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Aaron Kleiber — comedian, actor, husband and father of three — sits with fellow comedic, creative, funny, interesting Moms & Dads - sharing stories, experiences, parenting tips, life hacks, annoying articles, unwarranted opinions, pop culture, real talk, spouse praising, kid complaining, music, stories, nerd stuff, too much about food and occasional beatboxing - all through the lens of a parent and comedian. Exclusive for Patreon Supporters: Podcast VIDEO, Early access, Bonus-post-episodes, beats, standup clips, swag & more! Follow @AaronKleiber Dad, actor, comedian, Aaron Kleiber, has commanded audiences with his energized, crowd-pleasing live performances with tales of life, marriage and fatherhood, having him break-out as one of the most in-demand feature acts - touring alongside the likes of Bob Saget, Jim Breuer, John Witherspoon and Harland Williams. Released first streaming comedy special 'Grown @%$ Dad' on Amazon Prime, spring 2020. Also has appeared on 'Gotham Comedy Live,' including their 'Best of Season 2', NUVO's 'Standup and Deliver,' with co-starring roles on CBS and Nickelodeon, multiple appearances on the hit podcast Doug Loves Movies, Bob & Tom - along with impressive live performances at the Big Sky Comedy Fest, Gilda's Laugh Fest, twice at the Limestone Comedy Festival, among others. Also named "Best Comedian" by Pittsburgh Media 4 times in a decade long career. Original Music by AND Audio Engineered by @kidmentalmusic Instrumental theme "King for a Day" by Passion HiFi @Passion_HiFi Produced by Aaron Kleiber


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