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Welcome to the #1 podcast in the eCommerce operations space... There is a deluge of content around how to grow an eCommerce business but very little support for the people “working behind the scenes” to ensure that customers receive their orders whilst having an awesome brand experience, that you don't run out of stock and that your eCom store doesn't run out of cash... That's why we created this podcast, for the unsung operational heroes out there grinding away in spreadsheets and storerooms... this podcast is for you.


How E-commerce Principles Can Benefit Real Estate & Beyond with Carlos Salguero
Embark on a journey with Carlos Salguero, the President of CS3 Investments, where he masterfully intertwines e-commerce, logistics, and real estate. Whether you're a digital novice or a seasoned retailer, this eCom Ops Podcast episode is your gateway to profound e-commerce revelations. Equip yourself for a thriving online venture.
34:22 9/13/23
[Must-listen] Mastering eCommerce: The Road from Struggles to Success with Anatoliy Labinskiy
This week, we had Anatoliy Labinskiy, the founder and the CEO of GSM Growth Agency, sharing his rich experience in eCommerce with our audience. Find out how he learned the hard way how to succeed in eCommerce, what are the crucial things to pay attention to, and where most eCommerce business owners make mistakes.
34:19 9/6/23
Customer Loyalty in the New eCommerce Landscape: What You Need to Know with Bish Smeir
Tune in to our enlightening chat with Bish Smeir, the visionary behind the thriving loyalty platform, Vow, and the guiding force at Enigmatic Smile. Alongside our host, Norbert, we navigate the evolving terrain of contemporary eCommerce, the essence of loyalty rewards and envision the following chapters in online retail. Learn how to remain significant, captivate customers, and rise in a landscape dominated by giants like Amazon.
27:36 8/30/23
Empowering E-Commerce Growth: Data Strategies and Solutions with Moustafa Moursy
In this special eCom Ops podcast episode, journey with us as we dive deep into the world of e-commerce, and the importance of understanding data dynamics and how it fuels growth is paramount, guided by Moustafa Moursy's expertise. Discover the strategies, the solutions, and the sheer passion that makes Push Analytics a game-changer in the business growth landscape.
23:28 8/23/23
HR in eCommerce: Secrets to Hiring the Winning Team with Julien Nowak
In this exciting episode of our eCom Ops podcast, we delve into the realms of strategic recruitment for e-commerce businesses with our distinguished guest, Julien Nowak, founder of JPNB Consulting. With a wealth of experience in the field and a unique journey into the world of e-commerce recruitment, Julien shares his expertise and industry insights that can help e-commerce businesses overcome their staffing challenges.
21:23 8/16/23
The Game-Changer's Guide to eCommerce Marketing: Strategies That Propel Your Business with Matt Janaway
In this episode of the eCom Ops Podcast, the host, Norbert Strappler, introduces Matt Janaway, the CEO of Marketing Labs and an expert in SEO, Adwords, Growth, and E-commerce Marketing. Matt shares his extensive background in e-commerce, starting his first online business at the age of 16 and working in the field for 23 years. Throughout the episode, Matt discusses various aspects of e-commerce, providing valuable insights and advice.
49:49 6/9/23
How to Get Your Suspended Amazon Account Reinstated with Lesley Hensell, Riverbend Consulting
Are you seeking advice on navigating the tricky waters of Amazon account suspension? If so, our 'Must Listen' pick from the eCom Ops Podcast archive will be perfect for you. We've selected an insightful episode featuring Lesley Hensell, Co-Founder at Riverbend Consulting, packed with tips on reinstating a suspended Amazon account.
28:02 6/2/23
Mastering E-commerce: Navigating SEO, SEM, and Email Marketing with James Mew
The world of e-commerce presents a sea of opportunities, but only for those who know how to sail it. In this SyncSpider's eCom Ops Podcast episode, James Mew, Head of E-commerce at Wear Your Brand, demystifies the complexities of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and the significant role email marketing plays in enhancing e-commerce businesses. He uncovers key strategies, shares practical experiences, and pinpoints common mistakes, all to provide actionable insights for anyone keen on leveraging the immense potential of e-commerce.
23:40 5/26/23
Selling Your eCommerce Venture? Insights and Strategies for Success! - Chris Shipferling
Join Norbert Strappler in the new SyncSpider's eCom Ops Podcast episode as he chats with e-commerce expert Chris Shipferling, the Managing Partner at GW Partners and Founding Partner at SouthCol, revealing strategies to maximize your business's value and master the exit process. Get ready to level up your eCommerce operations!
