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Ducks Unlimited Podcast is a constant discussion of all things waterfowl; from in-depth hunting tips and tactics, to waterfowl biology, research, science, and habitat updates. The DU Podcast is the go-to resource for waterfowl hunters and conservationists. Ducks Unlimited is the world's leader in wetlands conservation.


Ep. 555 – Eastern Shore Hunting and Decoy Carving with Greyson Chesser
In this episode of the Ducks Unlimited podcast, host Katie Burke visits Grayson Chesser's decoy shop in Virginia. Grayson, a decoy carver and hunting guide, shares his background in hunting and the deep connection his family has with the land. Greyson also describes how the history of the region has influenced his carving and how the relationship with fellow decoy carvers has enriched his life and
58:15 2/22/24
Ep. 554 – Monthly Roundup – Season’s End, Duck Science, Snakes in the Pit, and Upcoming Projects
A hard freeze followed by rapid warm up and widespread rain made for an interesting and somewhat productive end to the 2023-24 hunting season. Chris Jennings, Katie Burke, and Dr. Mike Brasher look back on the closing weeks of the season and discuss other recent happenings around the waterfowl world. Mike reports on a jam-packed but rejuvenating week with science colleagues at the North American Duck Symposium, status of duckDNA, and future podcast episodes. Chris shares stories from his final weeks, including SHOT show and an unwelcome encounter with snakes in a pit blind in late January, while Katie reports on successful hunts in Mississippi and upcoming podcast recordings and new happenings with the Waterfowling Heritage Center.
44:49 2/20/24
Ep. 553 – Exploring the World of Sporting Dogs: Training, Nutrition, and Longevity
In this episode of the Ducks Unlimited podcast, host John Gordon sits down with Ray Voigt, former professional retriever trainer and current Purina senior specialist, and Karl Gunzer, Purina Sporting Dog Group Director, discussing all things dogs. They talk about their love for sporting breeds, canine nutrition, training tips, and the Bird Dog Hall of Fame. If you're a dog lover, this episode is a must-listen as they dive into the history and importance of sporting
57:14 2/15/24
Ep. 552 – Young Ducks Team up with an Old Dawg for Ring-necks and Conservation
Dr. Mike Brasher recently joined the crew from Campus Waterfowl for an opportunity to reconnect with his roots, as he shared a soggy morning in the cypress swamp with current and former students of his alma mater, Mississippi State University. This episode, which originally aired on Campus Waterfowl, recaps an exciting ring-neck hunt and shines a spotlight on the passion this group has for waterfowl and wetland conservation through their work on the Mississippi State chapter of Ducks Unlimited. Joining on the podcast were Derek Christians of Campus Waterfowl and Drew Brown and Hunter Yelverton from Mississippi State. The group also discussed duckDNA, the exciting project that is connecting duck hunters with scientists to inform some of today’s most ground-breaking research.
75:07 2/13/24
Ep. 551 – Migration Alert: Light Goose Spring Migration Kicks Into OVERDRIVE
In this episode, host Chris Jennings talks with Jay Anglin about the rapid movement of geese in the Mid-South and Northwest regions. They highlight the unpredictability of the birds' movements and how scouting can sometimes be ineffective due to their fast pace. Jennings and Anglin also mention the presence of juveniles in this year's migration, which is a departure from previous years. Overall, they provide insights into the current state of migration and the excitement it brings for
14:30 2/8/24
Ep. 550 – Interview with Rick Milligan: Call and Decoy Collector
In this episode of the Ducks Unlimited podcast, host Katie Burke interviews guest Rick Milligan, a call and decoy collector. Rick shares his passion for collecting and discusses those who served as mentors to him in the field. They also talk about an upcoming exhibition in the museum and delve into Rick's introduction to the outdoors and hunting. Tune in to hear Rick's journey as an outdoorsman and call
63:22 2/6/24
Ep. 549 – Sydnie Wells and Barstool Take Over the DU Podcast!
