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Find your place and purpose on campus. Honest conversations between college students about choosing majors, getting involved, making friends, finding faculty mentorship, overcoming fears, and more.


College Success Isn’t Brain Science (But It Can Be!)
The deep connections between the brain and behavior are something scientists still don’t fully understand, and it’s a mystery that's always fascinated Cambria Beane. Cambria is interested in studying therapeutic interventions for those struggling with trauma and substance use disorders. And we’ll also talk about finding great undergraduate research opportunities, about overcoming imposter syndrome, and about facing the fear of fitting in by immersing yourself in absolutely everything. Featured Majors: Psychology, Neuroscience Featured Organizations: The Reward and Addictive Disorders (RAD) Lab, Psi Chi (The International Honors Society in Psychology, Miami Shakerettes Dance Team
23:21 4/10/24
Accomplishing Everything Everywhere All at Once
Marguerite Smith always wanted to be (and to do) more than one thing in college. As an Engineering major, she’s not only become a leader in a traditionally male dominate field, Marguerite also excels outside the lab as a nationally ranked beach volleyball player. We’ll also talk about some college and engineering stereotypes, about overcoming imposter syndrome, and about learning how to take a break, while still accomplishing everything you want to accomplish. Featured Majors: Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, Pre-Law Featured Organizations: Society of Women Engineers, IEEE Eta Kappa Nu Honors Society, Miami Beach Volleyball Team
22:25 3/19/24
Finding Your Own Personal Win
Orin Edwards strives for excellence in all aspects of life. As part of Miami RedHawks football, Orin shines as a leader on and off the field. As a student, he understands the essential importance of time management and balance. But success isn’t always easy, and not everything always goes as planned. So we’ll also talk about not giving up when your reality unravels, overcoming the limitations often imposed on us by others, the power of changing your perspective, and more. Featured Majors: Biology, Sport Leadership and Management (SLAM) Featured Organizations: Miami RedHawks Football
21:36 2/27/24
Making College Feel Like Home
Nyah Smith has gone from an uncertain first-year student to a true student leader as the university’s student body president, and it’s been a remarkable journey that shows just how truly transformative college can be. We’ll also talk about how to pivot and adapt to the unexpected, while still embracing the magic of the moment. Why student orgs are so vital. And why it’s so important to get out of your comfort zone, to get involved, and to just go for it! Featured Majors: Social Work, Public Health Featured Organizations: Associated Student Government, SEAL Ambassadors, Armstrong Student Center Board, Intramural Sport Program
25:05 2/24/24
The Ice Breaker Ep. (or Having Fun Conversations in College)
Before every episode of Major Insight, we start with ice breakers. It’s just a way to have fun, to get warmed up, and to get to know each other a little better. So on this special episode, get ready to hear college students answer some of the least important questions of our time.
