to call in and give their opinions on the topics of the day. SUBSCRIBE NOW for the best of The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson & Robert Kelly and listen live every Monday through Thursday at 5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific only on SiriusXM’s Faction Talk, Channel 103.


No Respect
Black Lou disrespects Bobby, DJ Lou disrespects Christine, and Jay can't stop using a word that we can't broadcast!
58:30 12/8/23
Cold Clam Sauce (feat. Paul Virzi)
Talking with Paul Virzi about Italian food leads to everyone doing their best Sebastian impressions!
38:33 12/7/23
Truth or Dare (feat. Dave Temple)
The crew revisit childhood sex games and Dave Temple comes in to promote his Black Ass Comedy Show!
52:59 12/6/23
Dummies In The Wild (feat. Dan Soder)
Our sweet boy Dan Soder returns to discuss cult documentaries, the Soder podcast, and the last Kiss concert ever!
58:06 12/5/23
On The Gate (feat. Geo Perez & Derek Drescher)
Find out which members of the Bonfire would survive in jail! Geo Perez & Derek Drescher have stories from prison and a podcast called "On The Gate."
43:57 12/1/23
Cruising (feat. Ian Fidance)
Bobby returns from the worst cruise possible and tells Ian and Jay all about it.
39:04 11/30/23
One Of The Guys (feat. Craig Gass)
The great Craig Gass joins Jay and Mike Finoia and tells hilarious stories about KISS!
52:59 11/29/23
Skirt The Issue (feat. Ari Shaffir & Joe DeRosa)
Ari Shaffir committed such a gross act on Taste Buds, that Joe DeRosa calls him out on it here.
39:48 11/28/23
Stiff Lady Syndrome
Mike Finoia co-hosts as he and Jay ask the callers- what songs are truly adult contemporary? Mike has a new special out on YouTube called "Don't Let Me Down."
59:28 11/24/23
Chick Feet & Salt
Bobby has a paranormal experience in his haunted hotel!
35:59 11/23/23
King Of Rock (feat. Darryl DMC McDaniels)
Jay and guest host Joe DeRosa try to watch a juggling video when Run DMC's Darryl McDaniels busts in to talk hip hop history!
41:29 11/22/23
Kevin Hart endorsed Shane Gillis, so Jay goes through his old texts to see where he went wrong in their friendship.
53:38 11/21/23
Meeting Manilow
Music icon Barry Manilow is in the building and the guys stressfully get him in the studio!
61:18 11/17/23
Sex House (feat. Andy Fiori & Vic Lagina)
Adult film director Vic Lagina tells the history of pornography as Andy Fiori listens intently.
40:33 11/16/23
Uncomfortable Endings (feat. Keith Robinson)
Comedy legend Keith Robinson goes down the memory lane of Jay's early days and his own mistreatment of Bobby.
37:18 11/15/23
Peace & Serenity
Bobby discovers more footage of a demon and Jay relives the time he was dragged offstage!
57:48 11/14/23
Don't Let Me Down (feat. Steve-O & Mike Finoia)
Mike Finoia has a special out today on YouTube called "Don't Let Me Down." Steve-O also has a special coming out that entails stand-up and stunts!
73:09 11/10/23
Decoy Stash (feat. Josh Adam Meyers & Dan St. Germain)
Dan St.Germain and Josh Adam Meyers return and find out which comedian has a secret "go stash" just in case he has to vanish one day!
39:59 11/9/23
Children of the Chalk (feat. Katherine Blanford)
Katherine Blanford visits for the first time as the guys read "Slurs For White People" on TikTok.
47:44 11/8/23
Jake The Shark (feat. Sophie Buddle)
Jacob gets into a shark costume with help from the hilarious Sophie Buddle.
37:26 11/7/23
Sex With Kinison (feat. Nathan Macintosh)
The gang discovers a bombshell about Sam Kinison as Nathan Macintosh joins in the fun.
49:28 11/3/23
Ghost Loads (feat. Mike Feeney)
Mike Feeney had a ghost-load the first time exploring himself and Christine exhibits ageism.
44:06 11/2/23
End of the World (feat. Joe DeRosa)
With Jay out, Joe DeRosa and Bobby go over world events and try to learn about sex changes.
60:53 11/1/23
Daddy & Otter (feat. Bailey Jay)
Joe DeRosa guest hosts as Bobby talks scary movies with porn star Bailey Jay.
41:17 10/31/23
Get On The Raft!
Reminiscing about college gigs turns into the old debate of whether or not Jack could be saved at the end of Titanic.
57:26 10/27/23
Lick The Stool (feat. Jeremiah Watkins)
Jeremiah Watkins learns that Bob once wanted to kill Jay and that Lil Rel is the best in the biz at giving oral sex to a stool!
41:21 10/26/23
Breakfast Club Scene (feat. Louis Katz)
Christine must prove that she's an actress, and Louis Katz tries to match her efforts.
42:18 10/25/23
Boston Stories (feat. Juston McKinney)
Jacob has phone sex with a caller and Juston McKinney worked a Boston comedy show with Rob Gronkowski!
55:05 10/24/23
Sexiest Quarterback
Who is the best looking NFL quarterback of all time? Brady? Montana? The guys get to the bottom it!
59:50 10/20/23
Lone (feat. Steve Rannazzisi)
Steve Rannazzisi visits on a day that Bobby reveals a sad film he made called "Lone." The gang critiques his art.
47:25 10/19/23

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