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Major Insight is a roadmap for college students seeking to find their place and purpose on campus. Episodes feature authentic conversations with real students about successfully navigating 21st century university life. Music: Broke For Free


Advice for My First-year Self: Getting Involved 16:52 08/01/2022
Advice for My First-year Self: Leaving Home 18:03 07/18/2022
A Revitalization of Knowing, Speaking, and Being 26:17 05/23/2022
The Zen of Building Confidence and Character: On and Off the Court 26:25 05/03/2022
From the Dance Floor To Psychology and More 21:20 04/15/2022
Finding Harmony Between Animals and Music 19:27 04/04/2022
How Nursing Becomes a Labor of Love 15:50 03/17/2022
Venture Into the Metaverse with a Web 3.0 Startup 32:59 03/02/2022
Following a Passion for Teaching and Travel 20:04 02/17/2022
Designing a Lifestyle Brand Through Social Media Marketing 24:28 01/31/2022
How to Architect a Sustainable Future 18:18 11/24/2021
Finding the Social Support to Succeed in Sales, Finance, and in School 18:23 11/01/2021
Making Education Accessible for All Learners 23:26 10/15/2021
The Major League Potential of Connecting Business and Sport Analytics 16:25 10/01/2021
When Photography and Fashion Meet Business Analytics and Marketing 19:36 09/16/2021
Balancing Biomedical Engineering, Virtual Reality, and Video Games 15:37 09/01/2021
How to Discover the Illuminating and Life-Changing Opportunities of College 18:58 05/25/2021
For the Love of Human Movement, High-Tech Health and Medicine 19:21 05/11/2021
How Art Education Can Make a Powerful Impact 16:53 04/30/2021
Balancing Athletics, Academics, and AI: From Tennis Courts to Computer Code 14:50 04/13/2021
Connecting the Dots Between Nutrition and Sustainability 20:31 03/26/2021
Increasing Access for First Gen Students and Citizens 18:51 02/18/2021
Manufacturing Innovation Between Engineering and Business 18:19 12/01/2020
Building Confidence Through Student Journalism 18:25 11/20/2020
Using Sport Analytics to Help Redefine Hockey 14:33 11/03/2020
The Path to Become a Strong Student Leader 19:00 10/02/2020
Creating Chemistry Between the Arts and Sciences | Ep.20 27:49 05/05/2020
Building Communities that Help Everyone Thrive | Ep.19 18:28 04/21/2020
Engineering a Cleaner, Safer World | Ep.18 21:50 04/07/2020
How Business Marketing and Sustainability Co-exist | Ep.17 36:01 03/17/2020