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Welcome to the Taxcast – the Tax Justice Network’s monthly podcast: around 30 minutes of unmissable corruption, scandal and analysis on tax havens, tax dodging and financial secrecy you won't hear anywhere else – we cover the battles for transparency, fairness and the public interest. Each month we speak with experts in the field to help us analyse the top global stories.


Tax and Racial Justice
In this episode, Taxcast host and producer Naomi Fowler explores tax as a tool for racial justice and the launch of a new report by Decolonising Economics. "There's a real opportunity for mobilising towards transformative policies that'll work not just for racialised communities in the UK but for everyone feeling the pains of this economic system" ~ Guppi Bola, Decolonising Economics, author of the report “Tax as a Tool for Racial Justice”. Transcript of the show: Links to past Taxcasts on reparational and tax justice, plus a video of the launch of new report: Tax as a Tool for Racial Justice and other useful resources available here:   
30:36 09/22/2022
Crooked Crook Ltd: company registration scandals
In this episode Taxcast host Naomi Fowler investigates the phenomenon of pop-up sweet shops on Oxford Street and the missing millions in taxes owed. The trail leads to the disgrace that is the UK's company registration process, making the UK Crime Central for any crook who comes along. It's not just the UK that exposes its citizens to risks, it hurts people across the world too. Transcript of the show is available here:  Taxcast website with more Taxcasts:  "It is ridiculous that you have to take more identification to get a library card to borrow a book than you do to create a limited liability company, which potentially is a cost to the taxpayer if you go bust, it is bonkers and it should stop" Graham Barrow of The Dark Money Files podcast. "I came across a situation where for tax avoidance reasons, thousands of companies were being set up at the same time, with the same individual as the director. And in some cases there was 2000 companies being set up in the same day with the same individual as a director, and it wasn't raising any flag. You hear it all the time, you know, 'oh well, we'll learn the lessons,' but we never really seem to learn the lessons. The next scandal is a variation on a theme of the previous scandal.” ~ former tax inspector Ray McCann "How did the UK end up at the centre of so many crimes? It's incredibly easy - go online, go onto the Companies House website - that's our company registry - pay 12 pounds and you too can have a shell company. I registered one myself - it took me less than 24 hours to receive the deeds showing I owned the company. I called it Crooked Crook Crook which I thought was pretty funny, but it turned out that actually I was being fairly unimaginative by the standards of international criminals." ~ journalist and anti-corruption campaigner, Oliver Bullough Further reading and information here: BBC coverage of pop-up sweet shops on Oxford Street  Time to Return Integrity to the UK Corporate Registry. Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies video featuring Oliver Bullough  The Dark Money Files podcast  German company registration process (for the purposes of comparison)
25:27 07/28/2022
Amazon's tax challenge
Annual shareholder’s meetings used to be pretty staid and boring affairs. But, as inequality has boomed along with corporate profits, AGMs are becoming sites of protest. In this episode Naomi Fowler speaks to Katie Hepworth of PIRC and Jason Ward of CICTAR about the recent challenge to Amazon on tax transparency from shareholders. How did the challenge unfold and what was the result? What does it tell us about progress on principles that as societies are increasingly important to us? A transcript available here (some is automated)  Our website with more podcasts is here:  Further reading: The Taxcast in 2014 covering Google's annual shareholder meeting tax transparency challenge:  Amazon’s Tribulations And The Future Of Tax Transparency, Nana Ama Sarfo    
34:36 06/30/2022
Financial Secrecy Index 2022
Which nations are the world's biggest financial secrecy offenders? And what does it tell us about the world, about politics and about democracy? How high does your country rank in facilitating global corruption? In this episode Taxcast host Naomi Fowler explores the shocking results of the Tax Justice Network's Financial Secrecy Index 2022.  Guests: Alex Cobham, head of the Tax Justice Network Ryan Gurule, of the FACT Coalition Read all about the Financial Secrecy Index here:  Our website with more podcasts is here: 
34:11 05/18/2022
NonDoms unmasked
