Show cover of Ways to Change the World with Krishnan Guru-Murthy

Ways to Change the World with Krishnan Guru-Murthy

How can you change the world? Join Krishnan Guru-Murthy and his guest of the week as they explore the big ideas influencing how we think, act and live.


Jay Rayner on the politics of food, restaurant culture and the supply chain crisis 33:16 09/24/2021
KAMILLE on fame, self-image, and Black women in music 32:58 09/17/2021
Carl Cox on over 30 years of DJ'ing, the British rave scene and performing in Parliament 33:41 09/10/2021
KSI on his journey from YouTube to the music charts, boxing and charity 36:12 07/23/2021
Andy Burnham on devolution, culture wars and why Westminster needs an overhaul 42:06 07/16/2021
George Packer on the future of America, the language of patriotism and how Biden avoids culture wars 38:51 07/09/2021
Levi Roots on his Reggae Reggae sauce business, surviving prison and reinventing himself 36:15 07/02/2021
Andrea Leadsom on postnatal depression, her relationship with Boris Johnson and whether she will run again for Tory leader 40:45 06/25/2021
Gillian Tett on why the world needs anthropology and how she predicted the financial crash 37:50 06/18/2021
Gordon Brown on global cooperation, Scottish independence and why he's staying out of 'culture wars' 41:20 06/11/2021
Ed Miliband on Keir Starmer's leadership, the need for 'big thinking' in politics and why he's looking to Biden 42:24 06/04/2021
Rob Rinder on fighting for access to justice, identity politics and how he nearly became an actor 43:09 05/28/2021
Gary Numan on surviving 40 years of ups and downs in music and how his Asperger's has helped him 41:21 05/21/2021
Jamelia opens up about the highs and lows of her career, being a black woman in the media and why she’s taking anti-depressants 43:30 05/14/2021
Tawseef Khan on Islamophobia, integration and what he calls 'The Muslim Problem' 44:43 05/07/2021
Tim Marshall on the power of geography and the new frontier of geopolitics: space 28:24 04/30/2021
James Wong on racism and classicism in gardening and the house plant craze 40:46 04/23/2021
Ayesha Vardag on being a celebrity divorce lawyer, transforming prenups and equality within the law 33:45 04/16/2021
Dale Vince on his documentary 'Seaspiracy', green populism and why we should all stop eating animals 37:40 04/09/2021
Jacob Collier on the emotional intelligence of music and AI composers 39:22 04/02/2021
Nadia Whittome on being the youngest MP and confronting male violence 30:27 03/26/2021
Frank Bruno on his mental health struggles, the BLM protests and how boxing saves lives 33:13 03/19/2021
Sophie Walker on women's liberation and the need for 'good faith' discussions 39:27 03/12/2021
Kazuo Ishiguro on artificial intelligence, the descent of liberal democracy and winning the Nobel Prize 36:35 03/05/2021
LaTosha Brown on voter suppression, the value of humanity and the future of 'Black Voters Matter' 25:07 02/05/2021
Sathnam Sanghera on Empire, political correctness and the 'war on woke' 33:04 01/29/2021
Russell T Davies on the gay roles debate, censoring pornography and his new series 'It's a Sin' 38:01 01/22/2021
Robert Halfon on the education crisis, living with cerebral palsy and the free school meals debate 37:25 01/15/2021
Timothy Snyder on the fight for democracy, Russia and whether Trump has really gone? 40:12 01/08/2021
Joe Wicks on his mental health, coming from a family of addiction and channelling positivity in 2021 42:31 01/01/2021