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OPERATION MINCEMEAT Quick-Fire Review - No Spoilers 14:14 05/10/2022
James Bond's OCTOPUSSY Pre-Title Sequence Decoded! 40:21 05/03/2022
Spy Movie News April 26 2022! Bond news, Slow Horses, Spy Kids, Streaming Service News! 15:15 04/27/2022
MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Gadgets in Ghost Protocol, Rogue Nation and Fallout! 55:41 04/19/2022
ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE - On Location - Wedding Reception and Bull Ring 11:07 04/12/2022
ALL THE OLD KNIVES First Reactions - No Spoilers! 39:14 04/06/2022
Interview w/Director & Screenwriter for ALL THE OLD KNIVES! 65:10 04/04/2022
Spy Movie News March 29 2022 Bond Awards, MGM/Amazon, All the Old Knives, Red Notice 2 & 3, Agent Game More! 16:02 03/29/2022
James Bond's FOR YOUR EYES ONLY Pre-Title Sequence Decoded! 48:25 03/22/2022
Steven Saltzman – An interview with the Executive Producer of THE IPCRESS FILE 6-part series! 44:18 03/15/2022
THE IPCRESS FILE Series Launched! Is it worth your time? 33:31 03/14/2022
MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - Gadgets in M:I 1, 2, and 3! 45:30 03/08/2022
James Bond's MOONRAKER Pre-Title Sequence Decoded! 32:14 03/01/2022
Spy Movie News February 22 2022 - New Spy TV Series, Operation Fortune, Bond, Mission Impossible, Awards More! 15:28 02/22/2022
BLACKLIGHT - Quick-Fire No Spoiler Review 14:51 02/12/2022
THE IPCRESS FILE - ITV Series Briefing With Actors, Director 28:08 02/08/2022
THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (1934 & 1956 - Hitchcock) Decoded! 94:03 02/01/2022
Spy Movie News January 25 2022 - Bond, Mission: Impossible, Blacklight, Eraser: Reborn, Conmen, More! 14:25 01/25/2022
THE SPY WHO LOVED ME Pre-Title Sequence Decoded! 32:32 01/18/2022
THE 355 - Quick-Fire No Spoiler Review! 13:09 01/09/2022
Brigitte Millar - Dr. Vogel in SPECTRE and No Time to Die! 44:59 01/04/2022
Spy Movie News - Dec. 29 2021 - Kingsman, Red Notice, MI, Argylle, Operation Fortune, More 15:03 12/29/2021
The King's Man - QuickFire Review 14:21 12/23/2021
88 Influences - KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE 61:22 12/22/2021
79 Influences on KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE 63:14 12/17/2021
ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE On-Location - Formal Gardens (Love Montage) 09:49 12/14/2021
A Real CIA Spy Decodes Real vs Movie Spies! 58:14 12/07/2021
Spy Movie News Nov. 30 2021: James Bond, Craig, Mission Impossible 8, The King's Man, The Night Agent, More! 12:04 11/30/2021
NO TIME TO DIE Decoding the Pluses and Minuses! 78:42 11/23/2021
THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN Pre-Title Sequence Decoded! 24:03 11/16/2021