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NEDAS Live! Where Wireline and Wireless Meet

Welcome to NEDAS Live! Where Wireline and Wireless Meet, the podcast where we address the communications infrastructure ecosystem, brought to you by NEDAS. Since 2010, NEDAS programs bring together industry thought leaders, cutting-edge technologies and end-user solutions shaping a new communications infrastructure landscape enabling a more connected world. Your hosts are Ilissa Miller, President of NEDAS, and Steve Yapsuga, Co-Chair NEDAS Advisory Council, and Director of Sales for the Eastern U.S. at Comba Telecom.


E30: The Cellular Conundrum- Boosters and Repeaters
This episode features a conversation with Bruce Lancaster, President and CEO of Wilson Electronics. Discover how Wilson Electronics has evolved and innovated to overcome supply chain challenges and the impact that of the COVID-19 pandemic on market growth.       
34:19 04/28/2022
E29: Creating the Midwest's Super Regional Carrier
This episode features a conversation with Michael Morey, President and CEO of Bluebird Network as he discusses the definition of a super regional carrier, the history of the industry and the evolution of technological developments.     
28:30 04/28/2022
E28: Enhancing Network Performance for Gamers
This episode features a conversation with Vijai Karthigesu, Founder and CEO of Swarmio Media, as he discusses enhancing network performance for gamers.   
32:57 04/28/2022
E27: ESG and Creating a Culture of Sustainability: With Bernard Borghei, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Operations at Vertical Bridge
Bernard Borghei, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Operations at Vertical Bridge, joins the program to discuss industry growth and how his organization became the world's first carbon- neutral tower company. He also discusses the ways in which Vertical Bridge gives back to the communities where they live and their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. 
32:56 03/09/2022
E26: Delivering the Edge: A Conversation with Matt Trifiro, Chief Marketing Officer, Vapor IO
Matthew Trifiro. CMO at Vapor IO joins the program to provide an overview of his organization and shares his perspective on the how the edge has evolved since the inception of Vapor I0. You’ll also hear details about Vapor IO’s INZONE program, which delivers end-to-end Industry 4.0 solutions with the Kinetic Grid platform and partner solutions.
33:33 01/11/2022
E25: From Subsea to 5G
 Jim Fagan, Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer for Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), joins the program to discuss current trends, differences in emerging markets and the impact of the demand for increased bandwidth. Discover the challenges and opportunities when it comes to subsea cable, and how GCX is helping to provide diversity and resiliency for customers. 
37:49 09/30/2021
E24: Demystifying the Digital Infrastructure Ecosystem
A conversation with NEDAS President, Ilissa Miller and Don van Splunteren, a 20+ year Telecom Business Executive. Tune-in to hear about the dichotomy of the pandemic on digital communications infrastructure, the infrastructure shifts in motion and required, the evolution of xG wireless networks and how the shift to 5G is based on re-architecting our communications infrastructure setting the stage for future innovation.
35:00 06/08/2021
E23: Recruiting and Hiring Trends: With Carrie Charles, CEO of Broadstaff
Carrie Charles, CEO of Broadstaff LLC, joins the program to discuss the hiring and recruiting trends that they are seeing over the past year and in 2021. She reveals the types of jobs that are most in-demand, what candidates are looking for in a potential job, and how employers can attract top talent.  To learn more about Broadstaff, visit: 
11:14 05/30/2021
E22: Business Transformation Leaders: A Special Edition Program
Tune in for a special podcast interview as Steve Yapsuga interviews business transformation leaders Andrew Freedman, Dr. Kent Wesinger, and Carrie Charles.
48:56 05/20/2021
E21: Business Transformation: Building High Performance Cultures
This episode features an interview with Andrea Freedman, EMBA.  Andrew is the Managing Partner of SHIFT,  Business Transformation Expert and the #1 Amazon Best-Selling author of THRIVE: The Leader's Guide to Building a High Performance Culture.  THRIVE provides leaders with a clear blueprint for building a high-performance culture. Drawing on extensive experience in change management, organizational development, and performance consulting, Andrew shared a systematic approach in a way that enables leaders to take immediate action to shift workforce engagement and performance.  