12:32 1/19/24
A Game-Changing Guide to Personal Growth
College is a time of intellectual and personal growth. And Liz Grossman has excelled at both by combining her many interests into a dynamic experience that breaks boundaries between sports, video games, art, history, fashion, pop culture, AI, and more. We’ll also talk about being financially responsible in college, the best kept secrets of time management, tips on applying to grad school, and about how finding balance in life might be one of the most important things you ever learn how to do. Featured Majors: Sport Leadership and Management, Esports Management Featured Organizations: Women in Sport Leadership (WISL), NBA2K Esports Team, Phi Sigma Pi
20:41 12/5/23
Staging Success in Film and in Life
Acting is life for Jonathan Erwin, who has been inspired to move audiences to laughter, tears, and applause ever since he began performing at a young age. We’ll also talk about what it takes to pursue a career in film, learning how to break the mold, to expect the unexpected, and to embrace the freedom you’ll find in college. Featured Majors: Theater, Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship. Featured Organizations: Department of Theatre
19:53 11/7/23
Aspiring to Inspire for Generations to Come
Lauren McCann understands how truly transformative great educators can be. As a primary education major and aspiring teacher, she hopes to help new generations of children become intelligent, creative, thoughtful, and empathic life-long learners. We’ll also talk about overcoming homesickness, the pitfalls of “people pleasing,” and about relying on good friends and family members during those challenge college times.  Featured Majors: Primary Education Featured Organizations: EcoReps, Miami University National Science Teaching Association (MUNSTA), Global Initiatives
18:06 10/24/23
The Road to Recovery Leads to Opportunity
Avery Holmes knows how to find amazing opportunities from challenging situations. After playing a lot of sports, which came with lots of injuries, she discovered the path to pursue athletic training and physical therapy. We’ll talk about the fascinating world of performance and recovery, why rejection is simply redirection, and how to make the most out of time in college. Because it's going to fly by. Featured Majors: Kinesiology, Athletic Training, Nutrition Featured Organizations: Miami Athletics, RedHawks Football, Kappa Delta
18:23 10/10/23
Surviving Culture Shock (Part 1: Studying Abroad)
Maya Mehlman loves meeting new people, being creative, telling stories, and the kinds of experiences that a career in Media and Communications can bring. She’s also back from a semester-long study abroad, which led to life-changing revelations about overcoming FOMO, dealing with culture shock, and what it’s really like to learn how to live on your own. Featured Majors: Media and Communications, Theater  Featured Organizations and Internships: Chi Omega, Chabad, Global Initiatives, Inside Washington, Miami In Luxembourg
20:39 9/26/23
Oh, How You’ll Grow (Part 2: Studying Away)
Studying away and going abroad is about more than just seeing new places and meeting new people. It’s also about growing as a person and about the life-lessons learned along the way. On this episode, Maya and Meredith continue their conversation after spending their summers studying away and abroad. We’ll also talk about the power of networking, finding the confidence to live the life you want, and about learning how capable you really are. Featured Majors: Media and Communications, Theater   Featured Organizations and Internships: Inside Washington, Miami In Luxembourg
20:32 9/26/23
Mental Health in College: A Student Roundtable
Mental health struggles among young people have skyrocketed. Many college students are facing anxiety and depression, drowning in stress, worried about the future, or just feeling overwhelmed by everything all at once. On this episode, we hope to bring more awareness and understanding to this issue by talking about student experiences with mental health, advice for those seeking services and support, and about ending the stigma around mental health for students everywhere.  Featured Organizations: National Council for Mental Wellbeing, The Hidden Opponent’s Campus Captains program Additional Resources: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Text 988. Call: 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255). Or visit: Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741 for free 24/7 crisis counseling. Or visit: Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services: Visit Butler County Crisis Line: Call 1-844-427-4747 Miami University Student Counseling Service. Or call 513-529-4634 Mental Health First Aid Certification: Visit
33:56 9/5/23
Advice for My First-Year Self: Finding Yourself
College can be an amazing time of personal growth and self-discovery. But the journey is not always easy and the path is never very clear. So as our special summer series continues, we have short stories about students facing fears, finding freedom, embracing uncertainty, and overcoming self-doubt. Because figuring out who you really are takes time and effort. And it’s an adventure that often begins by realizing that nobody has it all figured out just yet.
15:26 8/8/23
Advice for My First-Year Self: Finding Community
Have you ever been away from home, feeling homesick, and unsure of your future? Many people have. And it’s one of the biggest challenges for college students. So part 1 of our special summer series features short stories of how students can make new friends and create campus communities. So take a leap of faith and put yourself out there. Because friends are just as important as academics, and belonging to something bigger than yourself can create connections that will last a lifetime.
16:15 7/18/23
The Sounds of College Life
Take an immersive journey into the many different sides of campus life. Hear fascinating soundscapes capturing the magical moments and life-changing experiences that make the university experience come alive. 