On the Taxcast we ask - do politicians believe in the societies they serve or not? Are they really a part of them, or do they live in a parallel world with different rules to ordinary people? The so-called 'NonDom' scandal goes all the way to Downing Street, the heart of the British government and the UK Chancellor/Finance Minister whose wife is taking advantage of an archaic tax status that leads to reduced taxes on her inherited fortune - just as her husband raises taxes on everyone else.  In this episode Taxcast host Naomi Fowler explores the results of revealing new work on the data with economist Arun Advani of Warwick University: and co-author of a new report "The UK’s ‘non-doms’: Who are they, what do they do, and where do they live?' Economist John Christensen speaks on the breaking of the social contract and the need for a new set of governing principles to re-establish fairness for all regardless of wealth in all nations. Transcript of the podcast (some is automated) Further reading and listening: Report: The UK’s ‘non-doms’: Who are they, what do they do, and where do they live?  Taxcast interview with journalist and anti-corruption campaigner in Pakistan, Umar Cheema, on his inspirational achievement in making Pakistan only the fourth country in the world to publish the tax returns of its Parliamentarians The Wealth Tax Commission:  Tax Legislation in the UK Benefits the Interests of the Rich: 
33:17 04/28/2022
Butler Britain
In this episode of the Taxcast, Naomi Fowler speaks with journalist and anti-corruption campaigner Oliver Bullough about his new book ‘Butler to the World: how Britain became the servant of tycoons, tax dodgers, kleptocrats and criminals.’  "You cannot have unquestioning acceptance of the wealthy AND democracy. You can't treat everyone the same before the law AND give rich people anything they want, because rich people want to have immunity from the law. Do you want democracy, or do you want to be a Butler?" With Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, even the most hardcore 'let the planet burn' believers can no longer deny that fossil fuel dependency is a national and an international security issue. We know the resource curse goes hand in hand with corruption. Is this a time like no other for the world to finally see that the key to it all is financial secrecy? Transcript of the show:  Link to Oliver Bullough's book ‘Butler to the World: how Britain became the servant of tycoons, tax dodgers, kleptocrats and criminals.’  Further reading:  Why has no progress been made on an international financial registry?  The ‘Wild West’ of Scottish Limited Partnerships, covered on the Taxcast:  The resource curse and the finance curse, hand in hand with ‘Butler Britain’ (and other tax havens and secrecy jurisdictions.) Includes the Taxcast interview with Daria Kaleniuk of Ukraine's Anti-Corruption Action Centre:  10 measures to expose sanctioned Russian oligarchs' hidden assets:  Our website: 
32:52 03/22/2022
Stolen Dreams
In this episode we bring you the story of a pensioner robbed of his dream retirement and his fight for justice in multiple jurisidctions. Tax havens and secrecy jurisdictions don't just hurt us because they're places of impunity for the rich and for criminals. Quite ordinary people can get caught up in them too. And when thngs go bad, it becomes clear how toxic these places are, and that you may not get the help from regulators and law enforcement that you really need. Plus, we share the news of a great loss to Malawi and to the world of tax official Mr Alinafe Bonongwe, who was taken from us for doing his job bravely and in the public interest. You can read more about him here: May he rest in peace. Here's the transcript of the show: And here's our website with more Taxcasts: https:/// 
29:33 02/21/2022
2022: Hopes and Fears
In the first Taxcast for 2022, Naomi Fowler talks with tax justice and anti-corruption campaigners and experts in Europe, Africa, the US and Latin America. What are our hopes and fears for 2022? And what should we be looking out for? The transcript of the show is available here:  Further information: Paper questioning the legal validity of the IMF’s Stand-By Arrangement with Argentina by Kariina Patricio Ferreira Lima: The Tax Justice Network's monthly podcast for French-speaking Africans is available here:  A previous Taxcast which includes more information on Kenya's Financial Transaction Tax  The ‘cowboy cocktail’ in Wyoming story from the ICIJ Our website with more Taxcasts and information is here: 
45:18 01/26/2022
Jersey's Pandora's Boxes
In edition 117 we take you to the tax haven of Jersey off the coast of France and the intruiging story of the discovery of 333 boxes of incriminating evidence of fraud. Those boxes have revealed some ugly truths about this small island tax haven that affect us all.  The transcript is available here (some is automated and may not be 100% accurate):  You can hear the Taxcast edition on rising inequality and dysfunction in Jersey here:  You can also read more about this story on the following links:
