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Hank Unplugged: Essential Christian Conversations

Have You Joined the Conversation on Hank Unplugged? – Hank Unplugged is a podcast brought to you by the Christian Research Institute where Hank Hanegraaff takes you out of the studio and into his study to engage in free-flowing, essential Christian conversations on critical issues with some of the most interesting, informative and inspirational people on the planet. For more information visit and to support CRI and our global outreaches visit


Imprudence of “Solo Scriptura” — A Message from Hank Hanegraaff 26:21 08/11/2022
What is the Secret? Hank Hanegraaff Responds to Rhonda Byrne and Why the Law of Attraction is Wrong 37:04 07/28/2022
Abortion and Breast Cancer 09:39 07/15/2022
Thirsting for God in a Land of Shallow Wells with Matthew Gallatin 94:00 07/14/2022
Christian Reformed Church, Calvin University, and the Sanctity of Marriage 07:53 07/08/2022
Hank Unplugged Short—Fewer Believe in God as Church Attendance Falls 04:11 07/04/2022
How Christianity Saved Civilization—–And Must Do So Again with James Papandrea 91:41 06/28/2022
Reflections on the Overturning of Roe v. Wade 07:15 06/27/2022
How to Become a Pro-Life Advocate: Discussing Abortion w/Frederica Mathewes-Green (Encore Release) 107:49 06/24/2022
Thoughts on Islamophobia, LIV Golf, and Saudi Arabia 07:27 06/23/2022
Inherent Racism of Evolutionism 05:31 06/17/2022
The Battle for the Historical Adam and Eve: Hank On Adamic Denial and Distortion 26:50 06/14/2022
Pregnant Father Calvin Klein Ad 05:07 06/13/2022
How Christianity Saved Civilization 04:25 06/06/2022
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Barred from Communion 11:27 06/02/2022
Does Your Soul Have a Gender? An Exploration of Sex, Gender and the Soul with Benjamin Cabe 55:55 05/31/2022
Medically Assisted Suicide in a Church 06:23 05/24/2022
A Drag Queen Show at School 03:24 05/23/2022
Believers Eastern Church and the Sisters of Compassion 04:42 05/20/2022
Darwinian Racism: How Darwinism Influenced Hitler, Nazism, and White Nationalism with Dr. Richard Weikart 71:14 05/17/2022
Millions of First-Generation Christians as in the Book of Acts 06:50 05/13/2022
Pixar Sends Same-Sex Kiss to ‘Infinity and Beyond’ 05:16 05/12/2022
The Work of Selfless Ministry in Southeast Asia 05:26 05/10/2022
Leak Puts Pro-life Advocates in Crosshairs of Pro-abortion Extremists 05:29 05/09/2022
Snake Charmers in Southeast Asia 06:40 05/06/2022
“Lord, Teach Us to Pray!” 09:20 05/05/2022
How Can We Transform the World Through the Love of Christ? with Metropolitan Yohan 116:20 05/03/2022
Is It Ever Warranted to Doubt a Scientific “Consensus” 14:11 04/28/2022
Rescuing Starving and Dying Children in Southeast Asia 04:48 04/25/2022
Ministering within a Leper Colony in Southeast Asia 02:41 04/25/2022