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The Money Made Better Podcast is brought to you by Libro Credit Union. We believe in people over profit and making positive change in the communities we serve.The views, thoughts and opinions expressed are of the host and guests alone, and do not represent the views, thoughts and opinions of Libro Credit Union.


Having the (money) talk with your kids
Having "the talk" with your kids – about money – can be especially tough if you're not an expert yourself! This Financial Literacy Month, Lynzee Barnett invites Karen Gallant, President and CEO of Junior Achievement South Western Ontario and Regional Manager, Scott Macleod at Libro Credit Union to share the importance of building financial literacy – developing the right mindset and attitude towards money and why it’s important to start young.
23:26 11/21/23
Taking the Leap: Unlocking your small business journey
October is small business month, and we know small business are the foundation of our communities. Lynzee Barnett sits down with Small Business Specialist Hillary Desmond and Think HR business Owner Emily to talk about taking the leap into being a small business owner and building relationships within the community.
22:51 10/11/23
Food for thought: Ag at Libro
Libro has strong roots in southwestern Ontario agriculture — it’s where we started. Lynzee sits down with Ag Specialist, Matt Aarts to dive into a farmer's world and the progressive farming industry with exciting advancements in science and technology that are positively impacting the environment, maximize food production and ensuring we all have access to good nutritious food.
21:56 9/26/23
Real talk with Shawn Good, Libro’s President & CEO
An open forum with Libro’s President and CEO, Shawn Good. Lynzee and Shawn dive into different topics from open banking, to why people have fear and shame attached to their finances, and how credit unions really contribute to healthy economy and healthy businesses.
21:29 8/24/23
House Hunting Hunger Games
Buying your first home can send you on an emotional rollercoaster! In this episode of the Money Made Better Podcast, Libro Owners Aaron and Nadine share what their experience was like buying their first home in the height of the pandemic, and what it was like working with a Libro expert through the whole process.
22:26 7/19/23
This isn't just about credit cards
Wondering what it takes to boost your credit score? What impact do credit cards have and how many cards are too many? Building good credit can be a challenge if you don’t know where to start – especially if you’ve never had a credit card before. This episode of the Money Made Better Podcast takes a look at getting your first card and how to set you up for success.
26:06 6/30/23
Yooli - what is it?
Yooli - what is it? And how can it help you? Tapping a credit card, or having pre-payments set up (think Netflix or Amazon Prime) has become the norm, but how much money are you actually spending on these things monthly? Yooli can answer all those questions and provide insights on how you can save more and spend less!
23:37 5/23/23
Governance at Libro
Libro is a co-operative. That means our Owners not only get a share of our business, but get a seat at the table with decision making. In this episode, we’ll talk about our democracy and our unique Governance structure.
22:39 4/13/23
Fraud Prevention Month
Welcome to Libro Credit Union's first podcast episode! March is Fraud Prevention Month, and on this episode we'll chat with London Police about some popular scams targeting youth. Social media has made it easy for scammers to find targets. Listen to find out some tips on how to avoid falling for a scam, or if you've been the target of a scam, the next steps you can take.
25:55 3/28/23