30:49 12/16/2021
Tax Haven Ireland
In this episode: Ireland only has 0.1% of the world’s population, but they became one of the biggest tax havens on the planet. What’s that meant for Irish people, and their road ahead? Naomi Fowler speaks with authors of a new book Tax Haven Ireland. There's a special deal for Taxcast listeners for the paperback or the ebook version, wherever you are in the world. Go to the publisher’s website, PLuto Books:  and enter the code TAX40. Also: we discuss the latest Tax Justice Network's annual State of Tax Justice report. You can check out how your country threatens others, and/or how it suffers at the hands of other offender nations here:  Transcript of the show:  You can read more about the finance curse here:  The true costs of the City of London (How the City of London is making us poorer)  The true costs of the US finance sector is available here: Overcharged: The High Cost of High Finance 
30:59 11/25/2021
Rethinking economies
In this episode Taxcast host Naomi Fowler discusses degrowth, rethinking economies and value in part 2 of her conversation with economic anthropologist Jason Hickel. Plus: the Pandora Papers - 3 things the latest offshore leak is showing us. Why some countries rejected the OECD's 15% minimum global corporate tax deal And, as COP26 begins in Scotland, it's the 'last chance saloon' to take meaningful action to minimise ecological disaster - can politicians learn from nations leading the way with good policies on energy? A transcript is available here:  You can find out more about Jason Hickel's books, Less Is More and The Divide here:  Our website is here with more Taxcasts:
40:05 10/21/2021
Degrowth: liberation from growthism
In this episode, Naomi Fowler explores degrowth and how we liberate ourselves from ‘growthism’ with economic anthropologist Jason Hickel. (The full converation will be released soon as a Taxcast Extra, the full thing is too good to miss!) Plus: there can be no liberation without tackling monopoly power, or the role of finance sectors and States, investing in death and destruction across the world. Here's our website with more Taxcasts: The transcript is available here  The People's Agreement of Cochabamba is here: 
35:38 09/23/2021
The capture of Malta and the fight for justice
This month Naomi Fowler speaks with Paul Caruana Galizia, one of the sons of Malta’s incredible investigative journalist and anti-corruption champion Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was assassinated in 2017. Paul Caruana Galizia discusses his mother's legacy, the capture of Malta through an aggressive, over-sized finance sector with financial secrecy at its heart, and his hopes for the future. The transcript is available here:  As mentioned in the show, here's a video of the story of the 'firestarters of the tax justice movement' from the tax haven of Jersey:  The Taxcast special on the tax haven of Jersey:  The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation:  Here's our website with more Taxcasts:   
34:58 07/23/2021
Taxcast Extra: The Whiteness of Wealth (2)
We’ve had the honour before on the Taxcast of speaking with law Professor Dorothy Brown in Part 1 of the Whiteness of Wealth Taxcast Extra. She’s been doing trailblazing work on systemic racism and tax justice in the United States for many years. She’s author of the seminal book ‘The Whiteness of Wealth: how the US tax system impoverishes black Americans – and how we can fix it’. In this Taxcast Extra, you can hear Professor Brown’s keynote speech which she gave to the Tax Justice Network’s annual conference. A transcript of her edited keynote speech is available here  You can also hear Professor Brown in conversation with Taxcast host Naomi Fowler and polticial economist Keval Bharadia in Part 1 of the Whiteness of Wealth, in this Taxcast Extra. You may also be interested to hear Taxcast episodes 102 and 103 where we looked at just some of the complex issues around tax and race in the US and the UK context, the roots of structural racism and the lived experiences of people of colour today as citizens, taxpayers and economic actors.  For more Taxcasts and more information, go to our website on 
29:51 07/15/2021
The Real American Dream - in Scandinavia
