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Ep438: Tom Flynn of Boner Records
Boner Records never went away, they were just hibernating. Today founder Tom Flynn discusses the label history, early records, Melvins KISS parody EPs, the Lysol lawsuit, having his song covered by Nirvana, the imposter "DUH", the new release of "Antler Family" and more. Tom is not a record nerd Does Boner Records have a website? Creating the “Tapeworm” record – Hermaphrodite Records Forming “Fang” – Yukon Fang 45 Creating the “Boner Records” record label Fang’s “Landshark” record Expanding Boner Records to take on additional bands Working with Alternative Tentacles on Maximum Rock n Roll compilation The song “The Money Will Roll Right In” Impact of Nirvana covering “The Money Will Roll Right In” Kurt Cobain really liked Fang and Melvins How Melvins came to Boner Records Recording “Ozma” with Mark Deutrom Tom’s role in album artwork for Boner releases Melvins KISS parody solo albums Original artwork for modern reissues The activity of Boner Records in recent decades The Melvins “Lysol” fiasco – lawsuit, fixing album art How they fixed the album covers, cassettes and CDs of Lysol to comply Melvins & Steel Pole Bath Tub Sub-Pop parody Alberti and Rainbo pressing plants going out of business The story of the band “DUH” The imposter “DUH” Did any major labels approach Boner Records to purchase? Why did he pause Boner Records for so many years? Boner Records was largely a 1-man show Recent revival, making “Antler Family” album 250 Antler Family vinyl copies Playing live again – future of Antler Family Another band “Suboptics” Interview wrap up Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
75:03 2/26/24
Ep437: Richard Patrick of Filter
With "The Algorithm", it's clear Richard Patrick of Filter is not mellowing with age. He discusses his history, smashing instruments, the 2022 reunion with Trent Reznor and NIN, his thoughts on AI music, outtakes and more. "The Algorithm" vinyl direct and in Australia Richard is a fully digital music listener Music around the Patrick house Impactful artists to Richard: The Clash, U2, Skinny Puppy, Ministry Dealing with unpredictable electronics onstage with NIN Abusing instruments with Nine Inch Nails – breaking keyboards and guitars The 2022 reunion with NIN in Cleveland Performing “Hey Man, Nice Shot” with NIN The relationship between Richard and Trent Reznor Richard’s memories of Australia The lyrics and theme of The Algorithm Richard is not mellowing with age Louise Post of Veruca Salt called out Filter on stage telling them to get over themselves Richard’s recollections of the Pledge Music debacle Richard’s thoughts on AI and music The secret for keeping his voice strong The vinyl reissue of “The Amalgamut” The scrapping of Rebus Any more Filter outtakes? Interview wrap up Tickets for Filter's Australian dates here. Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
48:09 2/19/24
Ep436: 50 Years of Radio Birdman with Deniz Tek
Deniz Tek looks back on 50 years of Radio Birdman, the "Birdman FIVE-O" final tour, discusses vinyl reissues, tracking down master tapes, post Birdman projects "New Race", "The Visitors", solo projects, the Top Gun "Iceman" origins and more! Deniz appears not to be aging Looking back on 50 Years of Radio Birdman Sydney shows are likely the last Band lineup for the Five-O shows Prime Minister is a fan of Radio Birdman Memories of the 1977 Paddington Town Hall shows Paddo Town Hall being reissued on vinyl Reissuing the Radio Birdman catalogue on vinyl Obtaining the Birdman multitrack and master tapes John Foy located the multitrack tapes for “Living Eyes” Any regrets looking back? Anything left undone? The story of the “New Race” project Rob Younger re-recorded vocals for “The First and the Last” Original “New Race” tapes being bootlegged Reissuing “New Race” on vinyl Deniz’ guitar once belonged to Fred “Sonic” Smith Fred Smith and Patti Smith tried to buy the guitar back Plans for the guitar, potentially a Punk Rock Museum item? The guitar needs work – maybe won’t be at Five-O shows History with the Citadel record label Relationship with Wild Honey Records in Europe Various versions of solo albums – Nate’s mistake Pressing vinyl with Wild Honey Memories of the “Soldiers of Rock and Roll” album and initial cover History of “The Visitors” The Visitors release with Phantom Records Finding lots of outtakes and rare recordings on Trafalgar tapes Next Deniz Tek LP with Ric Parnell Deniz is the original “Iceman” New books on the way Interview wrapup Tix for Radio Birdman's "BIRDMAN FIVE-O" final tour Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
66:34 2/12/24
Ep435: The Return of Melvins w/ Dale Crover