Buckle Up for fun and laughter as Sydnie Wells of Barstool Outdoors joins Dr. Mike Brasher on this special episode with first-time duck hunters Wonton Don and Feitelberg of Barstool Sports, along with DU’s own Matt Harrison and Mallori Murphey. Topics include anxious energy amid the morning darkness, mallards backpedaling over decoys, shooting clays among friends, bird migration and the importance of conservation, neckties in the timber, and our love of sharing outdoor experiences with
62:08 2/1/24
Ep. 548 – Species Profile: Brant (re-air)
In this special edition re-air of the brant species profile, Dr. Mark Lindberg shares insights from his 30+ year career as a waterfowl scientist on arguably the most fascinating of all North American geese. The episode begins with a discussion about taxonomy, distribution, epic migrations, changes in wintering distributions, foraging ecology, and different behaviors and productivity observed among individual birds. The episode concludes with discussions about brant breeding ecology, its population status, harvest estimates, and changes in survival and productivity driven by complex interactions between climate and biology. Looking forward, Dr. Lindberg ponders what the future might hold for this species as the regions and habitats it relies on continue to be modified by changing climate, human activities, and other
100:15 1/30/24
Ep. 547 – Pacific Flyway Update and “The Big Four” of DU’s Western Region
Dr. Mike Brasher is joined by Jeff McCreary, director of operations for DU’s Western Region, for a recap of the 2023-24 waterfowl season and the struggles it delivered to Pacific Flyway hunters. Jeff shares observations from California, reflects on low breeding population estimates from Alaska in 2023, and describes the season for many as the worst ever. Also discussed are “The Big Four” priority geographies in the Pacific Flyway and looking forward to breeding conditions for local
25:48 1/25/24
Ep. 546 – Edge of the Bering Sea: Life and Learning at a Brant Research Camp
Dr. Mike Brasher reunites with graduate students Jordan Thompson and Caroline Blommel and research assistants Lydia Martin, Laura Wallace, and Jacob Tepsa to recount their summer experiences at a remote brant research camp on Alaska’s Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge. The group reflects on primitive living, the beauty and solitude of an Alaskan landscape, unique bird life, quirky books, scientific understanding, entertaining stories, going months without a shower, and lifelong
94:58 1/23/24
Ep. 545 – Great Lakes Region Habitat and Hunting Update
Host Chris Jennings is joined by Jay Anglin, Great Lakes Region migration editor for, and the two discuss the impacts of the most recent winter storm which barreled into the Great Lakes last week. As the season’s closed across many Great Lakes states, the region remained very mild, leaving ducks and geese to hold tight. The recent winter storm sent them packing from Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, northern Indiana and Illinois. With a quick thaw in the short-term forecast, hunters who hunt in areas where the seasons are still open, may be in for a strong
15:24 1/18/24
Ep. 544 – Monthly Roundup: Questions from Listeners, Arctic Blast, and Family Bonds of Duck Hunting
Dr. Mike Brasher and Katie Burke are on location at a family hunting camp in the Mississippi Delta for the January roundup. Joined by DU Podcast producer, Chris Isaac, and return guest Dr. Ronal Roberson, the group reflects on the morning hunt and tackles recent questions from listeners, including the ethics of water swatting and origins of the term “bull” when referring to studly drakes. Also discussed are the incoming Arctic weather, lingering drought, and family bonds built around duck
67:44 1/16/24
Ep. 543 – Inside the Workshop: A Conversation with Decoy Carver Pete Peterson
In this episode of the Ducks Unlimited podcast, host sits down with renowned decoy carver Mr. Pete Peterson. They discuss Pete's background in the outdoors and hunting, his journey into the world of decoy carving, and his passion for preserving the art of decoy making. Listeners get a glimpse into Pete's workshop and his incredible craftsmanship. Tune in for a fascinating conversation with a true master of his
43:57 1/11/24
Ep. 542 – What’s Up with Low Duck Numbers?