This month Taxcast host Naomi Fowler talks to millionaire and wealth tax campaigner Djaffar Shalchi of Millionaires for Humanity about his experience of moving from Iran at an early age to grow up in Denmark, and how highly he values the high tax Scandinavian society, as an entrepreneur, and as a human being. He also talks about his campaign for a 1% wealth tax on the world’s top 1%. Plus: US President Biden drops his proposal for a minimum global corporate tax rate from 21% to 'at least 15%.' However, so far the US administration is sticking to its plan to invest $80 billion in its tax authority, the IRS. Tax collectors will be able to refocus on the wealthiest and on corporate profits. Tax collectors could pull in an additional $700 billion over the next decade. And also, how degrowth must begin with the very wealthy.  The transcript is available here:  For more information on the Taxcast, the website is here: 
30:54 05/27/2021
Taxcast Extra: Hong Kong raises its stock transfer tax as Wall St escapes
In this Taxcast Extra Naomi Fowler speaks to Jim Henry, economist, lawyer, investigative journalist and Tax Justice Network senior advisor about the campaign to persuade New York State (which is broke) to reinstate its (tiny) Stock Transfer Tax. It would have created an important precedent for the world but for now, Wall Street has escaped. At the same time, in Hong Kong they have raised their Stock Transfer Tax in an example of “tax competition in reverse,“ or a “race to the top.” The transcript of this podcast is available here (some is automated and may not be 100% accurate)  Further reading/listening: Edition #107 of the Taxcast explores how transformative financial transactions taxes could be  Submission to New York State Assembly: the case for financial transactions taxes  A Wall Street tax that could lift many out of poverty already exists — it's just not being collected  Keval Bharadia's "Recalibrating financial transaction tax policy narratives": More Taxcasts are available on and we're on most podcast apps. Or you can subscribe by emailing 
15:27 04/27/2021
From an uncaring to a caring economy
Caring for others is the highest thing anyone can do in this world. Yet our governments don’t value care either in the policies they create, and they don’t value it monetarily. We look at how we move from an un-caring economy to a caring economy, how women's unpaid work is the greatest subsidy to our so-called productive economy, and how we need to rethink 'the economic.' Plus - we analyse President Biden's global minimum tax plans - who wins and who loses? Is it game over for tax havens? The transcript is available here  Further reading: There is a flaw in the Biden tax plpan that has to be addressed if it's going to work, and that's in the accounting, Professor Richard Murphy  The Care Manifesto: the politics of interdependence is available here  For a longer list of fantastic resources on the Care Economy, please see   
34:07 04/22/2021
Taxcast Extra: The Whiteness of Wealth
Law Professor Dorothy Brown speaks with political economist Keval Bharadia and Taxcast host and producer Naomi Fowler about her book just released in the United States called: ‘The Whiteness of Wealth: how the US tax system impoverishes black Americans – and how we can fix it.’ Transcript with additional links to further reading:  The Taxcast website:   
41:51 04/08/2021
How Economics Ruins Economies
Much of the world is run on the basis of economic theories that have become accepted truths of our era. But they actually have very little evidence to back them up. This month, Naomi Fowler speaks to finance journalist and writer Tom Bergin on how economics ruins economies and puts economists in the dock. The details of Tom's book, Free Lunch Thinking: how economics ruins the economy is available here:  Plus: which nations are the world's worst offenders for helping multinational corporations pay less tax than they should? The results of the Tax Justice Network's Corporate Tax Haven Index 2021 are out. Read more here:  Here's the transcript of the show (may not be 100% accurate) 
30:56 03/25/2021
Casino Capitalism and a just transition
In this month's episode: we know the world’s broken. Apparently we need $9 trillion to fix it. We find out how we can pay for the pandemic and a just transition with Ben Tippet of the Transnational Institute. Plus: Casino Capitalism: what really happened with the Gamestop frenzy and what does it tell us about 'investment?' You can read the Transnational Institute report here: Transcript of the show available here:
34:02 02/25/2021
How we win
This month Naomi Fowler speaks to activist and writer Ben Phillips about how past struggles for justice were won and how we can win them again. We discuss valuable lessons he learned from living and working around the world which he writes about in his book How To Fight Inequality and why that fight needs you. Plus: Why is the Chinese economy so successful? Naomi discusses with John Christensen the rise of China and, unless they chuck shareholder capitalism, the continuing demise of the US and the UK. Transcript available here.
