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Travis Rosbach | Water Bottle Trend-Setter and INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY
Travis Rosbach invented the Hydro Flask and has had more adventures than you have.
52:54 5/18/23
ChatGPT | AI Language Model That Has a FUNNY STREAK
In this episode, we speak with ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI, about the capabilities and potential uses of artificial intelligence.
43:59 4/12/23
Eric Pilon-Bignell | Futurist and DAWNY OF THE 4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION
Eric Pilon-Bignell is the best-selling author of "Surfing Rogue Waves" and is helping people like you and me navigate new and scary technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence.
38:13 3/15/23
Nick Mirisola | Musician and MEDITATIVE ANIMAL
Nick Mirisola is a musician who goes by the name "Meditative Animal" and is a Duddist priest. Yes, he does weddings.
45:31 2/22/23
Andrew Allemann | Creator of and NICHE MEDIA EXPERT
Andrew Allemann is the creator of, Domain Name Wire, and Stacey on IoT. He is an expert in domain names, podcasting, and other niche media.
41:58 1/25/23
Nick Gray | Museum Hacker and COCKTAIL PARTY MASTER
Nick Gray is the founder of Museum Hack and is currently on a mission to get 500 people to have 2-hour cocktail parties.
44:30 11/15/22
John Lehr & Jay Martel | Professional Funny People CAUSING A “SPEED BUMP”
John Lehr, the original Geico Caveman and star of Hulu's "Quick Draw", and Jay Martel, Emmy and Peabody award-winning comedy writer for "Key & Peele", come on to discuss their new project "Speed Bump".
48:01 10/12/22
Jeff Abraham | CEO of Promescent Makers of a MAGIC BONER POTION
Jeff Abraham is the CEO of Promescent, a lifestyle and sexual health company that focuses on improving sexual enjoyment for everyone.
43:04 3/30/22
GK Leonitis | Present-Minded Hedonist who is a CLUB-ROCKING RAPPER
GK Leonitis is an up-and-coming rapper in Atlanta and currently has a big hit in the south, “Pressure” which is one of those jams that just, you know, get you crunking.
44:14 3/2/22
RJ the Magician | Master of BLACK MAGIC
Rajon Lynch, also known as RJ the Magician, is someone who took the challenge to become something incredibly rare, an African-American magician.
34:36 2/16/22
Riana Milne | Love Guru Who’s DAD WAS A SECRET SPY
Riana is the author of 7 books, including “Love Beyond Your Dreams - Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve” which is a best-seller on Amazon ( and helps couples and individuals navigate the world of successful partnering on her website:
55:02 1/19/22
Sherman Tylawsky | Aspiring Statesman Who Is a JAN 6 INSURRECTION SURVIVOR
Sherman Tylawsky is a George Washington enthusiast and has a podcast called “Friends & Fellow Citizens” that explores the founders of our nation, but also takes a look at contemporary situations and people in politics today. He also survived the January 6th insurrection of the Capital.
55:09 1/5/22
Erick Cloward | Passionate Stoic and ENEMY OF “WEIRD” AL
Erick Cloward's passion is stoicism, which sounds like an oxymoron, and hosts the excellent “Stoic Coffee Break” podcast.
45:10 12/1/21
Dr. Sean Horan | Primary Care Physician with MAGIC SPARKLE-FINGERS
Dr. Sean Horan is a self-proclaimed sex geek and is a naturopathic primary care physician in Portland, OR.
42:06 9/17/21
Jeni Wren Stottrup | Audio Nerd GETTING GRITTY WITH PODCASTS
Jeni runs Gritty Bird Podcasting, which helps people produce the podcasts that they want to produce, and also runs “The Podcaster’s Forum” for aspiring mic-jockeys to connect, learn and share with one another. She also runs workshops, gives speeches, and is a podcasting badass.
43:56 7/6/21
Doug Noll is an ex-trial lawyer, pilot, jazz musician, best-selling author and literally goes to prisons to help murderers become peace-makers on the inside.
42:22 5/12/21
Michael Gibson & Calvin McCarthy | Movie Making Duo THAT SOMETIMES HANG DONG
Michael Gibson and Calvin McCarthy are producing and creating a movie in Portland right now called “Vampire Mutants from the Planet Neptune” you can help produce!
37:46 3/10/21
Nick Shelton | World-Dominating INTROVERT WITH REALLY NICE FEET
Nick Shelton is a person who likes his down time and has literally written the book on becoming a "World Dominating Introvert"
46:11 2/10/21
Travis Stovall | 2020 Mayoral Candidate Who KNOWS HOW PEOPLE TICK
Travis Stovall is the current mayor of Gresham, OR and continues to help people understand themselves and others better at
41:10 10/28/20
Ed Wynn is the author of "We The People" a book about improving political discourse in general and specifically for you. He also rides his bike more than you do.
48:17 10/1/20
Claire Malkie hosts the "Sit Still, Look Opinionated" podcast where she entertains and educates recent generations on politics.
38:35 8/26/20
Dan Ram | Event MC, TEDx Speaker & LION ATTACK SURVIVOR
Dan Ram is an accidental event master of ceremonies, has given TEDx talks 5 times and can even show you how to get yourself doing the same thing as a coach. He has met celebrities of all sorts, including being on-stage with Barak Obama, who actually remembered his name even if Dan mispronounced his.
46:30 7/22/20
Frank King | Comedian, TED Speaker & SUICIDAL SUPERHERO
Frank King is always on the verge of commiting suicide. It is a feeling that has plagued him since he was young, passed down from previous generations. When faced with a problem, Frank always sees an option a lot of people do not see, killing himself.
59:37 2/10/20