Dale Crover of Melvins discusses the new Melvins LP "Tarantula Heart", his recent surgery, touring update, solo albums, rare records , recent recordings and old tapes. Lots for the Melvins fan in your head. Dale ain’t coming to Australia The new LP “Tarantula Heart” Melvins or The Melvins? The story of “Tarantula Heart” Different recording/writing process for new album Playing the new songs live Dale and Roy Mayorga double drumming Dale’s surgery and recovery What caused his injury? Dale wrote a new LP while recovering Did he see Melvins as a spectator? Dale won’t go to Japan either Working and touring with Redd Kross “Wood and Diamonds” lathe cut from Joyful Noise Strange limited records from Joyful Noise, Thunder Pinky Why only 127 made? What’s special about 127? Any Melvins project turn out to be too ambitious? The KISS solo LPs on Boner Records Dale’s dog has something to say Steven McDonald’s solo LP Dale started playing guitar before drums Did Dale write the songs on his 1992 solo LP? What are Dale’s thoughts on studio creativity and what’s cheating? Will there be additional musicians to play “Tarantula Heart” live? Melvins “Throbbing Gristle Funk Hits” EP with Void Mains Melvins EP with Helms Alee The story of “Cabbage n Mash” EP Working in Toshi Kasai’s studio The story of Matt Cameron’s “Gory Scortch Cretins” Did Dale ever drum with Taylor Hawkins? Any Melvins material they cannot release? Any missing tapes? Melvins outtake from the “Houdini” sessions – “Gggibbbyy” Dale’s early projects in mid 80s – Mentors cover band, Simplex 1, Society Skate Youth Patrol, The Stiff Woodies A Stiff Woodies song ended up as “Sky Pup” on Houdini Dale needs to digitize his old tapes Interview wrap up Preorder Melvins "Tarantula Heart" on vinyl here. Watch "Working The Ditch" video here. Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
54:26 2/6/24
Ep434: Adam Franklin - Swervedriver, Bolts of Melody & more
Swervedriver, a pivotal band in the shoegaze scene, is the focus of today's episode, with founder Adam Franklin discussing the band's vinyl legacy, reissues, tape archives, hurdles faced and future prospects for Swervedriver and his additional ventures. Getting involved with Outer Battery Records Releasing 2 records at once Band involvement in vinyl reissues of the Swervedriver catalog The new reissue/remaster of “99th Dream” The label saga of “Ejector Seat Reservations” and “99th Dream” Vinyl pressings on Zero Hour and Sonic Wave Discs Adam finding original vinyl copies The influence of Swervedriver Appreciation for Swervedriver being revealed by Myspace Will we ever see “Juggernaut Rides” on vinyl? Adam’s reaction to the term “Shoegaze” Aspirations for playing live to support “99th Dream” The impact of Brexit on artists Thoughts & involvement on movie soundtracks Naming of songs Some recordings that haven’t been rereleased on vinyl or streaming Vinyl records of his youth Discovering Hawkwind Being influenced by American Punk Melting a collection of Clash singles The physical barrier with records First appearance on record: “Shake Appeal” Getting signed to Creation Records Are there more outtakes yet to be released? The story of the censorship of “It’s All Happening Now” Swervedriver vinyl rarities Interview wrap up Get "Swervedriver - 99th Dream" and "Bolts of Melody - Film Noir" on vinyl here. Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
58:00 2/5/24
Wayne Kramer (1948-2024) - The Vinyl Guide Interview
A replay of our interview with Wayne Kramer (1948-2024) discussing the MC5, the recording, censorship and legacy of “Kick Out The Jams”, making “Back In The USA” and “High Time”, various controversies, “Jail Guitar Doors” and more. Which came first – the guitar or politics? Starting to play in local bands His mother’s warning for going into music Forming the MC5 Original lineup of MC5 The ethos and radicalization of MC5 The music and message of MC5 The story of AMG records and early records of MC5 Reissue of music on AMG A-Square records “Borderline / Looking At You” Memories of the Chicago Democratic National Convention – 1968 Getting signed to Elektra records by Danny Fields The Stooges got signed as their “Little Brother Band” Recording “Kick Out The Jams” Recollections of the live sets for “Kick Out The Jams” The guitar went immediately out of tune Wayne singing “Ramblin’ Rose” Rob Tyner and being censored for “Kick Out The Jams” The MC5 strategy for changing “brothers and sisters” to “Mother f*ckers” Reaction to being censored by their record label Calling out the “Hudson’s Record Store” Getting dropped from Elektra while record is still in the charts Danny Fields got slapped and fired Wayne’s reaction to the album “Kick Out The Jams” Album cover of “Kick Out The Jams” – art director put himself on cover  Transitioning to Atlantic Records was painful Hard to record “Back In The USA” Jon Landau’s wisdom and Wayne playing bass himself Critics disliked the spontaneity of MC5 Highlights of “Back in the USA” How did hard bop influence the MC5? Memories of “High Time” The fight with Bill Graham The end of the MC5 Last gasp of the MC5 in Europe The longevity and influence of MC5 The genesis of “Jail Guitar Doors” Playing for inmates with Chuck D The rehabilitation and other musicians Voyage Air Guitars donating to “Jail Guitar Doors” End of interview Help support our podcast: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
84:45 2/2/24
Ep433: John Densmore of The Doors
