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Understanding Employment Law: Legal Tips for Business Owners
On this episode of Ask The Tax Attorney, our guest speaker, Martin Saenz, shares his experience as an employment lawyer representing both employees and employers. He discusses the importance of addressing employees' claims and identifying the true issue, recommending a simple settlement or apology as the best approach. Other legal tips related to employment law are also shared, including the importance of keeping formal records of employee write-ups to prevent lawsuits.
16:35 10/6/23
Protecting Your Business with Legal and Insurance Know-How: Tips from a Personal Injury Attorney
On this episode of Ask The Tax Attorney, we'll hear from a personal injury attorney, Itzhak Bachar, who shares their journey in law. Our guest also provides advice to business owners on avoiding legal issues, and recommends hiring attorneys experienced in insurance policies. Later in the episode, we'll discover how Itzhak transitioned to specializing in personal injury law, and discuss the importance of choosing the right insurance agent for adequate coverage. Tune in for valuable insights from a seasoned legal professional.
21:53 9/5/23
Practical Solutions to Legal Issues: Insights from an Attorney
In this episode of Ask The Tax Attorney, our guest, Marina Bentata, shares her insight on practical legal solutions for entrepreneurs. As an experienced corporate attorney, she emphasizes the importance of finding a trademark lawyer before investing in a name to avoid wasting time and resources. She also highlights the value of intellectual property and advises against assuming internet material is public domain. With a focus on personalized relationships with clients, Marina shares her experiences winning cases against fraud accusations and trademark registration, and the importance of registering trademarks in countries where products are manufactured. Additionally, she explains the benefit of purchasing assets rather than companies to avoid liabilities, and how vital a brand can be to a growing business. Tune in to hear more about Marina's expertise.
26:33 8/31/23
Navigating Legal Minefields: The Importance of Employment Law for Businesses
On this episode of Ask The Tax Attorney, our expert guest, Alberto Naranjo, who specializes in employment law discusses the importance of caution and documentation when dealing with cases such as unfair termination, unpaid wages, and whistleblower complaints. Business owners should be careful not to rely solely on their managers to provide information about legal cases and not to err on the side of withholding overtime pay. Alberto shares his personal experience running a law firm and a family-owned bakery business in Florida. He advises businesses to seek guidance before reacting to potential red flags or making decisions that could harm their business. He also highlights the importance of diligence and caution when dealing with legal issues to avoid significant costs.
23:39 8/24/23
Navigating Financial Stressors: Tips From a Financial Coach
In this episode of Ask The Tax Attorney, we sit down with financial expert, Shani Curry, to discuss the importance of seeking professional advice regarding taxes and financial management. Shani stress the importance of prioritizing financial responsibilities and being held accountable in order to improve financial stability. We learn about Shani's personal experience, her clients' diverse backgrounds, and how she helps them navigate financial stressors. In addition, Shani highlights the need for creating a financial plan and cutting unnecessary expenses to help clients manage their finances and break the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck. Join us as we discuss accountability, financial planning, and living within one's means to avoid getting trapped in a financial cycle.
31:16 7/6/23
Talking Your Way Out of Trouble? Think Again!
On this episode of Ask The Tax Attorney, we talk to Steven Veinger, a defense attorney with 25 years of experience. In his legal practice, he has learned from his mistakes and advises others to pick a niche and excel in it to become the go-to person in that area. Additionally, Steven stresses the importance of knowing which cases not to take and being honest with clients about what services can and cannot be provided.
29:11 6/25/23
Avoiding Immigration Trouble: Tips and Strategies
On this episode of Ask The Tax Attorney, we dive into the complicated world of immigration law. Our guest, Sherley Haratz, a seasoned attorney, shares emotional stories from her personal and professional experience as an immigrant. We hear about a business client who faced issues at the airport and was eventually sent back because of a common mistake made by business owners. Our guest discusses various types of visas available and stresses the importance of exploring all options before assuming one doesn't qualify. With compassion and expertise, Sherley sheds light on the complexities of the U.S. immigration system and provides valuable insights for anyone navigating it.
24:53 5/4/23
The Immigration and Business Journey: Lessons Learned from a Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur
On this episode of Ask The Tax Attorney, our guest, Marlene Markowitz, shares her experience as a business owner, specifically as an immigration and trademark lawyer. The conversation covers various topics, including the need for immigration attorneys, the benefits of social media for businesses, and the importance of double-checking important documents. Listeners will also hear about the host's journey as a business owner, the challenges she faced, and how she overcame them. Tune in to learn from a successful business owner with years of experience to share. [00:01:13] Started law firms, gained flexibility, fulfilled business journey. [00:02:21] Giving birth to multiples (babies and businesses). [00:03:13] Learning business through trial and error while being authentic on social media and connecting with necessary professionals. [00:07:05] Have an immigration attorney on hand to ensure compliance with hiring immigrants. [00:08:47] Assist with immigration audits and petitions. Marlene Moskowitz Bio: Marlene is a highly experienced immigration attorney who specializes in helping individuals and employers navigate the complex process of immigration law. With over a decade of experience, she has become a trusted advisor to her clients, helping them to understand their options and achieve their goals. Marlene is also the author of "Ten Tips for Applying for US Citizenship," which provides valuable insights and guidance for those seeking to become US citizens. And if you need help with your tax debt, go to today to learn how we can resolve it.
11:30 4/25/23
Get Out of Debt with IRS Installment Agreements
Are you struggling to pay off your tax debt? Well, on this episode of Ask The Tax Attorney, I've got some helpful tips for you. You will learn about the different types of IRS installment agreements available to help pay off tax debts over time. So, don't let tax debt stress you out, and listen in to learn about the process of setting up a payment plan with the IRS and the different options available to you. And if you need help with your tax debt, go to today to learn how we can resolve it.
05:56 4/21/23
From Vision to Execution: Building a Successful Entrepreneurial Journey
On this episode of Ask The Tax Attorney, we dive into the world of entrepreneurship and how to protect your business. Our guest speaker, Mari Ribeiro, shares her personal story of becoming an entrepreneur after getting laid off from her job as an attorney. We discuss the importance of having a clear vision for your business and executing it, as well as protecting your brand through trademarking. We also touch on the benefits of automation, the importance of work-life balance, and the risks and rewards of being an entrepreneur. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to protect their business and find success as an entrepreneur. Check out the full episode for more inspiring insights.
28:41 4/12/23
Bouncing Back: Overcoming Challenges In Running A Law Firm
Today's episode of Ask The Tax Attorney was all about how a small marketing idea led to a successful law practice. Our guest got inspired by a lot of business ideas and eventually followed his dream of opening his own practice after working as an associate attorney. He overcame challenges, found the perfect business partner, and even applied lessons from family law to his business. But most importantly, he takes the time to listen to his clients and offer reassurance and guidance. Plus, he shares some valuable advice for small business owners. Check out the full episode for more inspiring insights.
19:45 4/4/23
What To Do If You Are A Business Owner And You Owe Money To The IRS?
Today's episode of "Ask the Tax Attorney" is a must-listen for business owners struggling with IRS issues. Our host, Claudia Moncarz, shares valuable advice and a powerful framework to overcome anxiety and guilt surrounding tax debts. The first step in the "free framework" is to forgive oneself for mistakes made as a business owner. Next, assess your situation, including the exact amount owed to the IRS. Then, evaluate options for payment and, lastly, engage in taking action, including filing taxes even if unable to pay in full.
10:05 4/4/23
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02:53 4/4/23