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The HUP (Hodges University Podcast) "What's HUP"

Hodges University Official Podcast "The HUP" where we talk everything Hodges hosted by Todd "TJ" Jordan. Follow us wherever you listen to podcast at @The_HUP


The HUP Ep. 8 Ft. Chip McElroy, HU Digital Design & Graphics Program Chair
On this episode of The HUP, Chip joined TJ to talk about their favorite day of the week, Why is digital design and graphics important to the world? What makes a good graphic designer? And so much more. Tune in! What's HUP!
51:29 5/24/23
The HUP Ep. 7 Ft. Meily Acevedo Hodges ESL Student
On this episode of The HUP, Meily joined TJ to talk about Teleporting, From Bolivia to Florida, Her English journey, Hodges English as Second Language program & her plans after Hodges. Tune In! Another episode you don't want to miss. WHAT'S HUP!
40:13 5/17/23
The HUP Ep. 6 Ft. Tamika Seaton
On this episode of The HUP Tamika Seaton Hodges Alum and CEO of Grow Your Non-profit joined TJ to talk about Relationships & Business, Diversity, How she found Hodges, Being a Board of Trustee and so much more. A jammed pack episode you don't want to miss. "What's HUP!"
60:27 5/10/23
The HUP Ep. 5 ft. Alina Rohrig
On this episode of The HUP special guest Alina Rohrig from the HU Physical Therapist Assistant Program. Her and TJ talked about Music Playlist, The Right Ink Pen, How she found Hodges, What's a PTA? and much more. Tune In!! What's HUP!
47:43 5/3/23
The HUP Ep. 4 Ft. Angela Manley & Michelle Zamniak
The HUP Ep. 4 Ft. Hodges University Angela Manley, Associate Vice President of University Advancement & Michelle Zamniak, Director of Professional Education and Training joined TJ to talk about being a Hodges puzzle piece, women in leadership, guilty pleasures & more. Tune In! "What's HUP!"
56:47 4/19/23
The HUP Ep. 3 Ft. Annie Leon
On this episode of The HUP Annie Leon, a Hodges University Dental Student. Joined TJ to talked about the journey, the grind, why teeth and so much more. Tune in on all platforms! Or visit 
33:00 4/5/23
The HUP Ep. 2 Ft. Dr. John Meyer
Welcome back to Hodges University Official podcast The HUP! In this episode, TJ sits down with Hodges University's President Dr. John Meyer an episode you don't want to miss. "What's HUP"
42:06 3/22/23
The HUP Ep. 1
Welcome to Hodges University's very own podcast, "The HUP" (Hodges University Podcast) hosted by Todd "TJ" Jordan. This exciting introductory podcast breaks down what's to come here at Hodges. Tune In! #WhatsHUP
35:18 3/7/23