35:30 5/19/23
Harnessing AI to Drive Revenue and Optimize Customer Experience with Richard Harris, CEO of Black Crow AI
Eye-opening episode of SyncSpider’s eCom Ops Podcast, with Richard Harris, CEO of Black Crow AI , a leading AI-driven e-commerce optimization platform. Discover how to revolutionize your e-commerce business by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to predict user value, personalize customer experiences, and optimize your marketing strategies. Learn the common mistakes made in the industry and get valuable insights on influencer marketing and practical advice for implementing AI solutions. Don't miss this episode if you want to level up your e-commerce game and tap into the full potential of AI-driven growth!
27:18 5/12/23
[Special Mix] Ten Professionals Share the Role Automation Plays In eCommerce Business Operations
In this episode of the eCom Ops Podcast, we have curated ten experts and their responses on the importance and how automation impacts a business overall. They discuss how automation comes in handy in operating your eCom business smoothly and efficiently, improving customer relationships, and helping save time and money.
18:53 5/5/23
The eCommerce Trick No One Told You: Less is More! - Shaun Brandt - Co-Founder of Oddit
Welcome to another exciting episode of SyncSpider's eCom Ops Podcast, hosted by Norbert Strappler! In this episode, we're thrilled to have Shaun Brandt as our guest, the Co-Founder of Oddit and a performance branding expert behind numerous successful direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. He reveals his unique approach to conversion rate optimization, discusses the importance of trust and authenticity in the customer journey, and shares invaluable insights from his work with a diverse range of clients.
25:54 4/27/23
Localization Boosts Amazon Selling, Omar Angri, MarginBusiness
Welcome to SyncSpider’s eCom Ops Podcast episode featuring an insightful conversation with Omar Angri, CEO of MarginBusiness, a seasoned expert in the world of Amazon selling. In this captivating discussion, Omar shares his experiences, tips, and strategies for succeeding in the ever-evolving Amazon marketplace.
20:39 4/20/23
[Greatest Hits] How to Successfully Sell Your eCommerce Business with Ben Leonard, EcomBrokers
Ben Leonard, Co-founder of EcomBrokers, joins the eCom Ops Podcast. He will talk about the eCommerce brokerage, acquisition strategies, and branding best practices for the best eCom results.
25:49 4/12/23
Revolutionizing Your eCommerce Business Through Smart Logistics with Harry Drajpuch
In this episode of SyncSpider’s eCom Ops Podcast, join host Norbert Strappler as he dives into e-commerce logistics with Harry Drajpuch, CEO of Amware Fulfillment. Together, they discuss the importance of speed, accuracy, and the role of product uniqueness in shipping expectations. Harry shares his insights on how the likes of Amazon and Walmart have revolutionized the industry and inspired entrepreneurs worldwide. Gain valuable insights, practical tips, and advice on mastering e-commerce logistics and making the most of your operations.
28:33 4/6/23
Expert Email Marketing Insights for Maximum Growth, Kyle Stout, Elevate & Scale
On this episode of SyncSpider’s eCom Ops Podcast, we welcome Kyle Stout, the founder of Elevate & Scale and an expert in e-commerce email marketing. Join host Norbert Strappler as they explore the power of email marketing for e-commerce businesses, including the significance of segmentation and personalization, striking the right balance between promotional and content-based emails, and the latest industry trends.
28:59 3/31/23
Navigating Legal Challenges in eCommerce with Paul Rafelson, eCommerce attorney
In this episode, we're thrilled to welcome Paul Rafelson, an experienced eCommerce attorney, Founding Partner at Rafelson Law and co-founder of Online Merchants Guild, as he shares valuable insights on the legal aspects of e-commerce and navigating international business relationships. Don't miss this engaging conversation packed with expert advice on protecting and growing your e-commerce business in a rapidly changing landscape.
25:02 3/23/23
Differentiating the Traffic: SEO is just one piece of the puzzle, David Kaufmann, SEOCrawl
In this episode, we're excited to have David Kaufmann, co-founder & CEO of SEOCrawl, joining us to talk about the importance of SEO tools and how they can help eCommerce businesses succeed. Find out why differentiating the traffic is essential for your business growth and how to increase your chance for success.
