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Dr. Jim Logan was the founder of Biblical Restoration Ministries and author of Reclaiming Surrendered Ground, protecting your family from Spiritual attacks. He entered into glory in December 4th, 2022 at 90 years old. He lived his life all the way even up to the end in service to God, loving his family and ministering to others worldwide. Jim Logan is most known for his resources on Spiritual warfare, dark night of soul, in the secret place, and developing intimacy with God. He realized that he was man who prayed, but not a man of prayer. That started his life on a pilgrimage to go deeper with God in prayer and read hundreds of books on prayer. His messages are profound and yet practical with humor mixed in a way that only Jim Logan can do. You will find your self challenge, encouraged and laughing all in a single message. He loved to hear how God was using his very simple life to touch lives of people around the world. Learn more at


Uncontrollable Anger
One of the top questions for teens about their dad is "why is so angry?" Anger is very much a spiritual issue as well as can be unmet expectations. It can also arise from a fear of hurting those we love. How can you control anger?For More Info Visit:
60:52 5/26/23
Marriage in Trouble - Wife's Letter
Their family was perfect on the outside, but falling apart on the inside. She went deeper with God and she saw that God can meet all your needs. Especially the deepest needs of your heart. No matter what your marriage is going through; God wants the same with you! Trust Him and go deeper.For More Information:
23:05 5/19/23
Conquering the Root of Strongholds
Does something have a hold upon an area of your life that you have been trying to stop? Jim Logan shares that the Bible call's those "strongholds," and all of us have these strongholds within our lives, but reveals how God gives us the power to conquer them.For more information please visit,
45:50 5/12/23
My Journey With God - Jim Logan
Jim Logan continues sharing his testimony of how God changed his life. He was raised in California, and was not religious at all. It was a Navigator Missionary who asked him about "do know where you will go when you die?" Jim had never thought about that. He realized that Jesus died for his sins and now he shares how God was preparing him for ministry. He served his Savior until the very end. For more information please visit,
39:35 5/6/23
Experiencing A Deeper Prayer Life - Jim Logan
Jim Logan was asked to speak at a Bible Prayer Fellowship meeting in Texas over 30+ years ago. He decided to challenge everyone on their prayer life with God. Even the disciples where challenged by Jesus on their own prayer life. They asked "Lord, teach us to pray." Dr. Logan shares practical insights in ways to deepen your own prayer life with God.For more information please visit,
42:55 4/28/23
Praying the Names of God - Jim Logan
One way to change your prayer life is to include praying the Names of God. God revealed his names in Scripture to show us who He is and His character. In the Bible the Names of God were used in songs, conversations, and future generations. A recommended book to get started is "Lord I want to Know You by Kay Arthur"For more information please visit,
45:08 4/21/23
My Journey To Salvation - Jim Logan
In the spirit of Easter, this message from Jim Logan is his testimony of how God reached down to an unchurched young man in California and offered him salvation. Jim had never thought that sins had eternal consequences like death and hell, but that Jesus had died for those sins.  He shared how a Navigator missionary helped him pray the sinners prayer which changed his entire life.For more information please visit,
23:54 4/14/23
Overcoming Worry 2 - Jim Logan
Our culture today is filled with things to worry about, but with God in control we pray and trust Him. God is calling all of us to live a life that is filled with Faith. Worry is what you do when you don't have faith in God. That is why Jesus said to worry about nothing, but pray about everything. Worry should call us to pray.Visit: for more information and resources!
45:22 4/7/23
Overcoming Worry - Jim Logan
All of us struggle with worry in this life, yet our legacy as believer is the experience of inner peace of Jesus. Jim Logan presents practical principles from the Bible for understanding and overcoming worry, and important strategies for building an effective prayer life.Visit: for more information and resources!
45:44 3/31/23
Biblical Counseling 2 - Jim Logan
Are you protecting your family from Spiritual attacks? As Scripture says the enemy must first bind the strong man then spoil his goods. Many believers are living defeated lives, when we are to be free in Christ. We need to tear down strongholds of addictions, bitterness, pride, rebellion, lust, and anything else that is against God. This is how you can be living free in Christ.Visit: for more information and resources!
27:26 3/24/23
Biblical Counseling - Jim Logan
Why would the enemy want to build Strongholds in the life of a Christian? If I am not living in the freedom Jesus gives us, then Biblical counseling is something I should seek out. Jim Logan wrote "Reclaiming Surrendered Ground" which shares how to get freedom in Christ. In part one you will see why forgiveness is so important in the life of a believer.Visit for more information and resources!
25:10 3/16/23
The Importance of the Secret Place 2
What do you do when you enter into the secret place or secret closet? God is calling you to come and meet with him. Dr. Jim Logan shares some of what he had to learn, but only from being with God in secret. Jesus modeled the importance of the secret place by leaving his disciples to be alone and pray. Visit for more information and resources!
52:35 3/10/23
The Importance of the Secret Place
How long has God been waiting for you in the secret place? Jim Logan starts by sharing how his fear almost stopped him from surviving God. You can have a fear about the secret place. God is waiting and wanting you to spend time with you. Visit for more information and resources!
43:35 2/24/23
Teaser - Welcome to The Jim Logan Podcast
An introduction to who is Dr. Jim Logan and what will his podcast explore.
07:38 2/20/23