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Inspired Coach is an incredible resource to ignite your dream to become a qualified Life Coach. Listen in as Founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy - Julie Parker - supports you to understand the true impact of heart centred coaching and sacred space holding, the joys of being in service to people as a coach, and how to develop your coaching skills with some of the worlds most incredible coaches and entrepreneurs. The path to having your dream business supporting others is truly possible! Learn more about how to become a coach at


Success Story: Tracey Spencer (E54)
We are joyfully interviewing today our current co-winner of the International Coach of the Year Award - Tracey Spencer. Tracey did not know when this episode was recorded that she would be the winner of that award and it’s amazing to see how even since this time her business and coaching success continues to go from strength to strength. Tracey is raw, real, relatable and razor sharp when it comes to all things authenticity, embracing your uniqueness and bucking trends online. We know you will be inspired by her every word in this interview.   Website: Instagram:
35:43 5/13/24
Kemi Nekvapil: How To Have Challenging Conversations as a Coach (E53)
Not every interaction, conversation or session we have with our clients will be smooth and issue free. We of course may like it to be, but when it comes to human interaction and our imperfect ways of connecting and relating - challenging moments will naturally arise from time to time. Our guest today is a highly skilled and experienced coach - Kemi Nekvapil - and we couldn’t think of someone more wonderful or apt to guide us through such challenging times where both we as the coach - and our clients - can experience positive outcomes from challenging engagements.    Website: Instagram:
35:23 4/29/24
Beautiful You Coaching Academy Annual & Decade Awards Celebration (E52)
Our most glamorous and beautiful night ever has just taken place! Join our Founder Julie Parker as she shares her highlights of the night and pays special tribute to our three highest awarded coaches on the night. We send our love and congratulations to all finalists and winners!
27:03 4/14/24
Success Story: Janelle King (E51)
The extraordinary Janelle King is our guest on the show today sharing her unique and wonderful success story as a Beautiful You Coaching Academy graduate. Janelle has such a beautiful and holistic approach to her coaching work and brings to that so much life, career and academic wisdom. Janelle’s wonderful success as a coach is peppered with leaps of both external and internal faith she has had to make, as well as a unique story of how content creation has been a foundational undertaking in the business success she has created for herself. Website: Instagram:
32:04 4/11/24
Marlous Teh: Cultivating Your Coaching Confidence (E50)
We couldn’t think of a more special coach to be our 50th episode guest than Beautiful You Coaching Academy Trainer Marlous Teh. Marlous is here with us in this episode to talk about cultivating your coaching confidence. And in typical of Marlous’ - open, authentic and genuine style - she offers up some vulnerable moments in her own early days of coaching and how she continues to work on her coaching skills as of paramount importance to the work she does with clients. A must episode for all growing and building coaches!    Website: Instagram: Facebook:
35:35 4/9/24
The Five Most Impactful Beautiful You Moments Of The Decade (E49)
In continuing celebration of our tenth birthday this episode of Inspired Coach Podcast is dedicated to our Founder Julie Parker sharing her top five most memorable and impactful moments of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy over the past ten years.  Get ready for a tangle of fairy lights, pandemic pandemonium, pilot passion and a whole lot of community love. Here’s to the next ten years of Beautiful You.
24:40 4/7/24
Success Story: Erica Carrico (E48)
What a delight to have on the podcast for this episode our 2020 International Coach of the Year Erica Carrico. Erica has built a thriving seven figure business through a lot of determination, overcoming obstacles and sheer will to find the right path for her and assist her coaching clients to do the same. The role that pro bono coaching has played in Erica’s success (in two very different but meaningful ways) is incredibly interesting to note - especially for all the up and coming coaches out there!    Website: Instagram: Facebook:
34:45 4/3/24
Becca Tracey: Things To Avoid Doing As A New Coach! (E47)
Becca Tracey is a long time friend of Beautiful You Coaching Academy and we are so excited to have her on as our guest today speaking to the things you need to AVOID doing as a new coach. Becca’s straight up style combined with her many years of business coaching and consulting make this a must listen ep for anyone in their formative years of coaching. She’s got five incredible points to share and every one of them is golden.    Website: Instagram:
38:42 4/1/24
COACHES COUCH: Celebrating Ten Years of Beautiful You (E46)
It’s our tenth birthday! Yes that’s right - an entire decade of Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Founder Julie Parker shares some thoughts on the start up of the academy, her desire for change in the coaching industry, gratitude for ALL who make up our amazing community and some special bonus birthday surprises for YOU if you’re thinking about becoming a coach with us.