18:44 6/13/23
Great Game Design + Finding Friends Over Time
Gianni Dimacchia ‘24 brings immersive worlds and inspired characters to life as an artist, storyteller, and video game designer. We'll also talk about being involved in eSports, balancing academic life and leisure, avoiding the pitfalls of procrastination, and about overcoming the fear of putting yourself out there to make new friends. Featured Majors: Games + Simulation, Studio Art Featured Organizations and Internships: Miami eSports, Marching Band
15:22 5/1/23
Embracing Uncertainty in Your Environment
Uncertainly is a big part of life, especially for college students who are figuring out their future. For Alexandria Coffman ‘23, embracing uncertainty is an essential part of success. We’ll also talk about gaining and nurturing leadership experience. Building a new network of friends from scratch. And about how there may not be one right answer for your future, but lots of right answers. Featured Majors: Urban and Regional Planning, Geography and Sustainable Development, Sustainability Featured Organizations: EcoReps
20:15 4/11/23
The Domino Effect of Success and Social Support
Never let the fear of rejection hold you back. That’s one of the most valuable lessons Kailey Kraft has learned in college so far. As an economics major, Kailey has already interned with the Federal Reserve and participated in the extremely selective Fed Challenge Competition. We’ll also talk about the extraordinary power of facing your fears, and about the domino effect it can have on academic success and social support. Featured Majors: Quantitative Economics Featured Organizations and Internships: The Fed Challenge, Women in Economics, the Federal Reserve
16:15 3/27/23
Finding Yourself Through Film and Philosophy
It was a love of movies and music that inspired Ryan Rosu to study film in college. But along the way, he also became interested in the kinds of writing and thinking that unlocked new levels of self-awareness and personal understanding. We’ll also talk about immersing yourself in your passions, and about the value of surrounding yourself with people who are just as passionate as you are. Featured Majors: Film Studies, English Literature, Philosophy Featured Organizations: Inside Hollywood, Telluride Film Festival’s Student Symposium, Zero Waste Oxford
24:45 3/6/23
Artfully Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Zoë Neubig ’23 creates personal works of art that circumvent the elitist mentalities often found in the art world. Her work also focuses on the experiences of growing up as a woman in today’s society, and her exploration of art history is helping new generations of artists and historians bring difficult topics to light. We’ll also talk about overcoming imposter syndrome, and about embracing new opportunities wherever and whenever they present themselves. Featured Majors: Studio Art, Art Therapy, Art History Featured Organizations and Internship: Miami University Art Museum, College of Creative Arts Student Advisory Council
21:23 2/16/23
Daring to Dream of Neural Networks
Ben Maldonado '23 has always loved math and problem solving, which is why he’s now exploring the new frontiers of machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks, and self-driving cars. We’ll also talk about gaining leadership experience through Greek life, about making hard college decisions, and about why it’s important to close some doors before new ones can open. Featured Majors: Computer Science, Data Science and Statistics Featured Organizations and Internship : Center for Analytics and Data Science, Alpha Psi Lambda, Miami University Climbing Club, Miami University Outdoor Pursuit Center, Neurolex Data Science Intern, Amazon Software Engineering Intern
18:52 2/1/23
Making Media That Matters
Makenzie Knore is a true storyteller who hopes to inspire curiosity and to enrich lives through many forms of media including screenwriting, songwriting, and film making. We’ll also talk about overcoming college doubts, finding confidence and clarity when your path becomes uncertain, and about how movies, music, and media can carry us through tough times. Featured Majors: Media & Culture, Creative Writing, Music Composition, Emerging Technology in Business + Design Featured Organizations: Miami Television News, University Communications and Marketing, Miami University Gospel Singers, Intramural Sports Program, Inside Hollywood (Study Away program)
20:53 12/1/22
When Acting on Intuition Takes Center Stage
