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It takes the right skills and the right innovation to design and manage meaningful print-marketing solutions. Welcome to Podcasts from the Printerverse... Where we explore all facets of print and marketing that create stellar communications and sales opportunities for business success. Hosted by Deborah Corn, The Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse at Print Media Centr Listen Long and Prosper! #PMCpodcasts


MUSICdise, Marketing, and Merch with Philip Warbasse and Recording Artist Tod Lippy 62:01 12/21/2021
Ep. 6 Elevate Print Podcast: Reflections and Revelations 81:05 12/20/2021
Hot Topics and Hot Takes with Robert Godwin, INKISH 80:25 12/17/2021
Project Peacock Podcast. Guest, Chris Manley, Graphco 41:25 12/17/2021
Project Peacock Podcast. Guest Vanecia Carr, Domtar Paper 54:29 12/17/2021
Ep. 19 Print Buying UKvUSA: Winning Websites 65:25 12/09/2021
Going Pro with the PageWide XL 10000 and John McEntyre, HP 42:10 12/09/2021
Project Peacock Podcast: Casey Allen, Mohawk 34:57 12/08/2021
#PrintChat for the People with guest, Sandy Hubbard 38:19 12/07/2021
Impact and Innovation with Matt Doran, The Anstadt Company 43:12 12/07/2021
Ep. 18 Print Buying UKvUSA: Are Your Emails and Newsletters Delivering for Customers? 50:00 11/20/2021
Ep. 19 The Print Report with Leo Raymond, Mailers Hub 50:15 11/20/2021
Cultivating a Cannabis Packaging Biz with Lazy Turtle Group 51:35 11/19/2021
Web2Any with Nidhi Agrawal, DesignNbuy 45:06 11/19/2021
Project Peacock Podcast: Karly A.Young, The Anstadt Company 37:26 11/19/2021
Project Peacock Podcast: Tom Wittenberg, HP 38:00 11/10/2021
Taking Print to New Heights with Erwin Koerts, Aeroprint 33:57 11/10/2021
Ep. 18 The Print Report: Digital Print and Italian Innovation 37:29 10/31/2021
Now Trending: Investing in Efficiency with Tom Wittenberg, HP 36:23 10/31/2021
Project Peacock Podcast: Catherine Lahlouh, Lahlouh Inc. 39:12 10/18/2021
Ep. 17 Print Buying UKvUSA: Digital Marketing for Printshops with Will Crabtree 52:16 10/17/2021
Project Peacock Podcast: Camille Corr Chism, Indigo Packaging and Consulting 28:07 10/17/2021
Ep. 5 Elevate Print Podcast: Contracts and Certifications 45:09 10/17/2021
Ep. 14 Girls Who Print Podcast with Guest Paula Fargo, Curry Print 37:05 10/16/2021
Trends and Innovation for 2022 Success with Tom Wittenberg, HP 41:36 10/16/2021
Project Peacock Podcast with Brad Kugler, DirectMail2.0 42:23 10/16/2021
Ep. 16 PrinterChat Podcast: What is Added-Value and Do You Offer Any? 52:27 10/16/2021
Enabling Efficiency and Opportunity with Jason Rollo, Scodix North America 47:19 09/22/2021
The New HP with Tom Wittenberg 43:39 09/17/2021
Ep 4. Elevate Print Podcast: Equality and Equipment Sales with James Wheeler 63:32 09/06/2021