25:04 3/10/23
[Greatest Hits] How to Build Strategic Relationships and Partnerships in eCommerce, Tomer Hen, MobCo Media
Tomer Hen, CEO of MobCo Media, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to share about building relationships and partnerships strategies, automation in eCommerce, and marketing and scaling up your eCommerce business.
28:09 3/2/23
From Struggles to Success: How to win the race in eCommerce business
This week, we had Anatoliy Labinskiy, the founder and the CEO of GSM Growth Agency, sharing his rich experience in eCommerce with our audience. Find out how he learned the hard way how to succeed in eCommerce, what are the crucial things to pay attention to, and where most eCommerce business owners make mistakes.
34:19 2/14/23
[Greatest Hits] Digitalising eCom Ops and Customer Experience with Björn Radde, T-Systems International
In this episode of the eCom Ops Podcast, Norbert Strappler is joined by Björn Radde, Vice President Digital Experience at T-Systems International. They discuss the importance of digitalisation in eCom growth, how the digital presence and customer experience can grow revenues, and how T-Systems International helps B2B eCom businesses with digital transformation.
27:38 2/10/23
[Greatest Hits] eCommerce Marketing using Tracking Pages with Irina Poddubnaia, TrackMage
In this episode of eCom Ops Podcast, Norbert Strappler is joined by Irina Poddubnaia, Founder at TrackMage. They discuss eCommerce Marketing, Tracking Pages, and Sales.
33:12 2/3/23
[Greatest Hits] Growing a Successful Subscription-Based Business with Adam Tesan, CRO at Chargebee
Adam Tesan, CRO at Chargebee, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss the potential and advantages of a subscription-based business model and how traditional businesses can step into subscriptions.
21:06 1/25/23
Save Time & Money With the Right AI Marketing Strategy - Joe Apfelbaum, Founder and CEO of Ajax Union
In this week's episode of the eCom Ops Podcast, Norbert Strappler is talking to Joe Apfelbaum, the founder and CEO of Ajax Union, LinkedIn Expert, Author, Speaker, Connector, Entrepreneur, and AI Expert.
22:02 1/18/23
[Greatest Hits] The Key to Successful Scaling in eCommerce Business with Karl Lillrud Global eCommerce Expert
Want to scale your eCommerce business fast and successfully in 2023? Don't miss listening to Karl Lillrud, a Business Coach, Mentor, Best-Selling Author, Global eCommerce Expert, and Professional Public Speaker.
28:34 1/13/23
[Greatest Hits] Growing eCom Revenue through Subscription with Gabriella Yitzhaek Founder and CEO of Smartrr
Gabriella Yitzhaek, Founder and CEO of Smartrr, shares her thoughts on how to grow eCom revenue, overcome the challenges to subscription revenue growth, and make the buyer journey more engaging.
24:21 12/29/22
Model for Successful eCommerce - Pro Tips! Michael & Eugene Ravitsky Founders of FactoryPure
What is the most important thing when growing a successful eCommerce business? Is there a model for a successful eCommerce business? Brothers Michael & Eugene Ravitsky, founders of Factory Pure, a company constantly on the list of the fastest growing private companies in the US, share their success stories.
21:38 12/21/22
Saving Your Budget in eCommerce by Choosing the Right Payment Option. Karla Dembik, Phoenix Payment Processing
Did you know you can save your budget in eCommerce by choosing the right payment option? Did you even know that you have options? Find out how to do that with our podcast guest, Karla Dembik, the Founder and Owner of Phoenix Payment Processing.
21:07 12/14/22
How to use data analytics the right way? Aron Clymer, the founder and CEO of Data Clymer
It's not about collecting data; it's about what you can do with it! What answers can you get from all the information you obtain, and how can you improve business growth with data analytics? Aron Clymer, the founder and CEO of Data Clymer, shares his thoughts, comprehensive knowledge, and best practices on data analytics and data warehousing.
26:20 12/2/22
What should you focus on to grow your business? Matt Orlic, Founder of Inspire Brands Group
Starting an eCommerce business? Don't know much about marketing channels and paid advertisement? Find out what you should focus on to create a successful eCommerce business and how to avoid the most common mistakes with our new podcast guest, Matt Orlic, the Founder of Inspire Brands Group and Football Supplements.
17:15 11/25/22