Theatre has the power to inspire, educate, and even change the world. And for Charlotte Perez ‘23, it’s the perfect way to address important social issues through the power of art and performance. She’s been a playwright, a performer, a stage manager, and she recently directed the Theatre Department’s mainstage production of the “Angel’s Trumpet,” while also staying involved on campus as a tour guide, and more. On this episode, we’ll also talk about navigating college as a first-gen student. And about the importance of following your own intuition as a way to find out who you really are, and who you may wish to become. Featured Majors: Theatre, Social Justice and Inequalities Featured Organizations: The Walking Theatre Project, Office of Admissions Campus Tours, Cedar Summerstock Theatre Company Internship, London Theatre Study Abroad, Urban Cohort, Fostering Just Communities
21:09 11/10/22
Letting College Growth Unfold Naturally
When Laura Schonken decided to help plant flowers for club in high school, she never imagined how that experience would change her life forever. Today, Laura hopes to make a positive impact on the world through botany and science. But plants aren’t her only passion. Laura is also interested in fashion. So we’ll talk about this unique combination of majors -- and about ways to avoid burnout, the value of research lab experience, the importance of peer perspectives, and about learning how to take your time in college by letting things grow and unfold in their own natural way. Featured Majors: Botany, Fashion Design Featured Organizations: The Bauer Lab, The Botanical Society, Miami University Fashion & Design (MUF&D), Miami Apiculture Society, Undergraduate Summer Scholars, MU Costume Shop
16:08 10/24/22
How One Email Can Change Everything
When Eckhardt Karsten ‘24 first took the initiative to email a professor for a simple recommendation, he never imagined the life changing paths it would ultimately open. Today Eckhardt is embarking on an ecological research project as part of the U.S. Antarctic Program and he’s a member of the Honors College Student Advisory Board on campus. On this episode, he also talks about overcoming the fear of reaching for new opportunities and how building confidence is key for college success. Featured Majors: Microbiology, Environmental Sciences, Geology Featured Organizations and Internships: Honors College Student Advisory Board, Rachael Morgan-Kiss Lab, Pacific Northwest National Lab, The REU Disturbance Ecology in Central Appalachia Summer Research Program
17:00 10/6/22
Finding a Voice through a Love of Languages
After finding her passion to connect with people from different backgrounds, Victoria Lopez Rangel is combing a love of languages with a career field that's greatly in need of more bilingual speech pathologists. Victoria is also a recent recipient of the Critical Language Scholarship for Portuguese, and on this episode, we'll talk about finding a place on campus while managing the challenges of being a commuter student, why it’s okay to feel overwhelmed at times, and about overcoming the trap of being too hard on yourself. Featured Majors: Speech Pathology & Audiology, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Latin American Studies Featured Organizations: National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, Miami in Spain (study abroad)
19:53 9/20/22
Creating Connections Across Campus
On this episode, we welcome Meredith Aliff '24 to the podcast as the new host of Major Insight. An all new season is here as our hosts talk about embracing the newfound independence of university life, viewing college as a glimpse into adulthood, crossing paths with different people across campus, and why you should never be afraid to try new and interesting things.
25:09 8/30/22
Advice for My First-year Self: Getting Involved
Hear stories from students who found the courage to step out of their comfort zone, embrace exciting opportunities, join new clubs, and get involved on campus. As we prepare to bring you a new season of Major Insight this fall, part two of this special summer series shares some of the best advice from the podcast so far.
16:52 8/1/22
Advice for My First-year Self: Leaving Home
Hear stories from students who found themselves away from home for the first time, trying to make new friends, and learning how to adapt and thrive in new and unfamiliar environments. As we prepare to bring you a new season of Major Insight this fall, part one of this special summer series shares some of the best advice from the podcast so far. 
18:03 7/18/22
A Revitalization of Knowing, Speaking, and Being
Gretchen Spenn is highly involved in the academic and cultural sides of campus life. As a Kinesiology and Nutrition major, she combines her interests in sport and physical activity with a deeper understanding of how nutritional needs change as we grow and age. Gretchen is also a member of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, which is commemorating a 50-year-long partnership with Miami University this year. Her work is helping to strengthen the relationship between the two Miamis by promoting the language, culture, knowledge, and values of the Myaamia people. Featured Majors: Kinesiology, Nutrition Featured Organizations: Myaamia Center, Native American Student Association
26:17 5/23/22