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Is this UBI?
When a funder asks for a single number for the "budget", what exactly do they want? We have some thoughts! Also, this week we turn a question about red flags to watch out for when considering an ED position into an excuse to complain about things! Finally, if you're having trouble sleeping, Stacey and Andy have just the IRS publication for you!
27:28 11/23/2022
Growing Program Staff into Fundraisers?
Since it can be hard to find development staff, does it make sense to try to convert program staff into fundraisers? Stacey has some thoughts! Also this week, we find out if there are different rules when raising money for a private operating foundation, and what core activities a nonprofit should stick to when facing an economic downturn.
32:50 11/09/2022
Hosting a Fundraiser in a Different State
You think your nonprofit is a mess? Wait until you hear this question -- while it masquerades as a technical query about verbal resignations and bylaws, it gets weird fast! Also this week, Stacey and Andy share some thoughts about fundraising in a different state than the one you're incorporated in, and we find out whether or not you are allowed to raise money before you actually get your determination letter back from the IRS.
33:25 10/26/2022
Setting Goals for a New Development Person
Ah, the age-old question -- how do we set development goals when we've never had a development person before? Believe it or not, Stacey and Andy have some ideas! Also this week, we talk about how to handle naming rights when you're renovating a building that already has a name. Finally, we tackle a particularly sensitive question that, frankly, is going to be a little uncomfortable for everybody. Sounds fun, right?
29:47 10/12/2022
Responding to Memorial Gifts
What's the best way to respond to memorial gifts? Stacey has some (non-ghoulish) thoughts. Also this week, Andy and Stacey have a minor disagreement about whether or not a nonprofit job is good for a person looking to advance in their career, and we find out how to train up a brand-new board member!
28:49 09/28/2022
Restricted Gifts and Mergers
What happens to restrictions if our nonprofit is acquired by another nonprofit? We have some questions (and answers!) Plus, Stacey and Andy have tips for hiring for an Interim Executive Director, chat about some unconventional reporting structures, and get asked a very personal question. And we had to use the bleep button again this week -- pretty soon we're going to need a swear jar.
33:14 09/14/2022
Running a Nonprofit More Like a Business
Is it possible to refrain from physical violence when the words "run it more like a business" fall out of the mouth of a board member? Probably not, but Stacey and Andy have some coping strategies. Also this week, we talk about how to keep the energy of a good mission, vision and values discussion, and finally, now that you're receiving federal grant money is it time to hire a grant accountant?
31:03 08/31/2022
Responding to Reports of Microagressions – with Guest Expert André C. Wade
Just one question this week, but we were lucky to get guest expert André C. Wade, State Director of Silver State Equality to answer it! How do you best respond to reports of microaggressions in the workplace?
32:43 08/17/2022
Should we have elected officials on our board?
Help! We've entered into an agreement with a benefit corporation, and they're not playing nice! Andy's got some ideas for that. Also, Stacey answers a question about having elected officials on the board, and we talk about the best ways to bring a new treasurer into the organization, even if they've got no nonprofit experience.
37:19 08/03/2022
Designing a Mission Statement
Our mission statement process is awful! Should we get help? (Nah, Stacey has some tips.) Also, this week we discuss whether a give/get policy will prevent you from getting an effective board, and Andy and Stacey go way off topic answering how to best fundraise for a new Executive Director position.
30:24 07/20/2022
Preparing for a Tough Foundation Tour
How do you prepare for Foundation staff coming to tour your facility, especially when they've been known to ask really tough questions? Stacey has some ideas! Also on the theme of preparing, we have some thoughts on the best way to be ready to take the leap into leadership of your organization. Finally, there's an oddly specific question about the difference between for-profit corporate events and nonprofit fundraising ones.
31:36 07/06/2022
Options for Compassionate Medical Leave, with Guest Expert Tracy Gniewek
Two Guest Experts in a row?! Yes! Join Stacey as she talks to Tracy Gniewek of TGHR Consulting about the practicality of extending benefits to an employee who is exhausting their medical leave. Also, is it time to retire the Executive Committee for good? Andy and Stacey have some thoughts...
31:28 06/22/2022
Rethinking the Volunteer Handbook, with Guest Expert Almendra Johnson
Join us this week as Stacy talks about volunteer handbooks with Guest Expert Almendra Johnson, Volunteer Director for Get Outdoors Nevada! Also, what happens when a donor changes their mind about donating property? Yikes!
