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NEDAS Live! Where Wireline and Wireless Meet

Welcome to NEDAS Live! Where Wireline and Wireless Meet, the podcast where we address the communications infrastructure ecosystem, brought to you by NEDAS. Since 2010, NEDAS programs bring together industry thought leaders, cutting-edge technologies and end-user solutions shaping a new communications infrastructure landscape enabling a more connected world. Your hosts are Ilissa Miller, President of NEDAS, and Steve Yapsuga, Co-Chair NEDAS Advisory Council, and Director of Sales for the Eastern U.S. at Comba Telecom.


E25: From Subsea to 5G 37:49 09/30/2021
E24: Demystifying the Digital Infrastructure Ecosystem 35:00 06/08/2021
E23: Recruiting and Hiring Trends: With Carrie Charles, CEO of Broadstaff 11:14 05/30/2021
E22: Business Transformation Leaders: A Special Edition Program 48:56 05/20/2021
E21: Business Transformation: Building High Performance Cultures 24:30 04/28/2021
E20: A Look Into the 2021 Workforce 37:06 04/12/2021
E19: The Role of Data Centers in Converged Infrastructure 50:48 11/30/2020
E18: Partner Aggregation and One-Stop-Shop for Wireless Infrastructure Projects 40:22 09/04/2020
E17: Challenging the Network Design Status Quo: The Horizontal Tower Model featuring Ray LaChance, co-Founder & CEO of ZenFi Networks 25:44 08/24/2020
E16: ZenFi Networks and the Future of Wireless Infrastructure 33:50 06/01/2020
E15: Jeff Robator, ExteNet Systems’ VP of Inside Plant on Industry Trends and Changes 22:12 05/11/2020
E14: Responding to Disruption- With Nicole Miller from Savills 18:49 05/01/2020
E13: The NEDASLive! Podcast with John McGrath, CEO Advantage Engineers 24:18 04/20/2020
E12: Smart City Planning and Development- With Wade Sarver 34:26 03/03/2020
E11: Public Safety and MIssion Critical Communications- With Guy Jouannelle 30:22 02/14/2020
E10: IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)- Security, Sustainability and Maximizing ROI 26:57 02/03/2020
E09: The Wireless Infrastructure Association- Enabling Mobile Networks Everywhere 35:19 01/27/2020
E08: The Smart City Revolution- Challenges, Trends and Opportunities 24:08 01/09/2020
E07: Trends in Tech Events 27:18 12/17/2019
E06: Outdoor/Indoor Wireless Network Planning, Design and Optimization- with Ranplan Wireless 29:00 12/17/2019
E05: Connected Cities and the Horizontal Tower 20:36 11/20/2019
E04: Network Automation- How PacketFabric is Changing The Way Networks Communicate 21:59 11/01/2019
E03: Workforce Development In The Age Of Digital Transformation 19:13 10/14/2019
E02: Monetizing Investments in Infrastructure 26:08 10/14/2019
E01: The Evolution of NEDAS 20:27 10/07/2019