24:30 04/28/2021
E20: A Look Into the 2021 Workforce
This episode features an interview with Dr. Kent Wessinger, Founder, create2elevate Research Lab, as he reveals the thinking behind his conclusion that Millennials will be the greatest generation in organizational history. He also shares tips for recruiting, hiring and retaining Millennial talent.  To learn more visit:
37:06 04/12/2021
E19: The Role of Data Centers in Converged Infrastructure
This episode features an interview with Hugh Carspecken from  DartPoints, Martin Hannigan from Deep Edge, and Tim Parker from Flexential, as they discuss the role of data centers in converged infrastructure. 
50:48 11/30/2020
E18: Partner Aggregation and One-Stop-Shop for Wireless Infrastructure Projects
This episode features an interview with Dave O'Callaghan from Vation Ventures, as well as Paul Fettuccia and Franco Fettuccia from ANS Advanced Network Services. 
40:22 09/04/2020
E17: Challenging the Network Design Status Quo: The Horizontal Tower Model featuring Ray LaChance, co-Founder & CEO of ZenFi Networks
Ray LaChance, co-Founder & CEO of ZenFi Networks, joins the program to discuss challenging the network design status quo and the horizontal tower model. 
25:44 08/24/2020
E16: ZenFi Networks and the Future of Wireless Infrastructure
Andy Penley, Vice President of Wireless Solutions at ZenFi Networks, and Ezra Hug, Executive Director of Wireless Solutions at ZenFi Networks,  join the program to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for edge deployment. They dispel some myths about 5G, and reveal the importance of improving network infrastructure to meet the needs of communities. Discover how ZenFi Networks has adapted during the COVID-19 disruption, and the changes that are still needed to meet future network demands.  
33:50 06/01/2020
E15: Jeff Robator, ExteNet Systems’ VP of Inside Plant on Industry Trends and Changes
As ExteNet Systems’ VP of Inside Plant, Jeff Robator oversees the lit network including DWDM, Lit Wave, Ethernet, Private Network, Cloud and IP connectivity with both metro and national lit and metro enterprise dark fiber service solutions available. In this episode, Jeff shares his thoughts on industry trends and changes, and how the COVID-19 pandemic is altering the way that his organization does business. Discover the network challenges and opportunities that commercial real estate owners are facing.              
22:12 05/11/2020
E14: Responding to Disruption- With Nicole Miller from Savills
Nicole Miller, Sr. Managing Director at Savills, joins the program to discuss the response to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover the challenges and opportunities that are arising from the move to virtual meetings and increased digital communication. Nicole also shares her thoughts about how companies can best support their teams during this time. 
18:49 05/01/2020
E13: The NEDASLive! Podcast with John McGrath, CEO Advantage Engineers
This episode features an interview with John McGrath, CEO of Advantage Engineers. Mr. McGrath has held senior positions in large national and international engineering and consulting firms. For the past 25 years, he has been involved with the deployment of wireless communications facilities and fiber optic and networks, and has managed the design and construction of thousands of wireless communications facilities throughout the United States. John discusses the transition that his company has made during the COVID-19 crisis, and some of the industry trends that he see emerging due to the current disruption. 
24:18 04/20/2020
E12: Smart City Planning and Development- With Wade Sarver
Wade Sarver, author, consultant, and solution architect, joins the program to share his perspective on smart cities, 5G, and smart poles. He reveals the challenges and trends that are driving the distribution of infrastructure investment, and shares potential monetization strategies. Wade also discusses the charities that he supports and why they are important to him. 
34:26 03/03/2020
E11: Public Safety and MIssion Critical Communications- With Guy Jouannelle
This episode features an interview with Guy Jouannelle. Guy currently provides consulting services to the District of Columbia’s Office of Unified Communications (OUC) managing several programs including the public safety in-building radio coverage program. Guy shares lessons and takeaways he's learned from his experiences leading the implementation and operations of the first wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety. 
30:22 02/14/2020
E10: IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)- Security, Sustainability and Maximizing ROI
James Patrignelli, Director of Northeast Sales at Liquid Technology, joins the program to discuss the work that his company does in the field of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and shares tips for properly transferring data as well as disposing of hardware. James reveals feedback from their customer survey about future buying trends, and also discusses the connection between IT Asset Disposition and overall corporate sustainability efforts. Discover what organizations should consider when selecting an ITAD provider and how to maximize the ROI of older equipment. 