50+ years after the passing of Jim Morrison, John Densmore of The Doors continues to honour the wishes of his bandmate when it comes to the commercialism of the music of The Doors. John discusses that journey and many other fascinating memories of the legacy of The Doors. Meet Mr Blue Hair A moment with John Coltrane & Elvin Jones Not selling out the Doors legacy Defending the wishes of Jim Morrison Visiting Jim Morrison’s grave Was there a funeral for Jim? Being aware of the “Jim is Alive” rumours Evolving perspective of substance abuse Last conversation with Jim and his state All Doors except Jim participated in mixdowns Jim’s behaviour in the studio John’s impression of punk early on Did Jim dabble in hard drugs? How much of LA Woman was played live? Multiple live Doors shows being made available The live performance that best represents The Doors at their peak Memories and recordings of the final Doors show Recording of Jimbo and Jimi Hendrix John’s upcoming projects with Chuck D and Adam Holzman Memories of the original Doors demo acetates Signing to Columbia – appearing on the “drop list” Arrangements for Doors music after John passes Involvement with Jim’s family after his passing The journey of Jim’s father John’s comparison of political environment then and now Did John get negative PR from the trial? The story of the Buick commercial What circumstance or situation would John consider approving Doors music to be made available commercially? John was uncomfortable being the centrepiece of the band? Bands reforming and touring in the modern era Jim’s relationship with money After Jim passes, was there any closure? Names that were floated as potential replacements for Jim Is John comfortable with The Doors music so closely associated with Vietnam? Preparing for a potential draft and conflict We need to find moments and try to be grateful when you can Interview wrap up The book "The Doors Unhinged" available here. Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
59:17 1/29/24
Ep432: The NOFX Victory Lap with Eric Melvin
After 40 years NOFX is on their final tour. Guitarist Eric Melvin shares his thoughts on the band's history, legacy and poignant moments on their emotional victory lap. NOFX will still be making albums Information on the final NOFX show Preparing for this final tour Is there a backlog of songs for upcoming NOFX recordings? Eric is most proud of “The Decline” “The Decline” is such a unique project Any regrets Eric has about the conclusion of NOFX Deciding to no longer tour The reaction of people along the tour – final opportunity to see the band The Life Coach training helping shape his next steps Is there anything different they are doing on the final tour? The band managing emotions in the final shows How will the band manage the brotherhood of NOFX after the tour? Eric’s thoughts on the legacy of NOFX Plans to stay creative in the future Managing his health and awareness Does Eric have a record collection? The huge shelves of NOFX vinyl The unique NOFX gig posters Making the music for Melvinator Thoughts on post NOFX touring projects How NOFX songs are written Interview wrap up, info on final Australian shows & side shows Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
46:47 1/17/24
Ep431: Pat Finnerty - Creator of "What Makes This Song Stink?"
Pat Finnerty is the creator of the hilarious YouTube series "What Makes This Song Stink?", which comments and critiques songs and artists for lousy music. We discuss the creation of the show, Pat's history with music, parodies, records and more. Popularity of WMTSS #8  Have you ever heard back from any artists? Chad Smith / Red Hot Chili Peppers Major reasons for bad songs How he picks the songs for WMTSS Challenges of being an elitist music nerd Practising patience – focusing on Genesis this week Putting music into context – Big Star example Pat is a huge Tom Petty guy Lou Reed is the cool Don Henley Clams and out of tune guitars everywhere Guitar tuners are a relatively new invention Records of Pat’s youth Building a record collection these days The “cool” Air BNB Early days of his YouTube channel Respectful parody of Rick Beato Tropes of YouTube creators Timing of a parody / commentary on a song Avoiding the tropes, going with your gut Response of his audience / 3 Doors Down signed guitar Ideas/hints for future WMTSS episodes How Pat creates the scripts and storyline for his videos Creating the gags, extra animations, alternate endings on his Patreon I got nervous with Dave Meniketti of Y&T Time spent on research, prep and editing Pat’s appearances on vinyl Interview wrap up Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
60:37 1/15/24
Ep430: Rick Beato - Analog, AI and the Future of Music
YouTube music guru Rick Beato shares his thoughts on vinyl, analog recording and a future with virtual reality, deep fakes and AI. Topics include; What role does vinyl play in Rick’s life? Rick still has all his records, CDs and tapes The obligatory analogue and digital discussion Bad remasters for CDs Is Rick surprised by the resurgence of vinyl? The challenge of making an all-analogue record Why do many people prefer music on vinyl? Mixing engineers interpreting audio Possible future audio formats – surround video Is Rick hopeful or wary of AI? Some people will prefer AI to human crafted music Rick’s AI Senate Testimony Using AI for mixing and audio editing The Beatles “Now and Then” was more EQ than AI Future challenges due to deep fakes AI and Deep Fakes challenge our assumption of authenticity Deep fakes licensed by the official artist Staying positive in an industry with lots of scepticism Rick can disassociate music listening with analysis Making “What Makes This Song Great” with A Perfect Circle Rick’s wish list for future interviews Dislike of the term “YouTube Influencer” Interacting with other YouTubers – Anthony Fantano Pat Finnerty of “What Makes This Song Stink” series The album Rick equates to perfection Ron Carter’s recollections of Rudy Van Gelder Interview wrap up Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
