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From Hip Hop, Afrobeat, House & Future Beats, Loudima.Dreamer brings the fire


Assorted Crates #170
I'm getting back in the habit of dropping these more frequently, and the mixes being more curated as opposed to random club mixes
31:50 11/18/2022
Assorted Crates #168
Back to my irregularly scheduled programing, I'm closing October off with a new addition and edition to Assorted Crates.
101:15 10/28/2022
Assorted Crates #167
It's that time of year once again. Yes, it is officially my birthday month… and I've put together a mix of everything under the sun.
113:12 10/07/2022
Assorted Crates #166
The day is finally here, the overdue return of Assorted Crates, back from a force hiatus.
199:25 09/09/2022
Assorted Crates #165
It began in Africa. Assorted Crates 165 celebrating the sounds from the diaspora in a bumper mix show.
118:51 06/17/2022
Assorted Crates #164
Bounce along to some RnB & Pop tunes with the 164th edition of Assorted Crates.
62:34 05/26/2022
Assorted Crates #163
A real assorted crate of note for this week's mix.
117:06 05/13/2022
Assorted Crates #161
It's the return of the Assorted Crates. Time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
63:24 04/15/2022
Assorted Crates #160
There is something about spring that rejuvenates, and my 160th mix is a breathe of fresh air.
69:35 10/08/2021
Assorted Crates #159
October is a good time to share some love and good vibes, Assorted Crates 159 has a bit of both. Sit back, relax, and enjoy
68:09 10/01/2021
Assorted Crates #158
Everything comes together with a little blend of all the good tunes. Assorted Crates 158 brings club sounds to you
212:32 09/17/2021
Assorted Crates #157
Put your hands to the sky, it's a celebration of music from Kanye West for this week's Assorted Crates.
93:15 09/10/2021
Assorted Crates #156
Spring is in the air, the moon has been out. It's a good time for Assorted Crates 156
124:55 09/03/2021
Assorted Crates #155
With the streets open, it’s only right that Assorted Crates gets into the party spirit. 155 kicks off the good vibes.
98:37 08/20/2021
Assorted Crates #154
It's about that time to get into the groove of things. The drums are loud for today's Assorted Crates
95:42 08/13/2021
Assorted Crates #153
The August rush begins with some good music. The 153rd Assorted Crates mix is here. If you’re reading this now, I trust the week has been good to you, and may things been your favour for what comes next. I managed to put this together in a somewhat uninspired week… the hope is to rise … Assorted Crates #153 Read More »
92:22 08/06/2021
Assorted Crates #152
Ending July with a bag of treats for Assorted Crates 152.
98:15 07/30/2021
Assorted Crates #151
It's the return of the most magnificent. Assorted Crates is back with a fresh paint of coat.
95:04 07/23/2021
Assorted Prelude: D
Assorted Crates is back with the 2nd of two prelude mixes. This is all about the grime and drill
61:18 07/09/2021
Assorted Prelude: P
Assorted Crates returns with not one, but two episodes today. Giving you the sounds of mapiano, and the sounds of grime, drill & trap.
81:17 07/09/2021
Another Assorted Interlude
As the air gets cold, the break in Assorted Crates continues. Welcome to the interlude
190:20 04/23/2021
An Assorted Interlude
Nothing to see here, just an Assorted Interlude by Loudima.Dreamer
193:19 02/26/2021
Assorted Crates #150 w/ DJ Musketeer
The last called for alcohol… or what ever Kanye West said. Time to say good bye with the final Assorted Crates, with DJ Musketeer
142:40 01/08/2021
Assorted Crates #149 w/ DJ MisterHustla
Closing out the year with the help of special guest DJ MisterHustla for Assorted Crates 149
47:10 12/31/2020
Assorted Crates #148
R&B and all things good, Assorted Crates 148
56:15 12/30/2020
Assorted Crates #147
Trap Trap Trap! Assorted Crates #147 with that trap and hip hop tunes to close out 2020
58:23 12/29/2020
Assortd Crates #146 w/ Ace Da Bass
House tunes to fill the air, with special guest Ace Da Bass on Assorted Crates #146
105:05 12/28/2020
Assorted Crates #145
Taking a trip down memory lane and beyond, with Assorted Crates 145.
75:46 12/25/2020
Assorted Crates #144
No caption, just good dancehall and afrobeat tunes. Assorted Crates for the Christmas Eve.
54:47 12/24/2020
Assorted Crates #143
chilled hip hop for the Wednesday
54:22 12/23/2020