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Hot sex, intimacy, relationships, rejection and betrayal. We all find these subjects fascinating and yet we often suffer the most in the throes of all of them. The Closeness podcast takes complex, intimate subjects and breaks them down in a way that you can immediately apply to your personal or intimate life. Every month, join Tari as he takes you on a sensual, intelligent and arousing journey through all the subjects you wish you learned about when you were younger. This podcast is a must for anyone who wants to elevate their intimate relationship with themselves and others to the next level. In person and online Closeness Coaching is available on our website If this podcast has inspired you, please consider subscribing or donate to our Patreon at


To come or not to come. The male ejaculatory response, and how women feel about it 41:16 06/29/2021
Confessions of an ex NYC male sex worker 115:37 04/11/2021
Part 3: How to properly handle and move on from a breakup 74:37 02/16/2021
How to properly handle a breakup…before it happens Part 1 64:59 10/11/2020
Ghosting and Blocking and Curving Oh My! 101:36 06/29/2020
How to Create Hot Sexual Chemistry from Nothing 81:49 05/25/2020
Is she asking for it and is she asking for it sexually? 16:54 04/13/2020
An Intimate Sensual Meditation About Kauai 24:58 03/24/2020
How to Properly Have Sex with a Man and How to Turn a Man On 77:36 03/15/2020
How to kiss properly. 10 big juicy steps. 67:31 03/10/2020
How to properly have sex with a woman 83:22 01/10/2020
How to Have the Big Talk: STD’s, STI’s and Proper Etiquette 57:57 12/14/2019
The Female Sexual Response Cycle: 10 Passionate Phases 49:10 11/15/2019
How to say no, Part 2: Changing your mind and maybe 64:25 10/30/2019
How to say no Part 1: Rejecting and approaching 63:21 10/15/2019
Sunday morning for her: Another sensual meditation 14:20 09/30/2019
Part 3: Who should pay for first dates and beyond? 98:22 09/15/2019
Part 2: Who should pay for the first date and beyond? 80:39 08/31/2019
Who should pay for the first date and beyond? 73:37 08/15/2019
How to know if a girl really wants you using 5 signs 65:07 08/01/2019
5 easy steps to figure out what turns you and your partner on 50:35 07/14/2019
Should you engage in long distance relationships? 30:56 06/30/2019
Interview: The intimate adventures of a 48 year old mother 73:45 06/15/2019
Interview: How to excite a demi sexual with Sarah 64:51 06/01/2019
Interview: The intimate adventures of a 21 year old traveling girl with Marisa 89:26 05/30/2019
Can men and women actually be friends? 71:24 05/15/2019
The final 13 deadly sins of online dating (Part 3) 51:48 04/16/2019
The next 12 deadly sins of online dating (Part 2) 55:41 03/15/2019
The first 15 deadly sins of online dating 90:46 02/15/2019
Closeness and self-love: 5 pillars of self care 22:34 01/11/2019