56:29 1/8/24
Ep429: Eddie Kramer - Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin & more
Eddie Kramer, engineer, producer and reknown audio guru, shares some memories of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, KISS, discusses vinyl records, analogue recordings, use of AI in music, the latest recordings of the Hendrix archive & more. Topics include; Interview start New Jimi Hendrix recording from 1967 Will Eddie use AI for Hendrix recordings? Continually mining the Hendrix archive The story of Hendrix at the Hollywood Bowl Does Eddie still listen to records? Why does vinyl sound better than digital formats? The story of the Led Zeppelin II RL Ludwig master Memories of “Band of Gypsies” album Jimi bringing Eddie over to New York The partnership of Eddie Kramer and Jimi Hendrix Rumoured tapes of Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa Working with Zappa family and archive Rumoured recording of Jimi, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin Continually finding new Hendrix recordings Projects Eddie unfortunately missed Working with KISS on “Alive” Working with AC/DC for “Highway to Hell” demos The story of Led Zeppelin into to “Black Country Woman” Interview wrapup Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
61:37 12/18/23
Ep428: The Punk Rock Museum Tour with Fat Mike
Fat Mike, founder and curator of The Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas gave me a personal tour of the displays and vinyl records within the Punk Rock Museum. And man is it friggen cool, pls enjoy our walkthrough! Video is available at! Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
42:37 12/11/23
Ep427: Matt & Adam of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
Adam Ian Sykes & Matthew Baty of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs (or Pigsx7) joins us to discuss the records and collectibles of their career, their acclaimed live shows, their upcoming trip to Australia, the history and impact of their peculiar band name and much more! Topics Include: Matt is bang on time 1st time coming to Australia Matt’s stage outfits Adam joins – Australia tour dates Live from New York on vinyl The story of the band name Bands of influence on PigsX7 1st release – split with Cosmic Dead “The Old Noise” record label Remixing “The Wizard & the 7 Swines” for reissue Do Matt & Adam collect records? Artwork on PigsX7 albums Psychopomp cassette release on Box records Matt switching from drums to vocals Stage wear for PigsX7 live shows Writing/recording “Feed the Rats” & “King of Cowards” Recognizing the legs the band was developing “Viscerals” and “Offcuts” recordings Single with The Lovely Eggs “Land of Sleeper” recording & artwork Australian tour, spiders & 2024 plans Interview wrap up See PigsX7 on their upcoming Australian tour! Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
50:06 12/4/23
Ep426: Alain Johannes - Revisiting Eleven & more
Alain Johannes is celebrating the 1st vinyl release of the final Eleven album "Howling Book". Today we discuss this record, the early days, recording with Chris Cornell, missing tapes, incomplete tracks, future vinyl & more. Inicio de la entrevista Where’s Alain’s record collection? “Howling Book”’s first time on vinyl Alain used to work at a record store Going to early punk shows – Fear, Germs, etc Early Flea forming his bass style Alain’s 1st appearance on vinyl Early years, moving to Los Angeles “Recorded by Alain Johannes” Does Alain hear music before recording or large exploration? Making “Spark” after Natasha’s passing Outtakes for “Howling Book” reissue Getting recording gear for “AvantgardeDog” Incomplete final recordings with Natasha Chris Cornell – Euphoria Morning / Mourning Alain finding masters for “Euphoria Mourning” for reissue Memories of Chris’ state of creativity during “Euphoria Morning” Eleven album catalogue and challenges of vinyl reissues No multitrack tapes of the early Eleven albums San Andreas Records / Todd Rundgren & Master tapes Alain may have connected XTC & Todd Rundgren Declining projects – Metallica & Christina Agulera Memories of Silverchair – Touring & Young Modern What is This? On “The Wild Life” soundtrack Bonding with Eddie Van Halen over Alan Holdsworth Impact of Eleven and continuing to inspire musicians What’s next / 2024 / coming to Australia Interview wrap up Order the "Howling Book" vinyl at or from your local record store. Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
64:28 11/27/23
Ep425: Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden) Celebrates Melvins for RSD
Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden) and I nerd out on Melvins while discussing his new limited RSD vinyl release "Gory Scorch Cretins", a project developed with Melvins & team. Connecting with Melvins after Chris Cornell tribute show Melvins version of Spoonman Working at Toshi Kasai’s studio Early memories of Melvins The art and evolution of Melvins Matt’s favourite period/albums of Melvins Work ethic of Melvins Working in the studio on Matt’s songs Sharing drums between Matt & Dale Doing a Melvins parody of “Gluey Porch Treatments” Working with Taylor Hawkins Plans for “Nighttime Boogie Association” So many people loved Taylor Hawkins The way Taylor listened to music Unreleased tracks Melvins & Tom Hazelmyer artwork Only 2500 “Gory Scorch Cretins” pressed on white vinyl “Keep it Trippy Records” is an homage to Taylor Matt’s sessions with Tony Iommi Who else would Matt like to play/collaborate with? New album from Pearl Jam / possible 2024 shows Status of final 7 Soundgarden songs KISS parodies and memories “KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park” Interview wrap up Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
48:28 11/20/23
Ep424: New Pressing Plant - ONYX Record Press, Los Angeles
ONYX Record Press in one of the newest record plants in the world. Opening in 2023 and based in Los Angeles, founders Moe Espinosa (aka Drumcell) and Gil Tamazyan talk to use about the vision of ONYX records and help educate us on the art of vinyl production. Interview start Why open a vinyl pressing plant in 2023? What does ONYX do different? What are common mistakes that ONYX is addressing? People can visit the pressing plant Where does the pressing waste end up? ONYX’s approach to stampers Materials, black & coloured pellet talk Are we still seeing growth in vinyl numbers? Is sound compromised by various colours and variants? Increase in warped and scuffed records What’s lead time for records at the moment? Developing new talent for pressing records Wild mastering jobs – locked grooves, vinyl tricks Making a $7,000 record out of hashish Pressing records with items inside What’s in the future for vinyl records? Impact of record weight (180g) What are the recommended sleeves for vinyl? Sequencing music for the vinyl format Interview wrap up Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
58:18 11/16/23
Ep423: David Lowy of The Dead Daisies
David Lowy may be Australia's busiest rockstar, but it's not all music related. As founder of The Dead Daisies, David also balances a full schedule of leading a private equity organization for the Lowy Family Group, as well as a keen interest in aviation and philanthropy. Today David talks about his history with The Dead Daisies and balancing it alongside his other interests. Interview start How does David balance his various interests Early interest in music 1st record was the Easybeats Parental expectations and personal desires Rediscovering music, spontaneously buying a guitar Connecting with Doc Neeson Origin of the name “The Dead Daisies” Creating the band, the rotating cast of musicians Joining with some Guns & Roses tour musicians Why release a “Best of” album now? David’s involvement and contribution to band decisions What would he like to see the Dead Daisies do next? What thrills David these days? History with aerobatics What does David collect? David’s record collection and listening habits 1st band to play in Cuba Did David ever get into the Sydney punk scene? Has his father, Frank Lowy, ever seen a Dead Daisies show? Will we see The Dead Daisies in Australia next year? Does David fly the band on tour? Ever spent time with Malcolm Young? Interview wrap up Check out the "Best of The Dead Daisies" vinyl here. Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
53:13 11/13/23
Ep422: Jack McEwan of Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets' founder Jack McEwan discusses the band's stunning vinyl records, early and collectible releases, running a private record label, the origin, challenges and benefits of the band name, the new LP 'Fronzoli' and lots more. Interview start What is “Fronzoli”? The cover of new LP Operations at “What Reality? Records” Autographing and doodling on records 1st Aussie press of Fronzoli Pressed at Zenith records How did Jack get into records? Jack loves making record packaging & art Progression of popularity of PPC Evolving the band to be a profession Investing in recording gear, learning to operate it “High Visceral” Pts 1 & 2 reissues? Who is “Rhubarb Records”? “People Taking Pictures” on What Reality? Records Highly collectible PPC records The origin of the name “Psychedelic Porn Crumpets” Challenges/benefits of that band name PPC has large fanbases where weed is legal Story of the “Levitation Sessions” LP Being disappointed by some vinyl represses PPC products and ideas for merch The Fronzoli cassettes are sold out Interview wrap up Pick up a vinyl copy of 'Fronzoli' here. Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
53:29 11/8/23
Ep421: Scream's "DC Special" w Pete Stahl