36:28 06/08/2022
What percent of grants should we win?
Our board wants to know the percentage of grants a typical organization wins so they can measure us against it. Is there one? Well, we certainly have opinions on that! Also, this week Stacey has some opinions on how to figure out which programs to cut, and we talk about whether or not to rebudget when a new ED arrives.
31:00 05/25/2022
Responding to a Board Member’s Scandal
One of our board members and prominent donors was involved in a newsworthy scandal and our organization remained quiet. Should we have said something? Stacey and Andy have thoughts! Also this week, we talk about how an executive director should handle a micro-managing founder, and answer an oddly specific question about stacking up consulting engagements. By the way, thanks for listening! We look forward to getting your questions, and would love for you to join us on Discord (see the link in the show notes, or on!
28:36 04/27/2022
Managing Confidential Employee Complaints
This week: When a scammer called one of our donors pretending to be us, did we respond appropriately? Stacey has some thoughts. Also, is there value in using a search firm to help find our next Executive Director? And how do we deal with confidential employee complaints if they're supposed to stay confidential? Join Andy and Stacey this week to find out! Topics: One of our donors got called by a scammer, and I don't think we responded well enough. Did we? Is it worth it to use an executive search firm to find our next Executive Director? How do I handle an employee complaint if the employee wants me to keep everything confidential?
29:07 04/13/2022
No Fundraising Expense on the Form 990
Is it a huge red flag when an organization has no fundraising expenses reported on their 990? That sounds like an easy enough question, but instead Stacey and Andy get all in the weeds about output factors, the birth of Guidestar, bacon double cheeseburgers and the dreaded overhead ratio question on grant applications. Also discussed: the governance implications of board members in love. Don't miss this episode! Topics: Do we have a governance problem if two board members have started up a romantic relationship? Is it a red flag when an organization reports no fundraising expenses on their Form 990?
27:29 03/30/2022
New Manager is Too Quiet!
What are some board status quo things that need to change? Stacey has some ideas! Also, we have some strategies for helping a new manager that's too quiet. Andy has thoughts on what financial policies are required, and we've included an encore answer (from June 2020) by Guest Expert John Waldron! Topics: What should we do to shake up a static board? How do I handle a new manager that won't speak up? What financial policies should we have in place? Taking a stand on social justice issues, with Guest Expert John Waldron (Encore!)
39:01 03/16/2022
Managing Two Very Different Employees
What are the most important questions your board and staff should be able to answer about your organization? Stacey has some thoughts! Also, this week we talk about how to manage two very different employees, and continue our nonprofit startup conversation with a question about what a board member should look for in a startup nonprofit board. Topics: What questions about our organization should our board and staff be able to answer? What should a prospective board member be looking for in a nonprofit startup? How do I manage two employees who are completely different?
28:33 03/02/2022
Getting a Startup Nonprofit Off the Ground
You've got the mission, you've got the board, you've got the business plan, you've got the 510(c)3 letter, now what? Stacey and Andy have some thoughts. Also, we find out whether or not you need written board reports, and once again wade into the shark-infested waters of finance vs. development. Topics: Is the finance team part of the development team or vice versa? - 0:00 How do you get a nonprofit startup off the ground? - 8:09 Is it normal for ED reports to the board to be written? - 21:08
32:00 02/16/2022
Common Federal Grant Questions
Join us this week for a discussion about common questions on federal grants with guest expert Lisa Ruiz-Lee. Also, is there a way to get my Board to use the resources we develop for them? Stacey has some thoughts!
31:09 02/02/2022
Are We Overreporting?