32:46 01/21/2021
Taxing Wall Street
This month we take a look at the transformative power of financial transactions taxes. There’s a chance that New York, home to two of the world's largest stock exchanges, could be about to set an important precedent. We go to Kenya o look at its experience with a financial transactions tax. And we see how much further the tax could go. Plus: we discuss three major waves of change in 2020: the black lives matter protests, Trump’s departure from the Whitehouse and the end of the Brexiteers dream. More information on this podcast is available on Further reading: You can read Keval Bharadia's paper "Recalibrating financial transaction tax policy narratives" here: You can look at his slides on Recalibrating financial transactions tax policy narratives for reparations here: You can read about the efforts towards a financial transactions tax in New York here: Transcript available here (some is automated and may not be 100% accurate)
32:28 12/17/2020
How secrecy kills: Beirut explosion
This month: we look at the terrible Beirut explosion and how the story of tracing those responsible tells us everything that's wrong with our world. Plus, we discuss what President-elect Biden's win could mean for tax and economic policies: one thing with big potential could be tackling monopoly corporate power which has cross-party support. The transcript is available here
28:30 11/19/2020
A reparational justice journey:
This month we go on a reparational justice journey and speak to the Council for World Mission about their Legacies of Slavery project and economist and reparations specialist Priya Lukka. Plus: austerity's out, public investment is now in?! We discuss the IMF's hypocritical turn around - now poorer countries need apologies and restitution.. The transcript of the show is available here. Subscribe to the Taxcast by emailing
34:38 10/29/2020
'Competition' is killing us
In this episode: How a competition lawyer's eyes were opened to the dangers of letting companies get too big and form monopolies which act against our interests. We talk to Michelle Meagher about her book just out: Competition is Killing Us: How Big Business is Harming Our Society and Planet - and What To Do About It.  Plus: not everything is bad news at the moment! We look at the revival of support and progress on financial transactions taxes in New York, some slow advances in the EU on multinationals publishing their accounts, and the significance of the latest leaks revealing corruption in major global banks, the FinCEN Files Transcript available here (not 100% accurate)
32:49 09/24/2020
The Taxcast Trailer: dip your toe in
How do we stop ourselves sleepwalking into another Great Depression? Join me Naomi Fowler and John Christensen for the Taxcast from the Tax Justice Network. We talk about how we take back control from the super rich and powerful, and make our economies work for all of us. You can find us on most podcast apps and your favourite radio station can broadcast us for free! Get more information on
01:49 09/09/2020
Taxcast Extra: How much wealth is stashed offshore?
In this special extended interview we ask - how much wealth is stashed offshore? We speak to Tax Justice Network senior advisor Jim Henry on why his estimate for the Tax Justice Network of $21 to 32 trillion has been vindicated by new figures released by the OECD: "it means we've discovered an eighth continent of wealth" Further reading here and here. You can hear a shorter version of this interview on the Taxcast #103 available here in which we also bring you Part 2 on systemic racism and tax.
32:40 07/27/2020
Racism and tax justice Part 2
This month we bring you part 2 on how tax justice can help address systemic racism in the US. Author Shawn Rochester, (The Black Tax: the cost of being Black in America) does some number crunching on the historic denial of equality and economic costs of exclusion, Gabriel Zucman speaks on reforming the private tax of healthcare, Cortney Sanders of the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities speaks about the impact of covid19 on communities of colour, and Brandon J. McKoy of New Jersey Policy Perspective speaks on the myth of millionaire tax flight. Plus: how much wealth is stashed offshore? We speak to Jim Henry on why our estimate of $21 to 32 trillion has been vindicated by new figures released by the OECD: "it means we've discovered an eighth continent of wealth" Transcript available here (not 100% accurate)
31:09 07/23/2020
Racism and tax justice Part 1
This month we look at the United States and how tax justice can help address systemic racism. Plus: did you know Britain's slave owners compensation loan was only settled by the government in 2015 on behalf of taxpayers? As Faulkner wrote: "The past is never dead. It's not even past." As we discuss, the legacy of centuries of institutionalised racism is that a wealth chasm has been created between black and white communities. We also know that the City of London in Britain itself built its wealth from slavery and empire. Still today major finance sectors have extractive business models, that impoverish some of the world's poorest nations. And financial secrecy is another form of empire. So how can we think about combining tax justice and reparations? Keval Bharadia's work on a super tax on the $8 trillion a day financial markets could help show the way. And financial institutions must have independent slavery money audits.
34:33 06/25/2020
Tax collection, a labour of love
This month, we cover the story the mainstream media aren’t telling you – how governments around the world are undermining our tax collection services. We look at how the South Africa Revenue Service was established in very challenging times to become a world class institution. Yet also how quickly such achievements can be set back. Also, as all eyes turn to Central Banks during this coronavirus pandemic, we ask who are they serving? And how do people forge a new relationship and a new role for them that fits modern times?
38:52 05/22/2020