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From Hip Hop, Afrobeat, House & Future Beats, Loudima.Dreamer brings the fire


Assorted Crates #200
End of the line. Its been a fun ride but all good things come to an end. The Final Assorted Crates is out now.
124:18 12/29/23
Assorted Crates #199
Season's greetings, the penultimate party mix is here to take you to new heights. Assorted Crates 199 out now
66:38 12/22/23
Assorted Crates #198
Back off hiatus with some throwback bangers, good hip hop & RnB. Assorted Crates 198 comes to you now
69:54 12/15/23
Assorted Crates #197
A weekend closer to December, a weekend filled with endless possibilities. Here's to a good time with Assorted Crates 197.
39:20 11/24/23
Assorted Crates #196
It's that time of the week for me to drop some fire tunes. Happy Friday! Assorted Crates 196 is live for your enjoyment.
41:37 11/17/23
Assorted Crates #195
Freshly packed for the weekend, I bring you Assorted Crates 195 with the mixed bag of songs, genre, all in the same vibe.
64:39 11/10/23
Assorted Crates #193
For the love of house and all things good, I bring you something to dance to for this week’s Assorted Crates.
67:03 10/20/23
Assorted Crates #192
Another trip around the sun for me, another trip to good vibes and tunes in this week’s Assorted Crates 192.
128:35 10/19/23
Assorted Crates #191
Welcome to October, kicking off the festivities with the pulse of life. Assorted Crates 191 is here to get you moving.
71:44 10/6/23
Assorted Crates #190
Starting the countdown to episode 200, I'm closing down September with some electro and house tunes to bounce to.
57:47 9/29/23
Assorted Crates #189
We back up and entering Libra season in style. Assorted Crates 189 filled to the brim with party tunes for this Friday.
61:53 9/22/23
Assorted Crates #188
Another Friday, another trip down the throwback road for this week's mix. Assorted Crates 188 is here.
55:57 9/8/23
Assorted Crates #187
It's officially spring, and we are stepping into the good times with Assorted Crates 187, curated by Loudima.Dreamer
53:07 9/1/23
Assorted Crates #186
Stepping into the final Friday of August with episode 186, nothing but good vibes right here.
71:49 8/25/23
Assorted Crates #185
In celebration of the 50 years of hip hop, I've curated a mix with some throwbacks of note, and some future classics
31:31 8/18/23
Assorted Crates #183
Is it really a Friday without new Assorted Crates? Mix 183 is up and ready to take you into the weekend.
32:00 8/4/23
Assorted Crates #182
It’s a good time to throw on a good mix, a drink of your choice and enjoy the Friday. Today’s Assorted Crates has got you covered.
30:04 7/28/23
Assorted Crates #181
Friday’s need their theme music, and I'm here to deliver with Assorted Crates 181.
61:36 7/7/23
Assorted Crates #180
A welcome return to Assorted Crates, as we reach episode 180 to close off the month of May, and heating things up for the winter months.
65:56 5/26/23
Assorted Crates #179
It's a new month, a new season. Time for a new mix to set the mood and vibe.
58:02 4/7/23
Assorted Crates #178
The weekend calls for chilled vibes, and Assorted Crates 178 has a blend of tunes to help you take it easy, and end the summer the right way.
39:34 3/24/23
Assorted Crates #177
It's about that time! Assorted Crates 177 will get you stepping into the weekend.
32:24 3/10/23
Assorted Crates #176
It’s new month, and the perfect time to get you moving with this week’s assorted crates mix.
28:07 3/3/23
Assorted Crates #175
It’s a good Friday when there’s a new assorted crates mix, and 175 is here to take into the weekend.
28:14 2/24/23
Assorted Crates #174
Celebrating another weekend, the soft life and good music with Assorted Crates 174.
25:48 2/11/23
Assorted Crates #173
Celebrating another Friday with a new mix. Assorted Crates 173 is here to start the weekend off in all the right ways.
21:37 1/20/23
Assorted Crates #172
Greetings and salutations for the new year to you. Starting of the new year with some revived energy, and ready to take in the sunlight.
51:26 1/13/23
Assorted Crates #171
There is no time like the present, and December is the time to throw down. Assorted Crates 171 does a thing.
62:56 12/9/22
Assorted Crates #170
I'm getting back in the habit of dropping these more frequently, and the mixes being more curated as opposed to random club mixes
31:50 11/18/22
Assorted Crates #168
Back to my irregularly scheduled programing, I'm closing October off with a new addition and edition to Assorted Crates.
101:15 10/28/22