There's just one big question this week: Are we wasting time generating reports and dashboards nobody ever looks at? And Guest Expert Jason Cho, of Prex Consulting has some ideas for Stacey! Topics: Are we over-reporting? - 0:00 Guest Expert Jason Cho with Prex Consulting? - 7:16
47:44 01/19/2022
What Role Does the Board Have in Setting Staff Salaries
How do you know when it's time to leave a failing nonprofit? (Guess what answer Stacey gives!) Also this week, we talk about whether a board should set staff salaries, and Andy & Stacey get self-referential about podcasts and podcasting... Topics: How do I know when it's time to leave a failing nonprofit? - 0:00 What role does the board have in setting staff salaries? - 7:16 Who are your podcasting heroes? Any podcasts you particularly like? - 23:21 Mentioned this week: Unlocking Us with Brené Brown The Happiness Lab with Dr Laurie Santos Nonprofits Are Messy with Joan Garry Nonprofit AF (just in case you're the one nonprofit staffer in the world that doesn't have it bookmarked) The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits Ask us a question Sponsor the podcast
37:56 01/05/2022
Board Development Committee vs. Staff Responsibilities
Where do the responsibilities of the the board development committee start and fundraising staff start? Stacey has some thoughts! Plus, this week we find out when to process year-end donations, and how to keep up with the never-ending barrage of information that we need to know to keep current. Topics: How do I keep up with the everything I need to keep up with? It's overwhelming! - 0:00 Help! Our board development committee responsibilities overlap with our staff responsibilities! - 9:42 What is your policy regarding year-end donations? Do you record based on the date received? - 19:10
31:14 12/22/2021
Management is Chronically Overworking Staff
If the CEO is also the Board President, could we lose our nonprofit status? Stacey and Andy have the answer! Also this week, what to do about nonprofit management that overworks staff, and (alternately) how to handle a staff member that's taking on too much responsibility. Topics: Will we lose our 501(c)3 if the CEO is also the Board President? - 0:00 Should unpaid staff time be part of a nonprofit's business model? - 7:08 Is my communications coordinator overstepping her role? - 18:22
26:41 12/08/2021
Who to Thank for an IRA Donation?
Who should we thank if we get a donation from a retirement account but don't know who the actual donor is? We have a few ideas. Also, this week Andy and Stacey combine a couple of Form 990 filing questions into one mega-question. Finally, we tackle the question on everyone's mind: employee or independent contractor? And don't forget to send us your questions! Topics: How do we thank a donor behind an IRA distribution gift? - 0:00 So, we really have to e-file our 990? How? - 6:54 Help! Our treasurer hasn't filed our 990s in years! - 13:45 Can an Executive Director be an Independent Contractor? - 21:10
29:26 11/24/2021
Nonprofits and Social Media Influencers
Video game streamers raised $90 million for charity in 2020. How do we get some of that?! We're joined by Guest Expert Nick Lynch, CEO of Collidescope to talk about how nonprofits can get started working with social media influencers, streamers and brands. Topics: How can (and why should) we engage with social media influencers? - 0:00
32:18 11/10/2021
Lobbying and Advocacy with Guest Expert April Mastroluca
This week, Guest Expert April Mastroluca sets the record straight on lobbying and advocacy! Plus, what should an ED do if a board member recommends a job candidate you're not thrilled about? We have opinions! And Stacey and Andy have some thoughts on how (and whether) to squeeze your vendors for donations to your organization. Topics: A board member is recommending a job candidate I don't like! - 0:00 Advocacy and lobbying tips (and corrections) with Guest Expert April Mastroluca - 5:43 Should we ask our vendors to donate, too? - 19:56
30:58 10/27/2021
Board Member Wants the ED to Record a Political Campaign Message
It's bad board member behavior week here at the Nonprofit Everything podcast! What should we do if a board member wants our ED to record a message talking about what a great board member they are (and oh, by the way, they're running for office)? And how do you talk a board member out of their own program ideas? We have opinions! Also, Stacey and Andy talk about whether to market to constituents or donors first. Topics: Should an ED record a campaign ad for a board member running for office? - 0:00 Help! A board member is fixated on starting a new program! - 8:57 Should we be marketing to constituents or donors? - 17:40
25:35 10/13/2021
Preserving Culture During Expansion
hould we follow up with a potential board member who expressed interest and then vanished? Stacey has opinions! Also, this week we talk about managing third-party fundraisers, whether there are any benefits to not paying down debt, and how to maintain an awesome work culture during a big expansion. Topics: Should we follow up with a board member who expressed interest and then vanished? - [skipto time="0:00"] What should we do if people want to host fundraisers for us? - [skipto time="4:51"] Is there a tax benefit to carrying debt? - [skipto time="12:25"] How do we preserve our great company culture when we're expanding? - [skipto time="20:01"] Save the Date! The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits 2021 Conference will be held at The Center on October 14-15 in Las Vegas. Click for more information or to register!
30:24 09/29/2021