Dr. Scott Stephens joins Dr. Mike Brasher live and in-person to discuss the latest chatter about low duck numbers, drought, and challenging hunting conditions. Most importantly, what factors are at play, and should we be surprised? Dr. Stephens also provides an update on drought conditions on the prairies and discusses a recent career change that brings him back to Ducks Unlimited, Inc. Welcome back, Scott!!
29:29 1/9/24
Ep. 541 – ConocoPhillips & Ducks - A Novel Partnership for Wetlands Conservation
In addition to being one of the world’s leading exploration and production companies based on both production and reserves, ConocoPhillips is the largest private wetlands owner in Louisiana. John Harrington, Director of ConocoPhillips Coastal Wetlands, and Cassidy Lejeune, DU Director of Conservation Programs, share the inspirational story of an innovative partnership that is restoring and protecting vital wetlands and migratory bird habitat in coastal Louisiana and across North
52:14 1/4/24
Ep. 540 – Camo and Story Telling with Logan Webster of Camo Retro
In this episode of the Ducks Unlimited podcast, Katie  welcomes Logan Webster, founder of Camo Retro. They discuss Logan's background in the outdoors and his love for waterfowl. Logan expresses his gratitude for the mentors who introduced him to the outdoors and shares his experience growing up hunting. Logan speaks on his love of story-telling and how the connection or story and objects led him to create his business. Tune in to hear more about Logan's journey and his passion for the outdoors.
59:50 1/2/24
Ep. 539 – Dropping Ducks and Shooting Snipe with Winchester Ammo
Few activities are better for strengthening partnerships and building memories than bird hunts afield. On this episode, Dr. Mike Brasher is joined by Jake Wallace of Winchester Ammunition, Will Brantley of Field and Stream, and Mallori Murphey of Ducks Unlimited to share stories from a recent weekend featuring new products from Winchester, successful duck hunts, first experiences with snipe hunting, the perils of gumbo mud, ammo manufacturing insights, and a shared commitment to
73:29 12/28/23
Ep. 538 – Late-Season Tactics for Ducks and Geese
Host Chris Jennings is joined by John Pollmann, Ducks Unlimited magazine contributor, to talk about a feature article Pollmann wrote for an upcoming issue. Pollmann discuss multiple tips he gleaned from waterfowl experts across the country. As winter shuffles into your region, ducks and geese begin behavioral shifts due to weather, feeding habits, or available habitat. These tips may offer some useful tactics to target these late-season birds, even when the hunting gets difficult.
28:43 12/26/23
Ep. 537 – Species Profile: Northern Pintail
Known by many names – sprig, pinny, bull – but unmistakable in appearance, the northern pintail is one of North America’s most recognizable, graceful, and well-studied duck species. Unfortunately, much of that attention was garnered because of dramatic population declines and the mystery surrounding it. Dr. Scott Stephens joins Chris Jennings and Dr. Mike Brasher to profile this iconic species, discussing its ecology, population status, causes of its decline, and conservation
73:58 12/21/23
Ep. 536 – Monthly Roundup: Easton, Status of the Migration & duckDNA
In this episode of the Ducks Unlimited podcast, hosts Dr. Mike Brasher, Katie Burke, and Chris Jennings provide updates on recent activities and upcoming events in waterfowl conservation and hunting. They discuss their recent trips, including Katie's visit to Easton for podcast content and museum-related activities. Tune in to get the latest updates in the world of
41:13 12/19/23
Ep. 535 – Managing GTR's: A New Approach in Arkansas
Host Chris Jennings is joined by Trey Reid, Arkansas Game and Fish Commision assistant chief of communications to talk about Arkansas hunting conditions and several key programs they are doing to conserve and promote waterfowl hunting. The two discuss Greentree Reservoir conservation and the WRICE program.