Pete Stahl and Scream are cornerstones of the DC punk scene and are releasing the ambitous "DC Special" in honour of their music community. Today Pete shares the journey of the band, the album and the characters that make it special. Interview start Melvins / vinyl trivia question The records of the Stahl household Hanging with musicians as a kid When did Pete become aware of punk? Early gigs of Scream Connecting with Dischord records Recording at Inner Ear Studio Locations of the DC scene Is the new Scream album a reboot, a finale or other? The passing of Kent Stax Did the band know Kent’s time was limited? How did “Still Screaming” sell when it first came out? Dischord is pricing the album and CD quite reasonably Was he at the SNL “Fear” taping in NYC? Was the band happy with the “Still Screaming” album? What did a Scream tour look like in the early days? Other labels after Dischord The cover art of the “Still Screaming” record Memories of DIY / record stuffing parties in the early days at Dischord How did Dave Grohl join the band? Was Dave contributing beyond the drums in the early days? How did Dave break the news he was joining Nirvana? Kurt Cobain seeing Scream, noting Dave on drums Dave cited Pete as one of the inspirations for the Foo Fighters song “My Hero” How did Pete start to pull in various contributors for the new album? Where are all the Scream tapes? Ian Mackaye is a long term thinker Pete’s record collection A “Random Box of 5” Records Going about creating the album “DC Special” Pressing the records at Furnace Final trivia question for Pete Interview wrap up Order the new Scream LP "DC Special" on vinyl here. Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
65:47 11/6/23
Ep420: Daniel Hall of Riding Easy Records
Daniel Hall of Riding Easy Records celebrates episode 420 with some amazing stories of rare records, starting the "Brown Acid" series, seeking and reissuing private press collectibles and a lot more. Happy Episode 420 How did Riding Easy make it through the pandemic? Depleted stock, 2year+ vinyl wait times Getting his start at “American Recordings” Labels dumping vinyl in the 90s Grabbing vinyl records in the 90s Daniel’s rare record collection Value of rare records going up through Brown Acid exposure Origin Story of the Brown Acid series 70s reissues by Riding Easy Fraction – Moon Blood Reissue Transferring audio via Needle-drop Sneak-peek of private press Southern Rock releases The Max Creek Band, Mammoth, Southern Steel Putting out records from bands that aren’t active Stonewall, Master Danse, Maximillion Dillon at Noble Records Release schedules for 2024 and beyond Vinyl pressing wait times are way down What is Riding Easy’s biggest selling record to date? Monolord releases / Managing the band Riding Easy Records started as "Easy Rider Records" What is the most collectible Riding Easy Records release? How will Riding Easy evolve over coming years? Have we hit peak vinyl revival? Current music/releases – Mondo Drag, Psychic Trash Interview wrap up Visit and get 15% off with discount code "VINYLGUIDE" Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
72:47 10/30/23
Ep419: Joey Cape - Lagwagon, MFATGG and more
Joey Cape joins us to talk Lagwagon history, Section 8 and Nardcore scene, helping shape the Fat Wreck sound, forming Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, numerous side projects, record labels, vinyl collections, touring Australia and more.  Joey’s large coffee Joey had to put his records in storage Growing up with Rush and AC/DC Musical family, studying music Living in Socal area / Nardcore scene Forming/recording “Section 8” Fat Mike hated the name “Section 8” The challenges of naming the band “Lagwagon” Lagwagon shaping the Fat Wreck sound Writing songs on acoustic guitar Forming “Me First & the Gimme Gimmes” Recruiting Spike to MFATGG The surprise of the success of Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Any more recordings of MFATGG? Rotating members of MFATGG – Chris Shiflett? Lagwagon touring and recording schedule Joey and his many side projects Starting his record label “My Records” Joey despises managing a record label Forming “One Week Records" Other self-released records Moving his catalogue to Fat Wreck Nothing is missing from the tape catalogue The one time Lagwagon was approached by a major label The story of the cover of “Hoss” and the Dan Blocker estate Interview wrap up See Lagwagon in a town near you, Australia and New Zealand check here.  Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
68:06 10/23/23
Ep418: Billy Gould & Jared Blum - The Eclipse OST
Billy Gould (Faith No More, Talking Book, Koolarrow Records) and Jared Blum (Talking Book, Gigante Sound) discuss composing the soundtrack to "The Eclipse", Koolarrow Records, Talking Book, Sleepbomb, "Shandi's Addiction" and more. Launch of “The Eclipse” soundtrack on vinyl How did the soundtrack opportunity come together? Composing to film segments Where can we see “The Eclipse” film? Personal story with Director’s family in Serbia Billy’s attraction/connections to Serbia Writing soundtracks are very different than songs Soundtracks can create a movie in the mind 3 members of Faith No More are movie composers Was there pressure for creating the soundtrack Sleepbomb – The Cabinet of Dr Caligari The challenges of making soundtracks to silent movies Koolarrow’s evolution as a label The story of “Shandi’s Addiction” – Billy, Tom Morello, Brad Wilk & Maynard James Keenan Recording “Calling Dr Love” for the “Kiss My Ass” tribute album Recollections of initial hearing the Mr Bungle demo tape Making demo for “From Out of Nowhere” with Mike Faith No More’s original demo tapes Interview wrap up Order "The Eclipse OST" on vinyl here. Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