26:57 02/03/2020
E09: The Wireless Infrastructure Association- Enabling Mobile Networks Everywhere
Jonathan Adelstein, President & CEO of the Wireless Infrastructure Association and former Commissioner of the FCC, joins the program to discuss the impact of the current legislative environment on the industry, and the progress that still needs to be made. He also reveals the efforts that are underway to meet the technology workforce needs of the future. Discover the need to simplify the regulatory process, and how local municipalities can be part of the solution.
35:19 01/27/2020
E08: The Smart City Revolution- Challenges, Trends and Opportunities
Leticia Latino van-Splunteren, CEO of Neptuno USA and member of the Wireless Infrastructure Association/Smart City Council National Task Forces, joins the program to discuss the evolution of the smart city movement. Leticia shares the unique history of Neptuno USA, and reveals the infrastructure investments that will be necessary to make smart cities a reality. She also shares her thoughts about gender equality in the industry, and the people that she looks to as mentors.
24:08 01/09/2020
E07: Trends in Tech Events
This episode features an interview with corporate storyteller Steve Multer as he discusses trends in technology events, and what defines a successful event. Discover the challenges and opportunities for larger and smaller events, and how big changes can come from small events. Steve also reveals the importance of transparency in connecting with the emerging workforce. 
27:18 12/17/2019
E06: Outdoor/Indoor Wireless Network Planning, Design and Optimization- with Ranplan Wireless
Jonathan Rowney, Principle Engineer at Ranplan Wireless and Jason Suplita, Vice President Americas, at Ranplan Wireless, join the program to discuss their company’s platform that can plan, design and optimize in-building and outdoor wireless networks in coordination. They discuss best practices in the design process and the importance of addressing a customer’s pain points. They also reveal some of the design challenges, and the key role of building owners.
29:00 12/17/2019
E05: Connected Cities and the Horizontal Tower
Brian Slean, Vice President of Network Engineering at ZenFi Networks, joins the program to discuss the history of ZenFi and how the company is addressing smart city infrastructure. Brian shares his thoughts about the edge, both from a consumer and carrier point of view. He also discusses the value of kiosks for both consumers and business owners, and lessons he’s learned from challenges he’s faced in his career.
20:36 11/20/2019
E04: Network Automation- How PacketFabric is Changing The Way Networks Communicate
Jezzibell Gilmore, SVP of Business Development and Co-Founder of PacketFabric, joins the program to discuss how her company is changing the way that the world connects to each other. Jezzibell shares her thoughts about the interconnection between wireline and wireless and the need for wireline to evolve. She also shares a case study that illustrates the benefits of PacketFabric's network automation solution for customers. 
21:59 11/01/2019
E03: Workforce Development In The Age Of Digital Transformation
Carrie Charles, CEO of BroadStaff, a staffing firm that specializes in the wireless telecommunications industry, joins the program to discuss the skills gap and talent shortage in the industry, and the impact it will have on the deployment of new technologies. She reveals creative ways to meet workforce demands, and shares her thoughts about the impact of wireline and wireless convergence on her business. 
19:13 10/14/2019
E02: Monetizing Investments in Infrastructure
Doug Fishman, Welcome Committee Advisory Chair for NEDAS, and Director of DAS Design and Implementation for SQUAN and Gary Terrill, Engineer Manager, Enterprise Network at Freddie Mac, join the program to share their thoughts about the need for investment in infrastructure and the payoff for that investment. They reveal the ways in which an investment in infrastructure can be monetized, and how it can lead to greater employee productivity and retention for employers. They also discuss the benefits of infrastructure investment for corporate and residential building developers. 
26:08 10/14/2019
E01: The Evolution of NEDAS
This episode features an interview with Ezra Hug, Founding Member of NEDAS and Director of Strategic Partnerships for Boingo. Ezra reveals why he started NEDAS, and shares his reflections on NEDAS's evolution. He also provides an overview of the different types of projects that Boingo is taking on, and how the company is meeting industry workforce challenges. 
20:27 10/07/2019