50:08 12/14/23
Ep. 534 – Innovations in Outdoor Gear: A Conversation with DRAKE
In this episode of the Ducks Unlimited podcast, host John interviews Justin Carpenter, the senior vice president and director of brand strategy at Drake Waterfowl. They discuss the behind-the-scenes process of product development and the great gift options available for Christmas. Justin also shares his recent hunting experiences and the challenges of duck and pheasant hunting in cold weather. Tune in to learn more about Drake Waterfowl's partnership with Ducks Unlimited and their dedication to creating quality products for waterfowl
46:32 12/12/23
Ep. 534 – Species Profile: The Mallard
Hosts Dr. Mike Brasher and Chris Jennings dive into North America’s most populous waterfowl species in this episode. Brasher and Jennings expand the mallard conversation into its entire life cycle, preferred habitats, and even close relatives. This is the all-things mallard episode you’ve been waiting for.
50:28 12/7/23
Ep. 533 – South Carolina Ducks, Habitat, Hunting, and Research
Molly Kneece, waterfowl biologist for South Carolina DNR, makes her podcast debut by discussing ducks, dogs, habitat, and public hunting opportunities in The Palmetto State. Kneece takes us on a virtual tour of her state, sharing her career path, identifying the most harvested ducks in the state, updating on early season hunting and habitat, highlighting new duck research and data collection in the state, and describing how South Carolina was once the rice production capital of the U.S.
33:21 12/5/23
Ep. 532 – Great Plains, Central Flyway Habitat and Hunting Update
Host Chris Jennings is joined by John Pollmann, DU Central Flyway migration editor, and the two discuss the current conditions in much of the Central Flyway. Pollmann, a South Dakota native, offers insight into his season along with an update from throughout the region. He describes quite the lull in migration as temperatures have remained fairly mild, even warmer than normal. Reports he is hearing is that North Dakota, and some parts of the Canadiana Prairie are still holding a significant number of mallards and Canada
19:06 12/1/23
Ep. 531 – Diving Ducks on Kentucky Lake, Kids Afield, and More
Host Chris Jennings is joined by Will Brantley, Field & Stream magazine hunting editor, to discuss Brantley’s feature in Ducks Unlimited magazine, Divers the Hard Way. Brantley and Jennings share stories about adventures the two have been on in the past, and what hunting with the next generations means to them. Both share stories about hunting with their kids, and offer some helpful advice to those taking kids afield.
41:03 11/30/23
Ep. 530 – From Challenger to Champion: Mike Anderson
2009 World Duck Calling Champion Mike Anderson joins the DU Podcast to talk calls, calling and his favorite pastime, chasing river ducks.  Anderson takes us on his journey from childhood to putting in the time and road miles that lead to becoming World Champion. We also discuss his favorite competition and hunting style calls and how Rich-N-Tone founder Butch Richenback mentored him all the way to the top of the contest calling mountain.
46:17 11/28/23
Ep. 529 – Thanksgiving Narrative: "Duck Blind Intervention"
Our Thanksgiving show, plucked from the DU Magazine archives (Nov/Dec 2007), is a humorous story about the idiosyncrasies of waterfowl hunters. "Duck Blind Intervention" written by Doug Larson and narrated by Tom
17:01 11/23/23
Ep. 528 – Texas Habitat and Hunting Update
Host Chris Jennings is joined by Kevin Kraai, waterfowl program leader for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, to talk about habitat in across the state of Texas. With Texas covering such a vast area, and featuring so many types of waterfowl habitat, Kraai explains that there is good habitat is some areas, but many of the traditional hunting areas are still waiting on rain. Hear more about a wrap up on teal season, and expectations for improved habitat as the season progresses.
24:17 11/21/23
Ep. 527 – Monthly Roundup: Weather Changes, Avian Flu, duckDNA, and Dogs of Chernobyl
Chris Jennings and Dr. Mike Brasher discuss updates from across the world of waterfowl. Reports are emerging of minor avian flu outbreaks across the US. What do you need to know? How have recent weather patterns influenced migration and hunting. What’s behind above average duck counts in Missouri and record lows in Louisiana? Get the latest update on duckDNA, and learn about new science on the dogs of Chernobyl. Lastly, we dispel myths about HIP certification and harvest
41:00 11/16/23

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