48:32 10/16/23
Ep417: Justin Chancellor - Tool, MTVoid
Justin Chancellor of Tool & MTVoid talks recordings, vinyl, record shops, collectibles, setlists, show posters & more. Interview start MTVoid “Matters Knot Pt 1” – is there a part 2? Forming songs for MTVoid Collaborating with electronic musicians Justin once owned a record store – Lobal Orning Visiting record shops on tour Record shop neighborhoods & artistic people When will we see Tool catalogue on vinyl? Trading communities for Tool collectibles The band’s involvement in show posters and merch Band seeks out young fans for giveaways Danny no longer throws drum sticks into the crowd The band plans for changes in their setlist Peach “Giving Birth To a Stone” vinyl is collectible The process for joining Tool The song creation process of Tool Justin hears many of the lyrics when they are mostly completed Protecting Tool audio from leaks The 3 songs that fold together in 10,000 Days Salival is not available on streaming Ideas for “Fear Inoculum” followup Any unreleased recordings / outtakes? Interview wrapup Order MTVoid - "Matters Knot Vol 1" vinyl here and here. Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
39:43 10/9/23
Ep416: Bill Stevenson of Descendents Returns!
Bill Stevenson of Descendents returns to give updates on Descendents music, Milo's health, Australian tour & discuss more music stories from his glorious punk rock past. Previous interview with Bill Descendents coming to Australia Milo’s heart attack Milo’s increased performance since the heart attack How’s Billy doing on the drums? New Descendents songs / upcoming album Bill’s song writing process 50 hooks with no way to connect them Possibility of playing new songs on tour Billy really likes The Chats The cover of “Milo Goes to College” Bill’s favourite Milo character appearances Did Descendents ever consider using Raymond Pettibone art? Bill and the Black Flag & SST Alumni Chuck Biscuits & Spot Descendents tapes FLAG was the only project he’s done with Keith Morris No recordings of FLAG Does Billy prefer Side 1 or 2 of “My War”? Recording sequence of his Black Flag contributions Was Bill involved in Black Flag album artwork or flyers? Descendents “Enjoy/Wendy” 7” promotional record Billy doesn’t get record collecting The story behind “9th & Walnut” album Interview wrapup Descendents Australian tour dates & tickets here! Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
46:43 10/2/23
Ep415: Gaz Whelan of Happy Mondays
Gaz Whelan of Happy Mondays shares memories of early records, recordings, Manchester, Factory Records, The Hacienda, Martin Hannett, John Cale, Paul McCartney, the upcoming Aus/NZ tour & lots more. Welcome Gaz to the show Touring after Paul Ryder passed away The Paul Ryder Tapes Podcast Picking up drums after watching the Beatles on TV Paul McCartney commenting on Happy Mondays Sex Pistols and 1st wave punk in Manchester Soul and Northern Soul records Talking to Noel Gallagher about the “Get Back” Television series Earlier Manchester bands – Joy Division, The Smiths, etc Forming Happy Mondays, early band names Getting the attention of Factory Records Memories of The Hacienda – FAC51 The story of the “Forty Five EP” Tony Wilson testing Happy Mondays before making an album "Freaky Dancing" single Working with John Cale on the 1st album Gaz has some original tapes from Tony Wilson Making up the album title for the 1st album The track “Desmond” was removed from the 1st album 24 Hour Party People single creating opportunity for 2nd album Bez joining the band Memories of Martin Hannett as producer Rumours of Happy Mondays selling pills The design of Happy Mondays products and the Factory Records aesthetic Northen Soul records turning up in UK Does Paul have many records? Did “Yes Please” bankrupt Factory Records? Post Happy Mondays activity, Black Grape, etc Will there ever be another Happy Mondays album? Many Happy Mondays tapes were likely destroyed with the Hacienda Interview wrap up Happy Mondays Aus/NZ 2023 tour tix & info Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
44:07 9/25/23
Ep414: Turntable Designer John Stratton of Pure Fidelity
