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Far-reaching conversations with a worldwide network of scientists and mathematicians, philosophers and artists developing new frameworks to explain our universe's deepest mysteries. Join host Michael Garfield at the Santa Fe Institute each week to learn about your world and the people who have dedicated their lives to exploring its emergent order: their stories, research, and insights…


Mark Ritchie on A New Thermodynamics of Biochemistry, Part 1 40:45 06/17/2021
Andrea Wulf on The Invention of Nature, Part 2: Humboldt's Dangerous Idea 48:54 06/04/2021
Andrea Wulf on The Invention of Nature, Part 1: Humboldt's Naturegemälde 51:08 05/21/2021
Sidney Redner on Statistics and Everyday Life 57:59 05/07/2021
Orit Peleg on the Collective Behavior of Honeybees & Fireflies 60:58 04/23/2021
Jonas Dalege on The Physics of Attitudes & Beliefs 47:40 04/08/2021
J. Doyne Farmer on The Complexity Economics Revolution 64:00 03/26/2021
James Evans on Social Computing and Diversity by Design 60:11 03/12/2021
David Stork on AI Art History 60:23 02/26/2021
Alien Crash Site Invades Complexity: Tamara van der Does on Sci-Fi Science, with Guest Co-host Caitlin McShea 50:08 02/12/2021
Mark Moffett on Canopy Biology & The Human Swarm 72:05 01/29/2021
Cris Moore on Algorithmic Justice & The Physics of Inference 71:40 01/15/2021
Science in The Time of COVID: Michael Lachmann & Sam Scarpino on Lessons from The Pandemic 59:14 12/23/2020
Artemy Kolchinsky on "Semantic Information" & The Physics of Meaning 61:51 12/11/2020
Peter Dodds on Text-Based Timeline Analysis & New Instruments for The Science of Stories 90:23 11/26/2020
Scott Ortman on Archaeological Synthesis and Settlement Scaling Theory 54:54 11/11/2020
Helena Miton on Cultural Evolution in Music and Writing Systems 61:44 10/29/2020
David Wolpert on The No Free Lunch Theorems and Why They Undermine The Scientific Method 52:13 10/14/2020
Introducing Alien Crash Site, a new SFI Podcast with host Caitlin McShea 20:32 10/09/2020
Vicky Yang & Henrik Olsson on Political Polling & Polarization: How We Make Decisions & Identities 70:09 09/30/2020
Carl Bergstrom & Jevin West on Calling Bullshit: The Art of Skepticism in a Data-Driven World 58:44 09/16/2020
Natalie Grefenstette on Agnostic Biosignature Detection 56:52 09/02/2020
The Information Theory of Biology & Origins of Life with Sara Imari Walker (Big Biology Podcast Crossover) 66:51 08/12/2020
Fractal Conflicts & Swing Voters with Eddie Lee 62:35 07/23/2020
Fighting Hate Speech with AI & Social Science (with Joshua Garland, Mirta Galesic, and Keyan Ghazi-Zahedi) 65:48 07/15/2020
The Art & Science of Resilience in the Wake of Trauma with Laurence Gonzales 59:23 07/06/2020
Geoffrey West on Scaling, Open-Ended Growth, and Accelerating Crisis/Innovation Cycles: Transcendence or Collapse? (Part 2) 58:18 06/25/2020
Scaling Laws & Social Networks in The Time of COVID-19 with Geoffrey West (Part 1) 49:30 06/17/2020
Better Scientific Modeling for Ecological & Social Justice with David Krakauer (Transmission Series Ep. 7) 40:03 06/08/2020
The Future of the Human Climate Niche with Tim Kohler & Marten Scheffer 56:35 06/02/2020