15:49 3/27/24
Success Story: Tash Pieterse (E45)
The global pandemic played a very pivotal role in the success story of our guest today - Tash Pieterse. Tash utilised that very volatile and difficult time in a soulful way in her business and it saw her leverage the many needs her professional clients had during that time into a form of deep service and ultimate success for her business. Enjoy this coaching success story with a beautiful coach doing so well in the leadership, corporate and career space not just with 1:1 clients but with large corporate clients as well. Website: Instagram:   LinkedIn:
35:06 3/25/24
Sam Dhu: How Much Should We Share About Ourselves As A Coach? (E44)
And so - how much should we? Talk about, share about, let our clients and others know about ourselves as a coach? It’s a great question that does not have a simple or easy answer - or one that everyone in the coaching industry may agree on either. Sam Dhu is here on the podcast today to help us unpack this question - and become better coaches for our clients as we do.      Website : Instagram:  Facebook:
33:43 3/18/24
Coaches Couch: How To Invest In Your Business Well As A Start Up Coach (E43)
Thank you to Claire Pestana for submitting this question and area of exploration for The Coaches Couch today. Tune in with Julie as she shares some ideas on the best things to focus your financial spend on when in a start up coaching phase. And get ready for some great spend suggestions of things that do NOT have to cost money as well.  Claire Pestana Website: Instagram Profile: @theallthingsselfcoach
24:43 3/4/24
Success Story: Keri Kugler (E42)
From a career in retail to a thriving international coach and award nominated podcast host - Keri Kugler is a soulful living example of someone who has followed their heart and dreams to coaching success. Keri’s story is one that involves both groundedness and heart as well as bold leaps of faith and confidence. Her humility, gentle nature and approachability will inspire you on your own success journey.      Website: Instagram: Facebook:
33:12 2/19/24
Jade McKenzie: Thriving In Your First Year as a Coach (E41)
How can you not just survive but actually thrive in your first year as a coach? And even well beyond then? Award winning and highly successful coach and event manager Jade McKenzie - who is also a trainer with us - is here to spill the beans on these very thing today. Jade has worked with hundreds of emerging coaches to support them to thrive while building their businesses and she had a newborn baby herself when first growing hers! Tune in for this wise and witty coach sharing all she knows about emerging coach greatness.        Website: Instagram:
44:00 2/5/24
Coaches Couch: How BYCA Started Doing 'the work' Around DEI? (E40)
Thank you to Khetsi Mulcahy for submitting this question to us today and for kicking off our 2024 year here at Inspired Coach. This enquiry from Khetsi is such an important one and involves Julie sharing a personal and professional story she never has before. It is from a time at a BYCA event that was pivotal for her as a business owner and the work that the Academy now does in relation to all things diversity, equity, inclusion and justice - work we consider to be vital, ongoing and neverending for life.  Website: Instagram:
33:43 1/22/24
Success Story: Kate Cashman (E39)
Hold to and buckle up to hear the amazing journey and story of Dr Kate Cashman and how she moved from the world of academia and lecturing at Universities into being a thriving and successful coach. Kate did this in a non-linear way that has involved the establishment of not just one but two successful niches, showcasing that it is very ok to change your mind on your coaching path and try new things. Kate has also beautiful words to share on what success truly means to her and her own versions of what both courage and confidence mean. Website:  Instagram:
34:30 12/18/23
Kerry Solomon: Helping Your Clients Improve Their Self Worth (E38)
We couldn’t think of a more valuable topic to talk about when it comes to supporting our clients than that of self-worth. Our self-worth as a human being is something we all walk with for life and may as we do - experience significant highs, lows and lots of ‘in betweens’ with. And it goes almost without saying that for our clients who are always going to be in some stage of transition and desiring transformation in their lives that self-worth is something that could very likely arise as a need to address in a coaching journey. Kerry Solomon is here with us today as a Women’s Worthiness Coach to help us navigate this entire plain. For ourselves as coaches and our clients too.    Website: Instagram: Facebook:
33:16 12/11/23
Coaches Couch: Finding Ongoing Content Ideas For Our Ideal Clients (E37)
Thank you to Sudha Balaji for submitting this question and area of exploration for The Coaches Couch today. Tune in with Julie as she shares some ideas on both how and where to find relevant and serving content ideas for your ideal clients and the role that YOUR life and business journey as a coach plays in that too.    Sudha Balaji  Website: Instagram Profile Link: sudha_lifecoach
21:54 12/4/23
Success Story: Sammie Fleming (E36)
Sammie Fleming is nothing if not a soulful success story as a coach and also a life coach trainer here with us at Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Sammie truly has been a life coach in some way or another for most of her life and the way she has gently but also powerfully built her business up to be where it is so thriving and flourishing today is an inspiration. Tune in to learn more from Sammie’s gentle wisdom and why it is that she’s supportive of others speaking about how much their coaching business earns - but that form of marketing and disclosure is not for her.    Website: Instagram:
37:22 11/20/23
Tanya Geisler: Who Are You To Be a Coach? Challenging Imposter Complex! (E35)
Who are YOU to be a coach? Who are you NOT to be a coach? Let’s talk all things imposter complex today on inspired COACH in this inspirational interview with leadership coach Tanya Geisler. Tanya has a beautiful way of compassionately but also powerfully uncovering the hidden meaning behind why so many of us experience imposter complex and what we can lovingly do about it to use it to our advantage to become a better coach, grow our coaching business and thrive.    Website : LinkedIn: Instagram:
33:52 11/13/23
Coaches Couch: Rituals & Practices For Coaching Session Preparation (E34)
Thank you to Lauren Lansdown  for submitting this question and area of exploration for The Coaches Couch today. Tune in with Julie as she shares some rituals, practices and ideas on how best to prepare and focus for client sessions as well as the three key ways of ‘being’ that all coaches should aim to be in a state of just before a session begins. Lauren Lansdown Website: Instagram Profile Link: 
22:03 11/6/23
Success Story: Madison Morrigan (E33)
When Madison Morrigan first trained with us at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy she was a mere 23 years old. Now 31 and running a global multi-six figure business, it’s no downplaying at all to say that Madison has lived many lives across many spiritual plains - and has the life and business lessons to prove it. Madison’s life looks dramatically different now to when she began her life coaching studies and she has leaned into her passion for learning and skill development as a coach as well as her vulnerabilities and healing to attract aligned clients who know her to be incredibly genuine, giving and generous. Tune in to this truly incredible success story - of not just coaching and business - but life.     Website: Instagram:
38:33 10/23/23
Caroline Kell: How Not To Burn Out As A Coach (E32)
Can you burnout from doing something you love - like coaching? Yes. You can. And as an often misunderstood phenomena it is not always something you can come back from easily or quickly. Our guest on Inspired Coach today - Caroline Kell - has a passion for supporting and educating people about the topic of burnout. Listen in as Caroline shares how to recognise burnout, minimise it and thrive as a coach and human being in the helping profession.    Website: Facebook: Instagram:
41:49 10/16/23
Coaches Couch: The Biggest Lessons From Early Days Of Coaching (E31)
Thank you to Hayley McLennan for submitting this question and area of exploration for The Coaches Couch today. Tune in with Julie as she shares some of her biggest lessons over nearly two decades (yes two decades!) as she shares her heartfelt and sometimes hard earned coaching and business lessons.    Website:  Instagram: Facebook: 
36:28 10/9/23
Success Story: Dr. Kirstey Holland (E30)
Dr. Kirstey Holland is a distinguished healer who masterfully combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Functional Medicine, Naturopathy and Life Coaching to create a unique healing experience. Blending ancient wisdom with modern science, she formulates customised treatments that balance nature's forces within the body. Dr. Holland's expertise expands beyond TCM, as she delves into the complex realm of functional medicine and your personal narrative to identify root causes and foster holistic well-being. As a specialist in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, she empowers clients to make nourishing choices, orchestrating a harmonious healing journey.    Website: Facebook:
39:55 9/25/23
Arissan Nicole: Embracing Your Path to Coaching (E29)
If you have somehow come to the conclusion that to start a business as a coach or become ‘successful’ at that undertaking (whatever success may mean to you) that can only be achieved through a particular way, format or style - our guest today is going to help you blow that concept up!  Arissa Nicole is an incredible career coach who has taken many different paths, directions and some may even say diversions to arrive at where she is now as a thriving coach. Arissan wants you to know that it is your many choices, jobs and life experiences that are an ASSET to your future coaching self and business and not the DETRACTION that some may have you believe. Let’s find YOUR way to coaching.      Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Tiktok:
35:24 9/18/23
Coaches Couch: How Do You Remain Patient When You Want To Grow Your Business Faster? (E28)
Thank you to Chandni Arora for submitting this question on The Coaches Couch today. It’s one we are sure that many new and emerging coaches are going to be wanting to tune into because we know the desire to want to grow your coaching business for so many of you - and quickly - is very real. Is it however healthy, doable and allowing for long term success? Tune in with Julie Parker on the couch to find out.     Website: Instagram:
32:24 9/11/23
Lucy Allen: Success Story (E27)
Get ready to meet and be lit up by the effervescent and incredible Lucy Allen in our Beautiful You Success Story here on the podcast today. Lucy has a fun and very relatable way of communicating that is so endearing and her journey from corporate career woman to thrivingly successful Mindset and Leadership Coach is a brilliant one. This story from Lucy is filled with actionable tips and steps to take in your own potential coaching journey and we know you are going to be so inspired by it - and of course Lucy herself.  Website: Instagram:
36:44 9/7/23
Shirin Eskandani: Decolonising Your Coaching Business (E26)
We are so honoured to be bringing to you today an Inspirational Interview with Shirin Eskandani. Shirin has a passion for guiding emerging and established coaches in ways that ensure their coaching practice and business is one that is operating from a decolonising lens. This is something that is possible for all of us as coach trainees and coaches - and we should want it to be as well. It’s not something to be afraid of and certainly not push aside. It’s a part of running a business as a coach that can see your work take on more just, rich, inclusive meaning and practices - which I believe is something we should all be striving for. And there is no doubt that Shirin is the most amazing person to learn this from.    Website: Instagram:
34:53 9/5/23
Coaches Couch: Five Amazing Reasons to Become A Life Coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (E25)
If you are considering becoming a life coach - why might you choose the Beautiful You Coaching Academy to study with? Great question! This episode on the Coaches Coach will help you understand five incredible reasons why we are an amazing choice to become a life coach with. Some of them you may already know. Some may come as a surprise to you. All are grounded in decades of experience, global reach and an extraordinary amount of heart.  Website: Instagram: Facebook:
29:30 9/3/23