Turntable designer John Stratton founded Pure Fidelity with the aim of creating "heirloom quality" turntables for audio enthusiasts. John discusses his design choices and how we can make the most of our existing turntables and audio systems. How John started making turntables Materials for turntables make a huge difference Determining woods for turntable plinths Comparing wood and stone for turntables Variations in turntables with same woods Tips for all turntable owners to improve sound Keep vibrations away from turntables What impact does the turntable matt have? How do record weights impact record audio? Do record weights cause stress on turntable belts? Why have a 2nd belt on a turntable? Humans can discern variations in speed Comparing belts to direct drive and idler wheels Moving magnet v moving coil Impact of tone arms to the audio signal Straight v s-shaped tone arms Does tone arm length matter much? Proper turntable setup can improve sound dramatically Do we need to invest in expensive cables? The variation and inconsistency of records Records that John tests turntables with How would John improve his turntable with unlimited budget? Speed control outside the plinth but motor is in The ruby bearing of Pure Fidelity Interview wrap up Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
54:43 9/18/23
Ep413: Mike Love of The Beach Boys
Mike Love of The Beach Boys shares memories of the early records of the band, recording "Pet Sounds", crafting those beloved harmonies, memories with The Beatles & much more. Intro & Australia talk Stagecoach 2024 announcement What records does Mike Love have? “Surfin’ / Luau” Beach Boys single on Candix Memories of the 1st single Signing to Capitol Recording “Surfin’ Safari” album The shift from singles to albums Is “All Summer Long” a concept album? Friendly rivalry between The Beatles & The Beach Boys Being with The Beatles in India, collaborating on music Creating process of the Beach Boys harmony parts Capitol’s response to early listens of “Pet Sounds” Working on vocal takes hour after hour, seeking perfection Calling Brian “Dog Ears”, origin of “Pet Sounds” album title Writing lyrics to acetates Margot Robbie and The Beach Boys Does Mike still have acetates & old records? Keith Moon shared a “Pet Sounds” acetate with The Beatles The Beach Boys and bootlegs Master tapes and The Beach Boys archive team Crafting the set list for current live shows Most collectable record/vinyl from The Beach Boys Paul McCartney on The Beach Boys album artwork “Summer In Paradise” Interview wrap up, a bit more Australia talk Stagecoach 2024 info and tickets can be had here. Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
47:34 9/11/23
In Memoriam - Tom Davies - Nebula - 1975-2023
Replay of Tom Davies - Nebula - Interview from May 8, 2021. RIP Tom.
46:51 9/7/23
Ep412: Celebrating Joy Division with Peter Hook
Peter Hook shares stories & anecdotes about the rare records & recordings of Joy Division, the artwork of "Unknown Pleasures", unheard Joy Division tapes, Sex Pistols Manchester Free Trade Hall show & more. Peter is recovering from Covid New Order Substance was made for Tony Wilson’s car Burying grief immediately after Ian Curtis’ death Band-financing “An Ideal for Living” record The 45 single sounded dreadful New Order didn’t want to play Joy Division The popularity of Joy Division so many years later What could have been on Joy Division’s 3rd LP Did Ian hear or see the "Closer" album package? The band’s music activity in the days after Ian’s death What was the plan for “An Ideal for Living”? Changes for “An Ideal For Living” 12” repress Band changing name from “Warsaw” to “Joy Division” FAC-02 compilation & other early records “Licht Und Blindheit” single from France Band involvement with record artwork The image for “Unknown Pleasures” artwork The popularity of “Unknown Pleasures” artwork / Disney The fractures within the band members in later years Status of Joy Division master tapes Additional/unheard Joy Division music Ian Curtis’ daughter & personal mementos Ticket stubs from the Sex Pistols Manchester show Memories of the Sex Pistols Free Trade Hall show Buying his 1st bass guitar When the Sex Pistols returned to Manchester Did Peter’s parents ever see him play live? The runout groove of FAC-40 – Joy Division “Still” Interview wrapup Peter Hook & the Light play Joy Division & New Order "Substance" Albums - Tour Dates Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
52:19 9/4/23
Ep411: John Corabi - The Dead Daisies & Beyond
John Corabi of The Dead Daisies discusses his history with records, the collectibility of his music catalogue on vinyl, his recent book "Horseshoes & Hand Grenades", moments of with the likes of Nirvana, Eddie Van Halen & more. Returning to The Dead Daisies Relationship with former members Is The Dead Daisies the best gig in rock and roll? Why did he leave TDD originally? Can he balance The Dead Daisies with his solo work? John’s sorted past, growing up with records John is buying records again but doesn’t have a turntable The collectability of John’s vinyl history – Motley Crue, Brides of Destruction, solo work Writing his book “Horseshoes & Hand Grenades” Blowback because of the book Audition for Quiet Riot in the late 80s Meeting up with Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl Nirvana helped clear out the copy-cat bands John’s memories of the shift in musical tastes John’s favourite 15 years of music Multiple genres on radio Memories of Eddie Van Halen, backyard party The Howard Hughes of rock and roll The tape library in 5150 studio Interview wrap up Extended, Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast is available at: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:
58:50 8/28/23

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